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Feeling Under Valued As a Women

So I work in a department where I feel it's a "man's department" as woman does any other women feel undervalued? There is no women who have higher levels in my department, I am about to start a revolution so wants to start it with me?
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All work going to contractors.

Everyday this month multiple techs are coming in to no routes. Just so the contractors have work. Today only 5 techs had routes. They say they are just keeping the contractors feed for the summer push. Is this happening in other areas. Or just... read more


Hope we know what we're getting into. All I've heard is guys complaining about they can't take vacation when they want....doesn't seem worth my 2%.

Docsis 3.1

Which group of people are working on it and when are all headends scheduled to be completed

Tinton falls hows those 50 techs

Man does franks mouth travel far. Sorry to hear it boys but i hope the 50 left deserve it. We heard about it up here in this shop good luck to you all. I

Ahhhh the lunch topic.

So how many other depots have a hard on for when we take lunch? Always been a hot topic at our depot but today it has more time frames. "You must take it within 4 to 6 hrs of your shift. You cannot take it at the end of your shift". Anybody else deal... read more


Hey BK Techs , so the CWA sold you guys out ??? Your ATS now !!!! All that talk about save your job Vote Yes !!!! Now you just like the rest of Us !!!! Only thing your minus 2 percent for dues !!!!! Can anyone from BK elaborate!!!


Dispatcher has been going to Texas to train workers for their job! Any word on how long NYC dispatchers will still have their job.


In all seriousness, ha anybody else heard that AUSA has purchased an outside contracting company? Someone mentioned to me the other day that it was Prince. Kinda of unnerving. They could easily unload ATS and use them

More outsourcing

I've heard rumors more outsourcing is coming - can anybody here confirm if it's true or not? I'm talking specifically about call center positions.


I must say I respect the supervisor who works the morning shift in Piscataway. He’s very smart, he’s always willing to help you out, he also explains to you how to improve your numbers and how to make more money with this company. Say what you about... read more

Just in all bethpage techs.

Must arrive in depot at 7 am or risk write. An if you cant finish your route on time you must get o.t. approved to stay in field . An all take home techs must hand in trucks. An if your a 3:30 tech dont leave early or your written up. Good job ibew... read more

Divide and conquer Alert!!!!!

Stop the movement at all costs. Shareholders need higher returns. Sell lightpath let's keep the Ponzi going. Altice is no stranger to lawsuits. Records show Altice as a party to 235 lawsuits worldwide from 2016 to 2018. Google the last statement.

2 percent !!!!

Seems like 2 percent is the standard increase this year !!!! Time to Vote Yes

This page makes me laugh

As a former employee and now union member for the IBEW its sad to see whats going on. I left a year or more ago when the company was sold and i saw what was happening. This page has so many different views on whats right and whats wrong. Everyone’s... read more

Call center staff reps forced to work overtime

Due to the shortage of staff reps, reps are now required to work overtime. I know someone who was called to work overtime. Reps that fail to comply with working overtime were subjected to corrective action and/or employment termination.


Divide and Conquer

The lawsuit targets company known as A and alleges that the company A ignored commitments made as part of its merger with CV. Makes you think they can't keep their commitment with heavy hitters which have money to fight back what makes you think they... read more

Altice and all corporations need lawyers

Altice and all corporations need lawyers to be protected because that's how the system works and employees need a union to keep up with these entities it's only fair to keep up with these corporations so far altice have 230 lawsuits.Facts

Hawthorne issue?

Whats with the email from CC talking about threats from the CWA? Anyone know what he is talking about?

What’s going on?

Do anyone know if dispatch is closing and calls will be routed to Texas? If anyone has the inside scoop, please let us know!

The ex Cablevision managements slimy plan

The answer is this..spectrum in nyc is loaded with ex Cablevision management who jumped ship when altice took over. Altice said from the start that Cablevision was bloated with too much management making over 300k a year. They said " this we will... read more

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