Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

High time to leave!

Anyone who is marketable at all should leave because the air is getting very thick here. I finally got an offer. I've been looking for it for a long time because I'm not very marketable due to my age. What is fascinating to me is that young... —  read more 

The future looks gloomy

I'm not very optimistic that there will be some improvements here. This company is slowly sinking. I don't know what the future of this company looks like to you? I wish it wasn’t that way but it looks pretty gloomy to me. This is high time to... —  read more 

Shove it

30 dollar Uber eats gift card !!!!!!! Seriously 50 for US to donate and 30 for all your hard work !!!!! That will sit just like last years donation !! Sc-m

we're doomed

what in the world is going on with this place the CEO says sh-t in front of the whole company. Matt is a bumbling id--t Pragash well we all know his story hang on its going to be a bumpy ride

Contractor Vehicles

Just saw a dude driving an old Minivan with a ladder on top and Optimum sticker on side. What’s the shittiest vehicle you’ve seen with a contractor drive? Embarrassing seeing that drive around.

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