Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Incoming layoffs?

Can anyone confirm if there is any news of potential incoming layoffs? I haven't heard anything in months, just wanted to see if anyone else has. According to etrade news, the Braintree sector is not meeting expectations and that Apple pay is rising... —  read more 

Coming layoffs

I'm going to assume that layoffs everybody is talking about will be announced today during the earnings call. How much influence will the company results have on the number/timing of layoffs? Is it already decided or can it be adjusted depending on... —  read more 


Credit collections and vc leadership currently in India and lead agents flying over next week to get it up to speed, All focus and energy is going into india, it's just a matter of time for those of us in Ireland, just wish they'd get a move on, sick... —  read more 

Never McKinsey

Wherever you move after this, remember that the downfall of PayPal is the result of McKinsey's terrible direction and the ex-Amex executive team's mismanagement. McKinsey has a consistent track record of horrible consultation (cough, Enron). It is a... —  read more 

Impacted by the layoffs...

even though you were an excellent employee? Anyone like that here? I still can't believe that my colleague got laid off, considering that he is the kind of employee that every good company would love to have on their team.

Where do the jobs go

bangladesh Why. Annual salary is 3-4k IN US dollars and while the health care in the country's is crud its free. Even if PayPal doubled the annual salary and paid for better health care they can probably employ 4-5 people for my salary alone


Any word when emea will get info? In Dublin have not heard anything yet and manager says they don’t know yet. When will we get told if we are going or if we are ok. I can’t think straight I’m so stressed

This is far from over

Don't think that once this round is over there'll be no more cuts. The economy is going downhill every day. The worst is yet to come and with that will come more cuts. I don't mean to fearmonger, but please don't become complacent and stop looking... —  read more 

Updated Layoff Info

As collected by word of mouth Scottsdale IT PayPal APFS Front Line Venmo New Hire Venmo Trainers Venmo Frontline TL Honey Frontline PayPal Engineers AS OF 2/2 4:45 MST Reported Severance: 0-6 months pay Resume build Carrer assistance 6 months... —  read more 

Severance generosity

seeing how they timed it in a way to prevent affected employees’ shares from vesting I would be worried about the severances “generosity” too In the message shared by the CEO, it was promised that the company would provide impacted employees... —  read more 

2k is not realistic

That's too many considering how overworked everybody already is. If they were getting rid of useless management layers that'd be one thing but they're not. They never get rid of them. They're once again going to cut the people who do the actual... —  read more 

60 days and H1-B Visa

I am currently on an H1-B visa and have a grace period of sixty days. I just had a quick question regarding whether or not the notice period is included in this grace period. Or does it include the grace period of sixty days after the termination of... —  read more 

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