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Restructuring is a new word for layoffs

If you advance and make more money, you are on the radar for "restructureing" Love that term, nice way of saying targeted termination without cause. Cox's HR people have gotten really good at dancing around this process.

This is so true, @OMhpeA5-2tsi. This has become their go to term when they want to get rid of people, but think outright saying layoffs will cause too much trouble. I have come to hate the word...

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I really, really, hate to see anyone get laid off but there are so many layers of 3rd and 4th level Management. I mean the Directors with no direct reports who sit on calls and produce nothing. These so called subject matter experts whose only expertise is call sitting all day. If we could save a few Lev 1 and Lev 2 workers who are actually productive, younger and producing it would be worthwhile as these 4th levels would not be missed. Don't shoot the messenger but it really blows my mind

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This happened to me , called into meetings . To basically let me know I was being overpaid , after that I was put on PIP and let go

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