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Ford Motor W2 Form

I was let go and I am wandering if I am going to be able to get an electronic W2 form from Ford now that I do not have user name and password access any more. Anyone knows?
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Henry Ford - Inventor/ Bill Ford - Low Life

Throwing people out in the street because they’re older after they have devoted their entire lives to your company in order to save a buck as you hide behind all your personal wealth Shame on you Bill Ford Enjoy your new Train Station

Ford layoffs signal ominous future Insightful article by Stephanie Denning - the conclusion in her article follows: “But I am far more concerned about its strategic priorities... read more
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The UAW is next

The UAW is next for layoffs and sacrifices. Contract negotiations are in the early stages for GM & Ford, which both companies have been going through heavy restructuring efforts. People knowledgeable and close to the talks have said that Ford has... read more

How long did it take to find a new job?

I would appreciate to hear some job hunting stories from ex Ford employees that go laid off? How long did it take to find a new job? Did you apply at competing car companies or have you moved out of the industry ? How hard was it? Of course, im... read more

Why 7000 salary job cuts at Ford is necessary!!!!

Due to a long over due of inefficiency work force, salary workers without any work to do, multiple failure new program launches, poor management, unqualified salary workers, unmotivated salary workers, salary workers taking advantage of the company -... read more

Chennai is hiring..,

Meanwhile, as cuts are occurring in in the US, an upper level manager from the AP region has been delivering a presentation to his US teams showing photos of the newly built Chennai, India, building, it’s features (such as child care facility... read more

What can plant employees look forward to?

Seriously, It’s bad enough to get laid off, but to be told that your job basically doesn’t exist anymore is a whole new level. If every company in the industry is changing towards implementing new technologies, than classic plant workers have no... read more

Any Word about what could happen next week?

Judging by everything the next week will everything but quiet. Any word what exactly they have in store for us on monday? Which departments could be next in line for cuts. What numbers are we talking about from now on? If anybody has any info or a... read more

Don't Be Too Quick to Take Lump Sum Option

Ford those who are retirement age The lump sum is not nearly as attractive as in past year due to higher interest rate. Good info in "Where's Bill Ford" thread. IPBGC insurance protects pension regardless of Ford's future


Consolidate departments. Automate. Eliminate redundancies. Staff people with the competencies to implement your vision. Eliminate obstacles, the inferior, the obsolete, and the naysayers. Eliminate waste and overhead. Improve efficiency. Outsource... read more

What you can do if you’re affected!

I was an agency rep for 20+ yrs and now work for Ford. I’ve literally released hundreds of employees over my career. Want to share my experience. Best day to lay-off workers- Tues. Why? Friday is the worst day. You are helpless. Nothing is open on... read more

Will more buyouts be offered in 2019 or 2020?

Does anyone know or have a feeling if buyouts will be offered again in 2019 or in 2020? I was not eligible last year to take the buyout, as I was short 1 year both for age and time with the company. After this past week, I've already told my wife... read more

Not eligible for rehire?

Any notice that the employees laid off are not eligible for rehire? That hasn’t been the case in the past. Is this a way to avoid future contributions to the pension?

Detroit Free Press

Look on line. The Free Press put out an article that an engineering firm wants the Ford Laid off workers for their Pontiac site! Good luck.... I hope everyone gets a better job!

Question for those laid off in the last round

How are you doing on finding new jobs? Is the job market really as good as they say or is that only referring to low skill, low paying jobs? I'm about to start sending out resumes, so it'd be nice to get at least some kind of a picture of what's... read more

Ford will lose a lot with the layoffs

These layoffs might look good to then in the excel sheet, but life is not an excel sheet. Cost may be cut, but they are willingly losing some of the folks that were the backbone of many operations and that kept this place running. They will be the... read more

FRIDAY LAYOFFS will there be any?

Usually there are no layoffs on a Friday. Not so sure with what went on this week. So if you know of any, post department, location, and grade (GSR, LL, etc) and the number of people let go.
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Where is Bill Ford?

No longer Ford but follow this blog with interest. Where is Bill Ford? Has he addressed the Company in the last few months-- town hall, video, email? The press is all about Hackett and his thinking. His execution seems terrible. thr

Pension formula

For those of you with a pension coming, what is your formula for obtaining your pension?

Limited long term thinking and spend

This goes beyond Ford. R&D spending by companies is growing quickly, but it is weighted towards development rather than research... So R&D money is spent on the marginal innovations related to the commercialization of old research than the... read more

What will be the final outcome?

The leadership themselves admitted the layoffs will continue until June, so that means that, in reality, they could go on for quite some time. What do you think the final headcount of laid off folks will be after all this is over?

Does it really matter if the layoffs are over?

They are never over, at least while this leadership is in place and while the company is in this state. I’m talking about the people speculating about weather this wave is over or will layoffs continue throughout the weak. Of course, everyone wants... read more

The real target was always to do most of it on Tuesday

Because as much as you dislike them saying layoffs would go all week when they only went through Wednesday or Thursday, you would have really hated it if they said it would only go a few days and it ended up going all week. They were just hedging... read more
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Decent deal at Tamaroff Honda

If you are looking to buy new and are considering Honda because they offer reliable vehicles in segments Ford will not be competing in check Tamaroff (Southfield). They were over 10% cheaper than my local dealer. There is a Ford connection -- the... read more

Here is the hidden logic

IF you are <50 and <$130K ish you are 100% safe IT dept is at risk because of some outsourcing discussions with T*S company If you are a minority or colored person you are generally safe H1Bs are safe Agency budget is cut by 20% so expect to see... read more

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