Topics regarding layoffs at American Express Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at American Express Co.

Is there anything new?

Why is it so quiet here? Is it possible that nothing new is happening? At the beginning of the year I was told that I was no longer needed. At first I went through a horribly stressful period, but now I finally got a new job. I just came to see how... —  read more 

Layoffs Abound

I worked at American Express for over 30 years, and what I learned in that time is invaluable. Initially, I was so impressed with the management and the leadership and the employee treatment. That changed over the years, and now the company is known... —  read more 

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Get ready folks!

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to save every penny you can, refresh your skills, spruce up your resume, and keep networking to survive any layoffs that are planned for 2021. Make no mistake, whether it’s in the beginning of the year or towards the end -... —  read more 

Ongoing layoffs

American Express is a good place to work at, apart from continuous layoffs that have little logic to it. Latest two rounds make it seem as if they get a number they need to fulfill (for operating costs reductions or whatever,) and they just choose... —  read more 

Fire American workers

American Express went downhill fast when their motto was fire American workers and force them to train their #H1B replacements or Indian outsourced workers in order to get severance. Year after year until their quality was below Capital One. No... —  read more 

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Six Scammers - Fraud Share Buy-Backs

Six companies, per, that lost the most buying back their own shares. The companies with the biggest paper losses are as follows: IBM: - $9.8 billion Qualcomm: -$7.4 billion American Express: -$4.1 billion Exxon Mobil: -$3.9 billion Hess:... —  read more 

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2008 layoffs...

When the recession hit we announced 10% of workforce cuts - we delivered. That was almost 10,000 people. American Express is good at this - apparently that saved us a couple of billions, we destroyed many lives but who cares about that - we are... —  read more 

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