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Early Retirement

Any truth to the rumor that Honda is offering enhanced packages to salary employees +55? If true, wonder what happens to the +55's that don't take it?

We will be okay

This is Honda. This is not Ford or GM (and yes, I've worked for both of those before Honda.) If I was still there, I would very much worry about being laid off in a situation like this. But I honestly believe this place is different. The situation is... —  read more 

Will we be laid off?

I know right now we are being furloughed, but I'm worried that if this lasts much longer, and chances are it will, this furlough might turn into a permanent layoff. I've been following the news, and this has happened many times over with other... —  read more 

American Honda "Furlough"

Dear Associate, The severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global and regional economy, along with stay-at-home orders and other negative market factors, have caused sales of our products to fall drastically. With our business severely... —  read more 

Honda Canada Layoffs

Anyone has more details on potential layoffs in Canada? Plant 1 & 2? Office jobs? IT?

Honda suspends second shift at Marysville plant

They say no employees will be laid off as part of this, but excuse me if I am somewhat skeptical of that... Honda plans to shut down a second-shift production line at its Marysville assembly plant starting this summer for a “few years”... —  read more 

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Honda is closing the Swindon plant

Not sure if this site is restricted to layoffs at companies in the US but I’m sure that there are some folks from the UK on this site so here it goes for those that aren’t informed on this. Honda is set to close is Swindon car plant by 2022, which... —  read more 

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September layoffs at Honda

Honda executive ordered by corporate office required layoffs of a large number of permanent full-time staff in their sales departments for service and vehicles. Layoffs began yesterday 9-20-2017 by corporate officers who were present with no use of... —  read more 

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No layoffs for Honda, growth in the USA

Adding about 300 positions right now. We are expanding in Ohio. Things are good for now but there is always that fear of a downturn and how that may affect us... —  read more 

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