Topics regarding layoffs at Tesla, Inc

Topics regarding layoffs at Tesla, Inc

I'm worried

I'm worried about the coming financial report and what it will mean for us. Musk has been acting erratic and if the results are not what he had hoped for, he is going to take it out on us. He already lost so much money, a disastrous quarter will most... —  read more 

On Lowering Prices

Tesla lowering prices by 7K to 13K is going to devastate the company in the long term. For starters, the profit margin on each car is going to plummet, deeply affecting their revenue. Expecting sales to be up, but earnings way down. What does this... —  read more 

Recalls in China

"Tesla Inc is recalling more than 80,000 China-made and imported cars produced from as early as 2013, for software and seat belt issues, a statement by the Chinese market regulator revealed on... —  read more 

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Honestly, I hope he wins

Elon Musk braces for $56 billion battle with heavy metal drummer Elon Musk has taken on Detroit's automakers, short-sellers and securities regulators. Next week, the Tesla chief executive is set to square off in court against an unlikely foe - a... —  read more 


"Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is cutting back on its solar projects and canceling some orders, according to an e-mail sent to customers."

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We're not safe

Don't think you're safe just because EM is busy with mass layoffs at Twitter. While that is happening, our shares continue to drop. Depending on how low they go, we might be looking at major "let's fix this while we can" cuts on our side as well... —  read more 

Tesla's problems ahead

"Moreover, with a global recession that could put further pressure on consumer discretionary spending, TSLA might not have what it takes to sustain its growth premium at these valuations. Furthermore, BYD Company (OTCPK:BYDDF) has been making... —  read more 

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More failure

Even After $100 Billion, Self-Driving Cars Are Going Nowhere It was a little more than a year after Elon Musk unveiled a demo of a Tesla driving itself to the tune of Paint It Black. Levandowski checked the official road-test data that Tesla... —  read more 

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Delivery record

Virtually all analysts are predicting that Tesla is going to deliver a record number of vehicles during the third quarter. Most delivery estimates place Tesla's deliveries in Q3 between 350,000 and 370,000 units. It would be a significant jump from... —  read more 

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