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(Tue 09/29/15 22:17:08 UTC)

I don't need a RJ Insight survey to tell me Andy Zolper's leadership is awful

I'm living the dream. I'm trying to move on to browner pastures. You don't need greener pastures to step up from RJ's culture or Andy Zolper's leadership.

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(Sun 08/02/15 20:52:42 UTC)

The RJ Insight survey is back in town.

Unhappiest place to work under Bella: IT-Security. Top Three unhappiest things in IT: Pay, Workload and Leadership. Bella and Vin's 2nd Survey. Nothing got better. Bad Pay feelings got worse. Looks like RJ is not making the top 100 places to work in 2015.

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(Fri 07/24/15 01:02:05 UTC)

Cust Ops.. Ugh

I want OUT! There are so many secrets and BS!

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(Sat 05/23/15 00:31:12 UTC)

Insight Survey time again!

Have you decided how to do your survey yet? Dare to tell the truth?

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(Wed 05/20/15 04:36:00 UTC)

Do you say to yourself "I won't get let go. They need me." Think again.

The reality is that if you are not in a position that directly brings up the bottom line or you are not in the skull and bones exclusive club, you are at risk for being let go. This is how the system works and it is the cost of working not only at RJ, but in corporate America. The current executive ... read more

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(Tue 05/19/15 18:39:20 UTC)

I was one of the employees let go in April a few years ago. The writing was on the wall and all the signs were there.

The first sign that changes were coming to the company was the massive changes in executive management. The younger generation and the workplace in general does not have the values it did at one time. They will take what they can get at the expense of others. Sadly, they are in the same company ... read more

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(Wed 05/06/15 02:10:33 UTC)

Management laid 7 people off in training a few days ago.

They got slapped in the press and by the associates badly, so they are baby stepping the layoffs still. Slow and silent hoping nobody notices. Laid off a few people in November 2014 too. Just before the end of the fiscal year. Slow and silent. Curious how the IT HR lead person quit recently. ... read more

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(Sun 04/26/15 20:50:08 UTC)

Has anybody seen the new IT "Command Center"?

Reminds me of that old Apple commercial called "1984".


(Wed 04/01/15 00:10:26 UTC)

It has been almost 2 years ago in April since the Big IT purge...

Yes, it has been almost 2 years since IT people were walked out the door.. RJ took away our old faded ID badges that we given to us when we first started, walked us to our cars and then .... we left to find other jobs and have found the grass is much greener on the other side, our lives are better, ... read more

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(Wed 01/28/15 00:26:03 UTC)


The official end of RJ in the top 100 places to work in Florida and top IT places to work in Florida.

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(Wed 01/28/15 00:23:16 UTC)

MaryShannon Buchanan

I'm soooooo happy I'm not under her anymore. I really cannot express the happiness in words. A tumor in RJ and that is putting cancer down too.

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(Wed 12/31/14 20:44:35 UTC)

Joe Bozo left?

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(Mon 12/29/14 15:59:22 UTC)

Hey Trudy & HR, let's hear you deny it now!

We all find it hysterical, that after years of lying and denials that there was nothing going on between Tim Bradford & Samantha Davidson, and we walk into work today and find out they got married to each other over the holiday. For years, they would carry on at WORK, they would always take time ... read more

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(Sun 12/21/14 02:43:23 UTC)

I heard there was another re-org in IT.

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(Fri 12/19/14 02:47:11 UTC)

Raymond James Salaries

Is there a good source of average salary information for Raymond James? I've been offered a position but the compensation looks extremely low. I appreciate your response in advance.

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(Mon 12/01/14 02:55:23 UTC)


What are your thoughts

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(Wed 11/26/14 02:58:40 UTC)

$200, really?

All the blood sweat and tears warrants a measly $200 "special recognition award" as a thank you for the record profits. That won't make a dent in my attorney fees for the divorce my wife wants because I've been f-ing working too many hours for the last 2 1/2 years. Gee whiz RJ. Thanks for nothing ... read more

Ops and Admin Peon
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(Tue 11/25/14 02:23:10 UTC)

Best Memories of Old RJ

What are your best memories of the old RJ culture? If you could turn back time, what would you want back? Having a sentimental moment.

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(Fri 11/14/14 22:57:12 UTC)


Anyone know what happened????

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(Thu 10/30/14 23:12:16 UTC)

Started working here 4 to 6 months ago (protect the innocent) and

this is the most awful company I have ever seen! I haven't even read about companies this seriously screwed up! Sad, but already I am ready and starting to leave. There is no compassion or empathy to the employees from the managers. None. Constantly jerking people around, laying them off, letting ... read more

Done in IT
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(Tue 10/28/14 23:40:12 UTC)

IT People are heading out the doors again.....

