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This seeking alpha dude is a clown. He is LONG on Oracle and is praying he doesnt get his a-- handed to him.

Its coming though. The "reorg" is coming in June / July and the shake out has already started. No big "layoff event" perse, but the usual cleaning out of sales personnel (reps, managers, SC's, CSM's) at the year end when the new comp plans roll out and the strategy cette année is revealed.

#Idiots run #Oracle

Post a picture on twitter from an all hands meeting about the value of employees right after a layoff. Check.


Celebrate our incredible employees at our Global Employee Summit! We would not be #Oracle without you.

That was just a couple of weeks after the first wave of 1.1 Billion dollars of severance packages went out and those employees were walked off campus. Pretty sure a good number of the employees in the photo got hit in the next wave too. Wonder how many will survive the whole package. We are just a little over half way there.... Gotta love the 365 days of suspense.

Oracle CEO welcomes the Design Tech High School

They could have spent the money retraining all of the folks they fired. A real shame.

Oracle CEO welcomes the Design Tech High School community to their new campus at #Oracle HQ. “When there were roadblocks, the collective spirit of every person involved made this possible. This is one of the highlights of my life," says Safra Catz.


How to cope with layoff anxiety – medical or psychological or cognitive coping strategies?

It seems that every this or that group at #Oracle gets axed – at this point, all of this has started to affect my health, my #anxiety levels are through the roof. Seriously, I try to avoid thinking about layoffs, try to avoid discussing it with #Oracle folks or family, I even stay off this site. Lately,

I am having quite a bit of trouble sleeping without interruption, my blood pressure is consistently high, I am easily distracted.

How do you guys deal with things like this – do you have any #gold strategy that works for you… Any pearls of wisdom that you may be able to share?