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Ford Saarlouis next to close...

It seems Ford Saarlouis assembly plant is next to close: read more
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For what it's worth

Not sure how much our CEO can be trusted right now, especially in regards to layoffs being planned by Ford, but he seems to be adamant about layoffs not eclipsing those of GM. Note that he is not saying there will be no layoffs, mid you... read more
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When will we know?

So many analysts and experts and whatnot are saying that Ford will be laying people off in tens of thousands sometime in the future, creating unnecessary panic without even giving us any time frame of when those layoffs might happen. What's the point... read more

Flat Rock Assembly

Flat Rock Assembly will be eliminating a production shift. It was noted that the HOURLY employees are safe and will still have jobs which will be available at other Ford facilities.
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How come I'm only now hearing about this?

I was so close, I am 55 and have nine years with Ford. Funnily enough, I used to work for GM as well once upon a time. While General Motors offered a buyout and now faces layoffs to trim its white-collar ranks, Ford quietly presented salaried... read more

Plant Closures & Job Cuts

Personally, I expect 2019 to be an awful year when the company starts to reveal its plans for ‘restructuring’ and then start to implement those plans by way forced and voluntary redundancies. We have openly been told by the company that it needs to... read more

Thoughtful Hackett
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When will we know?

Do we have any ideas on when we'll know who is getting laid off? I like working at Ford, I've been here for over a decade now and have enjoyed every day of it. But things have changed so much since the announcement, everybody seems to be on edge... read more

For those of us who have worked there our entire lives!

The announcement was not clear and poorly timed. They should have waited until they were ready. Now we have to worry daily and walk on egg shells until we know if we as individuals are being put out on the streets. HOLIDAYS are coming and I'm sure... read more
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2008 Ford Separation Survivor.

A promised lifetime employee purchase plan benefit evaporated when I accepted the lump-sum pension payout offer, which Ford's A-Plan system interpreted as my having died.


We are anxious too - me and my SO work together for Ford, we fear what may happen if the cut is as deep as they predict. With three kids at home, a sick parent and all eggs in one basket (Ford) we are not in the best position. I hope all turns out... read more

Media Roundup on Ford Layoffs (October 9th 2018)

While Collar Layoffs to Affect Ford Motor The Truth About Cars * Ford plans massive layoffs, Trumps tariffs are affecting... read more

UK plants

It seems fairly obvious from some threads here that some posters/commentors are FMC employees. Would any of you be able to shed any light on the two U.K. engine plants? Dagenham engine plant in England produces diesel engines and is suffering due to... read more

Reorg and Layoffs?

Well, they say no cuts:

He has no business in automotive

Hacket is a Hack. He's taking out his failures on the employees. Stock is down with this clueless person at the help. He has no business in automotive...

Not complaining

Ford will most likely close its Bordeaux plant. To be honest, it's good to see Ford closing a plant in Europe instead of another one here. I'm sorry for those who will lose their jobs, but Ford is an American company and it should focus on saving... read more
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Subprime 60 Day Late Worse than 2008-09

If the economy is "Booming!" why are more people defaulting on their car loans than at the worst of the recession? Hint: Because the economy is not booming, despite what the talking head on TV says. A credit bubble is not an economy, and now it's... read more
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Blames a fire in a chinese manufacturer. Believe that if you like. But here's the hint that more is going on, as if their announcement of stopping... read more

Huge News

Ford enters into massive cost cutting plan, to save 25.5 billion by 2022. Company will be shutting down essentially all north american production of cars, hybrids, pretty much everything that isn't a truck or SUV... read more
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No Layoffs @ Chicago

Ford double booking sales

Someone posted not long ago about this and I can confirm it. Ford is now forced to buy back inventory after channel stuffing so bad, way beyond normal, that they had no choice due to dealers threatening legal action. So the next trick is to re-sell... read more
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"Temporary" Layoffs announced

Yeah, sure Ford. Just another low life tactic to try to spin a layoff announcement. It truly amazes me how utterly desperate and slimy big corporations are these days, and the depths they'll go to in an attempt to hide or spin their layoffs... read more

It's going to get ugly

Car sales collapsing across the board and even truck sales losing their mojo. What did you expect after 6 years of "sub prime lending" to people who make less per year than their car is worth? Defaults are going through the roof right now and for the... read more

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