Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Rusty 2021 F150

As I’ve said upthread and elsewhere, the dealers need to reject these trucks. It’s akin to a grocery store rejecting a palate of fruit with mold on it. This needs to be pushed all the way back up the supply chain to the source until someone fixes it... —  read more 

More Recalls

Does the company manufacture ANYTHING that is not recalled anymore?

Airbag Recall V2.0

Setting a low bar for warranty performance: Ford Motor Co is recalling 153,000 older trucks that may have had obsolete Takata air bag modules installed in collision and theft repairs after the Takata recall was completed, the automaker said on... —  read more 

Name Change

Tesla was previously called Tesla Motors. Kia just changed it's name from Kia Motors to Kia Corporation. Is it time for Ford to become Ford Company or Henry's Automobile Company.

Another losing year

Ford lost $1.2 BILLION on revenue of $127 billion (down from $160 billion in 2018 and $143 billion in 2019. The loss would be worse, but there was $4.9 BILLION in "other revenue." The "Smart Mobility" group is responsible for losing almost $1... —  read more 


Interesting detail.

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It looks like this site is generally frequented by IT types. Maybe there is even the occasional PD LL that browses here to find embers of possible rebellious ideas that need quelled before they grow. I have a question for our anonymous Ford family... —  read more 

Thousands of UAW layoffs Doesn't hurt the laid off too bad, because they get almost full pay. However, if we aren't building and shipping the maximum number of... —  read more 

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