Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.


Does anyone else find it crazy we had the layoff and immediately continue to buy other companies? I feel bad for some of the staff that get to “join” us, albeit sometimes temporarily.

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RJ HR is losing ground

I heard thru the grapevine that Paul has decided if a position is open for more than 60 days it is no longer needed and that they will be taken down. RJ front line managers are having issues and HR isn't helping. Don't you just love it.

Poetic justice

RJ laid off employees at the worst possible moment and decided not to bring them back when it was possible to do so. Instead, the company decided to hire new people. Well, now there's a labor shortage, RJ is having trouble hiring and is actually... —  read more 

Merry Christmas to the 550

It has been a tough year for many of us that were let go in September 2020 but there is always time to wish all of you a safe, healthy holiday and to a successful new year. I was lucky enough to be one of those 550 and also lucky enough to find a... —  read more 

There are available jobs

So many people have left IT in the last year. All of them that I stayed in touch with got way more money. None of them have to work long hours and in an abusive culture. It has motivated me to start looking and I've already had 3 great interviews and... —  read more 

Trading Fees

Despite the likes of almost every other firm out there charging either $0, or worst case scenario $5 per trade, RJ charges it's employees $25 per trade. I recall Paul being asked about this in multiple forums, and his answer was always, "Well we... —  read more 

Ask around about pay

I didn't know how severely underpaid I was at RJ until I left. My advice to those of you who're still there is to send out some feelers and ask around how much you would be earning at other places. You might be shocked by what you find out. I... —  read more 

Rehiring practice

I got laid off last year and in the meantime I found a great job, I wouldn’t ever want to come back here. I'm wondering however if RJ rehired anyone or were only new hires employed? Thanks for the info.

Happy to be gone

I left RJ a couple months ago (maybe longer, maybe shorter since I don't want RJ HR to figure out who I am). I stuck it out for over 10 years (again maybe longer, maybe shorter). I had a good manager but those above him were uncaring paper pushers... —  read more 

I’m not the only one

How many who are employed at RJ are still trying to get out? The pressure to meet deadlines is crazy especially with very few resources. I’m just trying to keep a low profile while continuously looking. There are a lot of us who are just doing the... —  read more 

Bad vibes

For as long as I have been working here, a little over 7 years, the atmosphere has never been more toxic than it is now. It's awful what's going on. It has become impossible to work here if you have any self-esteem at all. I don't even believe that... —  read more 

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