Topics regarding layoffs at MasterCard Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MasterCard Inc.

How's the sweatshop going?

I walked away from Mastercard in October. I took 6 months off for some R & R and found a new job. It's less money but I am 200% happier. I went from working 84 hours a week including weekends all on-call to a 40 work week with weekends off. ... — read more 

Why are people leaving?

Three team members left within the last two months. Does anybody know what might be the reason? I can understand one person leaving on their own but three in such a short time period? I'm wondering if they know something that prompted them to make... — read more 

Sweatshop indeed....

It's been quiet here so..... I read through the posts and comments. The one comment that struck me the hardest was the one about Mastercard (MC) being a 'sweatshop.' The one definitive word to describe the place. I was hired by the... — read more 

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Group Heads layoffs

I've heard 5-6% of the workforce. Many Mgrs caught by surprise with layoffs of group heads SBL's on down. Packages they get are generous from what I am hearing. Many of the IT jobs going or already to Pune, India.

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MasterCard Layoffs January 2015

I am not sure why we have no posts here but we are laying off people this week. This may continue next week too. Many departments are being affected and I think we’ll have hundreds of people laid off. Both St. Louis Operations Center (O'Fallon) and... — read more 

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