Topics regarding layoffs at Tesla, Inc

Topics regarding layoffs at Tesla, Inc

Safety recall problems

Big news! Almost all media have reported that Tesla is recalling about 30,000 imported Model S and Model X vehicles in China, and I'm wondering how the company will remediate this serious safety recall? Source:... —  read more 

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This was quick

This place went from one of the best places to work for to one of the worst within a span of two years or so. And it's not just the pandemic, things started to change long before this - when some of the most valued employees were tossed aside with no... —  read more 

I work in Accounting

If you know what i know, start looking. There is serious revenue recognition fraud occurring and many other questionable accounting issues. The controller is a puppet for Musk.

Politics and Scapegoats

if someone telling here that this is performance layoff, i am sure that person let go off his people, and trying to justify. i was part of layoff last week, i worked almost 4 years in that company and always passionate about the mission of Tesla but... —  read more 

Clown show indeed

Funny, some of the managers should be the ones let go. Tesla has the most inexperienced and incompetent management. They have absolutely no idea how to run a car manufacturing assembly line. And the First Pass Yield and the amount of NC (defects)... —  read more 

They should sue

And I really, really hope they do. Two Tesla employees say they were fired at the electric vehicle maker's plant in Fremont, California, after being given permission to stay home on unpaid leave if they felt uncomfortable working at the facility... —  read more 

Uncanny, isn't it?

What does threatening to move your plant out of state just because its government is being "unreasonable" and it's not letting you risk the lives of your employees for profit remind you of? Tell me it's not this in a nutshell:... —  read more 

Layoff via d--g screens

Yes, thc too Besides that, unfortunately, many non-essential employees or ones that have missed too many days will be axed too. It's as simple as security escorting random people to a trailer to urinate in a cup.

Slow Winter Hangover

After a dismal first quarter, I'm hopeful that there are mass layoffs in Nevada to pave the way for some of us that are part of the solution to move into positions now mostly occupied by lazy and detrimental salaried employees; employees that text... —  read more 

We need to UNIONIZE

With GF3 and GF4 imminent the NA operations need to unionize ASAP. Just look at how much the big 3 pay UAW workers. Way more per hour 10K+ bonuses, really good healthcare, job security and way better packages than tesla workers.

Layoffs Likely Coming

39% drop in domestic Tesla sales for q3, and mass production nearing in China = US Tesla layoffs. Tesla may end up being more profitable overall, but it won't save domestic jobs.

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Tesla's History Repeating Itself

Surprising profits in Q3 that have "eerie similarities" to what we saw last year...seems like the next step is another tank of the stock and massive job cuts again. Get them CVs and resumes ready. We all know Musk is about to axe competent workers... —  read more 

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Thanks Elon - the B.O.D. - and the rest of you overpaid, corrupt finks that never truly enhance anything except your egomaniacal self-images; Because of you, Tesla is what it is, and what it will continue to be.

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