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Layoff Hardships and Duress???

I wonder how long it's going to be before an aspiring (and hungry) attorney looks at our situation and concludes that all of us and our families are suffering extreme hardships, duress, anxiety, etc. over how LM is treating us and just might be... read more


No layoffs ...Get your butts back to work! You can thank Roco!

The conformation

Although we have known the truth for some time and the fine details are still not 100% known management has confirmed whatever is going to happen will happen on the 27th, security has begun checking bags and will probably go as far as spot checking... read more
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Pink slips

They’re laying off people today at FAFO. Security checking bags and purses... omg! Good luck!!!!

As the rotor turns.....

Pratt is hiring and ramping up for the F-135 program... Rumor has it that former Sikorsky employee's get special attention if applying for any P&W jobs in West Palm Beach. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Not Too Bad

Well, LM will lay off a few. Not as bad as 200 people. More like 40. Plumbers, electrical and QA. FAFO dodged the bullet this time...

WPB production closing

They are closing production WPB end of year. LM plans to use the facility to get backlog of production aircraft caught up. Any more info on this?

Florida has been on the cutting block for years

UTC and LM have been looking to close Florida for YEARS. First we had Crest View Florida, THEY failed misserably and for that West Palm received THERE FAILED Management relocated to run West Palm. Then there was New York facility, UTC dumped millions... read more

Alternative Employment in Georgia

Gulfstream, the World’s leader in business aviation, is seeking top Aviation talent to join their team. New opportunities are available daily! Current positions include Avionics Technicians, A&P Mechanics, Aircraft Mechanics, Quality Inspectors... read more

Damage Control

In short today, at the Union meeting: 1) LM is not happy with how the membership is laboring on the aircraft. Just a reminder, improper laboring will get you fired. 2) Concerning layoffs, nothing is set in stone. You’ll have to wait until the week... read more

Sikorsky alternatives

Excellent post by Work4you that needed to be bumped to the front page (original here: @Siw9iti-wvad.) I hope the OP does not mind me bringing this to the front. To all the guys catching another b---s--- is my list of companies that I... read more

Sikorsky 2018 Layoff

By now we all have a vague idea of what is going on. Hopefully we can learn more between the next 2 Union meetings. A lot of rumors and conflicting stories out there right now. What have you heard? Do you think that a 2nd wave will close FL? Or do... read more

Strike time???

Poland and Turkey are building over 300 of our Blackhawks!!! Those would save our jobs!!! Time to call President Trump to bring those jobs back so we don't have a layoff or strike in his own back yard!!!! Our plant is 20 minutes from Mar-A-Lago. A... read more

This is aviation: boom or bust.

Those of us who have years in this industry have repeatedly told you to prepare. Work the overtime, save your money and get your A and P ticket. - IF- you get laid off use this time to get your ticket or explore another career . You have 5 yrs worth... read more

Sikorsky layoffs June 22

Sikorsky employees were just informed today of a massive lay off on June 22nd. Over 248 employees were notified today.Lockheed Martin just received massive tax breaks but that didn't stop them. Get the news out. Are there going to be any layoffs in... read more

Troy Layoffs (Sikorsky)

160 to lose jobs. A huge hit for Troy... “This will impact approximately 160 employees who will exit the business by the end of August. A Voluntary Separation Offer will be made to all eligible union-represented employees in accordance with the... read more
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Sikorsky laying off 160 in August

Another round of layoffs, this time in Troy.
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Layoffs in August 2016

Be ready, this was announced and will probably affect a few hundred Sikorsky employees - they are ruthless and there is no loyalty coming from the management side - job cuts cut expenses, and right now that's all that they care about - cut expenses... read more

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