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Cox will probably be hiring.

Since Covid became a thing, cox has went to telework for all of it's sales and call center employees, but call volume continues to increase, so it looks like they'll be hiring more agents.

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Layoffs @ Cox Atlanta

Here it goes: Cox Media Group to lay off Atlanta workers following sale of businesses Cox Enterprises earlier this year announced... —  read more 

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End of telework?

I am NOT a Cox employee but am considering accepting a job there. Can someone tell me what the telework situation is? I am hearing they are phasing it out.

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Worked at Cox for 6 months, I ended up quitting.

Worked at Cox for 6 months, I ended up quitting. The goals are set for failure, micromanage everything you do, I got a horrible kidney infection because I was told using the bathroom was bringing down my daily overall stats! Needless to say, after... —  read more 

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Lost my trust

I’ve been with Cox for a number of years and haven’t really had an issue with the company - until now. They claim to have an open door policy which is true, but failed to mention there are repercussions to walking through that open door. I found... —  read more 

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Revolving door of reorganizations

Does every change in management really has to come with a reorganization? I like working at Cox, unlike many here, but this is my biggest issue with the company. Policies and procedures change all the time and it can take a while to get used to every... —  read more 

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Las Vegas / Tech & Billing

Back in 2014 the whole dept of tech and billing in Las Vegas office was laid off. I was one of them. So it can and does happen with Cox.

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Restructuring is a new word for layoffs

If you advance and make more money, you are on the radar for "restructureing" Love that term, nice way of saying targeted termination without cause. Cox's HR people have gotten really good at dancing around this process. This is so true... —  read more 

Maybe let people do their actual jobs?

There is a reason we are cold Technical Support. We are here to help solve issues, not just be another sales team with a fancy name. I knew some sales will be involved when I joined Cox, but I was never told this would represent the majority of my... —  read more 

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Tenured Call Center employees layoffs

Tenured Call Center employees at Cox who have higher salaries thanks to yearly increases are routinely being replaced with younger, cheaper workers. These are not isolated incidents, I have seen it happen over and over again. No good reason given... —  read more 

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No room for advancement

I enjoy working at Cox, but one thing's driving me bonkers. There's simply no room for advancement, I've been stuck in the same position for what seems like forever. I've put in the work, I've proven that I'm capable of much more, but it all seems to... —  read more 

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Things are changing at Cox

This used to be a great place to work at... A family oriented place... Now, it is turning into just another money hungry corporation that does not care about its employees... I am not sure what caused the shift in the last several years, but it is... —  read more 

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Direct Sales - No layoff but left on my own

I was a direct sales rep. Management was of no help to us at all. Their goals were set so high that they were mostly unattainable, it was at the point where all of this was just stupid and futile. All those 'exclusive' packages that direct sales reps... —  read more 

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Things have changed

Cannot complain about Cox too much - I have about 15 years of work experience, Cox is my forth employer. Probably the best one so far. However, Cox recently had job cuts and this has made the work environment less family like. Cox has always put our... —  read more 

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Valpak / Cox Media Group

40 folks were let go at Valpak - things are getting much worse St. Petersburg-based Valpak, one of the nation's largest direct mail companies, is laying off 40 graphic artists involved in ad production, the company confirmed on Tuesday. The jobs... —  read more 

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