Topics regarding layoffs at Tesla

Topics regarding layoffs at Tesla

UAW deals

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UAW Fight

Labor notes is a good place to keep track. Here's the latest.

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Human Resource Manager

Tesla just hired a human resource manager that has a history of discrimination and retaliation of people of color. This person was fired from the previous HR position for doing so. Tesla get ready for complaints and lawsuits.

Car discount?

Acquaintance recruiting me to go to Tesla saying I can get a discount on cars. I couldn’t tell if they were joking or true. Is there discount given to employees?

Tesla Work/Life Balance?

I have heard that there is little to no work/life balance at Tesla (or any EM-run company). Is there any truth to that? I hear that the workloads are huge and that there is an expectation that everyone works much more than a traditional 40 hours per... —  read more 

Game Over?

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I'm worried

I'm worried about the coming financial report and what it will mean for us. Musk has been acting erratic and if the results are not what he had hoped for, he is going to take it out on us. He already lost so much money, a disastrous quarter will most... —  read more 

On Lowering Prices

Tesla lowering prices by 7K to 13K is going to devastate the company in the long term. For starters, the profit margin on each car is going to plummet, deeply affecting their revenue. Expecting sales to be up, but earnings way down. What does this... —  read more 

Recalls in China

"Tesla Inc is recalling more than 80,000 China-made and imported cars produced from as early as 2013, for software and seat belt issues, a statement by the Chinese market regulator revealed on... —  read more 

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