Topics regarding layoffs at PHH Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at PHH Corp.


I dont feel sorry for these people they are not professional and give misleading information to customers causing havaic with customers accounts. They intentionally cause late payments by rejecting payments if customers pay with bill pay and not with... —  read more 


Ok people.. it was reported in the national mortgage news that the CEO of Ocwen will be retiring and guess who will be taking his place??? None other than Glen Messina. Omg the was the reason for the downward spiral of PHH. Now we will need to worry

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Now what? I love how they are telling us that nothing will change, no layoffs, this is a partnership not an acquisition .... does anyone know or have any ideas what the actual plan is? Business as usual, right? Cmon, we're not that stupid.

Favoritism runs rampant at PHH

if anybody is wondering why the company is in such bad shape, just look at the way management handles promotions. the level of favoritism and nepotism is ridiculously obvious. people who have been with the company for years have been passed over for... —  read more 

No consistent vision

Does anybody actually know what our plans for the future are? Where PHH wants to be and how to get there? No? We've seen so many changes in senior management and so many shifts in priorities that it's no wonder the company is flailing. We need... —  read more 

I am not surprised

I am in customer service, and I have seen so many mistakes and departments/people not willing to take responsibility for those mistakes that I am not surprised by any of this.

Not surprised by layoffs

Not really surprised at the latest layoffs at PHH. The company has had so many of those in the past several years that they hardly come as a shock anymore. That doesn't make them any less upsetting or stress inducing, however. I'm not sure morale can... —  read more 

700 @ HQ

I know this is redundant, but there is at least 20 aricles posted all over the web about the cuts. It'll get bloody. I left in 2014 but my wife still works for PHH. She's very happy and likes the team, manager and the type of work - so I am keeping... —  read more 

End Dates Accelerated?

Does anyone know if Mt. Laurel employees, who have been provided with proposed end dates, will have their end dates accelerated as a result of the recently announced strategic plans?

Little Surprised No Activity

Maybe the election distracted everyone, and perhaps thats why the announcement came just hours before the craziness started. Without getting nasty (we all know how people can be on this site), would anyone care to discuss the recent news of PHH... —  read more 

An Email From Meg

To: All Hewlett Packard Enterprise Employees You probably saw the news earlier today, Dell announced that they would acquire EMC for $67 billion. I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you why I (and you should too) believe this is a good thing for... —  read more 

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