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Listen the audio

Listen to the audio. B.M Yeah yeah who is gonna do all the work. Now your finding out right. The CONTRACTORS. Why would you continue listening or believing in anything management tell you. All liars. This place is a PTSD. Unionize and all our PTSD is... read more

ATS dissolving ?

Any truth to the rumors that ATS will be no more or strictly contractor company ? Original in house guys will be asked to become contractor and piece work or not have a job ? Directors and management of ATS leaving and going back to AUSA already... read more


Who wants to start signing cards? Enough is enough already.

Goei: Self-Install Is the Ultimate Goal

Altice USA’s fiber-to-the-home project won’t only allow the cable operator to provide new services, it will be a key component in the company’s goal to move to a full self-install model, chairman and CEO Dexter Goei told an industry audience Tuesday... read more

Bad CPE,Lack of Materials

So theres bad Arris combos forcing mult repeats handed out.No ground materials,no silicone (for 9 weeks).No loss less amps,no single flex clips.Maintenance requests (line outages,multi cust affecting)over a week out.No RG11 no hangers.How do you... read more

sinking ship

Yea, it's a sinking ship. I'll be honest, I've been in the field now for 12 years and half way considering going to design. I've always been interested in it. We're all going to go eventually. Why now take the last spin doing something I enjoy and... read more

Fiber info

Fellow workers supervisors managers, cough up some godamn info Come on Janna who else that spreads info don’t leave confused techs out of the circle. We are talking about job security here we need info

They have to fire some bad apples

They need to get rid of the cancer is in the group. The majority of them are in field service . Trying hiding in the shadows but they slowly exposing themselves.. run back to office and complain to management. Thinking they getting a promotion

Scorecards out the window!

Welp, today was outlined on the real deal. Scorecards will be gone and we'll be using a percentage scale. 8 hour tech should be at 100%. With disco's at 4%, trouble calls at 12% and installs at 12% (depending on the install) we'll be doing 8-10 calls... read more

The Craziness Strikes Again! People like this also need to have their service disconnected and flagged as Non-Serviceable.

Your doing a bang up job!

Altice USA Inc Class A (ATUS) 16.43 -0.46 (-2.72%) 05/08/18 [NYSE] 16.25 x 3 16.58 x 4 POST-MARKET 16.43 unch (unch) 16:02 ET for Tue, May 8th, 2018

Subcontactor here

Its not just the employees who are feeling the heat from Altice/Suddenlink, the subcontractors are feeling it too! We are getting our paid codes taken away, they are asking for more and more techs to cover the techs that they are firing and we can't... read more

Thursday layoffs at Altice

I just found out that a friend of mine was laid off on Thursday. I haven't heard about any layoffs taking place this week, so to say it took me by surprise would be an understatement. Did I miss something? Was there a bigger layoffs round that I... read more


I have never been so worried in my life for job security. Altice is getting me worried that I may not have a job in a few years. A lot of these changes that are happening are not good for the workers. What do you all think?

questions for Bronx

you voted NO last year..... you feel you made a mistake? aren't you tired of being disrespected? are you now ready to truly protect yourselves? who's willing to step up? are you prepared for more Hilber kool-aid? is it true that they just announced... read more

Chapter 11

Any truth to the rumors that ATS is filling Chapter 11 and selling off their full size vans to contractor groups?

Better Late than never

You should of did this when the first 600 workers in Shelton Ct got their walking papers yep wasn’t your problem it didn’t affect you, we have to stop with the me attitude and unite this is what we wanted for everyone to secure their employment and... read more

Non Union shoos

I get a feeling the shops that don’t vote a union in are getting punished for doing what the company wants. Getting tired of all the changes and more responsibilities. This company is coming up with some bad policies because they are worried about... read more

Wow wow wow Mike Wills wins against Altice

So if you don’t know That a REP That got fired in Direct Sales for attempting to start a Union is Coming back.....(name is withheld) He WON HIS CASE in Federal court and he’going back to work . Judge ruled in his favor that he was wrongfully fired... read more

OSP Dumping Ground !!?!?!

So let’s get this straight , OSP doing standby for Field Service and Construction ??? Maybe we should just get all the Customer Center calls routed to our phones !!! I mean REALLY ALTICE REALLY !!!! Management wonders why shops are going Union ... read more

During install initiative

Is there an estimate on how many fttp installs we will be doing a day, I’m not even sure it will be Q2 there have been so many delays

Get ready for another ride...

Altice USA Inc Class A (ATUS) 17.73 -1.67 (-8.61%) 12:27 ET [NYSE] 17.67 x 100 17.73 x 500 REALTIME by (BATS) for Fri, Apr 27th, 2018 Altice NV 7.80 EUR −0.47 (5.73%) Apr 27, 5:38 PM GMT+2 · Disclaimer

Deep dark secrets

Why isn’t everyone told about upcoming union meetings? Why is a deep dark secret? Don you want everyone informed or just the easily impressionable? Kinda seems that way.

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