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Get your heads out of the sand. It’s over.

While I respect that many of us are trying to stay positive, there comes a point when this positivity is akin to burying your head in the sand. As someone who’s worked for both US Bank and Union, I can assuredly say we’re fu---d. The good times are over. Doing what’s right for the customer is over. Generous vacation time and benefits are over. Feeling respected and being treated as a valued human is over. Like being able to check your cell phone between clients? Not anymore, you’ll now have to lock your phone in a cabinet and be scolded if you take it out before the end of the day. Enjoy holiday parties and lunch on the company? US Bank doesn’t.
Please don’t drink the koolaid about their “ethics.” They we’re being investigated as recently as last May for unethical sales practices. This is Google-able, as are reviews from their current employees.
Don’t think US Bank has “changed.” Our new reality will be extreme individual sales goals (think 20+ credit cards per month per employee) with immediate write ups for non-compliance. Our new reality will be having our chairs removed if we don’t sell enough. Our new reality will be constant punishment from upper management, even if goals are met. US Bank is simply a place where you can’t get ahead.
My time at US Bank was the absolute worst of my nearly 20 year career in banking. My advice is get out now while you still can. We should all know this promise to keep front line employees is bull sh-t. They’ll keep us while we’re useful then dispose us of a soon as they can close our branches down for their all digital agenda. Save yourselves, friends. Push back, stand up for how we do things and what we’ve stood for, which is the antithesis is what US Bank stands for.

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Agree with the comments. Start looking now because you have an advantage. USBank layoffs are aggressive this year and you have the advantage of seeking new jobs before the Market is flooded with laid off USBank candidates.

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You can read reviews from their retail employees on indeed. Sounds rough. Every team member expected to make 10-20 cold calls per day in between running teller transactions. That’s the other thing - everyone’s now just basically going to be a teller aka “client relationship consultant” aka “CRC.” Each branch has a manager and a few CRCs. That’s it. No upward mobility. Yes, there are CRC levels 1-4, but this is allegedly just based on years of experience. Everybody still performs the same tasks - robotically sell while running teller transactions and making outbound calls. More “complicated” things like operations, lending, trusts, etc are all handled outside of the branch with the manger acting as a liaison. This effectively reverses the career advancement of abms, bankers and some officers - anyone who’s escaped the teller line. Strict sales quotas that leave employees fearful and burnt out hidden behind the superior “ethics” they brag about.
How can you be anything but a disposable number in a company that large? They have what 75,000 retail employees?
The whole thing just sucks.

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I 100% agree with your assessment - just read the employee comments on the US Bank layoff board. We are screwed.

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