Topics regarding layoffs at Ciena Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Ciena Corp.

Corporate culture

CIENA is by far the most fake my 27 years of working in large corporations. There is no interest of being loyal. If you are in favor with the right people, chances are you will survive, especially considering the executive team is decades old and... — read more 

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Ciena directors and technical directors

Are they worth for their titles, looks stupid to me. I know some medicre people from Juniper and Citrix joined there. Are they worth for their titles, looks stupid to me. I know some medicre people from Juniper and Citrix joined there.

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Broadcom eying ciena

I've just read that in case the VMware acquisition falls through, Broadcom is planning to go after us instead. What are the chances this is true? I usually take things I read on the internet with a grain of salt, but this has me worried for some... — read more 

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resigned for greener pastures

I would urge everyone to consider opportunities outside Ciena. If you are seeking far better pay (+ 50%), more scope for career growth and a better culture that would treat employees like they should, that would be a no brainer. PM and the cool-aid... — read more 

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Going private

When a public company is eligible to deregister a class of its equity securities, either because those securities are no longer widely held or because they are delisted from an exchange, this is known as “going private.”Oct 19, 2022 Any news ??... — read more 

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company B And company A offers-

So I interviewed with two companies recently, both pre-IPO. Before company B moved to make an offer I accepted company A in writing who made a really good offer. But now company B has made a better offer. I have 10 yrs of experience as a Senior... — read more 

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Meta 30% layoffs

We all know the PM who’s making TikToks at work and the company is full of people like that. Low stock price won’t let us burn billions into Reality Labs. If the leadership wants to continue investing into AR/VR then they need to trim the fat right... — read more 

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Got fired from Ciena

Colleague got fired from Ciena on attitude and misbehavior issues. The guy who got fired was behaving too much reserved, ignoring team members and not ready to share the knowledge. He was warned but he didn’t change his behavior.. ciena Canada fired... — read more 

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Experiencing burnout

I'm still here only because I haven't received a better offer yet. Fortunately, I don't believe it will be difficult to get an offer that includes better benefits and less burnout than here. I think my burnout has a burnout now. In fact, it... — read more 

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merge teams

Why do we need separate test manager and test directors. They simply are roadblocks and create confusion in the scrum process. Merge the test engineers into the development teams under the development manager.

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rotten to the core

sanjose is highly political environment with multiple hit jobs done every year by one community against anyone who is seen as obstacle in their career path. This nexus of no-good-doers are not contributing to the work. They pretend to work and if... — read more 

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