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MasterCard Layoffs 2017

Last year all was fairly good, now all of the sudden things move, people are complaining and there are rumors about layoffs Purchase.

Job Elimination at Master Card

Amazing. The company calls it "job elimination" - as many as 500 jobs world-wide, as of recently, with half of these in the U.S. (pretty large cuts for a lean company like MasterCard) - when there is no true "job elimination". In a true job... —  read more 

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Layoffs have been on-going for some time

I heard 70+ in St. Louis and various positions in regions as of Feb 2015. The firings are mainly over 40+, but they have been doing this with a 'stealth' strategy so not to draw attention. The Waterloo office is basically being dismantled and jobs... —  read more 

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Mastercard Pune India Outsourcing layoffs

Do you know how how many IT jobs will be sent to India? It seems that everyone knows about it but I cannot find any confirmed numbers or information on what groups will be affected the most. Also, from the timing perspective, do we expect all of this... —  read more 

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Group Heads layoffs

I've heard 5-6% of the workforce. Many Mgrs caught by surprise with layoffs of group heads SBL's on down. Packages they get are generous from what I am hearing. Many of the IT jobs going or already to Pune, India.

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MasterCard Layoffs January 2015

I am not sure why we have no posts here but we are laying off people this week. This may continue next week too. Many departments are being affected and I think we’ll have hundreds of people laid off. Both St. Louis Operations Center (O'Fallon) and... —  read more 

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