Topics regarding layoffs at Dish Network

Topics regarding layoffs at Dish Network


DirecTV, Dish TV May Take Another Whack At Merger 11/12 ... WarnerMedia is expecting layoffs, anywhere from 5% to 7% – around 1,200 to 1,750. Disneyland looks to make more theme parks layoffs, due to being... —  read more 

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Fired the whole department

Worked for the company for 4 years. I moved up 4 times within the company while maintaining exceptional performance appraisals. The most recent position I had was responding to customer surveys individually by email. This was a fairly enjoyable job... —  read more 

We got cheated!

EXISTING EMPLOYEES JUST GOT CHEATED FOR THEIR HARD WORK!!! THIS WAS EMAILED TO THEM!! At DISH, we’ve all felt the impacts. We’re working hard to make the best decisions with the information available to us. Things continue to quickly change and... —  read more 

Round 2 of Layoffs

Another round of layoffs occurred today within both Sling TV and DISH. It happened across corporate but not sure on how many. Sad to see so many more great people be let go.

This is just the beginning

Dish let go over 1,000 IHS employees in addition to many corporate employees. Dish targeted long tenured (loyal) corporate employees to cut to the tune of 20 percent. This is just the beginning as more cuts will be necessary in order to fund the 5G... —  read more 

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Dish can s--- it!!

Dish can s— it! They have historically paid their employees below market. We have stayed loyal to a fault for years because have enjoyed the environment. But when Erik makes OVER $5,000,000, and Charlie makes over $3.4 million yearly, it's okay... —  read more 

Dish only cares about money

Dish let 10 of us tenured agents (5-10 years) from Broadband go back in February, all within a week due to "not meeting expectations." i was told weekly in my one on ones that i was doing great, and they didn't know what else I could do to improve... —  read more 

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Most (if not all at this point) commercial agents have been let go in Tulsa, are they removing commercial completely?

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No more meeting expectations

Agent getting the q1 appraisals are being told it is no longer acceptable to meet expectaions that dish only wants to keep the best well i think by q2 there will be another cleaning house. I know some employees are looking for work else where and who... —  read more 

Is this legal?

Well for some who was doing work at home, they offered a lower paying job to stay with the company. That obviously could mean a lot of different things including them being pretty close to the WARN threshold (Do these people count towards their home... —  read more 

More info on layoffs

Christiansburg site was shut down except for back office and survey response. They will be moved to a smaller building. Corporate rolled up in hummers March 13th and shut it down in a day after telling us they were just going to let us know where we... —  read more 

Resorting to threats

I'm a WAH agent and our coach, who seems too dumb to function sometimes, may be next on the chopping block. She's paid a lot. But she was sent an email threatening us that our performance is being heavily monitored and low performance will not be... —  read more 

Layoffs at Dish

Are there layoffs still taking place or are we done for now? There have been so many small layoffs to avoid panic or need for WARN lately, that the latest, somewhat more serious round kind of took me by surprise. Now I'm not sure if it's over or if... —  read more 

Save a billion dollars!

The company told us they need to save a billion dollars to build out the spectrum so this is part of it. They are bleeding customers left and right from satellite and while having Sling helps it just isn’t as profitable. Just to think of all the work... —  read more 

Bluefield cxo firings

Over the last few days they have let go of so many coaches, agents, trainers, etc. But if we don't need these positions anymore that why are we STILL HIRING??? There is new hire training staring within the next week!

Harlingen Dish

Harlingen Dish Network site layed off over a hundred employees yesterday and around 50+ today. Beyond those beloved supervisors trainers and a manager. This started a couple weeks ago. But nothing like yesterday's let go. It's sad seeing people who... —  read more 


Dish Network lays people off under the guise of "quality control" because they don't value their employees whatsoever. I hope they go bankrupt.

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