Topics regarding layoffs at DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.


Apparently the talentless hacks cannot even manage a SEQUEL, to just continue writing a story with BUILT IN CHARACTERS? Maybe the story department can start taking field trips to any coffee house in LA where you literally trip over unemployed writers... — read more 

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Failing your way to fortune

The bigger the failure at DWA, the bigger your fortune. Ann Daly, $4 million bonus, Jon Batter, $5 million to leave and fail at M-GO, Ed Leonard, $10 million to fail at DreamWorks Investments plus employment for life (of the company which may not be... — read more 

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Why did you vote?

I admit, I filled out the Fortune best company questionnaire and fibbed. For some reason, I wanted a good rank. But why? Because we get balloons and cookies for our birthday? It wasn't really that great, even in the good times. Why were we deluding... — read more 

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Job fair coming up!

My advice to anyone still at DWA: Get out now, before the flood gates open! There are many good jobs out there for creatives. You might not get free lunch or a bottomless ice cream machine, but you will get management that is ethical, caring and... — read more 

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How is that DreamTab doing?

Who thinks up of these deals? Would Pixar stoop to such low levels? The stench of desperation is strong at DWA.

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