You would think they would wait until bonus time ends, but they really must hate it there.

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(Sun 10/12/14 03:26:07 UTC)

New 2015 IT Goal from the IT all meeting is 90%> Retention of Staff

I wonder why they need a retention goal now and a public one at that? I believe Best Practice is 10% turnover too.

IT Jockey
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(Thu 09/25/14 17:12:51 UTC)

Is any department (except IT) laying people off?

It looks like only IT layoffs are reported here? I am not sure if any other department lays people off. Or, maybe IT folks are just more vocal and comfortable posting info here? Thoughts?

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(Thu 09/18/14 11:23:48 UTC)

Better yet, official RJ manager ranking site

They rank us so let's rank them! Open to past and present employees. Scale 1 to 10 with 10 being great and 1 being awful. Keep it at the I feel or in my option and the 1st amendment is fully in effect.

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(Thu 09/18/14 01:46:48 UTC)


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(Thu 09/18/14 01:30:48 UTC)

Notice in these last few months there has been a few people let go or laidoff?

It seems higher than normal these last few months. Makes you think that is how they balance the budget now a days at RJ. "Tracking" associates, re-orging associates out, just hiring contractors,.... Now hiring executive management personnel, they have that down pat!

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(Wed 09/17/14 23:57:09 UTC)

Official RJ Bonus Thread

Post your level, location and 2013 bonus info below. Here is mine: Equity Research Associate, Houston, TX: $11K bonus (and $3K profit sharing)

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(Wed 09/17/14 23:53:41 UTC)

Tom and Paul are saying they don't want to destroy the great culture at RJ at the all hands meetings???

Are they both blind and stupid? Sorry Tom and Paul, that ship set sail back in April 2013. The family and friendly culture has been dead over a year now, but thanks for noticing it is not the same culture it use to be.

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(Wed 09/17/14 23:42:18 UTC)

What is wrong in security you ask Anonymous36559? Management! Plan and simple. The money has always stunk at RJ.

You are right too that 2 managers have departed, but more than a few associates have left too. One security department only has one associate left in it. One department has fired 2 people in 3 months. A Contractor has actually giving notice too. Recommend a steer clear attitude, but you can almost ... read more

Answer for Anonymous36559
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(Thu 08/28/14 16:20:49 UTC)

Almost bonus time again!

Can't wait to see how much they value IT with the stock at an all time high and, according to Vin, the FAs totally happy with the direction of technology. Can't see nothing, but positives now. We'll see if management backs up their words on how important and valuable IT is or will we get subpar ... read more

IT, 4 years and running (literally)
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(Thu 08/28/14 16:12:19 UTC)

Whats up with Wiregrass?

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(Wed 07/30/14 06:47:58 UTC)

What's with Joey Bozeman???

This guy needs to leave or be fired. I have seen him 3 or 4 times over the last couple of weeks and it is like he is on something. We know you are a suck up and weak at your job but leave the recreational substances for after hours. It makes everyone else's job harder.

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(Sun 07/20/14 21:47:05 UTC)

Its' true on the badge checking, but....

....there are some people that are only doing 20 to 30 hours a week. Some managers are not minding the store.

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(Sun 07/20/14 20:20:00 UTC)

1984 is upon us

For those RJ employees still left.....and in IT....see if your manager will tell you about the Vin meeting on Friday....and watching people signing in and out and internet usage....let's see who tells on who....

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(Sat 07/19/14 00:26:19 UTC)

Badge reports and login audits in flight for IT

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(Thu 07/17/14 15:39:04 UTC)

RIF the person below first.

RIF the person below first.

RIF the person below first.
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(Thu 07/10/14 16:57:39 UTC)

Hey fear mongering losers

Still nothin. Pot stirring d-bags with nothing better to do...

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(Tue 07/08/14 22:35:28 UTC)

Sorry operations. Straight up!

There are people on here who are blind squirrels, which as we all know, occasionally find a nut. (Which means there hunting. Don't listen) Their comprised of ex-RJ people who are, unfortunately, obsessed with reducing our wonderful associates to folks who are worried about the futures of their ... read more

Vince the shamwow guy
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(Sat 06/21/14 13:15:36 UTC)

Sorry Operations....

The layoffs delayed from last April are now coming. HR is getting the packages ready now. Welcome to Paul's new business plan. Expect it from next week to 30 days out. Most likely a week or two out.

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