Topics regarding layoffs at Ally Financial Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Ally Financial Inc.

Where is the potential for growth?

I’ve seen a few coworkers passed up for a promotion despite showing initiative, dedication and excellent skillsets. Instead I’ve seen these promotions given based on nepotism and favoritism. How are we supposed to have career growth when the way is... —  read more 

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After a year of working at Allied Financial I finally decided to call it quits. It was a roller coaster ride from the get go. Managers would use tactics like intimidation and threats towards their employees in the hopes of producing high end results... —  read more 

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Trash Ally

My suggestion is trash them in their social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+. Don't forget Glass door and Indeed. And you can still file the age discrimination complaint with the EEOC. You just can't participate in a lawsuit... —  read more 

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Ally Layoffs

Ally layoffs confirmed and began October 23 with a number of employees let go without warning. It is called Southeast Cost Reductions. Yet they've just brought in a number of new hire recent graduates and still hiring for positions in that region... —  read more 

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