Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Today's Ford

Once a great place to work today offers a salary that is under industry standards, bonuses and benefits that keep shrinking/disappearing, competitive instead of cooperative work environment, and no way to advance your career other than turning into a... —  read more 

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Joy of owning the 2021 F-150

Why would customers expect anything different from Ford? The 2021 Ford F-150 continues to be a fan favorite with its comfortable interior and extreme towing capability. The automaker claims this model is “tougher than before,” but drivers have... —  read more 

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Hard to go up

It may not be that hard for others, but for me personally it is difficult to get a promotion here no matter how hard I work. Maybe hard work is not enough? I wonder if it’s always been this hard to be promoted at Ford?

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Just curious

Personally I don’t, but I wonder if anyone else, other than the person that mentioned it in one of the threads below, have a problem when you need to contact a person who works from home? In the sense that you can't contact him/ her?

Recall of the Week x2

Embarrassed to be part of the Ford debacle. Using customers to discover defects is unconscionable. That’s Ford! Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2020-2021 Ford Ranger SuperCab models due to a safety issue with the fixed rear head... —  read more 

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Ford’s “incubator”

Has anyone else noticed that while General Motors is announcing their software platform and their expectation for it to generate tens of billions in revenue, while our FordX business incubator lists their current “accomplishments” as Jelly and Find... —  read more 

Recall of the week

When is management accountable for the horrendous quality and failed launch performance. Why would anyone buy a Ford? From Ford Authority: Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2021 Ford Bronco models due to a safety issue with the passenger side... —  read more 

Recall of the Week v 2.0

Here is another proud moment for our Ford team. Changing the cadence to more that one recall per week. Tragically sad. All of the recalls will have to have an impact on financial performance. How will we fund our EV/battery/non-union production... —  read more 

Ford Recall of the Week

Not new vehicles but our streak continues. Sadly, not fixed with previous campaigns. Third time a charm. Ford proud! Ford Motor Company is recalling select 2011-2013 Ford Explorer models due to a defective cross-axis ball jo--t (CABJ) replacement... —  read more 

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