Topics regarding layoffs at Charter Communications Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Charter Communications Inc.


Just attended Spectrum New England managers meeting and our major topic was the coming layoffs so Company can quickly migrate to our new broadband mobile network. Wish it wasn't that way but sometimes you have to throw a few overboard from the... —  read more 

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Spectrum Charter recently laid off 100s of analyst job cross country due to COV19 and restructuring business model. Employees can apply for any new job openings located in other states where posted. No relocation with job promise, severance... —  read more 

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Is ir true the Morrisville, NC call center and Tier 2 for Charter Spectrum multi-dwelling properties in Durham, NC may be sent to Colorado? Rumors are flying.

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Massive fraud

We’re instructed to sell products that we never intend to install. We report the numbers as new rev, the stock goes up, we never install the products, never report cost, since there is nine, and then do not report this as a customer leaving since it... —  read more 

Optymyze down!!!

Our commission system has been down since January of 2019 and have been receiving updates from departments that have nothing to do with commission. 2 months in a row I have been underpaid. The VP AND SALES PRESIDENT need to get there heads out of... —  read more 

Charter Spectrum

I am hearing many management personnel are bragging to the new techs that none of the techs on strike will be coming back unless the resign from the union and reapply for their positions, what is the union doing? You are not dealing with time warner... —  read more 

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Position being eliminated

Charter in June brought all the approx. 26 Plant Security Investigators into HR around the same time and told them that their Jobs were being discontinued and that they would have to apply for 1 of the 13 positions that were open in the TWC Security... —  read more 

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No communication

It's so frustrating working here sometimes, as we are left to discover what has changed in procedures and operations on our own... Those at the top make a decision, but it never gets properly communicated to the level that is most affected by the... —  read more 


Charter spectrum plans on closing warehouses all over NYC and NE ny. The plan is to outsource all the jobs to a company know as CTDI which pays there employees minimum wage with no benefits and represents a modern day sweat shop. Not only close to... —  read more 

Harlingen callcenter worries

Any word as to the status of the Harlingen, TX callcenter? We're hearing some vicious rumors on this end that may mean the end around the October-December timeframe, just in time for Christmas. Does anyone know anything?

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No respect for their workers

NYC workers have been on strike for 9 weeks now. Their entire techs op unit, service, install, plant, construction, fiber, warehouse, business unit. They bring out of state contractors to do our work. Charter has no loyalty to it's workers. They... —  read more 

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