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What’s the latest and greatest you’ve heard?

Lay-off page is quiet

It seems strange that the layoff page is as quiet as it is while we are hearing rumors of upcoming RIFs. Hearing July, August, and/or November; but nothing concrete though. Anyone have anything?

Covid Update

With the recent rise in cases of COVID-19, has anyone heard anything regarding resuming or re-visiting telework? Additionally has anyone noticed high employee absenteeism? Feels like we are held hostage sometimes. Especially when management turns... —  read more 

GAC screwed us over- twice

WOW- Talk about a company with absolutely no morals. 1- Was supposed to give 60 days notice if layoff more than 500 employees or provide extra 60 days pay if insufficient notice was given. Instead, they use the COVID-19 excuse to circumvent the WARN... —  read more 

Week 5 and still no UI benefits.

Does anyone know if we were given the correct info on claiming ourselves or did Gulfstream give us wrong info? How could the first 2 weeks be setup so easy and flawless? Yet now when we do it ourselves nothing (crickets) from gdol. Is anyone out... —  read more 

Floating Holidays Paid Out?

If we were to quit or get laid off from Gulfstream in the coming weeks, would our floating holiday balance be paid out with our accrued unused vacation time? If you’re planning on leaving Gulfstream mid year is there a way to use your floating... —  read more 

Rumors that have been spreading

Mexicali and Long Beach are closing along with 25 percent of the work force being forloughed....this is the latest rumor being spread...anyone hearing different...?? Remember all rumors begin with a truth.

Selected for Rif due to transfer request

Requested transfer for family reasons and Management took it personal. Positive work attitude, great work ethic and many capabilities to offer as an employee.

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Your Employer Owes You Nothing

By Mark Shead You are here: Home / Misc / Your Employer Owes You Nothing Your Employer Owes You Nothing By Mark Shead 23 Comments I see many people working a normal job with the idea that if they work hard they will be rewarded for their good... —  read more 

Protest Inequality at Gulfstream

Am I the only one who finds it disgusting that all the senior leadership at Gulfstream is white. The Savannah area is extremely diverse and has some of the most talented black leaders, yet for some reason all the senior VPs and above are white. The... —  read more 

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Probably will out myself if any of my coworkers are on this site but I put my 2 weeks notice in. Part of me didn’t even want to give notice considering if I got laid off I wouldn’t get any notice, but I have morals unlike GAC. I know I’m blessed to... —  read more 

Last G550


Has anyone heard rumors about closures of Appleton, Westfield or West Palm?

Severance Pay and Taxes

Hi! If anyone here has received their severance pay, can you let me know if taxes were withheld? Or do we need to figure out how much should have been withheld with an accountant? Thank you.

Canceling COBRA benefits

Hi, does anybody know how to cancel COBRA benefits once we have a new health insurance via new employers? I can't find anything on GDBenefits... Thanks!


Gulfstream reported to UI that severance payment money had been received even when severance had not been accepted yet. If you only received the first 3 weeks of benefits and can no longer certify that may be why.


has anyone gotten any payments from GDOL?? Its been weeks and still nothing. The new claim i submitted still says allow up to 48 hours to process and its been weeks. I called multiple times, multiple voicemails and nothing. I feel like Gulfstream... —  read more 

H1b Work-Visa Foreign Nationals in GAC

I don't understand why GAC RIFd so many talented US citizens but is still keeping H1b work-visa foreign nationals? Honestly, some (not all) of these H1b employees are TS3s cannot even speak fluent English. GAC pays millions of dollars for work... —  read more 

Life after seperation.

We all recieved inappropriate treatment during the May 1 event. Like everyone else, I was angry. My wife laid off in Oct. That really made me mad. She put up with so much abuse. I've seen her cry in the morning about going to work. I remember her... —  read more 

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UI benefits?

Anyone received UI benefits since having to reapply after 2 weeks? Refiled 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything from Dol and can't get anyone on the phone. Feel like Gulfstream should have handled more than just 2 weeks or set something up with... —  read more 

Vacation pay poll

Poll: Did you receive your full vacation and leave pay for 2020? Apparently, people have not been receiving it per the severance package agreement.

Caught red handed!

I was able to use back door channels to get the IP addresses of all the Gulfstream HR, marketing, and management trolls on here. Only clowns like the ones we are dealing with think VPNs protect them from being traced. Don’t worry if you are a rank... —  read more 

Lump sum severance versus unemployment.

I have done much research and from what I can until there were several questions that nobody seems to want to answer number one can I claim unemployment until I receive my severance package number two how old my severance package affect my... —  read more 

Cost to bury this forum on google search.

I wonder what Gulfstream has been paying to bury this forum on google searches. It’s very promising to see that our efforts to speak the truth are working and they are wanting to conceal their dirty laundry. We must keep engaging this forum to fight... —  read more 

I won't be fooled again

Loved my job, had hoped to build a career at GAC, got RIF'd. As it stands, I'd go back given the opportunity. But I'd do so with my eyes open, and with the intent to get what I can for myself and my own development out of the company ASAP, with an... —  read more 

Anyone else feel like "criminal?"

I always worked hard the company, yet I feel like I've done something wrong to Gulfstream. The way they called May 1st to say I'm laid off, and I couldn't even finish up my meetings for the day. They immediately locked me out of my laptop and... —  read more 

GDOL. Severance.

how are yall filing for severance on the new claim when we dont every know the date.

Did he really care about the people he let go? Go look at how much our leader traded in stock this year before the layoffs , Guess it was not about us after-all , All those personal speeches meant nothing as he has year over year was given... —  read more 

File a new claim for unemployment

I received an email from HR stating I will need to file for unemployment because the severance package has been provided. I have not received the severance package, but GAC has processed it. Now I will have to apply for unemployment by initiating a... —  read more 

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