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Workers comp

Just saying hear that comp pays 50% so for you Bethpage Freeport guys try to get that better with your contract negotiations . It’s a real f...u if so true. Not just less points on work that u get payed for think about what happens to you when Hurt... read more

Ginger Bread

Altice Ginger Bread Cookies commercial, 😂 Try making workers happy and dance.

Sign up time

It's getting late, time to sign a union card, or a VRP, wake up stop crying and do the right thing. The parties over, it won't get any better. Make a New Years resolution and get off your duff and get moving.

Altice & unions

Why is altice pre negotiating with brooklyn union shops and why did they pretty much let the long island shops unionize? Is there a method to there madness?

Different times

Good Old Days Company picnic 10 20 30 year dinner Sick and personal days check Year end bonus Great medical dental and eye classes 10 sick days and 3 personal days. 4 weeks vacation What do you have left? This was taken from @WwBLq24-2stq . The... read more


It's Christmas time at Altice, not a creature was stirring not even a tech. Merry Christmas to all and a layoff soon! 😂 Ho Ho Ho🎅

Can only hope.
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Theory 1 - Company keeping out of service to hide all the NIDS ??? This way they can lay-off manpower because of the lack of work ????

Here are some real problems with unions.

The cons of being in a union:People know how to abuse the system. There is so much abuse, because people know all the loopholes and know they can’t really be fired unless they do something completely inappropriate. I know someone who spent most of... read more


I can’t get one hour of OT but these so called Fiber Splicers are getting Unlimited OT !!!!!! This is Bull !!!!!

How do you rate Altice USA

Since Altice USA bought Cablevision, How do you rate Altice performance as a major MSO In the industry by the following Categories 5-excellent employer 4-somewhat good 3-nuetral, cant say 2-somewhat bad 1-aweful employer 0 to - 10 worst buisness... read more

New Hires

Why were some of the new hires for field service moved right into Construction instead?


What are the new rumors?

Showtime grab some popcorn

ALTICE LEAD PLAINTIFF DEADLINE ALERT: Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Encourages Investors Who Suffered Losses Exceeding $100,000 In Altice USA, Inc. To Contact The Firm GlobeNewswire - 56 minutes ago


Does anyone have Servassure working down for over a week what’s really going on billing issues my guess

Union vote soon

News 12 long island has a union vote coming up. It's time all the news 12 join. After 2020 all of the news12 will be slashed to the bone. Join now and stand up and make your voice heard

Another satisfied customer

Anthony of Hoboken, NJ Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov. 14, 2018 I have had Optimum cable for many years. I've never been happy with the service, but that is the only provider in my apartment building. I upgraded to Altice One, hoping it would... read more

And the ball has begun to roll...

As you may or may not know the Freeport & Bethpage depots have filed a petition with the NLRB to be represented by IBEW local 1049. Just informing everyone that an email has gone out from the company informing us that the process has officially begun... read more

Layoffs due to customer drops?

When do you think we'll see layoffs directly related to this year's drops in customers? We all know they're coming and which areas will be affected the most, the only question that remains is when will it start. While I'm hoping it's not before next... read more

No OT !!!

So let’s see all OT is dead !!! Oh wait FTTH is unlimited OT !!!! So U work OT to make your PDO numbers , Fiber techs getting OT and have nothing to do with actually doing anything With FTTH ???? We are understaffed but yet they send guys to FTTH ???... read more

Altice FTTH

How are those 10 fiber customers doing? I wonder when we will get past the 20 fiber customer mark.

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