Topics regarding layoffs at Toyota Motor Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Toyota Motor Corp.

So much inefficiencies at Ford

Ford has way too many useless employees. They have no work to do when they are working from home. Those who are on site are lazy, they only want more overtime. The older workforce are sitting around waiting for a buyout package. Leadership are... —  read more 

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I've been working for TFS for 15 years and the last 5 has shown me how greedy and disgusting this company is. They are closing 2 customer service centers and in my opinion are forcing thousands of employees to leave the company. I say forcing because... —  read more 


Judging by how few posts there are here, I assume Toyota is in a really good financial position.

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Will there be more?

Please, somebody must know something. Will there be more furloughs due to the coronavirus? Or even layoffs? I keep hoping that the situation will get better but then I look at the numbers of new cases and deaths and I realize that we are nowhere near... —  read more 

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Alamo City

Plans are mostly idle, workers furloughed. Now it's affecting salaried folks as well. Alamo City Plant is affected, about 400 folks are sent home - we all hope we'll be going to work soon. This cannot last that long, otherwise the country will... —  read more 

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