Topics regarding layoffs at Netflix Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Netflix Inc.

Scott Stuber leaving in March

Netflix‘s film chief Scott Stuber is leaving the streamer to start a new media company. The exec will stay at Netflix through the middle of March, after which chief content officer Bela Bajaria will find his replacement, according to those... — read more 

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Netflix keeps laying people off

A few here, a few there... It's ongoing but too small to raise any attention. It's rare to see some of it make it into the news. Anybody who works at Netflix and thinks he or she is safe is delusional. Job security might have been a job benefit once... — read more 

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Netflix leadership is a joke

So, Ted Sarandos is worried that being fair to writers and actors here will force the company to be fair to actors and writers in other countries. Do these people ever think before they speak? This is why we have layoffs even when things are going... — read more 

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Looking Good

Cost cutting measures and password sharing crackdowns appear to be working as Netflix is the lone bright spot in a hollywood death spiral. disney, warner, paramount, and universal are over... netflix and youtube are the current titans of the... — read more 

Were you laid off? WARN Act

The WARN Act requires an employer to notify employees, in writing, 60 days before a layoff, and pay the employee for those 60 days, in addition to any severance the employee may be entitled to. Unfortunately, some employers attempt to circumvent the... — read more 

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There may be nowhere to go...

"Silicon Valley is telling us something about the recession to come with a huge wave of layoffs and hiring freezes this week"

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That's Not Good

" surveyed 1,000 Americans about their Netflix habits. Twenty-five per cent said that they planned to leave this year. That could mean that over 18million US subscribers will vanish, leaving a $272million ho-e in the streaming company's... — read more 

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Here we go again

There's no money for employees but there's plenty of money to hire two expensive ad executives from Snap. It's obvious the direction Netflix is headed in and it'll be its downfall. I have no intention to be here and watch it happen, though. As soon... — read more 

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Job openings

I am waiting for the colleague who left to be replaced, but I am already losing hope that this will happen. There are job openings, but nobody seems to be getting hired. What is this all about?

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Layoffs have just begun

I think we'll be having layoffs on more or less monthly bases for the foreseeable future. We are entering a recession and services like ours are among the first non-essential costs that get cut. This has nothing to do with quality or quantity or... — read more 

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I am perplexed by the fact that a company that often paid the highest base amongst tech companies has to cut down employees as the encounter first signs of trouble? Their financials are amazing, $5B in net income. Growing revewnue and income all... — read more 

It's getting worse

Layoffs continue, there were more today. The four month severance was taken out of the culture deck at a convenient time like this. The culture also went bad recently, it was all about $$$ - now that $$$ is gone everyone is pissy and trying to bail... — read more 

It's not just Tudum

Don't think for a second these layoffs were limited just to Tudum. All you have to do is check Twitter, people who were affected are posting and they are from various areas. This is our new reality. Netflix has to keep shareholders happy. With fewer... — read more 

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