Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

Topics regarding layoffs at PayPal

PayPal Inside Sales

Can someone please share any insight in regards to PayPal's expansion into Inside Sales? Is it a long term play to reduce field sales associates, or is it truly incremental?

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We need better management

PayPal is a shady company they play favorites and don't fire the toxic employees. They need to clean house starting at management level up. Didn't Schulman say no lay offs because of COVID but then did a huge layoff? He needs to focus on running the... —  read more 

Are people being fired?

I've heard from a now-former co-worker who claims he's been fired along with another guy he knows. Not laid off but fired, no severance or anything. They had a reason but he says it was ridiculous. He's even considering suing. Is this something... —  read more 

What will crypto market bring us?

This is what I’ve been waiting for! The transition to crypto was so obvious but the rumours are now fully confirmed. PayPal announced entry into the cryptocurrency market by early 2021. It's very quiet on this forum but I would like someone to talk... —  read more 

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CEO said stay at home if sick, but not encouraged generally... Is this still the case?

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Are PayPal Layoffs Over?

I heard HR was hit the other week with layoffs all the way up through leadership. I am a manager and lost my really great recruiter! I was finally getting the level of support I needed from HR only to have it taken away again. I know that there... —  read more 

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Time we all face the truth

Layoffs are the new normal at PayPal. We can all kiss job security goodbye and embrace our new reality - which means always be prepared for the worse. Send out resumes, contact your friends or former colleagues in other companies...have some kind of... —  read more 

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