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Stamford shop closing

Stamford shop is closing. Anybody that’s still left down there has to report to Norwalk now. I wonder who is next.

Suddenlink layoff 2020

Has anyone heard rumors regarding layoffs within the Suddenlink systems in 2020? I've seen writing on the walls & it keeps getting bolder but of course management denies knowing anything.

Extra deductions on paycheck

Everyone check your paycheck. Had deductions for uniforms and boots taken out this paycheck. Everybody in our office that checked their stub had these regardless whether they were ATS or AUSA.

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Wow. Smh

Place is a joke. Please just sell. Want top talent but don’t want to pay industry standard salaries. Why not give the upper execs pay freeze?... Literally bad people in Corporate that don’t value their employees. If only they were an average Joe... —  read more 

Lunch lawsuit

Where is our Lunch Class Action check ???? I have not taken a proper lunch in years !!! We won now cut my check

Bill USA !!!!

How much longer can this Money Laundering scheme go on ?????? Let’s face facts ATS and AUSA is the same company let’s stop with this bill USA for everything it’s taking from Peter to give to Paul ... CWA wake up start making all this public and get... —  read more 

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Steinberg from cheddar arrived and lied to us that the company was going to merge and i24news was going to be bigger... lies... a lot of staff and contractors got laid off from Tel Aviv to stateside. Clown company... no future.. If you can jump ship... —  read more 

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Altice USA Inc Cl A (ATUS) 04 -6.31 (-20.13%) 13:42 ET [NYSE] 04 x 100 25.05 x 2287 REALTIME by (Cboe BZX) for Wed, Nov 6th, 2019

Freeport Shop Shutting Down

As of January 1, 2020 the Freeport shop will cease operations. All staff will be relocated to the Bethpage shop. All techs are being asked to do work from home. Not mandatory, but they would prefer techs doing work from home.

Customer facing contract

Does anybody have an actual contract from when Altice took over stating customer facing employees could not be fired for 4 years?

Safety Shaming

What's with all the safety shaming lately. Who cares if someone fell trying to sit down in a chair. Do we have nothing better to do?

T25 Staple Gun

Company will no longer be using T25 staple gun/staples. They will not be supplying them anymore & will not be in tackle boxes. Company does not want T25 staple gun to be used for any work from now on. The T59 staple gun/staples are to be used... —  read more 

Customer Service

Yesterday when they had Altice emergency broadcast come on it took over 15 minutes to finally go back to regular channel. When you call Hauppauge service you press 1thru 6 to get someone on phone and after pressing the right number they say thank you... —  read more 


Rumors are getting louder n stronger that Altice is going to start selling Depots, they owe so much n is joke begging for tools n no common sense the way customer service, appreciation n cable knowledgeable to run a company in the US We need a... —  read more 

The Altice Way

Records show Altice is a party to 263 lawsuits worldwide for the three-plus years 2016 to 2019 year-to-date who was president of News 12 at the time of its sale to Altice commented, "Altice's management continues to chip away at the quality of the... —  read more 


How’s the new VRP going?

West nyack and gwl. Its time.

Arent you guys done with bs, the favoritism, the supervisors throwing their weight around, them telling you my way or the highway, things constantly getting taken away, healthcare costs rising every year, busting your hump and barely getting a... —  read more 

Standby For Union Shops

It’s come to my attention that there were a few techs that were told this week that they have to do standby on Labor Day. There were told if they cannot do it then they have to find someone to take it. This clearly violates the terms & conditions... —  read more 


What happened to post about safety issues?🤔

Morris Contract

So? We voted them in May 9th. Haven’t heard anything since. What’s going on?

Altice in trouble again

Still at will? Unreal

Union shop techs got bbt5 bumps with 10% increases while your lucky to get 2%. We have hard to acheive metrics while they will have no metrics. They have a contractor layoff clause, successor clause, and greivance rights while we have things... —  read more 

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