Topics regarding layoffs at BT

Topics regarding layoffs at BT


What do we know about Allison Kirkby? Is she trigger-happy when it comes to layoffs? I'm willing to give anybody a chance but I'm worried that she's going to start next year by proving she can save money - which will be done through layoffs, as... — read more 

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Stop panicking

I know 55k is a huge number but not all of that will be layoffs. Most of it will come from attrition and people retiring. BT will just stop backfilling positions. In all honesty, I'm more scared of that than being affected. That means that the rest... — read more 

BT org change

We’re proposing the following changes: •     One Cloud Cisco (OCC) will move from Oswestry, London and India to Birmingham and Hungary •     Global Wholesale Voice (Gipx) function will move from Birmingham to Hungary •     Global Managed Voice... — read more 

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Impossible to meet goals

I am under tremendous stress. Lately, I've been wondering if it's just me because maybe I'm less motivated than before, or do most people here deal with very unrealistic goals?

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BT is laying off employees

BT is laying off employees despite prior “Promises” of standing by their people and customers during the pandemic. Employees are given notice with little regard to number of years of service given. The new way forward will be to offshore all of its... — read more 

Preparing for a sale

Frankly, BT preparing itself for a sale is the only thing that does make sense right now. There had to be something behind such a huge layoff number. The company is rife with the rumour that management is trying to dress the company up for some kind... — read more 

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BT global layoffs 2018

This is going to be brutal! It looks like BT is planning to lay off as much as 6,500 people in the coming months. Most of this might again end up being in the U.K., from the looks of it, considering that managerial and back-office employees will be... — read more 

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