Topics regarding layoffs at Dish Network

Topics regarding layoffs at Dish Network

Dish Q4 Results

Looking from previous years, Dish usually does Q4 results during the 3rd week of February. It has yet to even announce its Q4 results. Could there be a reason for a delay?

Dish announced 53 will be laid off

Dish notified the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment on Tuesday that it will be laying off employees at its Englewood and Littleton, Colorado, locations. The positions include mostly sales account executives but also data scientists, wireless... —  read more 

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Mike Kelly leaving DISH

Mike Kelly is leaving DISH again after only being back for a handful of months. Whether this is of his own volition, or he was forced out was not disclosed but this could be further signs of executives jumping far away from this sinking ship.

Should I join the Dish

Dish is offering me Staff software engineer for AEM. TC is around 165K. But I heard most of people are saying it's not safe and they can layoff me anytime. My current TC is 135k. Should I join Dish.

Racist and Exclusive

Given the insane assessments and interview process this company has, where every final app is reviewed and either denied/approved by Charlie, it’s a shock that people cannot see the blatant racism and exclusion practices HE created. So if Charlie... —  read more 

No surprises here

Dish is among the 20 worst companies to work for in 2023. I don't think anybody here is shocked by this development. I'm just surprised that we're only in No. 15 on the list and not much higher.

More layoffs coming

Yes. About a 20% reduction in force. Layoffs happened today and will go through tomorrow. Rumor is that another round of layoffs will occur near the end of November. Where is this info coming from? I'm not saying this is not true, but it would be... —  read more 

DISH postpones promotions

It was confirmed by a director that any and all promotions are going to be postponed for Q4 '23 and Q1 '24. When asked for an explanation it was stated that this was due to the merger with Hughes Net. It is believed the real reason behind this... —  read more 

Dish Hit With Space Junk Penalty

Once again Dish cutting corners to save money at the expense of doing the right thing. A truly morally bankrupt corporation. Dish Network hit with $150K space junk penalty. Satellite TV provider Dish Network was fined $150,000 for improperly... —  read more 

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Dish is Advertising Your Job

It's happening, Dish is starting to post job ads to backfill the non-Colorado Boost Mobile people it's laying off. It's a shame as they're letting go a lot of great people who deserve better. Whoever lands in this spot is going to endure a lot of... —  read more 

Laid-off Remote Workers

Has anyone transitioned their duties? Our VP Kelley and CMO Sipling don’t seem concerned that all these people are leaving in a few weeks and nothing has been moved over. Not to mention the new teams are from TV and what they did was very siloed... —  read more 

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