Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Another Free Ford Fluff Press

Phoebe should be embarrassed to print this drivel as news. Nobody at Ford thinks Farley is as great as she does, probably not even Bill at this point. Norway is the future. and Farley figured the country might reveal a secret to Tesla's future... —  read more 

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Future of Ford?

This is a rather hypothetical question, but I hear more and more opinions that Ford will most likely be sold or merged in the end. Do you think this is the only salvation for the company? No one knows what will happen in the future, but to me it... —  read more 

Credit for valuation?

Farley took a bow when Ford’s market cap reached $100 billion, now that it’s declined to less than half of that in six months, does he take credit for that, as well? Maybe the Free Ford Press will do a front page headline article on that... —  read more 

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And then we go bankrupt

Building our salvation factory in TN. Spending billions with no volume (or subscriptions) to support. Train station v 2.0. Never confuse action with results. Farley will get a great severance package long before we lose our jobs or work for... —  read more 

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UAW headed for a strike?

The current contract expires next year. I'm guessing the UAW will be going after a hefty COLA raise, and the big three, especially Ford, are likely to balk. I'm guessing a showdown of epic proportions, like we haven't seen in decades, will ensue... —  read more 

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