Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Retention payment?

Did anyone receive a retention payment today? I get my paycheck a day early through my bank and the line item on my paycheck says retention payment. I have no announcement or notice it as receiving this

5 years

Worked for PayPal almost 5 years. Not the same company as when I started. Lost a lot of good friends and coworkers today and the experience they had can’t be replaced.

Employee surveys

You know those employee surveys they ask us to complete a couple times a year? They say on the email that your answers are confidential but they say nothing about your answers being anonymous. Have you ever wondered... who are my answers confidential... — read more 

WARN Notice

Is the warn notice California that is out right now with effective date of March 30th for those that were let go in feb and it just means that their official date where they no longer get serverance is March 30th OR does this mean there are more... — read more 

Don't bother

I've seen so many folks give it their all to the company just to get used up, trampled on, and then tossed aside in layoffs like they're nothing. This company has totally lost its way. It's stuck in this perpetual transition mode until it crumbles... — read more 

AU Ica

All of Australia ICA that lives in NA have been let go. The only support agents have are Manila ICA which is only a hand full of agents. They weren’t able to log in to their systems and had to wait for a phone call!!

NA - goodbyes

Multiple cs long term team leads and a few high level supervidors just informed in NA. Good bye knowledge base. Still waiting for lower level meetings. For those in NA don't forget unemployment after severance expires. May none of us need it.

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