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You Are Screwed.

You have 40 plus employees that do not want to sell law enforcement vehicles. Not good since Ford has over 70% of this market. I think that these great employees should be looking for other opportunities. Wow. Is everyone delusional at this... —  read more 

Do or Die !!

Tesla worth 254 Bil. Ford worth 25 Bil. Ford employees need to have "Do or Die" attitude. Does anyone see this attitude at Ford ?? How many people work after 4 PM or work in weekends ? Do emails sent on Friday get answered before Monday... —  read more 

“Drastic” pay cuts announced

At Daimler, at least they are being transparent about it, at Ford we just stick our heads in the sand and have thoughts and prayers that things will get better.

Stock market is rigged

How is the market up with prospects for the economy so bad? Simple, The federal reserve continues to pump cash in the economy. Won’t be long before the big Rug pull.

Layoffs Inevitable?

Covid seems to be sticking around and not going away anytime soon. JH basically mentioned no layoffs assuming Covid went away after the first wave. Seems layoffs are going to be inevitable. What are your thoughts?

A new class-action lawsuit accusing Ford of falsifying tests related to the fuel economy of the most popular vehicle in the world, the Ford F-15

DETROIT–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Consumers today filed a new class-action lawsuit accusing Ford of falsifying tests related to the fuel economy of the most popular vehicle in the world, the Ford F-150, according to attorneys at Hagens Berman. “Ford... —  read more 

Ford F150 aluminum a huge problem !!!!

According to the class action, an F-150 customer expects that for the money they pay, the paint shouldn't peel before the truck has 50,000 miles on it. Additionally, Ford knows the extended warranty for body panel corrosion is useless because it... —  read more 

I spent 40 years at Ford

Put 4 kids through college on a single Ford salary, I am very thankful. I retired a while ago. It breaks my heart to see what they are doing to the worker nowadays. We did not have it easy but at least there was dignity and we were able to... —  read more 

Doubling Down on Aluminum

Remember this ad: GM Silverado Steel vs F-150 Aluminum ( Extended repair times, significant cost premiums, and specialty equipment. Who followed us? Doubling the size of the "info" screen will... —  read more 

Toyota Sweeps OEM Supplier Relations Study

Nice job Ford Purchasing. Wonder if Ford Suppliers are weary for paying for reimbursing Ford for engineering driven warranty issues? Ford is the last company the supply base will bring new technology to. I can see the internal memo now... —  read more 

Well this is interesting.....

Given the racial tensions that exist in the world today, you would think Ford would more closely vet who they elect to supervisor positions. One of the people listed here is a supervisor at... —  read more 

Mobility's big partnership - with Ayro, a Clown Car Company!

I hope we aren't spending much money on this, it doesn't look like Ford or Ayro put out a press release but I saw it at futurecar. Their financials look like they need a partner much more than Ford should need anything they have.

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Embarrassed to admit I work at Ford

An older, very successful relative asked me how I feel being part of the team that is running Ford into the ground. I had to admit that I feel powerless to change the things that need to be changed. From now on, I’m telling people I work for Elon... —  read more 

What you put up with is what you end up with

“What you put up with is what you end up with” is one of the one liners I heard repeatedly from my grandparents as a child and young adult. Kudos to the all posters who realized they were in a non-productive situation at Ford and were true to... —  read more 

Owners Sue Ford Over Faulty Mustang Transmissions More happy customers now suing because Ford has no fix and its not an "unreasonable safety risk" for the customer. One way to get out of the car... —  read more 

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Is this what employees really face at Ford?

"I was a great employee and Ieft because ford is a zombie company dreaming of the past and delusional of their capabilities to achieve the future. Now I make 2x the money I did at ford at a supplier. Ford acts like they can do everything internally... —  read more 

VW Ford Partnerschaft

Imagery that comes to mind: A rabbit getting in bed with a python. I'll let you guess who the rabbit is in this relationship.

Stock up

Ford stock is almost at pre virus levels. Seems like investors have faith in the company

So much for the "SRD"....again

Remember the SRD was supposed to reduce unnecessary layers AND ridiculous reporting. Wasn't it supposed to be minimum 6 direct reports. How they used that to demote and get rid of people. Well, so much for that! Management is independently... —  read more 

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