Topics regarding layoffs at Farmers Insurance

Topics regarding layoffs at Farmers Insurance

More layoffs tomorrow

I don't think there's even a chance they managed to notify all 2,400 people in a single day. I do believe the brunt of it is over, though. But I won't be able to relax until the end of the week. This is absolutely brutal and heartless, and not to... —  read more 


So once the MetLife purchase is finalized, how long does anyone think that they’ll layoff more staff? Obviously acquiring MetLife looks to be a dodgy decision on their end, but if we take on their employees, does that mean more staff layoffs?

Do we lack true leadership?

I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes I have to question leadership in my BU. Most of them lack the people skills required for their positions and there seems to be no form of communication. I’ve seen moments when colleagues are treated as... —  read more 

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What is the time frame?

How soon after the acquisition is completed can we expect “restructuring” to occur and layoffs to be announced? Once the transaction is completed it will bring 3500 Metlife employees into the fold. I’m pretty sure there will be redundant positions... —  read more 

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Farmers no longer hiring

This company is no longer hiring. I am thinking lay off coming soon as policies drop. Current management has gotten rid of support staff, froze new hires in CA, taken away fleet cars and shuffling staff to handle caseloads of folks that has left... —  read more 

So glad I left Farmers

Left few months ago, what a relief. Such a horrible place to be in. Thought all these corporate changes they’ve been making will bring something positive, but no, still a mess. Agents lying and cheeting left and right, all while stabbing each other... —  read more 

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no upward movement

at least no upward movement if you don't know anybody in upper management. then you're good. the rest of us are screwed, but you're good. that same upper management is in complete disarray. they are constantly being moved around, constantly changing... —  read more 

Don't trust management!

The whole open door policy is a lie! If you make a mistake and bring up an issue with your manager you can bet that nothing will be solved. Not only that - they will retaliate against you. Suddenly you are the one with behavior problem and it's an... —  read more 

Sales goals are rediculous

Things have turned from bad to worse at Farmers Insurance really quickly. For a while now we've been seeing monthly goals go up on pretty much monthly bases. We have slow and outdated systems that break down on regular bases, and yet nobody takes... —  read more 

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Hillsboro Layoffs

More cuts are coming to Farmers - good luck to all - I hope you are not affected... Farmers Insurance announced this week that it plans to lay off more than 90 people at its Hillsboro facility by the end of the year. Farmers Insurance announced on... —  read more 

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Willmington Layoffs 2016

21st Century Auto Insurance, which a part of the Farmers Insurance group, has laid off 50 workers in Willmington, DE... This affects Brandywine Hundred auto insurance subsidiary of 21st Century Insurance

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