Topics regarding layoffs at MasterCard Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at MasterCard Inc.

Why are people leaving?

Three team members left within the last two months. Does anybody know what might be the reason? I can understand one person leaving on their own but three in such a short time period? I'm wondering if they know something that prompted them to make... —  read more 

Sweatshop indeed....

It's been quiet here so..... I read through the posts and comments. The one comment that struck me the hardest was the one about Mastercard (MC) being a 'sweatshop.' The one definitive word to describe the place. I was hired by the... —  read more 

Group Heads layoffs

I've heard 5-6% of the workforce. Many Mgrs caught by surprise with layoffs of group heads SBL's on down. Packages they get are generous from what I am hearing. Many of the IT jobs going or already to Pune, India.

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MasterCard Layoffs January 2015

I am not sure why we have no posts here but we are laying off people this week. This may continue next week too. Many departments are being affected and I think we’ll have hundreds of people laid off. Both St. Louis Operations Center (O'Fallon) and... —  read more 

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