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Gigafactory is definitely impacted so far today

Gigafactory is definitely impacted so far today. We have heard mostly people who are on salary. I have heard of a few people in energy. Also there have been process technicians who were suddenly given demotions. They were technicians and got demoted... read more

Any details on layoffs?

7% impacted. Please share any information on severance, or if this move impacts your equity from vesting on maturity dates.

elon is going crazy

is anybody else nervous about your future with this company? elon is acting like jerk on twitter. do we have job security?

Musk calls boss of Tesla critic to silence him

This isn't good folks. Elon calling a guy's boss to silence him from bad mouthing Tesla's financial performance. I thought how they went after the "sabotuer" was heavy handed. This just truly shows how thin skinned and little of a man EM is. Yes a... read more

Keeping it interesting

Between the safety issues, the 6 day weeks with little advanced notice, and now Elon's Twitter meltdown it is sure is an interesting time to be an employee. Always good to have stuff to chat about over lunch. Anyone else hear about Elon calling the... read more

Tesla saboteur

What's everybody's opinion on this whole "saboteur" thing? Has Musk finally lost all his marbles or could there be some truth to it? And most importantly, how does he plan to find out who the saboteur is? What are the chances of innocent people... read more

why do it like this?

this will be lousy days, weeks, or even months for us... i think it's really cruel to let us know so many people will be laid off and leave all the details out... how is that okay??? there are people with health problems who will be affected by the... read more

Is ASIC division affected?

Anybody from the semiconductor group know if their group is affected? I interviewed for a position but havent heard back from them... anxious. Pls post if u have any info

It might be more than the announced 9 percent

Some people are already speculating that the announced 9 percent of workforce will not be enough. He still has nearly 35,000 workers. It is hard to say how many of those are “dispensable”. At most companies, the number is measured by desperation... read more
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Have these people already been notified?

My dad works at Tesla, and I haven't heard anything from him about these layoffs. Reading the post from Musk on Facebook I got the impression that all the people who were getting laid off were already notified, which would mean he is safe. Is this... read more

How is model 3 production status? Anyone?

Does anyone from Fremont know the production status? Is the production catching up? I think this decides wheather we all need to find another jobs in one year. Could anyone share any clues?
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Marketing layoffs at Tesla

I know for a fact there were some layoffs in Marketing department in Tesla this week and yet when I try to get more info on it, I don't see it mentioned anywhere - media or boards. What's going on? Was it really limited only on Marketing so there is... read more

This is priceless

So, Tesla laid off a bunch of experienced workers to save some money, hired a bunch of greenhorns, and is now experiencing more delays because - wait for it - the workers are too inexperienced to have it done in time. I shouldn't be enjoying this as... read more

Lawsuit - WARN Act Violation by Tesla

Lawsuit in progress: "....That includes Abraham Duarte. In a six-page complaint filed in Alameda County Superior Court on Tuesday, Duarte says he and “other similarly situated employees” were dismissed by Tesla as part of a layoff ordered by the... read more

Massive Cuts

Saw this post a few minutes ago here on Tesla's layoff forum: "over a thousand let go today from the solar division. many of them top performers and long time employees. no notice given and demands for performance reviews refused." Source:... read more

Performance Review Based Layoffs

Disclaimer - I am not with tesla. I work for a company that frequently has layoffs and a lively board here. I am just chiming in on the recent news that Tesla has been laying off folks recently. Anyhow, the company claims that the cuts are... read more

More Tesla and SolarCity layoffs

Yup, whoever thought the acquisition will not result in carnage of SolarCity employees was dead wrong. Tesla announced more layoffs for the Roseville office, 200 employees will have to find a new job. Not even sure this is it, as the restructuring is... read more

layoffs again today

more layoffs today thousands have been let go in the past 90 days supervisors are firing good employees to save themselves lying, cheating and backstabbing are rampant if you are working in rooftop solar at Tesla be careful as you may be the next let... read more

Tesla Motors Layoffs 2017

I need to ask you a few things should be quick… Are there going to be layoffs, who will be affected by the job cuts, if yes where and when will cuts take place. How about Palo Alto.

Tesla Motors Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Tesla Motors layoffs in Palo Alto in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

Great expansion, no layoffs

We are growing big time, check out our careers page for more detail - no layoffs here for now
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