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Already jobs posted at RJ

That didn't take long. There jobs posted today on Raymond James website. If any of you are interested in returning to RJ, take a look. That is a big NO for me though. Just remember that you may have to pay back some of the severance if you get hired... —  read more 

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How's everybody doing?

I have been reading these postings from day one and decided to post something. After so many years at RJ there are still days when I feel sad for what happened to us. Yes I know that's the way business works but still it's not easy after many years... —  read more 


RJ is one of many jobs. Not saying it's easy to find a new job. Especially in the current environment. However, let's do what we can to help each other to make it a bit easier. Please list any career/job opportunities you have found and companies... —  read more 

What would you do?

How many of us who were laid off would have agreed to rolling furloughs, temporary reduction in salary, or reduced hours to be able to keep our jobs? I personally would have agreed to all of these if it meant STILL having a steady income as opposed... —  read more 

Profit sharing and ESOP?

It sure would have been nice if it was made clear in the severance package if we are qualified for Profit Sharing and ESOP. I know if you are employed on 9/30 your are supposed to be but since we are marked "inactive" how are we effective? We are... —  read more 

RJ Financial Accounts

Everyone that got laid off, please be sure to withdraw/transfer all you can from your RJ accounts, as soon as you can. If you don't, you will be paying fees and commissions up the ying yang!

No hard feelings

I woke this morning in a haze. I have no animosity towards my coworkers who survived the cut. In fact I wish them the best. I cannot say the same for the company. I have feelings of anger and disgust for being lied too/misled into believing we could... —  read more 

Severance package??

There are so many messed up things about this whole situation! Not the least of which is that I (still) haven't received any details in writing. The general public knows more about the "generous" severance package than I do based on several media... —  read more 

Feel for Each of You

I was not impacted by the layoff. I am fortunate for that, because I have some semblance of security. That said, everyone who remains is angry. Not necessarily because of the layoff itself, but the misleading messaging leading up to it. All... —  read more 

Family Culture

Also got laid off yesterday during a cold Zoom meeting. I did not expect that because in a way I believed in the "family culture" and families stay together during difficult times. I was hoping to keep working at RJ, keep doing a good job and retire... —  read more 

My entire team was impacted

I feel for everyone this has hit. Been with the company for years, hard to believe it’s come to this. I am devastated. How can this company say we’re safe from cuts then do this in the next breath? How are we expected to rebound from in the middle... —  read more 

Big Hole This Morning

Lots of good people lost their jobs yesterday. Logging on this morning, even remotely, there’s a big void in the firm. Hope you all keep your heads up and land on your feet. Join LinkedIn or get active on it and network. There are jobs out there... —  read more 

Be Encouraged

Raymond James was simply a resource and not the source. The Lord will bless you with another resource. It’s hard to trust what you can’t see but if you believe in the Lord you know that he will always provide. We are praying for everyone affected by... —  read more 

RJBank - major layoffs

Numerous layoffs at the bank across the board and many departments. In big money making centers, not back office but associates that manage accounts. Laid off via zoom this morning. Been there for over a decade and they preach that we are one big... —  read more 

New Layoffs have begun

well I was just called by my manager and my manager's manager. they read off a script and told me I'm laid off effective immediately. I will be paid for 1 month and 1 month of health insurance. what a way to find out especially with the amount of... —  read more 

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