Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)

Topics regarding layoffs at Altice USA (Cablevision)


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Job security

With all the rumors of hiring osp techs in LI NJ and Bx how safe can these jobs be when thise positions were depleted in may??? How many went back already? What is the future of altice


Has anyone looked at the difference in overtime policies between ats and usa? No more double time or ot with scheduled time off? Will this be affecting us?


With all these people and places getting vaccinated how is it this company who sends their employees into 5-10 homes daily per tech has not mentioned anything about getting vaccinated. Most places are setting up their employees getting vaccinated... —  read more 


So let’s get this straight, now that BM is gone and PP is back at the helm you realize that nobody is left to actually do the work ?? Really Altice so now they are hiring after everyone has left your going to call guys back I gotta see who comes back... —  read more 

Eye opener

Charter/Spectrum immediate 1.50 pay bump,March 1st another 1.50(permanent).No layoffs.Any employee who did not use the 3 weeks of Covid relief time off cashed out Jan 1st Cox Doesnt go in the home.No layoffs.Hazard pay to this day.3 weeks paid... —  read more 

Saftey Always

This is going to be bad for a while. You cannot get down side streets in Major city’s. Use you own wisdom make sure you pack a lunch you will be waiting long time for Tow truck to come. Be careful out there. Bring back the near miss and sent pics of... —  read more 

Back at ausa

So you want to hold me accountable for your c-appy equipment that has so many known issues and you wanted to blow off all these customers but now want to hold me accountable for the VOC score ? Ok no problem no more telling these customers call fcc... —  read more 

Finagle, this is the way

Or at least the altice way Besides the new equipment being garbage compared to legacy... Let scramble to split nodes now, meanwhile at least 30% or more of these nodes are padded already to max transmit so customers don't loose service. They split... —  read more 

Google mini

I received my google mini!!! I am so grateful! Oh wait, my entire house is linked to Amazon show. We have no use for the google mini. Anyone want the google mini?

Altice COO: New tech spinoff to focus on ‘network design, engineering and construction’ by Daniel Frankel | Dec 20, 2016 6:00am

Altice USA COO Hakim Boubazine sent out an employee memo to company tech workers Monday, attempting to summarize the MSO’s plan to spin off the company’s network engineering force into a new company called Altice Technical Services U.S... —  read more 

Don't buy into the hype

This company doesn't care about you or the customer. This company was a ponzi scheme from day one. Start one company to assume debt so they can launch theyre sh*tty IPO and make it seem like Altice was a for profit business. Start ATS put useless... —  read more 

Don’t trust AUSA

Hmmm, we have been punished the the past 4 years for thing out of our control and it will continue. My mo–n Supervisor “control what you can control”. My meter doesn’t work mo–n The Fiber is garbage never trained properly mo–n Altice boxes... —  read more 


With Barry gone, I’m sure his henchmen are very shaken up not knowing where they will land. Now AUSA can do some serious thinking in getting the Company back in to shape. Bring back those loyal employees with enough experience that can bring back... —  read more 

What on earth?

I’ve been having node issues since March. Now Altice magically sends contractors 9 months later to replace the street line to the amplifier. Why did it take engineers 9 months to figure this out? Altice engineers are probably the dumbest....

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