Springleaf Holdings Inc.

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Industry/Area of Activity:
Financials // Finance, Consumer Services
About Springleaf Holdings Inc.:
Springleaf Financial was a subprime lenders. They had close to $14 billion in outstanding loans, with over 40% being loans secured with an asset such as a vehicle. The company focused on high-risk, high-interest loans including personal loans and asset-guaranteed loans (such as auto-title loans). The brand migration from Springleaf Financial to OneMain Financial was completed in October 2016.
Revenue information:
2.90 B as of 2015
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Springleaf Holdings Inc. - 601 NW Second Street - Evansville Indiana - 47708 - United States - http://www.springleaf.com - craig.streem@slfs.com
More information:
5030 Employees as of 2015
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