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Early retirement incentives should be removed !All office workers,managers, must go on factory floor to assembly cars!

All managers must work 50 % of time per month on on the factory floor to assembly cars and trucks like ordinary workers !!! MUST BE MANDATORY!!!, Lack of doing this way must make automatic termination of their job at FORD ! Drove the automaker to... —  read more 

Projects being eliminated?

So, the plan is to generate revenue with commercial data. The Smart Mobility group has been losing over a billion dollars per year, so far. Their acquisitions of Autonomic ai, Transloc and Journey Holdings Corp seem to have gone dark. The much... —  read more 

Severance details

If 1,400 salaried workers don't accept the "invitation," then "involuntary" cuts begin ...

IT job openings at Ford

I see constant IT job openings at the company that are being advertised in LinkedIn. Some are in Ford, AV, Credit, and Mobility. Is that because the company is really growing and hiring or is it because of constant turnover due to poor environment... —  read more 

1,400 or 5%????

I just heard a news bit on WWJ radio that said Ford is eliminating 5% of its salary workforce, or 1,400 people. 5% would be a lot more than 1,400 people, and I am pretty sure I heard what she said correctly. Wondering where the 5% came from.

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Timing of VIP

Office cubicle to open concept to no one at office Truly ahead of his time Last act - retire a certain demographic in nice language as my last act Let's hear one more foot ball bench sitting rah rah story before you go. There will be more to... —  read more 

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