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Tesla--What a joke!

Father was laid-off 5 months ago in Jan. He worked production. On a Thursday morning, he tried to swipe his card to get into the factory and could not. He had to stand to the side, humiliated, before his manager came out 30 mins later to tell him he... read more

Market Cap

It appears as if investors are becoming wise concerning Elon's unfounded hype and premature, grandiose fantasies. Many that are truly in touch with reality will be shocked if TSLA is even 140/share in August.
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Hordes of HR-Endorsed Flunkies

Is it just me, or does Tesla seem to desire to run off all their dependable, intelligent, good workers, and then flood in masses of unscreened, generally useless felons, 18 year-olds and folks that can't provide proof of age? A d--g screen trailer is... read more
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May is coming

The blood bath May is around the corner. There is a lot of planning and calculation to get rid of folks across different departments (seen this in manufacturing and heard from others). This was planned few months ahead to reduce dependency on people.

Tesla-adjusted F--an (I.G.Y.)

Standing tough under adhesive fumes, fiberglass spurs and powdercoatnadoes We can tell This Nevada desert mirage is in sight You've got to admit it At this point in time that it's clear The future looks green On that train, all lithium and cobalt... read more
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$700,000,000 loss. Pathetic; and all Elon can do is spew more fantasies. I'm over it
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2019 Q1 Results

Wednesday, April 24th at 2:30 PST
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Tesla has three solid autos, a few billion worth of high tech equipment and parts, and a fairly low percentage -- shrinking perpetually -- of stellar employees; Nothing more, nothing less. That's the actual sum of complete reality, so ignore most... read more

How Many More Firings Until Nothing Left?

Tesla is 8 layoffs away from firing all but the elitist smugs. Tesla is 5 layoffs away from firing the ones that actually make Tesla autos fully materialize. Just look at the percentages. Let the countdown begin on April 20 (or May 1 -- MAY DAY!).

Giga 1 turbulents

Mass firing coming before May. Not even hourly red badges are safe. New layoffs will be pending during May, and beyond, since 1st quarter disappoints, and HR let anyone and everyone into Giga 1 last year. It's getting sporty. Godspeed

May 2019 - May 2020; The Crucial Phase

There is another bond payment of around 1.5 billion due next March. Shanghai is not free; Likely will tap the rest of cash reserves, along with general operating expenses and Buffalo blunders. Stock will likely go stagnant rest of year due to poor... read more

Help Deliver 30,000 Cars!!

Anyone want to work for free since your likely axed by the end of the year anyway? Let's just do everything for Tesla for free. That way there are no more layoffs!
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Giga 1 Energy and Giga 2

Is Tesla Energy ever going to blossom, or is Giga 2 as defunct as some claim? Where is the Tesla solar grid? (Lower 48 grid) I almost want to call BS, but I don't want to jump the gun. At least 90% of Tesla autos surely are charged via coal and... read more

Info on tomorrow's layoffs

I read that 800+ are getting cut at Freemont; Lot of service techs and 40 supervisors. Another 100+ from hq, and a few more from some warehouse in Cali. This is important info about coming layoffs that needed to be seen by more people. i hope... read more

Remember when...

Remember when working at Tesla had the added benefit of job security? It really wasn't that long ago... How did we go from that point to nobody being safe so quickly? What happened? Also, am I the only one who fears things will only get worse from... read more

What's next?

Any thoughts on what department might be hit next? I think we are (sadly) at a point where not many of us can feel safe at Tesla anymore...

This would be funny if it wasn't sad

Tesla is in the middle of a quite chaotic sales strategy transition and now employees are being told that Tesla is freezing current store closures and layoffs at least until the end of the month... read more

More layoffs at Fremont plant

Tesla will cut 81 more jobs at its Fremont, Calif., plant, bringing the total layoffs this month at its main factory to 883. The additional job cuts, revealed in an updated filing with California’s Employment Development Department dated March 1... read more

How low can they go

To say that this should not have been handled like this would be an understatement. Tesla Announced Layoffs to Public Before Telling Employees: Report... read more

Retail layoffs coming

It used to be that innovation would keep us profitable - when did that change to layoffs? Talk about a U-turn... Tesla used to stand for something. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore. This time it's retail, it will not be long before more of us... read more

Anybody surprised by this?

I know I'm most definitely not. Tesla employees are most afraid of layoffs at their company, according to a survey of more than 8,000 tech workers by workplace chat app Blind... read more

CA WARN notices filed

Tally: 802 peeps got the axe in Fremont, my wife is one of them... 78 cut jn Palo Alto HQ and 137 in Lathrop (warehouses). There is a ton of anxiety in Fremont, people are spent.

Laid off after Six Years in the Energy Division

I was laid off after 6 years in the Energy Division. I was hired on when we were SolarCity. Over the last 2 years I was give $17,000,00 in performance bonuses for the work I did. When I was laid off, those bonuses were wiped away. So, I guess you and... read more

The Entire Office Got Liquidated (South Phoenix)

I was working for the energy side of things here at the south Phoenix office of what used to be SolarCity. I was hired with many others in mid November of last year and apparently the office itself grew 30% in size over the last 6 months of 2018 or... read more

I don't trust that severance package document

I don't trust that severance package document. What can I do if they don't pay the extra 2 months like it's agreed? It says nothing how to sign up for cobra. Emails to HR will take weeks to get a reply. Funny thing is, some coworkers still going into... read more

Gigafactory is definitely impacted so far today

Gigafactory is definitely impacted so far today. We have heard mostly people who are on salary. I have heard of a few people in energy. Also there have been process technicians who were suddenly given demotions. They were technicians and got demoted... read more

Any details on layoffs?

7% impacted. Please share any information on severance, or if this move impacts your equity from vesting on maturity dates.

elon is going crazy

is anybody else nervous about your future with this company? elon is acting like jerk on twitter. do we have job security?

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