Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace

Topics regarding layoffs at Gulfstream Aerospace

Colin Miller out

Why was Colin Miller ousted? G500/G600 obviously didn't go as smooth as planned but it's wasn't necessarily all his fault Pratt and Whitney had so many problems?

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What has changed in a year?

I can't say I'm nostalgic, but sometimes I wonder if there is any improvement in the company. I was laid off last year and all my close colleagues also no longer work at Gulfstream, so I have no one to ask what the atmosphere is like now compared to... —  read more 

D--g test boom

Random d–g tests are very popular right now all of a sudden all over the company. Spoke with 8 people this week in production alone out for positive screens. Service center and production out of nowhere d–g testing people who haven't had one in a... —  read more 

Keep your head up

I know it’s tough in times like these. But you got to keep your head up. Don’t let the fear of getting laid off run your life. In a lot of cases if gulfstream lets you go, you’ll find a better job elsewhere. This place isn’t the end all be all... —  read more 

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This made me feel better

In case anyone else is still grieving the hard work they put in, and not understanding why they got laid off, this article you can likely relate to: I'm sure... —  read more 

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Disappointing new offers

Like most of my former colleagues, I am unsuccessfully looking for a job that fits me. Did you have any offers for new jobs and what were they like? I would love to hear that someone has had success in finding another job. For now, I didn’t want... —  read more 

Excellent advice

I was laid off. Here are my takeaways: don’t live in a city where there is only one employer for your speciality. Once I got laid off, I had to move out of state. if you are stressed out on Sunday evening, it’s time to find a new place. a... —  read more 

Undocumented work

So a little issue arose at work. It seems that a lot of undocumented work is being conducted on the GVII program with the express permission of several senior managers and the current director. Any info?

Look at Who is Still Leaving

Even in a down economy, you’re seeing the top talent from the successful airplanes leave the company. Plenty of 500/600 people aren’t leaving because it’s not recognized as the success the 550/650 were and the 700 will be. Who is left that doesn’t... —  read more 

Let them eat cake.

Get ready folks! Another value added worker purge is coming to ensure that incompetent management thrives. The only organization that can prevent the continued abuse is a strong union that can and will stand up for our interest. GD can be compared to... —  read more 

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Look. We come here to vent. Share rumors. Some true to a degree some not at all. We are TIRED of these spam posts for a union! How about this: to the individual or individuals interested in unionizing... Make a website, group or page... —  read more 

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