Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Layoffs in October

Is it true that by oct 31 all cuts will be done. Is it a good idea to stay with the company or pack and leave. I have been at ford since i graduated ( 5 years) , don't know anywhere else. Even my internships were at ford

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Layoffs Discussion

We are discussing many things here but we seem to be forgetting layoffs. Does anyone have some info or rumors on potential layoffs? Who might be affected? When? Why?

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Ford Stock On Sale Article

Is it me, or has Ford stock been on sale for over 10 years? Without question, Ford has been dreadfully run for the past decade or more. It's a Disgrace! Basically, joining the ranks of Boeing and GE. Congratulations!

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I don’t understand

Ford is giving up so easily on their most experienced employees and best performers, the very employees that had the best ability to create new value and do the job the right way. I’m not saying that there are no knowledgeable and hard working... —  read more 

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Something is brewing

Rest assured something is brewing, management in my area of ModelE have been having many workshops on how to restructure the organization. The reality is they have a $21B investment going into electrification and the returns are fleeting. It speaks... —  read more 

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Exodus …

Ford Motor Company notified its employees Tuesday that Matt VanDyke, an executive at the automaker for 14 years, leaves this week to become president of a digital company with clients in Europe and throughout North America. VanDyke, 49, told his... —  read more 

Overtaking Tesla

I think it's ridiculous to think that Ford will overtake Tesla. I recently read somewhere an article with a statement from the CEO that the company's goal is to sell more electric vehicles than Tesla. LOL. But hypothetically speaking, is there... —  read more 

One F-150 Recalled?

Ford Motor Company is recalling one 2021 Ford F-150 over a fuel tank attachment strap issue. The defect: the affected vehicle may have been assembled without a fuel tank front attachment resulting in an unsecured fuel tank attachment strap. The... —  read more 

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NDAs. Why??

Are layoffs this summer going to be very significant? I keep hearing that LL2s had to sign NDAs. What’s the significance of this. They have never done this in the past.

Same poster?

Occasional reader here. Did you ever notice all the posts seem to be in the exact same style and prose? Slamming Ford in the headline, latest recall news, and a complaint statements or question. Not sure what is going on. Anyone have any ideas... —  read more 

Panic Button Time?

Ford and GM in No Rush to Press the Panic Button -- Two carmakers face questions from investors whether consumers still want to buy their cars as recession looms... They also have financing arms, GM Financial and Ford Credit, which lend money to... —  read more 

Fake Truck Orders

We knew this, right... People are putting small depostis to preorder trucks in hope to lock in low prices before inflation forces everyone to increase prices. 4th Gear: Electric Truck Buyers Are Putting Deposits On Everything A... —  read more 

The impending recession

Lawler said Ford is taking the possibility of a U.S. recession seriously and that the company has modeled several possible scenarios for a downturn. Still, Ford and the broader auto industry are in a different position today than in past recessions... —  read more 

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