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Outbound sales is gone

For those of you who don’t know the outbound telesales department in Jericho is closing by the end of June. 😢

Freeport/Bethpage Contract

Altice & IBEW have agreed on a 3 year contract. Metrics are GONE after 2019. 2020 EVERYONE gets 2.5% increase in pay with 3% increase in pay the following year. All benefits locked in. Contract ratification vote will be held next week. Will provide... read more

Company falling apart.

This company has gone to such $hit!, I don’t understand how anyone isn’t looking for a new career! The customers are ticked off and the employees are getting treated like $hit. The stores are packed daily with people returning equipment. That is not... read more

Line Enhancement

FYI.... Altice who since buying Suddenlink and driving it straight into the ground. Is at it again. A increase to their already BOGUS “Line Enhancement Fee” Which will bring a already staggering tax/fees per customer to $28.50 per month. So for 1 tv... read more

Recent Contracts

Anyone have a link to or a good summary of some recent contracts other than the Brooklyn one? Curious to see what the company is agreeing to lately. We are just starting negotiations (i think).

VRP 2019

E mail for VRP 2019 just sent out to those who qualify. 65 is the number. 2 Phases. More info coming.

Ftth will be all contracted out soon

All field work from running cable, pdos, jsos, splicing, etc is all being contracted out. In house guys are only testing for now until that gets contracted too. Its only a matter of time. These supervisors keep feeding you c-ap about how testing will... read more

Time for a change

It's not just Altice, this entire industry is in disarray - I don't know there is a company where employees are safe right now. Layoffs are omnipresent. The smartest thing to do now is apply for another job in a whole new field. At least for those... read more

Thursday Can’t Come Soon Enough

Ok all 3 company meetings done ! Hope you guys that are voting no know where you stand ! For the guys voting no if you still can’t see thru the b---s--- . The company is begging us not to go . Just so you understand the union has never begged us to... read more

May 9th

Ok Morris the date is set. Lets hope mgmt keeps it this time . Btw thanks mgmt team for all your speeches but i think we'll try our luck elsewhere. Keep up the good fight techs .

No resolution in sight

In case anybody is interested what's going on with the Dolan/Altice lawsuit... "A judge Monday urged the Dolan family and Altice USA to negotiate an out-of-court settlement of the family's lawsuit over layoffs by Altice at News 12 Networks, saying... read more

All work going to contractors.

Everyday this month multiple techs are coming in to no routes. Just so the contractors have work. Today only 5 techs had routes. They say they are just keeping the contractors feed for the summer push. Is this happening in other areas. Or just... read more


Hope we know what we're getting into. All I've heard is guys complaining about they can't take vacation when they want....doesn't seem worth my 2%.

Docsis 3.1

Which group of people are working on it and when are all headends scheduled to be completed

Tinton falls hows those 50 techs

Man does franks mouth travel far. Sorry to hear it boys but i hope the 50 left deserve it. We heard about it up here in this shop good luck to you all. I

Ahhhh the lunch topic.

So how many other depots have a hard on for when we take lunch? Always been a hot topic at our depot but today it has more time frames. "You must take it within 4 to 6 hrs of your shift. You cannot take it at the end of your shift". Anybody else deal... read more


Hey BK Techs , so the CWA sold you guys out ??? Your ATS now !!!! All that talk about save your job Vote Yes !!!! Now you just like the rest of Us !!!! Only thing your minus 2 percent for dues !!!!! Can anyone from BK elaborate!!!


Dispatcher has been going to Texas to train workers for their job! Any word on how long NYC dispatchers will still have their job.

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