Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Elliot’s Impact?

Anybody have any guesses as to what Elliot is going to do next? Force a board seat, remove Dan, more layoffs? It’s eerily quiet now, given all that must be going on behind the proverbial curtain.

I Hate This Company

I absolutely cannot stand this company anymore. This has to be the most depressing place I've ever worked at now. Everyone seems stressed, overworked, sad, and just confused on what to do, how to do it, and even if they should. The constant threat of... —  read more 

I can’t take it anymore

The horrendous management of these redundancies and the thought of more is like psychological torture. How can you be productive when the sword of Damocles is constantly dangling over your head? Working for PayPal is like being in an abusive... —  read more 

I finally found a new job

I was laid off in June. I took a week off before I started looking for a new job. It was good to see plenty of available options when I did start applying. I landed a job that pays better than my old position at PayPal and from what I've seen so far... —  read more 

Mixed feelings right now

Ever since rumors have started circulating about a new round of layoffs, I am no longer even sure if I want to survive them and remain in this company that seems to be headed in the wrong direction. Are there more people for whom the layoff would... —  read more 

Glassdoor Reviews

Review PayPal on Glassdoor and try to be honest about Schulman. I have tried to make a review that included a bad review of the CEO and when it posted it did not reflect that. Looking at recent positive reviews, they look fake. Something is happening... —  read more 

We're simply unlucky

There are companies that realize the value of their employees and will bend over backwards to make sure to either avoid or minimize layoffs. Then there are companies that will use any crisis (even an artificial one) to cut as many people as possible... —  read more 

That's a little ironic

When I first started working here, it seems to me that experienced employees were highly valued. I couldn't wait to get the experience myself. Now that I have more experience, I feel unwelcome at PayPal because of it, as I assume, and many others... —  read more 

Life is kicking my trash

Layoff was just the beginning over here. I feel so defeated and alone. I lost my job but also some of the only outside world communication I’ve had since covid. Check on your friends. It’s probably the ones you expect the least that are struggling... —  read more 

NY team is inept

Why has NY not been impacted at all? They're the most expensive location, they have the least amount of experience, they continuously get promoted, their jobs are nonsense, and they're flat out bad at their jobs. When is the last time there was an... —  read more 

Don't become "that guy"

For your own good, don't become the guy management looks at and figures out they can drop on all the work that still has to be done but there's nobody to it anymore. Don't be the guy who never complains and gives them no trouble and ends up with five... —  read more 

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