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AT&T Outsources more and more...

So the not so brilliant decision to acquire DTV was costly. But arrogant Randall went after T-Mobil and failed. The Board must be asleep or they are getting rich and don’t care? So they approve Time Warner media acquisition. Costly? Well let’s get... —  read more 

Genious, AT&T to prioritized Streaming Service

AT&T apparently has never heard the phrase, "a bird in hand is worth two in a bush". They abandon their customers in pursuit of new customers. Their acquisition cost for new customers in far greater than offering current customers more value. the... —  read more 

When will we know?

The wait is becoming unbearable - we know layoffs are coming, we know thousands of people will be affected, so please get it over with as soon as possible! Honestly, the anticipation and stressing are worse than finding out I need to look for a new... —  read more 

Good read

Hundreds of pink slips are coming for "duplicative administrative functions" in AT&T's entertainment empire, and CEO John Stankey and TV chief Bob Greenblatt risk eroding "distinctive" individual brands like HBO and Turner in the process... —  read more 

Get Ready

Sorry, Warner, but as former DIRECTV, I feel for you all. AT&T insists on forcing their dysfunctional culture and processes on you despite proven success with your own. Not to worry, after a few years they will come back around to it and then act... —  read more 

Who could be affected the most?

Judging by they way AT&t performed their own layoffs there is little chance that they will announce what are they planning to achieve with this restructure or how many people are to be cut. Any rumors? What departments are they planning to trim the... —  read more 

They certainly didn't waste any time

For those who were hoping it would take some time before layoffs started - boy were you wrong... "AT&T's WarnerMedia announces reorganization that WSJ reports could lead to significant layoffs"... —  read more 


Welcome to AT&T! We will be adding you shortly to our list of quarterly surpluses and start adjusting your bonus and salary bands in the near future. Don't worry 10s of thousands of AT&T resources already deal with this you should be fine, we believe... —  read more 

Time Warner inc

Not fair that our org has to make up for AT&T's Total financial dysfuncion, are we supposed to makeup for the continued shrinking segments revenues? How about hiring competent professionals in network, wireless, and content? —  read more 

Got that dreadful call.

Got the call in the morning and was told I will be let go. It is kinda sad but not surprised its been a long year waiting to hear the news. But deep down I knew I was on the chomping block. But from what I heard I am part of a huge layoffs going on.

Nobody is safe

Why do people who have been with Time Warner the longest believe they are safe from layoffs? Does anybody really believe that company loyalty is a thing anymore? People will be laid off based primarily on how much they earn. End of story. Years in... —  read more 

How long before it starts?

How long does it usually take after a merger for layoffs to start? Do we at least have a few months while the dust on the whole deal settles or will it start sooner than that? I've heard many horror stories since yesterday and I'm not sure anymore... —  read more 

This will not end well for us

This merger will be awful for Time Warner and its employees. Most of the expected layoffs will come from our side - and trust me when I tell you there'll be a lot of them. Not to mention that company culture will change for the worse sooner then you... —  read more 

It is with great sadness to report that

Today marks the end of Time warner Inc, in 3 years tome grom today, your company would look like DirecV, in shambles and Rio ed, history tends to repeat itself, :(

Forget about layoffs -- AT&T is a TOXIC CULTURE

Dear TWC folks -- get ready for some big changes once the deathstar takes over. As one of the few post-merger surviving Directv employees I can tell you that AT&T is a horribly run, heavy-handed, micro-managing, bureaucratic nightmare. Innovation... —  read more 

Layoffs are nothing new

It's funny how people get scared at the mention of word layoffs in relation to AT&T merger, when Time Warner's been laying off people every few months under the guise of reorganization for years now. This is nothing new, it's just not as well... —  read more 

They can't keep piling more work on us

Anybody else really worried about what the merger will bring for us if it goes through? We are overworked as it is. For years now, Time Warner has been refusing to back-fill any vacant positions, instead just piling the work on those of us who are... —  read more 

It gets worse ...

SORRY GUYS, IT LOOKS LIKE AT&T’s top executives are considering divesting some Time Warner assets — including news organization CNN and celebrity gossip site TMZ — after they merge. —  read more 

So sorry....but welcome to the AT&T family of layoffs

Just like Bellsouth, DirecTV and the TW newcomers , they will face the harsh reality of working for this company, This is rarely good news for about 90% of the staff. Sure, management is fine. After all, they negotiated the deal. But whether you were... —  read more 

Get your resumes ready.

If you haven't followed what is transpiring at AT&T and Directv since they married I would suggest catching up. Be warned do not keep your heads in the sand AT&T is among the most toxic places to work for and I guarantee you your future boss Randall... —  read more 

Time Warner HBO layoffs

HBO unit is going to cut about 7% of its 2400 staff over the next few weeks. Time Warner posted a loss of $16.03 billion...

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NY Times Layoffs

Q1 of 2014 - almost certain layoffs of editorial staff here at NYT - you never know how things will be developed but there are so many signals pointing in this direction and I have to put it in the 'almost certain' category.

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2014 Layoffs

There is a lot of fear, lot of rumors - the word is that Time Inc. will be cutting hundreds of jobs in 2014

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