Altice USA (Cablevision) Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

They let employees go "because of covid" , acting like funds were tight...but then they make $3 billion bid for another company?!

this company is pure evil...upper management blows millions on a fiber build that was mismanaged from the start and built with c-ap fiber that wont stand the test of time. Then the fiber build comes to a stop, employees and departments get pink... —  read more 

Thee worst phone experience

boy do I feel bad for these customers that have no choice but to deal with this garbage company, thee worst and I can't put enough emphasis on worst. I tried to change service. And let me tell you but waiting for 30min and still waiting while posting... —  read more 


I have to say if the union does get these shifts Thursday to Monday taken back and also a recall for the laid off techs who were really laid off , I don’t know why any shop wouldn’t go union ? I mean basically then the company just laid off your... —  read more 

Storm pay

Technicians were told to use storm pay code during hurricane cleanup. Pay day came and no storm pay money. Altice USA has no shame to their game.

Days Out

Hearing that several markets have brutal days out. Probably should have held on to more in house techs and other support to avoid an even worse customer experience.

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