Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Another winner here!

Cable Technician/Installer DCK Installations OPTIMUM CONTRACTORS Newark, NJ Job details Salary $1,500 - $3,500 a week Pay Types Paid weekly Job Type Full-time Contract Qualifications High school or equivalent (Preferred) Customer service: 1 year... —  read more 


Lol. “100% fiber internet in Bridgeport by Optimum” billboard. Why are these id--ts advertising a service where it’s not available. The incompetency is insane.

Dexter douschebaggins

Fiber 100% reliable bs. Hfc was just as reliable till it was purchased by asstice. No one has equipment to do their job and all these contractors out here. Just tell the customers the truth. That u purposely set this system on that u can... —  read more 


Wait 4 months for uniforms ordered through company . Get 1 shirt which I didn’t order . 1 hat from boss, not from my order . We are now doing our next summer order now . Ask Mgr to allow $150 more on this new order since Altice misordered or lost... —  read more 

Reconnect? Smh

Smoke and mirrors, for field ops. apparently every other employee is in la la land....drahi plan of Skeleton crew, don't need actual trained professional in house techs that he had is actually backfiring. Ur phone toner equipped contractors isn't... —  read more 

Two possibilities

I'm trying to understand those who are constantly complaining but are still here: Either they are long time sufferers who can’t get another job because they don’t have a great skillset or they are actually very comfortable here and would... —  read more 

You Have options

You have options to better your life why, Some of you stick around for a short term paycheck is beyond me. No training, no tools , no , retirement, no promotions, and best of all customers fleeing like flies. You’re not going to be working to much... —  read more 

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