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To Sell or Not to Sell, That's not even the question

Rumors that CEO and MUFG Tokyo is selling the bank. Lots of meetings and missed meetings seem to indicate the rumor is true. A Cease and Desist Order was issued. If this is all cumulating to the decision to sell, well then the outgoing Chief Risk Officer is getting off easy, after letting things get so bad and blaming others. Maybe Kevin the "deal guy" was made CEO to get a deal to sell the bank. CIO seemed taken by the CTO from Bridgewater and all his cronies that helped to create a lot of costs, confusion and never delivered one thing of value. The bank had an old strategy plan that was years behind other banks. I guess all of these or some of these led to the decision to sell the bank

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Lots of blame to go around. Risk Management organization was ineffective from the top down. Technology took on more than it could handle . Former CTO only could pontificate and not execute in a real world. Executives had no strategy. Japanese expats added no value.

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