Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Fixing someone else's errors?

How often does it happen that you have to correct someone else's mistakes? Do you have such experiences? I'm tired of fixing errors and redoing someone else's work. It is not clear to me how a company can allow one to be so irresponsible towards... —  read more 

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Explorer Hood TSB

Great job avoiding a recall and dodging a class action suit. More pain for Ford customers who just want a vehicle and brand they can trust. Ford issued four technical service bulletins (TSB) addressing the issue for 2000-2017 model year Explorer... —  read more 

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Warped F-150 dash

Currently being litigated. This has to take some shine off the Ford crown jewel. Another effort to put distance between customers and Ford. The struggle to make a reliable and dependable vehicle continues. A number of complaints regarding the... —  read more 

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Alexa (I Spy) in my car?

No thank you to Ford. Don't want my personal conversations and data recorded and reviewed in my home or CAR. Ford continues to look for ways to have data revenues exceed vehicle sales. Ford expands in-vehicle Alexa capability as it begins... —  read more 

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Head count reduction is comming

As the company announced weakened first-quarter earnings, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger warned that the worldwide chip shortage will continue until companies increase their manufacturing capacity to meet renewed demand, which could take as long as two... —  read more 

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Unfair load distribution?

I am a little envious of those who say they only work effectively for 2 hours because I am overwhelmed with work. I don’t know if it has to do with a different approach, the type of work they do here or simply with the fact that the distribution of... —  read more 

Voluntary packages

Do you think that Ford will again offer early retirement packages to employees who qualify in the foreseeable future before major layoffs? I think it was a great thing, but a friend of mine thinks that in case of next big cuts Ford will no longer... —  read more 

Rusty F-150's v2.0

Here we go again; April showers brings rust into customers garages. What do they expect for $50k? From Freep/Ford Authority: Months ago, Ford was storing 2021 Ford F-150 pickups in parking lots near the Detroit airport and the Ford Kansas City... —  read more 

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