Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Welcome back to ATS

Yes, because of our good buddy M.L ATS is back. what does that mean for you in field service? Yep you got that right them dumping jobs on you at random getting four or five fiber installs a day without drops absolutely no care for safety whatsoever... — read more 


Any idea if the company is going to offer another package? Now we have a Laundry list of tests to run at every home and being threatened with write ups and “ plans” , backbreaking jobs with no drops that take hours to do But hey make sure you give a... — read more 

FU and your holidays.

Retail lost all of their holidays for 2024 except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The company grabbed them, slapped them across the face and said "Happy New Year, go fu-k yourself". Unionize, unionize, UNIONIZE!

Cheddar News Layoffs

Cheddar News is an example of what not to do. The new owners need to get rid of the current executive producers and the one manager that's still there because they are horrible at their jobs, just look at the content. Speaking of the one manager... — read more 

Dumpster Fire

Xfinity is overbuilding Altice in Milford and Watertown, CT with EPON. Xfinity is not in the market to buy Altice All cable cos are posting net losses for Q4. This ship is going to sink because it can’t acquire customers. How do you build a fiber... — read more 

LMAO TeleCable

What a joke!!!!! Stole $$ when you guys ran ATS (did everyone forget about McG and Kennedy) but some weren’t caught. Then you guys go to Excell and mysteriously when Altice is being investigated you guys create another umbrella company .. definitely... — read more 

Telecable..Excel 2.0!

Most of the excel jabroni's that got that boot or saw the writing on the wall jumped ship to Telecable. ATS 2.0?...or Excel 2.0? Its telephone..its cable...ITS TELECABLE!! I'd bet 14 cents its another Altice phantom company.

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