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Thursday April 2nd 2020 we All Call Out!

Call it the COVID CALL OUT. The only way they will listen if we all come together to send a powerful message. We are not asking for special treatment we just want to feel safe at work. They need to know WE ALL run this company. When the stations are... —  read more 

Dirty tactics!

Let’s be honest, Gulfstream is going to resort to some very dirty tactics over the next few months. They will be desperate to cut personnel without gaining severance, arbitration, or unemployment liability. They will do everything they can to... —  read more 

Profits before people.

I’m still trying to figure out why I haven’t been instructed to work from home. I sit at a desk all day and do all my communication through computer or phone. I attend meetings remotely and cannot see any reason why I am putting myself and family at... —  read more 


We all know that GAC is already in a shaky place. If and when this virus gets worse, I say GD/GAC will absolute have another RIF. I bet they will be hemorrhaging cash once sales decline, suppliers going out of business, and production temporarily... —  read more 

Gulfstream needs to act and not be cheap

The virus is spreading like wildfire and the morale is low all over....let's put our workers at risk for the sake of a few planes.....your concerned about our safety my a–. Oh but you can use your own vac and pb if needed......seriously

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So what is the story with Covid19 and Gulfstream? Stories... Rumors...

Late 2020 Layoffs

Brace for impact folks. The economy is in free fall and Gulfstream will inevitably be looking to shed its workforce. I estimate 20% by the end of the year. It has been a great run but the bubble had to burst sometime and the government has already... —  read more 

650 Furlough

650 will be furloughed 2 weeks in July. Parts are coming in earlier to get ahead before then. Possible RIF within the organization and will be on a 12 day rate by May. Few people will be moved around to other areas

Engineering should be safe

Truth be told there’s no way they will let anyone else go in engineering. It is short staffed and rehiring already. Whoever made these choices for the rift must have been an outside agency that did not fully understand the structure. I agree... —  read more 

Voluntary RIF/buyout coming at GAC Savannah

Well folks Gd needs money GAC has over spent on AAP program. A voluntary RIF will be announced by Burns in the all hands mtg in end of January The RIF will be effective in February

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Atw rumors?

Anyone hear the rumors about the main hangar at atw going away? Makes sense with paint shop gone and other backshops moving away.

Dropped wing panel in Y

The eyes dropped a wing panel in Y Management pressure to get the job done Typical at gulfstream. Anyone know more about this?

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Advice Needed

I’ve recently started a contract position with the opportunity for eventual full-time employment. My previous contract consisted of short-term assignments with weeks or months of no work at all, and this new position has minimum quotas for daily... —  read more 

Belcan Job Fair - November 12th

Belcan is having a job fair in Savannah on Tuesday, Nov. 12th from 9:00a - 6:30p at the Hilton (80 Clyde E. Martin Drive).

Furlough to come

There is speculation that a furlough will come Nov 28th through Jan 5th. Has anyone heard the same?


Anyone knows anything about an upcoming furlough?

G700 roll out farce

Its disgraceful that gulfstream can do a roll out ceremony for their new airplane when they have laid off most of the key design engineers on that program. Bad timing very distasteful. If only all was known. The engines failed the stress test... —  read more 

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Things will not be the same

There's no going back for Gulfstream after the latest layoffs. So many good people gone, so many wrong people still here. How do they expect us to continue like this?

Post RIF

Gukfstream has major hurdles to jump to get back to profitability Supplier issues are causing delays. The Production engineering dept is way over staffed too many managers and group heads. The RIF did not address this Freebie are you listening... —  read more 

Do we really need a union?

You built this brand and now corporate greed is going to sell you out to the lowest bidder. Now is the time to stand up and demand what you have worked so hard to build. General Dynamics is on a mission to destroy the Gulfstream brand at your... —  read more 

Gulfstream Brand name

Gulfstream has only 1 thing better than any other airframe maker and that is brand name! The testing of that brand name will come in the future as the current downsizing that the company is going thru will severely damage the companies reputation. ... —  read more 

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OKG safe?

Oklahoma Gulfstream in Tulsa hasn't seen anything yet.

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