Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace

Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace

Wealth Destruction Layoffs

Brace yourselves the best you can folks. Wealth in the world is being destroyed at an alarming rate & purchases of high end luxury jets like Gulfstreams will soon be placed on the back burner. No doubt GD & GAC leadership will be looking to slash... —  read more 

GAC in the emerging NWO

My fellow colleagues, Why do you cry? You might consider learning to enjoy MB's dead all-hands speeches year after year, or the laughable marketing... not just on social media but equally to the fold...they're into culture engineering as much as the... —  read more 

Evil High Management

Why do you need to ask your managers to ask the employees to do no sense work or even wrong things? Is it just to prove you are like semi gods? It is very sad to see how you manage this company. Can't you see this is causing disappointments to your... —  read more 

Downfall: The Case Against Boeing

A must watch for anyone working in the current aerospace industry. Schedule, profits ,wall street, marketing, & management bonuses/survival > safety. Management lip service is nauseating. A similar program could be made based on the G650 crash.

Workplace nepotism

Nepotism is rampant here. That's my opinion. The objective of the company is no longer to hire the very best people and it has a very toxic impact on morale too. But it seems that our leadership is not worrying much about how it will ultimately... —  read more 

You have the power!

What is wrong with you people? Every year Gulfstream gets worse & worse. Additional layers of bad & incompetent management, degraded working conditions & quality of life, erosion of your pay & benefits. All of this while the management bonuses get... —  read more 


When did gulfstream become quanity driven? I mean yes we produce aircraft for customers but holy fu-k, the numbers that are expected with the lack of any decent technicians atm is beyond stupid. Alot of engineers are producing sh-t drawings, people... —  read more 


This place amazes me just when you think planning and communication can't get any worse, they go ahead prove me wrong. Please keep making these choices so I can keep watching the good people leave.


Does anyone else find it comical that at last nights event, no one in the crowd was wearing a mask, or social distancing? Yet, we are suppose to on property? Another great case of, do as I say, not as I do.

MB Legacy

MB legacy will be that he presided over the take over of the organization by HR. I have never seen any greater display of weakness in my entire life.

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