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Analyst reaction to Farley's first speech as COO:

“I am literally stunned beyond belief. In my wildest nightmares I never imagined that what Farley would present would essentially be what Hackett has been presenting now for almost two years.” We are doomed.

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High margin businesses???

So, Ford wants to be only in high margin businesses, eliminating entry level cars from its products, and instead spending capital like drunken sailors on “Smart Mobility.” From all the news I can find, the “FordX” group has wasted $Billions on these... —  read more 

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What is the Future of EPE ?

EPE used to be one of the desireable areas to be, lots of people from TDE., RIC and PDC came to EPE in last few years . Recently people have started to leave EPE, not many got SRD’d last year, is there SRD 2 planned for EPE this year?

Thoughts on GDIA

Anyone have opinions on the GDIA group? I hear that parts of the organization are hiring their own people to do work that would traditionally be scoped to GDIA? Thoughts? Comments?

Is Ford trying settle up on Pensions ???

Copied from older PRP discussion below but posted Feb 18. Could this possibly be for real? "Sr HR contact said an offer is in the works similar to 18 but with a premium (dont know what that means) if the employee accepts and agrees to the lump sum... —  read more 

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Fantasy Opinion Pole re "The Hatchet"

Oh how I wish for a one question pole of active and recently retired or SRD'd employees. Dump the pulse feel good questions completely and ask, "on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) please rate the performance and competence of CEO Jim Hackact over... —  read more 

Wrong Guy

There is no way on any planet that it makes sense Mr Hinrichs leaving Ford, on his own. He is not the guy who should be leaving. To say that Ford has a deep bench without him, is a clear miss because Mr Hinrichs was that deep bench. Rarely do you... —  read more 

Bye, Joe

Has anybody else noticed stuff like this?

Post SRD there has been a trickle of people disappearing from our department. All but one have been long time older employees. Two had recently had health issues and missed a lot of work. One we were told was behavioral related. The others no clue... —  read more 

Recommendations for new IT college graduate?

Hello, I know a handful of FCGs who left Ford after their FCG rotations for a company like Amazon or IBM. During their time, Ford paid for their master's degree and other certifications. As a soon-to-be graduate, is Ford a good place to start... —  read more 

Another Colossal waste of money

The Ford Credit building (the huge two story building adjacent to the World Headquarters in Dearborn) was filled with perfectly functional high walled cubicles. Jimbo decides to replace them with open office space with four to eight people crammed... —  read more 

Lump Sum Payout

Was planning on retiring this year anyway - hoping to hear of PRP or the one where they paid you 6 or 9 months. Since all of this news broke last week with the earnings and Henricks getting sacked I may just go in Monday and submit my papers online... —  read more 

Timing Should Be Right for PRP

With all of the financials wheels falling off the cart at Ford it should be about the right time to offer the PRP. With a little luck they offer it don't get the #'s they need and sweeten the offer as they did in 18' when they rolled the "Enhanced... —  read more 

Mass Layoffs Incoming ? Can this source be trusted?

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