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RJ screwed associates with insurance

New health insurance stinks. Quite clear RJ does not give a damn about the weelfare of the employees. They are only concerned with their bottom line and saving themselves money. HSA seriously!! Heaven forbid if you have kids on the plan or any health... read more

Stuck in the past

Why do people on top believe that doing things the same way they have been done for decades is the way to go for RJF? I understand that the old slow and steady approach ensured the stability of the company, but to keep it that way, things have to... read more

If you are not part of the in-kids, then you should leave

They will promise you that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, for those that "play ball." It is a lie. You will never grab the brass ring. There is no pot of gold, unless it was already given to you. Remember the toxic assets, RJ... read more
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Bottom of the Barrel

Raymond James used to provide sufficient staffing and an opportunity for growth. Lately I’ve seen a decline in both areas. Staffing has been cut while those who remain are expected to pick up the slack. Those that work hard are expected to work even... read more

Review time!

Time to start kissing up to your boss in the futile effort of being recognized as a higher contributor than your peers who are all chummy with him/her. Remember, being a buddy to the boss is ALWAYS more important than hard work, dedication, and... read more

IT Security

In the past 8 months under Amie Seamore's leadership, we have lost both our managers and 3 associates. DO NOT come to this department unless you hate your life. HR has to see there is a problem here!


Couldn't wait to leave RJ after watching the slow, painful descent of morale and the rise in unethical treatment of employees. My fear was the same as everyone else's - hard to leave a job, even one that you hate, when you've got bills to pay, and... read more

Gender Bias

Unbelievable how this firm continues to be male centric across the board. They love young women that are cute, young and wear short skirts - even in HR. It s---s to be a women in this firm,... what happened to the survey they did about it? we like to... read more
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Marketing Department Disaster

The Marketing Department has awful leadership and cannot identify true talent. They promote a-- kissers that have zero management experience and even fewer people skills. Meanwhile, truly hard working employees are overlooked and viewed as... read more

Total Rewards Statement

Hallmark of a company that underpays. I've never worked for another firm that essentially says, "But look how much we pay for your insurance!!" It's almost tacky. So, if anyone from management is still monitoring this page, take a hint. Don't justify... read more

Harassment lawsuit.

Are the board of directors blind, do they not see that HR does not do anything but care about getting those cheap oversea laborers in, paying for their visas. What about the American worker. Oh yeah, we let bosses sεxually harass them and make them... read more

2 more people leave IT Security

Surprise, they are under Todd Ferguson, not really. Todd Ferguson's team scored the worse department in the IT insight survey, so expect more than surprised.

Truths for Toxic Todd

Toxic leadership often causes employee dissatisfaction, low productivity, interdepartmental conflict, stagnant innovation, and a high turnover rate. Unfortunately, in many organizations toxic leaders are a painful but undeniable reality. With their... read more

Came from UBS

Time to leave RJ. It is really as bad as this site says. Took a chance on greener grass and it didn't work out. Thankfully found a new position. Will never make that mistake again.
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Why so much hate?

Is this company really as bad as everyone makes it out to be on here? This company has won many awards for best place to work I find it hard to believe that it's really that bad.

Just offered a position here as a contractor in IT

Wanted some advice as to whether I should take a contracting position at RJ for a 6 month contract in IT with the possibility to extend or roll to perm. I've read a lot of bad things on this site and I am now uncertain whether I should accept or not... read more

The RJ Insight survey is back in town.

Unhappiest place to work under Bella: IT-Security. Top Three unhappiest things in IT: Pay, Workload and Leadership. Bella and Vin's 2nd Survey. Nothing got better. Bad Pay feelings got worse. Looks like RJ is not making the top 100 places to work in... read more

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