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Good thing JK laid-off 1000 of us! Start stamping your movies with "Made in China".


They deserve free stock? WTF do they do?

Date Insider Shares Type Transaction May 26, 2015 FRESTON THOMAS E Director = 7,374 shares May 26, 2015 HOBSON MELLODY L Director = 14,749 shares May 26, 2015 GRAINGE LUCIAN Director = 7,374 shares May 26, 2015 MONTGOMERY MICHAEL J Director = 8,296... read more

Meetups scheduled for ex PDI/DW in Bay Area?

Is there a place, breakfast day, etc.?

Melody Hobson article in this months Vanity Fair

It is good for a few laughs. Doesn't anyone realize what a shitty BOD member and chairperson she has been?

Fazal Merchant the new CFO just bought a $180,000 sports car

Just out of respect don't you have to wait at least 6 months after laying off 20% of the company to show up in a car that's twice as expensive as the CEO's? I guess the million dollar bonus he got in December... read more

114 in Glendale and 403 in Redwood City

That's your number, a WARN notice filed with the State: 114 in Glendale and 403 in Redwood City

More JK Brilliance

David Soren will save us with Captain Underpants! He did such a good job with Turbo, right?

Get the plunger, it's time to flush!

What a toilet this place has become. Look at all the execs floating around in the bowl that need to be flushed down. How can they even walk around on campus (which we don't even own anymore) and look anyone in the eye? All the artists here should... read more

DWA reported revenue decrease of 3.2 per cent to US$ 684.62 million for the year ended 31 December

DWA reported revenue decrease of 3.2 per cent to US$ 684.62 million for the year ended 31 December, 2014 (FY-2014, current year) as compared to the revenue of US$ 705.92 million in FY-2013. DWA says that increases in the New Media segment were more... read more

Paying off credit with credit

Nice move JK. Sell the studio and lease it back again. Brilliant!

Why we lost

It is the Academy telling JK, Ann and the execs to hit the road.


Apparently the talentless hacks cannot even manage a SEQUEL, to just continue writing a story with BUILT IN CHARACTERS? Maybe the story department can start taking field trips to any coffee house in LA where you literally trip over unemployed writers... read more

Job Fair

Anyone find anything interesting?

Stock is going up!

Get ready for the execs to unload shares from their bottomless resevoir of options.

Our saving grace.

Rihanna will save us in 5 weeks. Everyone will get their jobs back. ...we do have a movie coming out in 5 weeks right? Haven't heard a peep.

Ann Daly: The Invisible Executive

http://finance.dailyadvocate.com/how-much-money-did-ann-daly-make/dwa/executive/ann-daly/ann-daly.htm Most corporate Presidents are very active in charity, advisory groups, public outreach, other board of directors, local arts and eduction, etc. Not... read more

Michael Francis: Branding Genius

http://finance.dailyadvocate.com/how-much-money-did-michael-francis-make/dwa/executive/michael-francis/michael-francis-2953196.htm Only $6 million for Mikey last year? C'mon, those planned Russian themes parks are going to save the company! (Rubles... read more

How the execs waste our money: Exhibit 1

The "Executive Briefing Center". What a boondoggle waste of cash. Good place to score some nice snacks after a bogus synergy meeting the execs like to have with companies who know a sucker when they see one though.

Congrats on the Technical Oscars

Everyone involved in the technologies that received an award has either left the company or was laid off.

Failing your way to fortune

The bigger the failure at DWA, the bigger your fortune. Ann Daly, $4 million bonus, Jon Batter, $5 million to leave and fail at M-GO, Ed Leonard, $10 million to fail at DreamWorks Investments plus employment for life (of the company which may not be... read more

Why did you vote?

I admit, I filled out the Fortune best company questionnaire and fibbed. For some reason, I wanted a good rank. But why? Because we get balloons and cookies for our birthday? It wasn't really that great, even in the good times. Why were we deluding... read more

Job fair coming up!

My advice to anyone still at DWA: Get out now, before the flood gates open! There are many good jobs out there for creatives. You might not get free lunch or a bottomless ice cream machine, but you will get management that is ethical, caring and... read more

Let's reflect on the changes over last two years in Glendale

Literally nothing has changed. http://www.thelayoff.com/dreamworks-animation-skg?page=14


Ann wishes she could have his job. Keep dreaming Ann! You are a COO in name only.

JK can add another washed-up one to his arsenal...


How is that DreamTab doing?

Who thinks up of these deals? Would Pixar stoop to such low levels? The stench of desperation is strong at DWA. https://www.yahoo.com/tech/why-you-dont-want-fuhus-dreamworks-themed-tablet-for-95333013214.html

Park in reserved parking?

Your value to the company: None (Actually a net minus)

Keep the wastrio correct.

Are we one to one now? For every one manager or Exec, we have one artist?

Less of you means more for us!

All the B2B rooms can be converted into more offices for the execs.

Chef Fazal is getting ready to cook

Anyone who cares about DreamWorks should listen to the "restructuring" call taken with analysts and the press. http://ir.dreamworksanimation.com/files/doc_downloads/2015/351097_v001_t34hvc.mp3 Listen closely to Chef Fazal squirm and equivocate when... read more

Ann Daly: 20 years of screwing the pooch

Of Ann's 60 years on the planet, 1/3 or them have been spent ruining DWA. What other form of employment offers such protection for such incompetence? Let's say your car breaks down and you bring it to a shop. You pick it, and it runs like shit. The... read more

It's almost Monday!

Monday is coming up and I'll be busy getting the fresh flowers ordered for the execs and making sure the kitchen is well stocked with cereal and snacks. It is important that the candy jars also be kept filled and that the furniture is correctly... read more

Complain all you want...

But at least we're getting four months paid. Not too many companies give that.

When is the actual deadwood going to removed?

Bill D. was the only one who paid a price. The other two moved on because they have real careers and reputations to protect. They weren't let go, they got the hell out! When will we see the announcements about Ann D., her retinue of overpaid losers... read more

Artists out

Looks like yet again us artists will take the brunt of the layoff.


What is happening with the DWA Indian studio?

आप जम्मू कश्मीर का शुक्र है!

भारत सबसे अच्छा है!

Bloated middle management, refusal to streamline (department heads)...

I was at DreamWorks for 4 years. I started as Dragons was released and left when Me and My Shadow was cancelled. It was painfully obvious to most employees that DreamWorks had been carrying a lot of long time department heads for no obvious reason. A... read more

Open letter from the Republican partyw

Dear Mr. Katzenberg, We would like to thank you for your continued support in workforce globalization. Clearly you understand the value of eliminating jobs in the U.S. where unions have capitalized on over paid employees. You are a beacon of... read more

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