Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.

Researching Raymond James?

If you got here researching Raymond James trying to decide if you should work there, DON'T DO IT. Need more details than than? Read the years and years of stories about working there below..... And I do mean years and years of stories. That says... —  read more 

Had to take what I could

I just accepted a position outside of finance. It’s not my dream job (at my age does one even exist anymore?) but it does have decent pay and benefits. I begin next week and am actually looking forward to it. It’s WFH and while the position is... —  read more 

how is everyone doing?

Guess things have settled down as far as posting here goes. Hoping that some of those that were laid off can give us an update on how they are doing? It would also be interesting to hear from some still at RJ and letting us know how things... —  read more 

Open Enrollment?

I received a package from Taben regarding our Cobra open enrollment. From what I can tell, as long as there are no changes, no action is needed. My understanding is that RJ is paying for Cobra for the 2021 calendar year, although payment coupons... —  read more 

Guess this is it for us

I think this website is sponsored by big corporations as a way for ex-employees to vent a bit and then quietly go away. I see that the posts and replies have gone down to a trickle. I suspect this is for the best for those of us that were let go. ... —  read more 

RJ positions open but...

I've spoken with one person who worked at JP Morgan..he's been interviewed for a Sr Software Engineer position that's currently open at RJ. He's well qualified..but I also know a few that were let go and have applied for this position. None of them... —  read more 

Happy New Year

Wishing those of us that were let go (and only those of us that were let go) a much healthier and happier New Year in 2021. Yes, I'm bitter and angry and sometimes wish bad things on RJ management for the decisions that they made with little to no... —  read more 

Holiday bonus

Did everyone hear about RJ handing out a $200 holiday bonus to everyone to thank them for their hard work? Another slap in the face. How do these execs sleep at night.

Live to work/work to live

I am still at Raymond and am looking to get out when it’s possible. The last round of layoffs has left a pit in my stomach that I just can’t shake. I used to enjoying working here. “It’s not work if you love what you do” used to be me in a nutshell... —  read more 

Slapped in the face - TWICE

When I read that RJ agreed to buy Financo it felt like I’d been slapped in the face- again. Not only were we laid off due to “cost cutting” measures, but it came as another blow when RJ decided to purchase another company instead of keeping those... —  read more 

Cobra and Medicare

This is for those that are on Cobra and might have a spouse on Medicare, specifically if they are only on Part A, you need to get them onto Part B asap as they get flipped from Cobra (United Healthcare) now becomes secondary which is what I recently... —  read more 

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Scared out of my wits

I’m really struggling to cope right now. I’ve gotten past the layoffs (mentally at least) but to financially bounce back is such a burden at the moment. I’ve done everything possible to live below my means and even with that it looks like I’ve got... —  read more 


For those of you living in Florida and still have not found a job you should have applied for unemployment. The process is a bit convoluted but you get thru it and yes $275 a week isn't much but it is something. On top of that Florida just... —  read more 

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Some interesting words

Interesting when people write comments here telling us how we should feel, what not to say, when they are not going through this layoff. It is okay to have these feelings, talk about them, and then move on. We have good days and bad days. You have no... —  read more 

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