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Best Wishes Jim Dolan

We miss your Dad and your family around here a lot. Very sorry to hear your bad news. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, stay well.

Take your 20% & stick it.

Spectrum just destroyed you Altice. Don’t even try to act like you are taking care of your employees. Spectrum is giving their employees 15 additional sick days and $3 raise permanent. Your true colors are out and we will make it our business for the... —  read more 

20% for some?

I understand the FS techs deserve the pay increase for dealing with customers. But any employee who is asked to leave there homes during this pandemic is putting themselves and their families at risk. Between having to get gas or having to use a... —  read more 

20% for some?

I understand the FS techs deserve the pay increase for dealing with customers. But any employee who is asked to leave there homes during this pandemic is putting themselves and their families at risk. Between having to get gas or having to use a... —  read more 

Techs be informed do your homework

All essential employees should get premium pay. Not all OSP, Construction techs are lazy. We are all under the same management who really don't care. The premium pay is only in place because their application for emergency aid got approved. They... —  read more 

Premium Pay

So FINALLY ATS gives premium pay to Field Service and it’s what; the Supervisors?!?! They don’t leave the office!!! Not to mention nothing for OSP, Construction, or the FTTH Department! Those guys are out in the field also and come in direct... —  read more 

Premium Pay

So now techs and store employees get premium pay. And what do call center reps get nothing?! Everyday is a risk . Leaving our homes to take calls . High que . Hold time at almost 5 hours

Enough is enough

To those who think this is just a case of the flu. We have now surpassed last years death toll. In 3 months across the world. And will likely see 1000's more die. An the true numbers are most definitely not being told by china or the government. ... —  read more 

Hazards pay or something

Come on Altice or ats or whatever shell game your playing . Throw us a bone already. You slacked on every piece you could on this whole pandemic . Late to getting gloves late to getting wipes still no masks and now this dime size hand sanitizers. How... —  read more 

Norwalk supervisors forgot where they came from

I just have to shake my head at the sups. They are nothing but puppets they have no balls to stand up to senior management and be our advocates. SL BL PS DD FG GM you forgot what it’s like to be techs.

EDP (production)

Now we are being questioned on our production? Such a slap in the face, as we are RISKING our lives and minimally protected walking into these customer homes. Not one person from management has asked us about our health or our FAMILIES health. The... —  read more 

At least we’re not the only ones getting f____d Where’s the hazard pay and why isn’t there an article like this about Altice? Anyone speak to a lawyer or the press yet... —  read more 

Different Company, Same industry, Same problems

Recent article regarding our industry and the current pandemic. The section pertaining to the teleconferenced call with management being more concerned with numbers than the affects of the virus hits hard. Think about that as some of you continue to ... —  read more 

No bathroom breaks for FTTH

Think about it. You’re in one spot all day how do you use the restroom. All FTTH techs should bring this up to higher ups. With all the craziness this is disgusting and unsanitary. Just like they want to inform us of a crew contacting the virus even... —  read more 

Port jeff tech confirmed coronavirus.

Just got an email that a ats tech from port jeff depot on long island, ny has the virus. They are cleaning the depot an speaking with crew. No names were given

Is FTTH considered essential work ?

With all the madness going on I don’t get how they can still push numbers on us just because it’s coming close to the end of the month . Business as usual? Help us understand what’s going on here because I feel that FTTH should be shut down as well ... —  read more 

Get your hands out of your pockets

Call the governors Call your local county executives​ Call your congressman​ ​ YOU need to start calling politicians and the government to let them know that ATS is sending us into homes in the middle of a pandemic for non-essential things like... —  read more 

Hows it going in Altice? (2)

The unions representing 34,000 workers at Verizon have negotiated paid leave for union members who can’t work during the COVID-19 outbreak. Will other unions fight for these benefits to protect members? Like many health care workers, UPS drivers... —  read more 

Hows it going in Altice?

p-ss-d off at bartow

It was reported that a employee at The soundview building in the Bronx tested positive for the coronavirus so instead of quarantining or even telling us that they have tested their staff management has decided to relocate the soundview staff to the... —  read more 


I guess service techs can risk there health walking into 5 or more house a day for non emergency calls . At same time using public bathrooms while the other departments can stay home away from being in contact with multiple possibilities of covid19 ... —  read more 

Comcast Linemen to receive temp 25% increase...

Heard from several colleagues that Comcast linemen as well as other Telecom linemen are receiving a temporary pay bump as a result of the pandemic and a need to keep communications systems active. Any validity to this ?

Corona virus pay

Company memo says we have to use our own sick, personal, or vacation time if we have to stay home or quarantine cause of Corona virus. Thats bs. We should get normal pay. We didnt ask to be exposed

Coronavirus VRP

It is coming very soon! It would be preferable to give out a VRP at this time, because the work at home will just incur less productivity. Most likely there will be departments with minimal staff until this is over

Njn ftth sup a joke

expect pic, email fo everything and expect things asap but when you ask for something he takes forever to get back to you. It should be a 2 way street. Cant get uniforms, stock, reviews late as hell, always an excuse on his end. And he need to stop... —  read more 

Sick Time (Corona Virus)

This sick and personal policy needs to be changed. Why be penalized for when life happens? Especially entering someone home. If people are planning on staying home, they definitely are gonna need internet. If internet goes down, they calling, you... —  read more 

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Intelcia USA

“A major player in Customer Service Outsourcing. Present in 8 countries, across 26 sites, we provide a global onshore and offshore service that meets the challenges of globalization and a multi-service expertise, covering the entire customer... —  read more 

Newark Call Center

Rumors going around for a year or more regarding this call center either closing or going BPO. Talk seems to be heating up again-anyone with any updates. Fuel for the fire?


Was asked today by osp sup if we were interested in going ftth. Wondering if they are asking everywhere. What are actual outside plant techs think? Would you go. We are being told we will be left under osp in marquee will just report to ftth... —  read more 

Sudden link grilled by customers for 2 hours

Customers in Arkansas grilled suddenlink at a town meeting for poor service, poor techs, an high prices. As usual suddenlink doesn't have any answers except to blame altice usa. Lol


Spectrum... Fios... Comcast ... McDonald’s... anybody.... please buy out this sorry excuse for a company ...

Mega Broadband Buying West Suddenlink

Rumors are flying with nothing to substantiate them about Mega Broadband buying the Pacific Region of the Suddenlink footprint. Several top execs from legacy Suddenlink has went to Mega and they have been buying some smaller rural systems in the... —  read more 

A vp and director got the axe

A top vp, a ftth director got the chop. An ftth project manager and others are probably next. Altice investigating. Heard they were fudging numbers and scamming the company.

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