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Facts Please

Will someone please tell me some facts, not rumors or made up gossip. Can someone verify if billing and collections is definitely getting outsourced, and when it's going to happen?

Connect one

Just saw a shrink wrapped green transit connect with all optimum lettering and an in house truck number. "Connect One" had been added to the lettering on the doors.

I hate to say I told you so ATS

Ats I hate what's about to happen to you guys If you only listened to your fellow Coworkers instead of management the sun is about to set they are going to start the first quarter lean and Mean and that does not bold well for the majority of the... read more

Passed on 2 VRP

Don't think that will happen again. That 4 week per year would definitely be the final curtain on a 20 some odd year career.

More layoffs coming in January 2018

Looks like collections is going to be outsourced! They are not going to be making the move to Bethpage. So just hold out a little longer for those VRP cause they are coming.

It's a dog with fleas

ATUS stock down to $26 and change today. Crappy product, crappy upper management, unhappy workforce. What a winning combination!

Oakland how's it going?

Oakland a couple of months have passed since you unionized your shop has any changes been made by the company? Do you regret the decision of going union? If possible can we get a little synopsis of what is your at home life are you worried about... read more

Collections outsourced

Rumors has it, RS & BP are laying off employees. They came to Texas last week and did a drive by. Fired 5 employees. Those that stayed were offered the option to take offer billing from NYC in March 2018. Supposedly their LI office will be closing... read more

Billing departments outsourced

Cable side and Lightpath side billing departments are being outsourced to different companies. Netcracker and amdocs. Employees are receiving severance payout and same salary at new company.

ATS justification

I'm hearing Ats can't justify their worth and they want them to do some exotic coding on their work to justify their existence is it true? Or am I fibbing? thoughts?

Rumor has it

That in January ,they will ask all techs that have have 15 years in to leave. Not sure if packages will be had. Just asking if this has been heard

Hey Suddenlink?

A couple months have passed since the election have you signed over to Ats yet and lost your tenure employees with 5 years plus issues with starting in a new job. Heard a tech applied for credit got denied because he worked for a new company. They... read more

How's it going Ats

Fourth Quarter Coming up soon, any changes going to be made? The real money Altice is doling out is On Ats salaries, since 95% of the non unionized workforce signed over are you worried? Should you be worried?

New router policy

The opt routers already s--- This new cannot send customers to exchange router in store policy blows Siinking ship .. the titanic

Points per day

The new norm its 86 points per day and it's not going to change anytime soon so there for get use to it and finish your work , it'll be easier to get in the mind set and perhaps you'll have a better day everyday instead of complaining everyday .role... read more

This site is controlled by altice.

I have seen posts removed lately. Up for 2 hours then gone. This is not a secure site. No more posts, no more info, seen a sup on it last week. Find another means to vent


Portuguese regulator rejects Altice’s bid for media company By Associated Press September 19, 2017 at 7:55 AM LISBON, Portugal — Portugal's telecom regulator has blocked an attempt by international operator Altice to buy control of local company... read more

VRP for techs

Rumor is there is a VRP for ALL technicians not with ATS upon asking ??? Is this true? 2 years for every year you have been with the company .

New VRP is coming in October get Ready!!

So I heard from my boss today after several meetings that a new VRP is coming around the corner in October. Anyone who has been on the job 15+years is eligible WOW!!. Has any one else heard about this.? If it's true I'm taking it and leaving this... read more

Another losing day

Altice USA Inc. Class A (ATUS) 26.72 -0.58 (-2.12%) 09/18/17 [NYSE] for Mon, Sep 18th, 2017
by | Post ID: @Pkj9vOl
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Woodbury and jerhico office moving..

Woodbury and jerhico office moving to bethpage main office building . Anyone know when this is suppose to have Or if they are they closing down and moving toTexas.?

Two points, in my humble opinion

1) The competition has the FAR superior product and network. (FIOS, and a wireless 5G network coming soon) 2) The Altice upper management doesn't care that their workforce is really starting to HATE them. This is a BAAADDDDD combination.

Some comments from our customers. Such a shame

I have reached my frustration point. I am at the point of cancelling my service with Optimum and switching to Fios. I no longer want to deal with your customer service either. At first I thought it was just my service and did everything possible to... read more


Altice USA Inc. Class A (ATUS) 27.31 -2.17 (-7.36%) 15:59 ET [NYSE] REALTIME by (BATS) for Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

Altice losing its Competitive Advantage

How many of you guys out there seeing competitors picking up the experienced techs that Altice let go? or having projects in stand still for months? Most of the guys that were around me are being picked up by At&t "Altice losing its Competitive... read more


Everything you read in the news about Altice is true. Hard to believe, but true. Legitimately an awful place to work.

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