Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Oracle CEO welcomes the Design Tech High School

They could have spent the money retraining all of the folks they fired. A real shame.

Oracle CEO welcomes the Design Tech High School community to their new campus at #Oracle HQ. “When there were roadblocks, the collective spirit of every person involved made this possible. This is one of the highlights of my life," says Safra Catz.

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Prelude to SC getting more involved in politics that’s all

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ummm, @RaPJTIi-2pcl, no. We are talking about the kiddos gaming the "IVR" systems and auto dialers. Not rotary dialing. You are the one who brought up rotary dialing...maybe YOU are the DINOSAUR TROLL who's monitoring this board for MH & LE b/c its all you can do?

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"If you're old enough to use a rotary dial phone growing up, please make room for young people to build a career and get out of the way!" Because you want to use the push button phone at the call center, huh?! So interesting that you would make a telephone reference given that Oracle is going all in on the call center dialing-for-cloud-dollars model!

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EXACTLY @RaPJTIi-1qhs. The fact that exec leadership at Oracle fails to understand the environment they are in does not mean that people at oracle are all irrelevant idiots and that the new millennial hires are somehow going to save the company. People need to leave oracle if they want to have a thriving innovative career in tech. If you want a slog, that is archaic with a glossy fake veneer of "digital hubs and young girls out of college making phone calls (in breathy voices) to target prospects and customers (mostly male), then you are in the right company. Otherwise run for the hills and improve your career reputation immediately.

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@1qvr Yeah, SURE... that's why we're the only major cloud company that has failed to protect our users from Meltdown.

The problem is it is not the people being let go who were "in the way" or holding Oracle back. It is MH, SC, LE, and TK who are too old to understand the cloud and have totally failed to build anything worth using.

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First of all, whoever is writing this post as @RaPJTIi-1qvr is clueless as to the talent across Oracle beyond the HW or "TECH" group. The SaaS or "APPS" division is full of talent and most of it GenX. NOT Millennial or Baby Boomer. Your post about being irrelevant is just trolling and rude. Methinks you will be the one working at Wally World soon, not the actual talent. And FWIW, Oracle isn't laying off in SaaS.

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Oracle is using 20th century employee recruit/retain strategies.

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Creating a HS to grows a new generation of prospective employees so it makes a lot of sense to Oracle and other companies as well. This makes a lot more sense than wasting money to retain a whole lot of old timers that are no longer "relevant". Sorry if it hurts but that's just a fact. There are jobs at Walmart for those laid off workers. If you're old enough to use a rotary dial phone growing up, please make room for young people to build a career and get out of the way!

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