Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.

Bad vibes

For as long as I have been working here, a little over 7 years, the atmosphere has never been more toxic than it is now. It's awful what's going on. It has become impossible to work here if you have any self-esteem at all. I don't even believe that... —  read more 

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Career su----e

I have to say I wasted several years here. Everything a new manager came in an application we were working on was re-written. I can't imagine how much money was wasted over 5+ years of the hamster wheel this was spinning. It is almost encouraged to... —  read more 

Be careful

I know a lot of people are planning to leave but I've noticed some are so determined to get out as soon as possible that they're not paying that much attention to what they're leaving for. I know it seems right now that anything is better than RJ... —  read more 

anniversay coming up!

got on at Chase earlier this year..and we've brought in a lot of former Ray Jay folks. At least Chase is loading up on IT folks. My hiring manager asked me what was going on at RJ and thought it seemed kind of weird given what he knew about the... —  read more 

3 for 2 stock split

Isn't it great that Paul and the board announced a 3 for 2 stock split. This is of course after 550 of us were let go and after I had to sell my RJ stock to survive. The anger I have with RJ execs is nearly unbearable. I just wish that they could... —  read more 

It's a sinking ship

All the Directors, VPs, and SVPs bonuses are definitely going to rebound. That's all they care about is taking care of themselves. The rest.... the loyal peons.... will get their pittance in December, if they don't leave for a competitor that... —  read more 

This is sad

This is truly the worst I’ve ever seen it. People are either checked out, depressed or they no longer care. What was once a great company has gone downhill and people are showing it with their disinterest, lack of trust and morale. It’s such a sad... —  read more 

Loyalty gone

I wonder how much money and hours of lost productivity happened due to the 550 let go last September. I was one of those let go. I have stayed in touch with a half dozen in IT and they tell me so many horror stories. So many missed deadlines and... —  read more 

Contractors coming back

I understand that RJ is once again bringing in contractors. I wonder if it is due to the bad morale and the fact that nobody wants to work for this company. This morning there were 391 open positions. Paul and his minions created this catastrophe... —  read more 

Contacted by head hunter

A head hunter who I have known in the past contacted me about a month ago just to see how things were. After all the chitchat he told me about some of his experience with RJ recruiters. They didn't come out and say it but reading between the lines... —  read more 

Not functioning at a 100%

I’m going to admit that our BU isn’t up to par. In fact, it is well below it. After that huge layoff last year I knew deep down inside that we were in trouble. There was too much experience and tribal knowledge that we had lost, and so many people we... —  read more 

Get your cdc cards ready

Managers are being asked to ASK if you have been vaccinated . While your team meeting might seem fun and chatty take close attention to the phishing questions. Sounds like IT needs to prep for future projects.

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"Officially" retired

Well, I have stopped collecting Florida unemployment. When let go as part of the "package" was commentary that RJ would not fight any unemployment claims so of course I immediately applied. Not only did I get Florida unemployment and Federal... —  read more 

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