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Another ftth manager jumps ship

Another ftth manager jumps ship to spectrum. Whos next? They know the deal with this place. They all fill your head things are going to be great and they do the opposite. They are all full of $hit and lie to your face.

Fiber beta

So when are we selling this service, it’s been tested enough
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questions for Hawthorne shop

What else does Altice have to do in order for you to say "enough is enough"? Is 2.8% supposed to be the new norm? At what point do you think you should take action to secure your employment? Do you really think Altice has intentions of making things... read more

HR question

Just wondering if it's safe to approach HR with an issue relating to somebody a few levels above me? Anybody had any dealings with them and can tell me if I should approach them or simply stay away to make sure I don't put a target on my own back?... read more


Is there an announcement coming soon? There’s been rumors swirling about the acquisition of media com or some mediacom markets ...local radio ads are now adverstising in these markets as suddenlink or altice and they are still currently mediacom... read more


Imgaine if our customers knew we were pulling fiber instead of fixing down cable,outages and drops?

Direct sales is cut off at the knees

If you are looking to work in Direct Sales you may want to pass. This department requires your own car own insurance and has had a compensation cutback that will make you cry. The corporate Managers are all feeling the pain to save money.They cut... read more

Even the qc jobs are being contracted.

Quality Control Technician ITC Service Group (“ITC”) , is a leading provider of broadband installation, planning, wireless, design and staffing solutions to the telecommunications industry. With over 40 years’ experience in the telecom business, as... read more

shout out to Oakland

A year ago today (3/1/17), you guys pulled off the impossible. You voted YES (49-to-46) to be represented by IBEW. I give you guys a lot of credit for being able to see through all the deception, manipulation, and intimidation from management... read more

Cost Cutting Technique

Wonder how much was saved for... Sick days removed Holiday removed Holiday bonus cancelled Sick and personal payouts eliminated New pto accrual limits Holiday parties cancelled Reduced vehicle maintenance Pay check errors And on and on and on... Is... read more

He left

Mr oh I’m In Newark cause my skin but left for Piscatway to try n run the other race his way... lol. Now he ran back. Lucky his family has a high position in Altice USA so he can package out. You ant fooling no body you should of stayed with the... read more

Altice 4th quarter 2017

Altice USA (NYSE:ATUS) is up 2.8% postmarket after posting Q4 earnings where revenues ticked up nearly 3% and it guided for more of the same in 2018. Net income came to $2.25B, incorporating a tax benefit of $2.42B. EBITDA was up 11.7% to $1.04B... read more

Fiber in bridgeport

The tech who got shot was a QC guy, does that mean we have started fiber in Bridgeport leaving the Litchfield Headend the most outdated and smallest workforce?

Altice USA conference call

Altice USA ATUS, -1.88% will host a conference call on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. EST (10:30 p.m. CET)(9:30 p.m. UK time) to discuss financial and operating results for the quarter ended December 31, 2017. A press release reporting the... read more

USA on the Chopping block

Stocks in the toilet !!! Word has it that USA techs are gonna be offered a package or kick rocks !!! Say good bye to the M-F !!!

Major Altice investor walks away

16 FEB 2018 One of Altice’s largest institutional investors cashed-in its shareholding due to concerns about the company’s $50 billion debt pile and future prospects of its SFR unit, Financial Times reported. The newspaper said investor Carmignac... read more

Hot gloves

Does anyone actually have a pair of hot gloves that haven't been expired for over a year?


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Big layoffs coming

Overheard dan ferrara say that next month the bottom performing 20% of sales will be let go. The top 10% are making to much and he was asked to redo the comp which he is unhappy about

Getting low again

Altice USA Inc Class A (ATUS) 19.77 -0.64 (-3.14%) 02/08/18 [NYSE] 18.96 x 2 26.00 x 3 POST-MARKET 19.77 unch (unch) 16:03 ET for Thu, Feb 8th, 2018

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