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Closures and in house techs

In the non eastern or Cablevision or optimum markets ...we have seen the old trucks going to contractors and no techs being replaced just shuffling people around from managers down people jumping back to Altice USA from ATS ....( only upper... read more

Texas ROC

Just heard Tyler ROC is done. NYC is taking over Texas ROC.

questions for Newark & Piscataway

Curious to know the response from management in your area since you filed. any anti-union rhetoric being spewed? (captive audience meetings) has there been any Hilber sightings? has bumblin' Bob been feeding you any sweet kool-aid? what's the... read more

Short staffed

I am tired of being short staffed. We can’t even flag for each other anymore. Altice has no regard for our safety. They only care about the money. Maybe we should have more employees before you start picking up other projects.

One more...

Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. Is Investigating Altice USA, Inc. (ATUS) On Behalf Of Stockholders And Encourages Investors To Contact The Firm GlobeNewswire - Tue Jul 10, 7:14PM CDT Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. is investigating potential claims against... read more

And another...

Scott+Scott Attorneys At Law LLP Investigating Altice USA, Inc. (ATUS) On Behalf Of Investors BusinessWire - Tue Jul 10, 10:36AM CDT Scott+Scott Attorneys at Law LLP ("Scott+Scott"), a national shareholder and consumer rights litigation firm, is... read more


Does sales have access to field comms, I want to know if they know about the FTTH like we do
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T Shirts????

After 29 years in the Company we are hearing that we are getting T Shirts !??? Wow no more collared shirts !!! Wait wait wait .... you can wear the T Shirts but you have to wear the Vest ... What’s the point of a T Shirt ...


I wanna download the field tech app to my iPad, what’s the link?

Inbound Sales call center is a rigged game

Every month in both the NJ and Bronx sales call centers, the same exact people are on top every day and every month. It's so obvious that they are getting more sales calls routed to them for some reason. How this isn't illegal is mind boggling.


NEWARK DATE: Wednesday, July 18, 2018 TIME: 7:30am to 12:30pm PLACE: 335 Delancey Street (training room) VOTING UNIT: All full-time and regular part-time Broadband Technicians I, Broadband Technicians II, and Broadband Technicians III... read more

Charter Cabke

Charter’s gigabit cable with no data caps is ready for 27 million homes

Someone please already

What’s the list of where fiber is being deployed now, I know the obvious places like the launch market but want to know what other headends are being worked on. I’m not a random, I don’t have access to much but I am employed by Altice and need to... read more

Read all about it.

Unknown to the public or my fellow peers The fiber douche bags that are running this company have been behind the scenes, in secret talks to create a merger between them and a certain cell phone company. God I hope that S company doesn’t buy into... read more

Altice Operations in Dominica Republic for sale

KKR declined to comment while Altice and the other bidders were not immediately available for comment. Altice, whose debt equals more than twice its annual revenues, is rushing to finalize a series of non-core disposals involving telecoms towers in... read more

Anyone wanna discuss specifics

What do you guys think about the fiber project, where can we have done it better and if the money made from the speed tiers will help recoup cost and keep our jobs, what even are the rumored tiers anyway?

Here comes another one...

FOLLOW June 15, 2018 6:37pm Comments Shareholder rights law firm Robbins Arroyo LLP announces that purchasers of Altice USA, Inc. ATUS 1.06% have filed a class action complaint against the company's officers and directors for alleged violations of... read more
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Altice One

I have been talking to a lot of friends, who have Altice One and not one of them has anything good to say about it. Looks like we are going to be losing lots of customers, because of this junk product. I do not understand how Altice is still a... read more

Other sites

Does anyone know of other sites similar to this one that I can vent on anonymously. I feel that this is more of a union site than anything. Just getting tired of this company and there impossible goals.

Enough is Enough.

This is the line i got when I asked why must I report to another depo miles away from where I was assigned. In order to facilitate to our best of class service. We will be asking everyone in Altice USA / ATS to take on multiple technical roles in... read more

do i have a lawsuit

I worked in Melville VDO. June 6, 2017 we were told we were laid off as of June 29. Then they changed their minds a few times bc its funs to play with people. Last I heard the Brooklyn? maybe it was the Bronx? version of VDO (who was union) had the... read more

Sales leaving

How are they planning on selling all their services with all the sales people leaving it sounds like the sales people are leaving in droves. Sounds like nobody wants to buy alticeone

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