Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Raymond James Financial Inc.

Thanks for all you do su-kazzzz!

Paul and the gang sincerely appreciate it. “2% for thee but not for me.” Congratulations on your 100% increase Paul. You deserve it! Who knew a few weeks ago that the “headwinds” the peon class had to sacrifice for were the double and triple digit... — read more 

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Tell Me What You Make

I loathe the lack of transparency around salary and benefits at RJ. Once upon a time they at least posted grade levels, but that suspiciously disappeared after an annual survey a few years back. So, my questions are: What is your grade level? What... — read more 

Just checking in.

Haven't seen any postings for awhile. Wondering how things are now at RJ. I was one of the lucky ones that left on my own terms after the big layoff 2 years ago. Hoping all that are still at RJ are mostly thinking of themselves since RJ management... — read more 

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I'm free

Well after 2+ years I'm out at RJ. I've been with RJ a little more than 10 years and have seen ups and downs. The downs far outnumber the ups. When I first started there were happy faces everywhere. No happy faces these days. People are doing... — read more 

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Pay grades

Hi everyone. I’m trying to figure out for operations what you would expect for pay as an 18. Or the pay jump that would come from going 17 to 18. I’ve heard so many different things but was hoping someone could give a more solid answer. Thank you!!! — read more 

Can't believe in 1 month it will have been 2 years since 550 people were let go and lives changed forever.

I was one of those that was freed from the ball and chains of RJ IT (think Bella, Vin, Andy). For the 1st 3 months it took a lot for me to decompress and come to grips to what happened. After that I rebounded and found a great IT job in Tampa (I'm... — read more 


Does anyone else find it crazy we had the layoff and immediately continue to buy other companies? I feel bad for some of the staff that get to “join” us, albeit sometimes temporarily.

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