Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Culture of fear

I would gladly agree to a lower pay, just to be in a company where managers really inspire employees to be more productive, rather than constantly reminding them that they should be happy to have a job at all. No, I can't be happy to have a job... —  read more 

Back to office

No need to work in office. Too many people around each other. Covid is going to hit us constantly in there. It a germ fest. Why cant us work from home? This is not a good idea and why cant we go next year

Why is anyone still here?

Get out, and I mean it. I started just after the sellout to Altice. Thought I was getting a good job. Took me 2 years to realize even though I had top 5 numbers in revenue every month I was never going to get a good paycheck. 3.1 modems don't work... —  read more 

Braga -

Braga are incompetent and crooks , stealing money. Altice approves it which tells you how incompetent Altice are. How does Braga charge their big percentage but does nothing correct? Equipment failing, poor executive management skills, project... —  read more 

Handling customer complaints

I have been experiencing awkward situations in this company almost every day. I wonder how we still have customers at all because they are completely dissatisfied. Do they even pay attention to the growing number of customer complaints? I don't get... —  read more 

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Are we stuck in the past?

It was a rhetorical question. Yes, I think this company is definitely stuck in the past and does not keep up with the pace of change. The reason why this is so I can only guess. What interests me is what will the leadership do to overcome this... —  read more 

Bucket trucks

Why are bucket trucks given to new techs or techs without seniority , ohh it only applies to day techs seniority . Any complaints night crew has no meaning because we have no night steward and the ones in place look after themselves. Good Job .

Stop being afraid

I hate even to say anything But technicians are pathetic. Do you seriously think you have a future. Guys died doing this job , nobody cares , you will not retire from here or even last another year. Exactly what are you trying to do. Be advised if... —  read more 

New Year New Company

Get ready, the New and improved ATS is coming! “We learned from our mistakes” Altice Sr management to start a tour around the country to visit depots and deliver the news in person. No CBA depots will be visited.


If you work in a union shop and don’t get the Jab..?? Will you still get paid admin leave if you get COVID or quarantine?? New policy says NO SHOT , NO PAY.. ??

Hacks, not scabs...

Hacks Don't know what the f--k they doing, closing out jobs they dont even go to & when they do, hacks workmanship is beyond garbage, hacks rude AF to subs, hacks getting QC fails, how's those charge backs on your repeats? Making money, not! And if... —  read more 

Collective Dismissal at Meo

Altice (MEO) workers on strike over collective dismissal By Natasha Donn -23rd July 2021 It’s the first ‘collective dismisal’ in six years, and Altice workers fear it won’t be the last. Staging a protest outside the telecoms firm’s base in Lisbon... —  read more 

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