Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Hacks, not scabs...

Hacks Don't know what the f--k they doing, closing out jobs they dont even go to & when they do, hacks workmanship is beyond garbage, hacks rude AF to subs, hacks getting QC fails, how's those charge backs on your repeats? Making money, not! And if... —  read more 

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Collective Dismissal at Meo

Altice (MEO) workers on strike over collective dismissal By Natasha Donn -23rd July 2021 It’s the first ‘collective dismisal’ in six years, and Altice workers fear it won’t be the last. Staging a protest outside the telecoms firm’s base in Lisbon... —  read more 

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Altice is hiring

There are multiple postings for field service techs in NJ and I'm trying to figure out how that is even possible. There are no vehicles, no tools, no safety equipment, no uniforms, no nothing. What are they supposed to do with a bunch of new hires?... —  read more 

Rumors of layoffs

I'm still safe but the tension is such that I expect a notification about the layoff to come at any moment. I don’t think the atmosphere has ever been worse, or at least I don't remember it being so. Is it possible that cuts are already happening... —  read more 

I’m finally out of here!

I’m going to give my notice (even though the company doesn’t deserve it!) What was once a great company has now turned into a 3 ring circus. But what did it for me is the constant cr---y decision making that has affected everyone including myself. I... —  read more 

Start looking yesterday

Does anyone look around and see there are 6 contractor companies working in your area????????????. If you think for one second ☝️ you are safe you are crazy union or not. Start looking yesterday for something else because you are going to get cut... —  read more 

Not looking back

I have the opportunity to move on to another company and I’m taking it. This place has been nothing but an emotional drain for the last year and mentally I just can’t take the anxiety anymore. Management does nothing but bully everyone to make them... —  read more 

Don't doubt yourself

The people here are worth a lot more than this company makes them believe. The logic is simple: he who doubts himself does not ask for anything better because he thinks he does not deserve better. It took me a long time to apply for a much better... —  read more 

Protect your future

Gentlemen and who ever else still works here. I know first hand how hard it is to leave. We are a union shop with less members than Burger King has. There are more Scabs then us running the show. My advice is to get out especially if you’re young... —  read more 

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