Topics regarding layoffs at Ciena Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Ciena Corp.

merge teams

Why do we need separate test manager and test directors. They simply are roadblocks and create confusion in the scrum process. Merge the test engineers into the development teams under the development manager.

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rotten to the core

sanjose is highly political environment with multiple hit jobs done every year by one community against anyone who is seen as obstacle in their career path. This nexus of no-good-doers are not contributing to the work. They pretend to work and if... —  read more 

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This san jose engineering heads and hr actually allow pervasive harassment, even though the company policy prohibits it.

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The Engineering VP has no direction and complete chaos. He doesnt know how much effort is needed to complete a delivery after 5 years of working with the same team and on same product. He cannot gain trust of his management or employees, and he... —  read more 

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New Layoffs in North America

We had new layoffs in North America of long time employees who have made Ciena what is today, a global leader in Telecom. It is mostly concentrated in Finance, IT , HR and Engineering teams. Our management is laying off the best of our colleagues and... —  read more 


Why get rid of some of the best employees with most experience? How is that going to help Ciena in the long run? I understand that older people with more years with the company earn more on average, but there is a good reason for that. I really don't... —  read more 

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