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Updated on Moog

Please post any layoff updates that you may have. There is a ton of rumors, it's hard to find out what's real and what's not.


Banned by south Korean government for inappropriate gouging of defense contracts...what a disaster and crooked manager who paid for these mistakes he was chased for?


Moog is the worst place on planet earth. Harassment back stabbing falsifying GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS is required by upper management. Forget the build specs just slap it together to make shipment. Heck with the components required just shove whatever in... —  read more 

Worst Managed Place In America

The Company is run off the inertia developed way back in 1951, this company has NOT grown Organically since and has drifted into good luck. the Workforce is Lazy, negligent and incompetent, everyone is related to everyone in the place, it's... —  read more 

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This Company is poorly managed

Sales are down as well as growth. Moog is struggling to keep a float. The CEO figures making cuts is a way to save money and after 2016 we will rebound. However, he does not say why or how it will rebound. Maybe he has a crystal ball or maybe he is... —  read more 

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Jay Hennig

Jay Hennig was one of the last old Moog guys left. He was not happy for a very long time. He is fortunate that he could retire with allot of money and go away happy. Things at Moog are going to get worse. Short term gain but long term loss. The best... —  read more 

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Moog is no longer good place to work.

Was happy to take a package and leave Moog while the getting was good. Old friends left back at Moog tell me moral is low and the politics are terrible. Short term profits are more important that long term growth. Company now run by ruthless people... —  read more 

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This could be the top. Is it time to dump your stock?

I think the company is facing some very significant challenges in the upcoming quarters. Some of the better sales and marketing people were foolishly offered incentive packages to leave or left on their own accord over the past year and its beginning... —  read more 

Layoffs suck.

SO happy I did not get that job at MOOG I tried for in June... Phew. Sorry for all that are going through the shock and turmoil of job loss. I was cut in March after 22 years and landed another job. Tried for MOOG but did not get past the SKYPErview... —  read more 

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Jay Henning retires

150+ let go in Space and Defense. Jay Henning did not like how the RIF was handled so he retired.

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Aircraft to be gutted!!!

Word is, big layoff's for the Aircraft group.. especially Salt Lake City which will be shut down and all hands (~80 souls) cut... God help us all... —  read more 

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Layoffs in 2015?

Anyone has more info on the plans to reorg next year and is it going to result in layoffs?

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