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please advise

Thinking about beginning a possible career as an Investment Consultant at Scottrade in a major city downtown area. Is this a bad career move the moment?

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The way I see it

The company culture has been crap for a long time, even before Roger lost his grip. The best performers are leaving Scottrade on a weekly basis. And those who decided to stay, they are just waiting on this merger to go through, to be put out of their... —  read more 

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Can't believe they sold us

Scottrade veteran here. I still cannot believe this deal got trough. I was convinced that Riney and DeSilva would somehow push Scottrade into the right direction and the company would not be sold after all. Feeling so helpless, this will hit a lot of... —  read more 

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just a territble company to work for. they have good benefits, but forget to hire managers and supervisors that have any ability to lead.

14 back office laid off, and more to come. they hired a 3rd party to do back office, and laying off the employees they have. unless you are a robot that doesn't want any career development, stay away from this fake company. —  read more 

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Working at Scottrade?

Do you have any feedback on how is it to work at Scottrade? I saw a few posts on working at Scottrade and they seem to be written by HR for advertising puposes. I would like to see if I can get a real employee feedback on working over there... —  read more 

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