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This is just the beginning

Yup 275 people booted last week. Thats just the start. There is many many many people NOT coming back from furlough. Manheim specifically only 25-30% of the people on furlough will be coming back. Im sure it's the same at most BU. maybe 3-4,000 of... —  read more 

Coronavirus layoffs - All contractors canned

The word came down Tuesday that Cox Auto has laid off its entire contractor workforce. At least that is what my boss told me. I happen to know 2 employees who are contractors and are still working for them, so either a few strings were pulled to... —  read more 

Does anyone know Michael Noel

Looks like my company has inherited your former CIO - Michael Noel. Any feedback on what kind of person this is? Seems like he's bounced around a lot after failing in some places. So need to know what kind of plan he'll bring here to our very... —  read more 

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Question about the 6 reports to criteria.

Does the 6 reports to criteria include agency resources? In IT many managers may only on 2-3 ford employees, but have an additional 5 or more agency employees.

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Cox Auto and Dealertrack here we go again

If you like being on edge about another waive if layoffs every 6-9 months because of restructuring and profit loss, this is the place for you. The people upstairs like to throw darts at a board to determine their next move. Leadership changes... —  read more 

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Layoffs soon?

Looks like a round of layoffs soon at NextGear Capital. I think I'll survive it...I hope!

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A few words from a former employee

It's been three weeks now of my "vacation". I wake up whenever I feel like it. And the best part is not having to go to that abysmal place anymore. I was perfectly fine with spending the rest of my working years there, but since I was laid off I feel... —  read more 

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Used to be such a great place

When Chip Perry was CEO of AutoTrader he used to call us, the employees, the "secret sauce", but Chip was the secret ingredient in that sauce, and once they drove him out it went down hill fast. Back then you could just walk into his office or talk... —  read more 

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Used to be an awesome place to work, especially the NY FNI division. Then Mark Oneil sold us out, gave control of IT to Burlington, who knew nothing about running a "secure platform" then sells us out again to Cox only to have a failing Autotrader... —  read more 

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Post ID: @OP+OP2Gbin Layoffs

I know this is redundant as other made references to it but wanted to share it for folks who are not looped in (Mostly Cox Communication folks who are asking what the hell is going on the Automotive side - yes, we do have MUCH bigger layoffs than you... —  read more 

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Toxic work enviromet

I'm not sure if it's all the layoffs that've been happening, the leadership, or something else entirely, but the culture at Cox Auto has become toxic, at least when it comes to corporate. People are unfriendly, which I could deal with, but everybody... —  read more 

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Weak leadership

I don't know of many companies with as weak leadership as Cox Automotive. And instead of using opportunities when there is an opening to strengthen the management, we see same old people who have proven to be weak and have racked up several failures... —  read more 

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I left while the leaving was good

I just left Dealertrack, and I'm so glad I did. As soon as they announced in the finical trouble they were in at the Town Hall I immediately started looking for a new job. In support, they have been making policies so they can easily get rid of... —  read more 

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No job security

layoffs have become the new norm at Cox Automotive... we get the big ones, announced like the last batch, but we also get unannounced constant removals of just a few folks here and there to avoid making the waves among the remaining staff and... —  read more 

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Not surprised by layoffs at Cox Automotive

In all honesty, those who didn't see this coming are blind. So many missteps were taken in the past few years, so many acquisitions with no preset idea on how they would be integrated with the company, and don't even get me started on the way we... —  read more 

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Manheim - No layoffs for Dealer Services Coordinators

I am not aware of any layoffs, but I know that the media is covering this recently. I am fairly happy here but for Dealer Service Coordinators there is no easy to climb the corporate ladder unless you are willing to pick up and move to a different... —  read more 

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I worked at KBB and left the company a year ago. I am not aware of any layoffs... The reason why I left is really based on my view of managers and directors that we had and they were hogging all the credit and they treated us as numbers. Also... —  read more 

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