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Any layoffs in MP&L?

If so, which groups? Concerned for former colleagues (glad I recently departed in retrospect).
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Ford Salary share thread

Since I’m seeing a lot of salaries thrown around feel free to see how you compare to your peers. Glassdoor is all over the palce, so this may help. It is illegal to prevent sharing of salaries so no worries there. You can round numbers so things... read more

On Media Coverage

This one got posted a month ago, I am reposting it to bump it (source @XNGqTYM ) I often times see people post about the "media" or "news" when commenting about auto industry layoffs. People need to realize that the media will not "bite the hand that... read more

It's 2019

The fake "Recovery" fueled by loose credit and the lowest interest rates in recorded history has finally run out of steam. People are financing cars over 7-8 years now, even with rock bottom interest rates. What does that tell you? Well, most Ford... read more

Building 1

A family member is an engineer in engine components working on future models. I as many others out here are worried about our friends and family employed by Ford. Any chance this group might be ok or expect smaller cuts? Prayers to all going thru... read more

Anyone let go today?

Did the layoffs continue today? I was afraid of Monday but there were no layoffs at my location today. In fact, it was a bit too quiet, if you ask me. If they didn’t happen today, when can we expect the layoffs to continue?

Has anyone been offered a relocation?

Did the company offer anyone to relocate as an alternative to being cut? Other companies tend to do that but I haven’t seen that in my surroundings. I single, without kids, no mortgage, so having to relocate for me is not a big problem, even more, a... read more

Their sneaky manner of layoffs

Why did they needed to do this in this way. I feel for the european colleagues but why did they need to imply that the layoffs are gonna be done overseas, which makes American workers more or less safe. Hate to say this but it turns out that it would... read more

It is only for show

It is only for show. There are 323 external Ford job postings at present, many newly posted. The stock price has not moved. The analysts all know it is bluster and BS. When the round of layoffs is over Hatchet will send an email rallying the troops... read more

The Automobile Industry is Changing

Yes, changing from selling cars to not selling cars. Changing from giving you a job to giving you the boot out the door. The fear of admitting the industry and economy as a whole is tanking is palpable. It's called a Recession, whether your nightly... read more

One Ford? Not anymore!

If you are over 40 and/or 20 years or more with Ford you are expensive and expendable. Watch and see. There will be age discrimination litigation for decades after this. Mr. Hackett and Little Bill may win the battle but this is going to cost Ford a... read more


Since H1 is designed to get talents that aren't available in US. why don't they layoff those people first before US citizens(with same skill level as H1s) ? Nothing against H1 holders, Just common sense

Am I the only one that’s nervous waiting for Monday?

Anything rumored specifically for this week? I know now that the layoffs are in progres anything is possible but has anyone heard anything about what’s gonna unfold in the next week? I would feel a little calmer if I at least knew what to expect. .


The sad part is the people responsible for this will all still be there, Bill jr and family.
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Dear Mr. Hackett-

It's so nice having a Friday night beer with a fellow GSR who is now among the ranks of the recently "smartly redesigned". The cherry on this delicious self-driving, smart city cake is being a GSR myself and hearing that this sh-- show may stretch... read more

Just accepted new job out of state

Job worries made me look and just accepted new job that seems even better. Hopefully saves spot for another when I am gone in a few weeks. Dust off resume and be proactive.

Hackett ‘s compensation announced Kind of sad considering his salary is going to keep increase in the expense of the regular employees.

At least the weekend is nearly here

This was one of the most stressful weeks at Ford since I started working here, and I started working more than a decade ago. It's not just the layoffs, we've had those before. It's the not knowing what's going on, getting no real info from... read more

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