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BT Group Layoffs 2019

Do you think there may be small/medium/large BT Group Layoffs in 2019?
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Preparing for a sale

Frankly, BT preparing itself for a sale is the only thing that does make sense right now. There had to be something behind such a huge layoff number. The company is rife with the rumour that management is trying to dress the company up for some kind... read more

BT is currently begging around for cheap workforce.

Typical BT outsourcing manager - tries to make requirements ambiguous and get work done for free by browbeating the outsourcing partner managers (they pay as little as 25% for 100% work) if the person on other side takes precautions nd resists... read more
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BT global layoffs 2018

This is going to be brutal! It looks like BT is planning to lay off as much as 6,500 people in the coming months. Most of this might again end up being in the U.K., from the looks of it, considering that managerial and back-office employees will be... read more

BT Group Layoffs 2018

Financial Market keeps going up and down, there is a ton of uncertainty and people are talking about layoffs in London.
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BT Group Layoffs 2017

I haven't been around long time (oh, well) but I already heard about possible job cuts in London.
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