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Attention all Greenwood lake & West Nyack techs!

Rumors flying around that there’s a union meeting tomorrow. Don’t know how true this is but I think both shops need to be involved as much as possible. Find out the details and spread the word . Don’t be the last ones to go . Stand up and put an end... read more

Hawthorne by union

If Westchester has had enough it's time nyack to be a United front


Spill the beans on the project. What is the timeline of what town is in progress and what town will be in progress. Tired of hearing nothing


Altice has never been better! We are now offering YUGE amounts of tools and uniforms to our dedicated employees. We are also starting to offer the GREATEST and BEST overtime to our most loyal workers. Your very friendly supervisor will be on hand... read more



Why is it that if one goes on the IBEW website and one can look up Verizon, AT&T and Comcast contracts but one cannot look up an ATS or an Altice contract?Very fishy.

Why is it

The only complainers are in NY. Fat Barry takes a lot of heat what about the other shops ?


Starting February 1, 2019 all over time to end for ATS employees with new fiber build.

Question for Bronx techs:

How bad do things have to get until you realize that Altice is systematically managing you out of the company.
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In June of 2019, there will be layoffs of payroll. What will happen at payroll, there will be only once a month paychecks. For hardships you will get a full month paycheck and a two week paycheck.


Anybody have any news on these? They know they're just about 10 days past the deadline right?

Stock buy ups

This just in Charter to offer deal to buy up stock from Altice, this will involve the North East systems in New York and New Jersey. Info will be on CNBC in the am.

OSHA Visits

OSHA to visit Long Island this week in Hauppauge and Bethpage area. Be safe gentleman!

End of ATS

Just in from corporate, ATS to end in June of 2019! Prepare to look for new job, all work to be farmed out to contractors.

Dispatch from home

due to the poor structure of dispatch from home, we will reorganize and move you to 8:00-4:30. We realize that having you work 45 minutes from your house and having people not dispatch from home working in your area is not productive. You have 30... read more

Greetings from chartervision

I thought you guys would like to know that we are currently in the process of decertifying I be representation. Once they are bounced out of here the domino effect will be felt across all companies and your union will be next on the chopping block... read more

Optimum rates going up (again)

You're incredibly important to us and the reason we work so hard to deliver a first-class customer experience. We continue to invest in our network and new technologies, such as delivering faster broadband speeds and Altice One, our all-in-one... read more

Ct Hudson Valley

Time to end this abuse !!!!! Standby rotations are way to frequent !!!!! Let’s sign these cards !!!! We need more than 200 dollars to put or Lives and Familes week in Turmoil !!!!!

Altice blows at advertising

What towns since there is no friken press release

Freeport & Bethpage Union Meeting

There will be a union meeting on January 17th at 7:30PM. It will be held at IBEW 1049 Office in Holtsville. I can’t stress enough how important this meeting is. They want to hear from all the techs and go over what we would like to be on the... read more

A Happy New Year

Hey boys looks like a happy new year, plenty of over time, great benefits and stock moving up. Couldn't get any better. And your job/career is lookin good. Smile and enjoy, it's the best year ever in 2019.

Stingray signs a distribution agreement with Altice USA

Stingray, a Canadian music entertainment and technology company signed a distribution agreement with Altice USA. The agreement consists of the further presence of more than 50 Stingray music channels and hundred of on-demand music videos on Altice's... read more
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At this point 3 years later as Altice, more shops like never before are becoming union . This is no longer cablevision and things continue to get worse for us . We need to stand by our field service brothers and join them in the fight to get what we... read more


How many miles of defective fiber is being replaced and around what quarter will we be deploying in the mine hill station? Real answers only trolls go fuxk yourselves

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