Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

Topics regarding layoffs at Ford

25% Non Value Employees

I think that's probably a low estimate. Eliminate 50% of the LL6's for starters. You know the ones that never contribute anything but rely on the supplier to do all their work and presenting. The ones that do nothing more than pass the buck. The... —  read more 

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Feb 15th? What's this? "Ford announced Monday the company will unveil on Feb. 15 the Ford+ plan to improve quality, reduce costs, and leverage technology." This is... —  read more 

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Anyone here watches F1

If Ford is going to partner with Red Bull, all they need to do is giving out money. If Ford is going to offer technology, it might do more harm than good. Red Bull might need to compete with Ferrari engined Haas, not Ferrari... But why?!

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One of the biggest issues bringing down Ford are CAD managers and "people leaders" that have no knowledge of CAD. How can you lead a group and know absolutely nothing about CAD? One CAD supervisor has 4 people under him, the next one has 14 people... —  read more 

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PEP forced ranking question

Just a question…. Some sections due to retirements, attrition and cuts, are left with only one person of expertise/skill set in an area. This is how the company wants it, apparently, especially for ICE. So if you’re the only person left in your... —  read more 

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Another platform ki-led by Farley

Let’s build more unprofitable EV’s and Europe will save Ford. Really? Ford Authority: Over the past couple of years, Ford CEO Jim Farley has clearly outlined the automaker’s future direction, and it’s one that will include a rather sharp shift... —  read more 

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Any sense to RTO

We do not collaborate and when we go in to WHQ we cannot find a seat so our team is spread out everywhere. Half my team is out of state so I see no sense in commuting all that way for nothing. How do we make them see a happy employee is more... —  read more 

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