Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace

Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace

Upcoming Layoff?

Saw on People Central on the homepage that the Reduction In Force protocol was edited/updated 2 days ago. Just a coincidence or sign of bad things to come?

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When I started at Gulfstream. One of the old timers told me that Gulfstream tries to make things better for everyone to stave off the chance of a Union being formed. Seems to me that a company that is purposefully depressing their wages, offering... — read more 

Positive change for IT?

If rumors are accurate, SB is retiring - there may actually be a knowledgeable and effective leader in the wings. The culture and morale are terrible so maybe it will get better. It’s exhausting walking on eggshells every day.

Contract Raise Process

So I got a call from my shop today after another year of being the top performer in my group. Gulfstream awarded me a whopping 2.1% in a year when inflation was over 8%. I get back to the office and my lead calls me in for a conference and offers me... — read more 

Unionize NOW

It’s only going to get worse. You all know this and it’s baffling why some are against having representation. You literally play into the hands of the people who want to take your livelihood for themselves. My favorite part of making these post is... — read more 

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Another Glint survey.

I'm tired of these asinine surveys that don't ask relevant questions to why the workforce is upset. Pay needs a significant increase, not 3%, but 30%. Cost of living in every area of Savannah has gone up significantly. They have depressed pay to... — read more 

G700 certification issues

Understand that the company is having significant certification delays and issues with the G700. This has been an issue and it seems to continue with no end in sight. Ask anyone - authorities in Europe/France, US or others. That’s why entry into... — read more 

IG announcements

New security chief! Blurb cites his membership in the World Economic Forum. Go figure. ERG announced for next victim class. Your saviors have arrived! Jabs no longer paid for by GAC following gubment declaring pandemic emergency is over. Awww... — read more 

Circling the drain

Gulfstream is living on long past reputation. Airworthiness directives, subpar suppliers, profit over quality, poor dispatch reliability and employee welfare are driving Gulfstream into the ground. Lookout for yourself ! Get your training and... — read more 

Wealth Destruction Layoffs

Brace yourselves the best you can folks. Wealth in the world is being destroyed at an alarming rate & purchases of high end luxury jets like Gulfstreams will soon be placed on the back burner. No doubt GD & GAC leadership will be looking to slash... — read more 

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GAC in the emerging NWO

My fellow colleagues, Why do you cry? You might consider learning to enjoy MB's dead all-hands speeches year after year, or the laughable marketing... not just on social media but equally to the fold...they're into culture engineering as much as the... — read more 

Evil High Management

Why do you need to ask your managers to ask the employees to do no sense work or even wrong things? Is it just to prove you are like semi gods? It is very sad to see how you manage this company. Can't you see this is causing disappointments to your... — read more 

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Downfall: The Case Against Boeing

A must watch for anyone working in the current aerospace industry. Schedule, profits ,wall street, marketing, & management bonuses/survival > safety. Management lip service is nauseating. A similar program could be made based on the G650 crash.

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