Altice USA (Cablevision) Layoffs

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Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Bethpage union cards

Hey guys hearing a lot of scuttlebut about union cards is it true the union is in Their are enough cards signed in bethpage and Freeport with Haup close behind


What's up in Suffolk County with pixelation on lower and higher channels. Is it headend or amp problem, how about getting some people to fix it.

Bad reviews

As Construction New Hire , my review is this week let’s see what I get because Fast food workers are making the same as US we aren’t learning a damn thing Pulling Cables

So who took the survey?

Obviously nothings going to happen but who else did it? The verbal assault and the strongly disagrees were a little satisfying. Hoping it opens someones eyes? /wishful thinking


For the 400+ that did nothing with the pension plan that we had with Cablevision that was frozen and released one signed over to ATS is now frozen again who got the email about this or notification of this now can’t do nothing with it HR said is what... read more

Gotcha moment


Time to buy Altice stock, closed below $18.00 it's a bargain


Altice stock doing great, Hovering at $18.00 dollars for months, did everyone buy in.

2018 Holidays

Does anyone suddenlink or Cablevision side have a list of the 2018 Holiday list ? Hearing rumors they are trying to remove some or did and no one was notified ???


Will employees take severance if offered again this year?

Company Picnic

Company picnic coming back in summer of 2019. Wahoo free food beer softball and face painting. Altice tee shirts like old Cablevision ones.

Gregory and Howe Inc.?

Ok, so we were handed a packet and was told to fill it out for DOT (Dept. Of Transportation) purposes. It's a an application for employment at Gregory and Howe Inc.! They're a d--g testing company out of Connecticut. I have no problem agreeing to... read more

Hiring decals

Now we gotta put these signs on our trucks? Altice too cheap to hire firms that screen their candidates..Yeah lets hire bums off the street and from McDonald's to take our jobs

New Package Drop SMFH

Its any score below metric on score card .. mostly BS , something that would have gotten you a verbal now gives u a ultimatum .Altice ain't low , but who has time to fight f--- ummm .There gonna find away at this point to get rid off all these... read more

Selling certain markets ?

There’s been a lot of movement from management back and forth from AUSA TO ATS BACK TO AUSA , those sane people telling everyone how great ATS but behind closed doors complaining ATS is failing not making money those same people have been... read more

Dispatch from Home

sooooo we're supposed to be at our first job by 7:30? lol Are you going to back fill me with disconnects before my 8-11? Customers don't want us at the house at 8am as it is. You want me to call people at 7am since your making me work 45 minutes from... read more

Getting out was the best thing I ever did

You guys have no clue what you are missing. I am making more a week than I ever had and working half as hard. Get your resumes dusted off and start applying. I was happy during the Cablevision years and thought I had a future. I was wrong the whole... read more


Winning combo, cash balance 401k and huge severance, who loves ya baby

West Nyack

Hearing a lot of chatter that west nyack Depot and the FTTH project are looking to go union. Is this true or just more high school drama ?


IDK how any of you still work for this sh--hole. I got out last July after 5 years of abuse and never looked back. I am not a violent person, i have never been in a fight or punched anyone but if I would have stayed eventually I would have punched a... read more

Residential Contract buyout

Wow now “Alcheep” Altice is changing the contract buyout for customers . They get a credit on the account and it could take 6 months to get the check.

Altice 1

What the heck enhances wifi in every room, are you kidding me.

Why dont they put altice logos on the trucks?

Trucks are bare, with only ats corp on the door. Doesnt set a good image. People are like.." who the heck is that"? In bad neighborhoods they think we are a surveillance company working for the police. that puts us at risk out in the field

5G is here..Its All over for us....

The writing has been on the wall for a long time, and we were just too blind to see it.. Why all this cost cutting? Lack of supplies, uniforms, loss of benefits and time off.. THEY knew what was coming, they know that spending $$$ on operations will... read more

Attention all Hurricane Sandy Workers

Needed to help in South and North Carolina, willing to work for straight time and a promise we will pay for your lodging and gas. We promise to pay you like we pay our vendors. Please let your management know if you want to volunteer.

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