Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Ford Puff Piece: Maverick

Putting holdover leadership in the spotlight to change their perception instead of looking at poor performance and results. Promotion coming for HTT? Can’t make small cars profitably but now targeting a segment abandoned by everyone else that... —  read more 

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Faking profitability

If not for “other income” of $1.155 Billion, our profit would not be $561 Million, it would be a loss. In Q2, automotive operations lost $1.09 BILLION. Short term automotive interest payments are $926 Million (does not include Ford Credit). Short... —  read more 

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Smart Mobility not adding value

In the financial statements, we’ve stopped breaking out on “other income statement” info the expense for Mobility. Could spending $BILLIONS in expenses to gain $millions in revenue be the reason?

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Do these people do research at all?

If you weren't already here, would you come to Ford now? I would never do so. Except maybe in case I was desperate. That is why I don't understand those who come here now with great expectations. Do these people do research at all when looking for a... —  read more 

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Mach E: Ready, Sell, Re-Engineer

The beginning of many issues to be “discovered” by customers. The Ford Motor Company serves as the perfect example with the Mustang Mach-E, the all-electric crossover that may discharge the 12-volt battery while plugged in over janky software for... —  read more 

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Management Lease Program

How exactly does the Management Lease Program work? Don’t participants have to pay a monthly lease payment? I’ve seen people comment that this is profitable to Ford but how does this benefit Ford? How is it anymore profitable than leasing to the... —  read more 

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Are you better off?

Former agency worker here that got let go last year in Dec. I wasn’t able to keep in touch with the people that I would have liked to and I hope all of you are doing better than you were prior to that eventful phone call. It didn’t take me long to... —  read more 

It's simple, really

The company started going downhill when it decided to put profits over people. It wasn't always like that, just ask anybody who's been here for a few decades. We used to have job security and we used to know that hard work would forward our career... —  read more 

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Cutting newbies at Ford

I've only been here less than a year. Despite the job being very stressful, I'd love to keep it as long as possible. I thought Ford didn’t cut people who have only been here a few months, but I recently heard that it’s not at all unusual here. How... —  read more 

EVs Won't Save Ford

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Offer takers

I wonder how many people will take the package that Ford is offering? I head they are giving a maximum of 6 months salary for people with more than 20 years of service - which is really disappointing and that is why I do not believe there will be... —  read more 

Behold the Beauty of Tesla Design

Meets functional requirements AND is lean, light, and reliable with few connectors. In this video Ford Mach E is shown as the bad example but other Tesla competitors are no better.

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