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Worst company to have

these French id–ts and these yes men don't know sh– about how to run a company. Literally 1mbps on my download wtf, garbage service, in oakland system

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Tech falls off a ladder

Nice guy too. Preventable??? Not sure. I’m sure the pressure of the job had nothing to do with it. We are in a safe calm work environment

Enhanced Pay Program

Funny....I’ve yet to see a dime of this. At first it was because I was in ftth. What’s the reason now? Question has anyone at all received this or is it just some more bull from These Alt-holes?


Has Excell opened a rolt yet? Its only been 2 years. Workmanship is horrible. Another Sandy hits its bye bye fiber. That company is over its head


Just seen a contractor in a wood paneled station wagon with ladder held down with bakery string on top. Can you imagine seeing that mess pull up to your house. Class act

Recent article Basically says they’re going forward with the FTTH project. Main reason, it’s cheaper to maintain. Translation: Less calls, less workers.


Looks like a deal was worked on this week, announcement will be coming in the month or two. Hopefully to a better company. At least for Suddenlink side of Altice. We can only hope. Comcast, Charter, Cox?? Anyone heard different?

Voluntary Layoffs

Does anyone know how to contact for a voluntary Layoff? We had several good techs axed and I was wanting to take their place...

Layoffs in WV

Confirmed ATS has laid off all techs in Buckhannon/Elkins area with the exception of a handful of plant techs. Warehouse is being closed down and consolidated into Charleston warehouse over 3 hours away. More layoffs in WV coming today/tomorrow.

Severance package Information

So now that we've been kicked to the curb, has anyone received any information on regards to Severance package. I guess we'll have to sit in limbo as usual. F*ck you Altice!

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Taking advantage of the pandemic

While the country is going through rough times due to the pandemic, Altice upper management has found a way take advantage of the situation. They layoff employees even though routes are booked, and asking to stay late to pick up work is a common... —  read more 

Cablevision I miss you

I have been in multiple departments. I started in the warehouse and now I am in ATS. It is horrendous, my supervisor has no idea of his job. He was hired and gives us no direction. I go to AUSA for guidance. Hope they provide me a package as well!

Hr number

I was laid off last week. My hr contact isn’t getting back in touch with me and I didn’t receive any information like I was supposed to. So was wondering if someone on here could give me another contact for hr.

The 4 Year mark is approaching go to page 24

Direct sales soon to be over , take a look At this , COMCAST direct sales is over, is Altice direct sales next. Some of these reps make $300 k plus , do you think Altice is gonna continue to pay these top reps that much?... —  read more 

Shame on ibew

how they laying off guys with the least amount of time in Lodi and Oakland depots when there isn't anything that states seniority doesn't get touched in the contract. Its time to smear this all over social media. Very sad kept seniority with all... —  read more 

2nd Round?

Can anyone confirm or deny this? Keep hearing rumors of a round two of layoffs. Also heard there may not be a severance with it.

Union guys are not untouchable

Union guys as we speak are getting the calls that the are getting let go. Smh This company is getting away with murder... They or who ever post sh– on can sugar coat any which way. But judging by their stock ausa doesn't look like its hurting... —  read more 

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Clean up this board

Can we get some informative posts about the info we need as employees? Where and when layoffs are happening, important emails and policy changes that affect all of us, etc. No one cares about your personal politics No one cares if your pro or... —  read more 

Wow, this is a trollers playground

this website is toxic, people are going for each others jugular, instead of standing together ❤, u people, yup I said it u people are getting trolled on this website, looking and sounding like a bunch of jackasses.

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Union steward are safe

Dont let your steward tell you that he is worried also. The union would not allow them to lay off stewards those guys are safe.

Charter and Comcast take notes fyi

Want to save money follow altice operating procedures gut, cut, cut, gut, cut , shut down depots and customer service then cut some more then layoff, then offer packages, cut some more, then change all of field service shifts to weekend shifts with... —  read more 

Seems as if business is booming ...

Altice USA says it remains confident in its core cable business, especially broadband

Contact Governor Cuomo about Altice

I know Cuomo is lame. But, maybe he could score some points by taking on Altice. Tweet Cuomo and all of the Governors, Mayors in the cities and States Altice is in. Tweet Trump. What else can be done?!

Goodbye Satan

The end is near . At first your are worried like worried how you will make ends meet worried about your family your house, everything . Then a calm passes over you and you see its just absolutely sad . Sad that you have worked so hard for a place and... —  read more 

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