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Lack of professionalism

I am sometimes shocked at how much this company lacks professionalism today. Unprofessional behavior seems to have become very common here?

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Any semblance of professionalism at Lockheed is long gone. Managers determined the next generation of employees were based hiring quotas made solely on (1) race and (2) age. Pretty sad that leadership standards have intentionally sought out and actively hired on the criteria that new employees to be young and d-mb with worthless degrees. Engaging in negotiations with the Govt. has revealed how weak and desperate-looking Lockheed has become over the past couple of years accomplished through terrible management and lowering of the hiring standards. The competition and Govt. laugh at Lockheed's "negotiation techniques" which amount to nothing more than lots of "um's, uh's, ah's" and the always present giggling by the Manager in the background.

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Show me a project at LM where the milestones got pushed out because the leadership was “phoning it in”.

I’ve seen it go the other way though, because they were trying to cover for the fact that they weren’t doing their job. Seen that a lot at LM.

One former engineer I worked with out it best when he described the mentality as “kiss up, kick down”.

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The gov't itself is crooked. So let them spend the time shopping and doing their nails. Enjoy life while you can. Isn't it better for you if your manager goes out during company time to shop and do nails. This way you don't have to bump into them or have them keep watching your every move at work. They relax a little, which means you relax a little, which means deadlines get stretched, which means govt gives more funding, which means you get to keep your job for another few months or years. Everyone wins until China is able to showcase more advance weapons then US. That's when our buts get kicked for going shopping or doing nails during company time.

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All of the below are being charged to the Government on a regular and on-going basis and all have been continuously reported to HR. HR is situationally aware of these activities yet does nothing despite multiple reports and "investigations".
Nail appointments: Check.
Pedicures: Check.
Lash appointments: Check.
Plastic surgery follow-up appointments: Check.
Walking dog and taking dog to vet appointments: Check.
MIA at all M&FC meetings: Check.
Hey Govt, these activities and countless others are worth checking into.

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Depends on the location. Not all locations are unprofessional.

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GE was cutthroat, no doubt about it. But they were professional.

When we got acquired by Martin Marietta it wasn’t bad, but it only lasted for a few months before Lockheed came in with the merger. From that point on it has been a downward spiral.

A former CEO, Stan Sloane, once commented that he eased the company to be “the Walmart of defense contractors”. Everyone with a brain cringed at this statement. We knew what he meant, but we also knew that much of leadership wasn’t smart enough to understand that he didn’t mean the race to the bottom that Walmart represented in retail.

Between that, and the constant lawsuits the LM loses or settles because of their poor behavior & ethics? No. I wouldn’t refer to this as a very professional company any more.

They put out some good products, but the manner in which they conduct themselves is far below acceptable compared to the rest of corporate America.

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