Topics regarding layoffs at Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc.

"You opted to be here"

News flash: Company town hall, Zaslav tells the employees, "You opted to be here" as to the fact that they need to/should be embracing his vision. Like a mugger telling their victim who is laying on the ground, "you opted to be here, at least I... —  read more 


Talk about the wolf being at the front door! Unkie Zas is selling the WBD music library for a cool billion. Zas way overpaid and assumed unneeded at&t debt in the acquisition. The WBD share price is $13, I'm not sure how Zas is keeping the lights... —  read more 

# of voluntary departures

I know this site is about layoffs, but does anyone have number on voluntary departures? Just the number that i see in the areas i work with is huge. Between involuntary and voluntary the old time warner / warnermedia must be down 50% in the past 2... —  read more 

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Shareholders deserve better.

Wake up Zas! WBD shareholders have had enough. You have ruined Discovery with your acquisition of Warner. Most think Stankey got the better of Discovery. Warner was worth no more than $8B. Zas way overpaid! WBD is now in shambles and will never... —  read more 

Zas got hoodwinked

3Q results in today, horrible in every aspect. Give it up Zas, you are in way over your head. You paid 4X what Warner was worth. Now WBD is in debt $57B. How does this happen, no way Zas will ever pay off that debt. WBD will be in bankruptcy within 2... —  read more 

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WBD is done!

Zas is in way over his head. Talk about managing decline. There is nothing to look forward to with this company. They can merge all they want, it's still an uphill battle that will ultimately be won by the likes of YouTube. Who would have thought... —  read more 

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HBO was something I looked up to. Quality . This company became its own game of thrones and ultimately the iron throne is a hot pile of sh-t

Dear Adria Alpert Romm

Thank you so much for your email, making sure we all knew yesterday was Mental Health Awareness day. I appreciate you responding to the Survey, but apologies, i missed the question regarding the mass layoff being one of the things, "types of... —  read more 

Let's merge!

Let's go ahead and merge with Universal. This media industry is ripe for consolidation. We only need three major players in media, it's as simple as that. If no consolidation occurs, there will be many media company bankruptcies in the near term.

Zas got hoodwinked!

Yes, that's right. Stankey knew early on the Warner Media was a big mistake. He needed to dump Warner Media without delay. Stankey convinced Zas that Warner would be a good fit for Discovery. Sad sealed it hook, line, and sinker. Share price dropped... —  read more 

WBD shares at $13.15

Come on Zas, when are you gonna do something about the share price? We are sick of it, I should have sold off all my shares when at&t unloaded this mess on you. This company is a dumpster fire.

Warner Bros. Discovery insiders are bracing for more layoffs in the days ahead as the company looks to cut global ad sales force

Warner Bros. Discovery insiders are bracing for layoffs starting as soon as next week. The cuts are expected to hit ad sales teams, the latst in a series of rolling layoffs throughout the year. CEO David Zaslav is under pressure to wring $3... —  read more 

This is getting unbearable

If I don't get a better offer soon, I don't know how longer I can endure this much pressure doing a triple workload. They are literally testing our limits. Perhaps their goal is to have as many people as possible leave voluntarily?

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