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work you till the end for the lower people

Nice give 20 years and they hold the package over your head for 6 months. Be nice to have firm end date to plan your life but guess they don's care. Guess management is ok with some folks getting paid to be home He accepted Ocwen’s offer and the... read more

NJ office

have to love lobby of NJ office still has all the old clients on wall. I guess it is a reminder of when we were in the MTG business. Good way for boss to know how much him and his team have lost as far as clients. Phone system was cost cutting move... read more

Any chance people can transfer?

Does anybody know if Ocwen is going to give employees in closing locations a chance to transfer to one of the remaining ones? Or is this going to be a clean cut?

Messina is cleaning house.

It's obvious his loyalty is on the PHH side. They must have an agreement with the CFPB that they would adopt everything PHH. They have eliminated as much of the Ocwen footprint in regards to offices and eventually the employees. The kept Rancho... read more

Real Reasons for Closing Waterloo

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Major layoffs at Ocwen

If i got this correctly, more than 2,000 jobs will be cut - and majority of that in the U.S. Really bad days/weeks/months are ahead of us. If anybody has more details on this, it would be highly appreciated if they decided to share here with us. Good... read more

Layoffs coming

Do you think there will be layoffs at Ocwennand PHH in 2019. Seems there will be a lot of duplication in the Servicing Division.

New name?

I’ve heard the company’s new name will be PHH. I thought Ocwen was to be the surviving entity
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Ocwen / Homeward Layoffs

Seems like layoffs are looming in Addison for Ocwen/Homeward Residential -- can anyone up the foodchain confirm? Lots of change, office is up for lease but no new location has been picked.
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Ongoing Layoff

There were around 20-30 employees that were laid off in the late 2017 and early 2018. Most of them were tenured employees. Even the bosses have been elimated. There is no job security in Ocwen.

Layoffs at Ocwen India

Guys, hundreds have been thrown out of the company with a severance package. It's begun and by November most of them at Ocwen are going to be jobless.
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Ocwen Financial Layoffs 2017

It's all OK when it comes to executive bonuses, but at the same time there are many gossips and rumors about layoffs in Atlanta.
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The Layoffs have begun.

Ocwen Financial with offices in West Palm Beach, FL, Coppell, TX and Houston, TX among other locations had begun layoffs. So far, looking at 200 or more. Mostly from the Coppell office. Many jobs getting outsourced.
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Ocwen layoff 2014

Thanks to Ocwen sending my job over seas, I qualified for the Trade act, where the government pays you for 2 years and pays for you to go to school for 2 years. it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Relaxed and get an Associates degree.
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Careful with what you write: But when they saw the final paperwork for their settlement, they found that Ocwen Financial Corp, the company that collected and processed their mortgage payments, had added an extra clause: they could not say or print or... read more

Massive cuts

Large number of fairly recent acquisitions prompted Ocwen Financial Corp. to issue layoff notices Tuesday to more than 800 employees across the country. The number includes 238 at the former GMAC Mortgage operation in Waterloo. Before the move, and a... read more
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Leaders or Cowards at Ocwen Fort Washington Pennsylvania?

The leadership at Ocwen Fort Washington no longer have the guts to look at those people whose dedication and loyalty to a company we all knew from day one was doomed. Now that it is beginning to come to light the cowards walk with their heads down... read more
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Approximately 244 employees were affected by the layoffs in the Fort Washington, Pa building. However, no manager or team lead were affected by this. Why is that? In most cases they also would eliminate management staffing.
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800 people is a bit too much

how many employees do we have right now, something like 7K? so, 800 people would be ~10%. A bit too much in my opinion, on the other hand Ocwen is a weird animal...
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In Waterloo

Apparently 800 people are leaving the company. No advanced notice of the layoff.
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We were hit badly at FortWashington. It really sucked to see so many of my friends walking around with white envelopes. I was walking around with one as well. The Government loves to levy taxes on people, how about a tax on sending all of our jobs... read more
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Disgruntled Employee#1

I am grateful to still be employed since I wasn't on the chopping block today but Ocwen for lack of better words is full of shit. I am disgusted with the companies actions and this layoff has been planned a long time ago. They had no discretion in... read more
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Anybody here from Atlanta? What's the news?
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Fort Washington

Question for FW - Who was affected? What was the severance?
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The same email

Hundreds of people will be without a job next year as a major Waterloo employer has announced layoffs. Ocwen Financial -- the company that purchased GMAC Res-Cap's holdings last year -- will lay off 238 people next year. "After a long and thorough... read more
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