Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Good to know we've resumed hiring

It's not as if the management just got rid of hundreds of employees because we needed to cut costs, right? It really is infuriating to see things like this happen. Why did we have to get rid of people if we're now hiring and why were those jobs not... —  read more 

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Did they even bother to make a plan?

I understand the reason why they decided on the cuts, but couldn’t they have planned them a little better? Some teams will be badly damaged. It seems it's important for our management to make cuts, even without any planning.

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Life is kicking my trash

Layoff was just the beginning over here. I feel so defeated and alone. I lost my job but also some of the only outside world communication I’ve had since covid. Check on your friends. It’s probably the ones you expect the least that are struggling... —  read more 

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NY team is inept

Why has NY not been impacted at all? They're the most expensive location, they have the least amount of experience, they continuously get promoted, their jobs are nonsense, and they're flat out bad at their jobs. When is the last time there was an... —  read more 

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Don't become "that guy"

For your own good, don't become the guy management looks at and figures out they can drop on all the work that still has to be done but there's nobody to it anymore. Don't be the guy who never complains and gives them no trouble and ends up with five... —  read more 

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"Days since the last layoff" sign

I want to put up a sign that says "Days since the last layoff" and see how high I can get the number. Judging by the last few months, the chances of going above 14 are slim to none. Talk about a huuuge red flag that indicates it's time to look for a... —  read more 

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Lack of vision

In general, it is not surprising that this company is on a downward trajectory because the leadership hasn't had any vision or direction for a while now. That's how I feel about it anyway but I would like someone to convince me that this is not... —  read more 

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Focus on being productive

Management obviously doesn't understand a thing or two about people working for them. How can they expect employees whose jobs are constantly threatened by layoffs to be as productive as possible? Who can manage to be fully productive in such... —  read more 

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We're not the only ones

Klarna had big layoffs recently as did Western Union and a bunch of others. Let's face it, the entire industry is currently in a crisis and there's not much anybody can do about it. My honest advice is that if you want job security, move to another... —  read more 

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PayPal layoff veteran

I was with PayPal for over 10 years, and was on both sides of the layoff experience. While PayPal does take very good care of their employees, they have zero loyalty. You will be employed there exactly as long as you are perceived as useful and not... —  read more 

Just get it done

Having layoffs every month feels like a particularly cruel type of torture. Why can't they have all the layoffs at once? Take two or three weeks to get it done, but get it done. Having to worry about more cuts month after month after month is messing... —  read more 

Reasons for layoffs

I keep wondering if better leadership would've been able to prevent or reduce the scope of layoffs. I think so. Do you agree? If this leadership had a slightly better vision, really cared about the future of PayPal, or had some concrete long term... —  read more 

Layoffs will never stop

As somebody said before, as long as they can find people to do our jobs for less money they'll keep laying us off. They don't care how long any of us have been here and how much hard work we've put into this company. All that matters to them are the... —  read more 

I'm losing all motivation

The never-ending layoffs are stressing me out so much that I've started losing motivation to give it even my average, not to mention my all. Why would I? No matter how hard I work I can be laid off in a blink of an eye. I've seen it happen to some of... —  read more 

They don't want the best anymore

A clear sign that a company is sinking is when it starts to get rid of its best employees. Why did they lay off the best people? I am very sorry for everyone who was affected, but I am sure that these people will fare better, and that in the long... —  read more 

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