Topics regarding layoffs at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc.

2024 wave 3??

A few colleagues in California had been letgo today (4/16). They have different Corp titles and are all given same-day notice (45-day notice period with zero work expectation during the period.) So they are all goners by EOD. That's cruel. Anything... — read more 


Is it me or is all that our Global DEI exec does is to post a bunch of , MUFG is proud to celebrate( fill in the ethnicity). Wow, we are knocking the door down on DEI. Do we need a global exec to post celebratory content and pretend we are... — read more 

Twister has Started

Well Yippee Kai Yay !!! Well Folks are being notified of either job eliminations or jobs moving to Tampa or Tempe. Monterrey Park will be No More. Dallas, good bye. Get ready for the buddy rodeo where buddies will look after each other. When in... — read more 

Home Office

Never thought I would say this but I wished Home Office really took a hard look at the ongoing ma here. The ECA is horrific. MT, BG,CD, KC and the newbie AW , CIO are just jackals in a pack. Their 1 Downs are just as bad and the favoritism is... — read more 


Wait till all the gushing stops in Tampa, when they hear of all the layoff from MUFG. Also when people learn how toxic and dysfunctional the executive leaders are.

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Crystal Ball

Remember that time when one of the ECA members said for folks to update their resumes or something like that? They must have had a crystal ball because folks should be getting their resumes ready. Big cuts are a coming.

MUFG Americas- The Short Yellow Bus

MUFG Americas is the short yellow bus with 3 flat tires rolling down the road to a ditch. If you are thinking about joining this mess , think again. Especially if this is your first job, it will taint you for a long time.

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Who was the Genius… ?

So it starts , shutting down a low cost region, Charlotte , Keeping a high cost region NYC, moving jobs to Tampa, Tempe. 2 regions with high costs, droughts in Tempe, Home insurers leaving Florida, Less talent in Tampa, Florida politics trample... — read more 

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MUFG Americas- A Joke

The Exec Leadership here is a joke. They will be happy to throw each other under the bus. They have no clue how to build a culture, The CEO packs his directs with Yes people. Just look at the CFO, he just rides Kevin’s coattails while not having a... — read more 

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