Topics regarding layoffs at Synchrony Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Synchrony Bank

Not Going out quietly

Left to wonder and support dying business... All that is left to do is collect the paychecks until the pink slip comes. I'm never going to lose sleep over this job again.. Use that PTO and enjoy working at home in cozy clothes until its over... —  read more 

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It's radical...

Synchrony Financial Disclosed Radical Work-from-Home Plan... plus layoffs, work-from-home on a permanent basis, and drastically reducing its ... as many Synchrony jobs as we can and reducing the size of any layoffs,” the... —  read more 

Marketing Layoffs

Layoffs took place in the Marketing group a couple of months ago. I was let go, so can confirm. I hear they are having layoffs again, dont have too much detail on this now.

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A couple of years ago

Synchrony Bank closed the hole division in Frisco TX and customer service (CSC) In Canton Ohio and last thing I heard they closed collections and recovery in San Juan Puerto Rico.. It was a very sad day for everyone who got layoff - and there were... —  read more 

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