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CEO said stay at home if sick, but not encouraged generally... Is this still the case?

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Stay away from this place!

Constant layoffs, lousy pay, worse benefits... If there is a positive side to working at PayPal, I don't know it.

Are PayPal Layoffs Over?

I heard HR was hit the other week with layoffs all the way up through leadership. I am a manager and lost my really great recruiter! I was finally getting the level of support I needed from HR only to have it taken away again. I know that there... —  read more 

Time we all face the truth

Layoffs are the new normal at PayPal. We can all kiss job security goodbye and embrace our new reality - which means always be prepared for the worse. Send out resumes, contact your friends or former colleagues in other companies...have some kind of... —  read more 

No wonder we are having layoffs

PayPal is the top hated company - which probably means we are losing customers left and right. No wonder we need to find ways to make up for lost revenue (and with our management, of course the solution will be layoffs instead of something that will... —  read more 


Had anyone heard if there's going to be layoffs in the Nebraska segment?

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Upcoming layoffs

Does anyone know any more information about the upcoming mass layoffs? When? Where?

What's the deal with severance?

I've been hearing that PayPal is planning to reduce the severance being offered with future layoffs. As far as I understand it, people who were laid off previously found the severance fair - so why mess with it? Does anybody know if this is true?... —  read more 

Upcoming September Layoffs

Currently hearing more and more talks about next Tuesday. Sounds like the only thing the CMO is good at it renaming departments and getting rid of people.

What about next week?

Are we sure PayPal is done with layoffs for now? Can we relax or will there be more next week?

More layoffs at PayPal next month?

As if the past few months haven't been bad enough, now I'm hearing there might be more layoffs sometime in May. People are talking at the office, and since last time that happened we really did have layoffs, I'm now getting all worked up over it all... —  read more 

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Negotiating mass layoffs collectively?

This might be helpful, especially if you want resources on how to improve your severance by negotiating collectively

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Layoffs have continued

About 100 people in Hunt Valley today got laid off. So we know that Hunt Valley got hit yesterday, anything else? I haven't heard of any more layoffs today, so I'm going to assume that whatever they wanted to do, they did it all yesterday. Unless I'm... —  read more 

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Are layoffs done for now?

I don't work at PayPal, but my brother does, and he has seemed really nervous every time I talked to him in the last couple of weeks. I have a feeling he thinks layoffs are not done - which according to everything I've managed to find online is not... —  read more 

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Layoffs this or next week?

Since we know more layoffs are coming this month, is there any way to determine if they'll take place sometime this week or next week? More worrying is the last thing we need right now, especially so soon since the last round of layoffs. Hopefully... —  read more 

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PayPal needs new blood

They have run out of ideas and what was once innovative is now holding the company back. But it is the leaders that should change. Firing staff like this wont do any good and will only shift the same work around to be handled by the existing staff... —  read more 

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Good companies avoid frequent layoffs

Impact on productivity depend on team and company. Unless those laid off did nothing all day, there will be some impact. Good companies avoid frequent layoffs. it hurts the culture, hurts the morale, hurts the people laid off and hurts the people... —  read more 

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Layoffs are expensive

Layoffs are extremely expensive. At a minimum productivity is set back by a quarter, worst case you lose a year in productivity difference because teams are dealing with the fallout. Next comes the hit in morale and loyalty, those are very difficult... —  read more 

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Who want's to bet this is just the beginning?

Once a company starts with cost cutting through layoffs, that usually turns into a first response solution for any problems that might arise - whether they warrant it or not... I don't think PayPal will be any different. I think all of us here can... —  read more 

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Horrible leaders are not impacted

This is really sad.. unfortunately only engineers on the ground get impacted who are building stuff and making impact. Horrible leaders are not impacted. Over the years PayPal has become a place of a-- licking leadership.. they just ensure they don't... —  read more 

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Any indication on which positions will be affected?

We know more layoffs are coming in a week or two, but any ideas on which positions will be affected? I really hate they didn't do it all at once. What's the point in prolonging it for several weeks? Why leave us stressing and guessing for days or... —  read more 

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Severance Payment

Laid off last year. Severance was good. I hope they did not change it. Good luck all.

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This is age discrimination

Majority of people who were laid off by PayPal yesterday are people in their late forties and up who have been with the company for at least fifteen years - those who receive higher pay because they earned it. Can somebody explain to me how is this... —  read more 


There are at least 8 people from PayPal credit Timonium got laid off about more than a week ago. There might be more coming due to the sale of the product to Synchrony Financial.

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