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Shameful behavior

I don’t know why I didn’t catch this until several hours after the announcement, but when I realized this had nothing to do with covid19 or the economy (as Roger’s email made clear) and was just part of Amir’s reorganization I was p-ss-d. Same... —  read more 

Upcoming cuts

Layoffs will continue through 2020, Discover is experiencing industry burnout, no new innovations, leadership is weak, areas of business that are not profitable, Diner's club diluted brand, network issues, to name a few. They will continue to stagger... —  read more 

2018 Recent Layoffs

To my knowledge (and since I just got exited Thursday), there have been three rounds of layoffs so far this year. 1) ~50 BT Contractors were let go 2) Around 20 in the Marketing Products and the Innovations team were let go two months ago (canned two... —  read more 

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The best place I ever worked for

Discover has a ton of issues but overall it's by far the best place I ever worked for. I've been working in the Financial Service industry for almost 30 years now. Good luck to all, there are no layoffs that I am aware off (this is as of October... —  read more 

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IT and Layoffs

IT is always targeted due to high compensation. This is not specific to Discover, all companies always target IT as IT is a large cost center

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