Topics regarding layoffs at Scottrade

Topics regarding layoffs at Scottrade

please advise

Thinking about beginning a possible career as an Investment Consultant at Scottrade in a major city downtown area. Is this a bad career move the moment?

The way I see it

The company culture has been crap for a long time, even before Roger lost his grip. The best performers are leaving Scottrade on a weekly basis. And those who decided to stay, they are just waiting on this merger to go through, to be put out of their... —  read more 

Can't believe they sold us

Scottrade veteran here. I still cannot believe this deal got trough. I was convinced that Riney and DeSilva would somehow push Scottrade into the right direction and the company would not be sold after all. Feeling so helpless, this will hit a lot of... —  read more 

Working at Scottrade?

Do you have any feedback on how is it to work at Scottrade? I saw a few posts on working at Scottrade and they seem to be written by HR for advertising puposes. I would like to see if I can get a real employee feedback on working over there... —  read more 

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