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American Express Layoffs 2018

Market keeps going up and down, there is a ton of uncertainty and people are talking about layoffs in NYC.

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Ongoing layoffs

American Express is a good place to work at, apart from continuous layoffs that have little logic to it. Latest two rounds make it seem as if they get a number they need to fulfill (for operating costs reductions or whatever,) and they just choose... —  read more 

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Aug 2016 - Phoenix

Another round of big layoffs. Lots of departments going to India. Train your Indian replacement first!

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Fire American workers

American Express went downhill fast when their motto was fire American workers and force them to train their #H1B replacements or Indian outsourced workers in order to get severance. Year after year until their quality was below Capital One. No... —  read more 

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Six Scammers - Fraud Share Buy-Backs

Six companies, per, that lost the most buying back their own shares. The companies with the biggest paper losses are as follows: IBM: - $9.8 billion Qualcomm: -$7.4 billion American Express: -$4.1 billion Exxon Mobil: -$3.9 billion Hess:... —  read more 

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American Express Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of American Express layoffs in New York in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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American Express Layoffs - Q1 2015

I think it was announced that 6% of the total workforce will be let go - this was a few days ago. There is a lot of anxiety here right now as people do not know who will be affected and how many people will be affected in each group. The execs did... —  read more 

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2008 layoffs...

When the recession hit we announced 10% of workforce cuts - we delivered. That was almost 10,000 people. American Express is good at this - apparently that saved us a couple of billions, we destroyed many lives but who cares about that - we are... —  read more 

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