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Outsourcing is losing us customers

Most of our customer service for YP has been outsourced and to say it’s terrible is an understatement. How are we supposed to provide great customer satisfaction when you have to deal with people who barely speak English and probably lack the... —  read more 

Upper management needs an overhaul

YPs upper management needs to be cleaned out ASAP! Major policy changes are being made so quickly that you know it isn’t well thought out. The direction of the company changes so often that it becomes discerning and disruptive to employees. Those at... —  read more 

Incoming YP layoffs for 2017 and 2018

I am seeing rumors of incoming layoffs here and on other sites, but nobody seems to have any concrete info. Is it just speculation related to acquisition or has something been announced and I somehow managed to miss it? Any info would be highly... —  read more 

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