Topics regarding layoffs at ACI Worldwide Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ACI Worldwide Inc.

What is happening?

I come from a region that is run by someone who plays favorite and an absolute ruler. If you are his ally you will go very far, if not your position is in danger. My previous post was taken down and I don't know who, how or why! No human in human... —  read more 

Quiet before the storm?

There were many rumors that big cuts would follow in June. Here it is, June, and the rumors have died down. Does that mean we can relax for a while longer or that it’s quiet before the storm? I hope that earlier story about layoffs was just a false... —  read more 

Absolute Misery

Have been with ACI just under 2yrs & in that time we've had 5 "leaders" of the region come and go. FIVE! Each one worse than the last. Complaints to Ethics hotline over serious misconduct and breaches left unresolved and "quietly" forgotten. A... —  read more 

Horrible culture

I haven't been here for long (going on two years) but I'm yet to find a place with a worse work culture than this place. My former workplace was bad, but at least the toxicity was mostly limited to my team and the company was okay. Here, the toxic... —  read more 

New Board Members

One has been a CFO in various payment companies, so expect him to look at cutting costs even more. He is the chair of a point of sale company so maybe he can bond with Taco Man! The other has spent a long time at B of A before she left, and is now... —  read more 

Snakes in the grass

This company made promises to lure new employees or to retain talent and cut some great people. I should have known better than to come back to this company. Lack of vision, poor implementation of product strategies, etc.

Rearranging the chairs

The website has been updated for the ELT. First, the South African is gone. His positions have been distributed to 2 others. The 2 previous Group Presidents keep their employment going despite poor performance and zero people skills. Little... —  read more 

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When to exit?

Not sure if I should hang on and milk the company for as long as I can or if I should start looking for employment elsewhere. I’ve been with ACI less than 3 years and while it’s become my comfort zone I don’t want to have to face a future of... —  read more 

Sale is inevitable

I always wondered how Phil was able to roll out the same warmed over strategic vision each Investor Day, and how investors have tolerated almost zero organic growth for a long time. Finally someone has called them out on... —  read more 


New CHRO comes from Fiesta Restaurants, which operates quick service chicken and Mexican restaurants. Also has experience in dying tech companies. I don’t blame him, and wish him well as I’m sure he was told about all the great things happening at... —  read more 

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More layoffs in 2020?

I just saw the 2020 outlook in the earnings press release that contained: “ $10 million of one-time charges to implement cost reduction strategies. “ Either they are closing offices or doing a bunch of layoffs. Which?

Any news on layoffs?

Coming into layoff season at ACIW, any rumours or news? Saw they shuffled a couple of ELT positions around, wonder if that means something. Don't hear much here in the UK.

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