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A scare tactic from upper management

I work at the stratford facilility and i read that WPB was closing and all the employees had to find jobs in other states. This was all supposed to happen by end of 2018. So alot if people heeded the warning and left. However..... its now 2/2019 and... read more

Can somebody confirm?

Can somebody from West Palm Beach confirm that only 120 people are being laid off by Sikorsky instead of the announced 500? Call me paranoid, but lately I have trouble believing anything that has any kind of official stamp to it. It would be good to... read more

Announcing Layoffs

As we had announced in July, Sikorsky is consolidating operations and is not renewing our lease for the Florida Assembly and Flight Operations (FAFO) property in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is due to substantial workload reductions at FAFO and to... read more


Im thinking that the services provided in an 8 hour day just are not enough to maintain sustainability.

500 WARN in FL

State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company Number of Laid off Employees: 500 Address 1: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Address 2: 17900 Bee Line Hwy. City: Jupiter, FL WARN Notice Date: Thu 08/02/2018 Layoff From:... read more

Sikorsky Fafo Consolidation” notes 08/13/13

Sikorsky Fafo Consolidation” notes Fafo created in 2007 as overflow facility at peak production Projected growth predicted in 2020 but line chart going to 2026 will not hit ever 2014 numbers. (We peaked) Company said could keep 50 people for flight... read more
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Just a quick thx 2 the union brass...

We know u r doing everything possible to preserve our jobs and hats off to u for all the hard work!!! After the last meeting at the Marriott, we are feeling much better about our outcome. We know nothing is guaranteed in life but, our best shot is... read more

Much more to the story

Sikorsky has known about wpb plant closure since before we negotiated our last contract. That is ridiculous that the company withheld this information till recently. We all have to understand the company that we work for and their lack of respect for... read more

Union Busting 101

I think LM's incompetence will work in our favor. Once they realize that logistically, what they are trying to achieve is impossible. Couple that with the beginning of a severe labor shortage and presto, LM needs more workers of meet delivery... read more

Dyncorp International is Hiring

Current Job Openings at DynCorp: Job - Maintenance - Aircraft Mechanic II (AH-64D) Illesheim, Bavaria Germany, International International Job - Maintenance - Aircraft Mechanic II (UH-60) Bagram, Parvan Afghanistan, International International Job -... read more
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Aerojet Rocketdyne is Hiring.... No experience, no A&P needed. RL-10 Program that's powering the Boeing space shuttle. $28-$36 an hour to start.


Signature Flight Support is hiring at PBI Airport in West Palm Beach, FL! We Service Private Jets! Looking for: Full -Time Line Service Technicians Entry Level Positions available - Minimal Experience required. Training provided for entry level... read more
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What about Sikorsky in Coatesville?

Are we certain only Jupiter is being hit? Are we safe in Coatesville? Has anybody heard anything? I was just starting to relax, thinking layoffs were over with for foreseeable future and now this. I guess there is no such thing as job security in... read more

Fresh of the press...
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LM loves suffering!!! Here we go,,,AGAIN!!!

We are being used as pawns in a nasty game of corporate whack-a-mole. I guess we will now see the worth of our union in regards of saving our jobs. I know they are working hard for us but in the end, LM calls the shots. I smell future trouble for LM... read more

10:00 am All Hands meeting for 1st Shift

Unfortunately, it’s all gone pear shaped. Not looking good at all. On a positive note: It’s Taco Tuesday at Charles Swamp Bar!!! $5.00 tacos, $1.99 PBR tall boys and get a free bowl of soup with your Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin I.D. (While supplies... read more

Sikorsky FAFO DEC 31st?

Teamsters local 1150 / Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin Please please stop this madness. Man up and tell your employees what is going on! Do we need to look for new jobs? Find cheaper living? Sell our homes? Pay for a loved ones medical condition? Take... read more

Layoff Hardships and Duress???

I wonder how long it's going to be before an aspiring (and hungry) attorney looks at our situation and concludes that all of us and our families are suffering extreme hardships, duress, anxiety, etc. over how LM is treating us and just might be... read more


No layoffs ...Get your butts back to work! You can thank Roco!
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The conformation

Although we have known the truth for some time and the fine details are still not 100% known management has confirmed whatever is going to happen will happen on the 27th, security has begun checking bags and will probably go as far as spot checking... read more
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Pink slips

They’re laying off people today at FAFO. Security checking bags and purses... omg! Good luck!!!!

As the rotor turns.....

Pratt is hiring and ramping up for the F-135 program... Rumor has it that former Sikorsky employee's get special attention if applying for any P&W jobs in West Palm Beach. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Not Too Bad

Well, LM will lay off a few. Not as bad as 200 people. More like 40. Plumbers, electrical and QA. FAFO dodged the bullet this time...

WPB production closing

They are closing production WPB end of year. LM plans to use the facility to get backlog of production aircraft caught up. Any more info on this?

Florida has been on the cutting block for years

UTC and LM have been looking to close Florida for YEARS. First we had Crest View Florida, THEY failed misserably and for that West Palm received THERE FAILED Management relocated to run West Palm. Then there was New York facility, UTC dumped millions... read more

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