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GD stock lower than Q2

With Q3 earnings report looming, stock is down 11pts. from end of Q2. Also missing from the all hands meeting, were any production numbers. With a book to build of 0.54:1 at the end of Q2 and silence regarding new orders, this will result in a... —  read more 

GAC is hiring “ Unique Skills: 2 years experience facilitating training programs including culture, inclusiveness and change management required. This... —  read more 

AAP- G5/600

So, there's an Ops coordinator on the 600 line who has been out since last week. He has tested positive for COVID-19 and no one is saying a word about it.

Advice from a RIFed Guy

I see rumors here of another cut. Here is my clear-eyed assessment from the beyond. The new CFO started 8/3. He needs to get his look around and then he'll start sharpening his scalpel. This is GAC, so another big cut is not a matter of if, but... —  read more 

Inequality for All

Want to understand why Gulfstream operates how it does and why it went from a great place to work to the current cesspool of corporate cronies? I know many are surprised that so much of the dialog on this forum is union debate considering how... —  read more 

Completely useless projects.

We all know that there is a ton of dead weight management floating around subjecting us to work on completely useless projects to justify their existence and inflated compensation. For funs, let’s post them here and all have a good laugh in... —  read more 

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New cost cutting measure.

Get this boys and girls. GAC can only lay-off so many before they lose the ability to deliver horrible quality “luxury” jets to bailed out rich people and corporations. Word on the street is they are looking to cut “nonessential” operational cost... —  read more 

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Leadership Trolls

Do these clowns actually think they are confusing people with their fake posts to bury the truth? Double agents are present in every meeting they have. They really think we are that stupid. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we need to... —  read more 

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Do we have any of our guys working at FSDO as liasons ? I thought I saw some of ours there in the complex. Will they be safe from RIF ? With all the looming cut backs, are FAA jobs in there also safe ? FAAs don't really lay off people.

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July or October?

GAC doesn’t want to signal weakness by a second lay-off this FY. Have heard the same rumors about July and October. But my educated guess is next purge will be after Jan 1. But I am just guessing. Layoffs could still happen again this year. Northrop... —  read more 


Hi, I just received my severance pay and my unemployment. How do I go back and report my severance pay to the GDOL? Do I send them an email and pray they respond? Assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks.

Layoffs coming soon.

Get ready for a big surprise to the upside on the next earnings report. After that watch out below. The damage to the economy is being disguised by government money that is about to dry up at the end of the month. Expect huge cuts around... —  read more 

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