Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace

Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace


Does anyone else find it comical that at last nights event, no one in the crowd was wearing a mask, or social distancing? Yet, we are suppose to on property? Another great case of, do as I say, not as I do.

MB Legacy

MB legacy will be that he presided over the take over of the organization by HR. I have never seen any greater display of weakness in my entire life.

Job satisfaction

Is anyone here happy with their job? I’m just happy with the paycheck but everything else is pretty demotivating. I used to go the extra mile at work, now I don't. I will be very happy to accept a job that offers a better atmosphere, even if it is... —  read more 

No need for layoffs?

I don’t think there’s a need for layoffs because a lot of people are leaving. At least it has never happened to me that so many of my colleagues left in such a short time as is happening now

Golden Opportunity

This is it folks! A golden opportunity is a here. It’s 3 am on a pitch black night and there is a massive neon sign flashing right in front of you. What is this opportunity you ask? It’s the golden opportunity to leave the he// ho-e called Gulfstream... —  read more 

Eminent Layoffs

No way you say. Not in this job market. They would be insane to do it now. That is precisely why these psychos are likely planning it. No better way to keep the sheeple down than to keep them scared. Think this job market gives you leverage in... —  read more 

Keep looking up

My heart goes out to everyone feeling overworked, overwhelmed, under-appreciated or just plain tired. Know that you are not alone; someone out there is feeling the same. But it doesn’t all have to be bad. We can be there for each other, help each... —  read more 

Oh how we have fallen

From PH to VB in 8 years. Obviously Engineering is an after thought and undervalued supporting role now. Does a young engineer see a future here or just a resume filler for a couple years? Do the people making these hiring decisions even think... —  read more 

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