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Who are these people?

Most ridiculous Glassdoor review I have read yet. Pros So many people say it on Glassdoor - but it's true. The people here are the best I've worked with. Always eager to help - very few turf issues or agendas that you see in other... —  read more 

Hey guys

I’m not seeing as many new digital adoptions as I expected. Was talking to my comp reps and they’re getting calls like crazy to install digital. You?

Message to All Here

If you are a Cengage employee you would be wise to refrain from commenting on this forum. Refer to your employee handbook regarding public statements about the company. If you have recently separated from the company it's clearly spelled out in... —  read more 

As long as this company continues to promote the inexperienced and unqualified in leadership roles, its future is doomed.

Drinking the kool-aid and spewing the company jargon in every meeting with your direct reports and executive leadership instead of talking on their level and really listening to what they have to say to understand what's going on? You'll get... —  read more 

Anyone work in finance?

Just wondering how close we are to being out of cash. I know that we have cash on hand, but what are we burning through and how long can we last at the current rate?

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So, how will the next round of layoffs be conducted? Will there be territory realignments and consolidation for sales? Will there be an increase with Inside Sales to compensate for small territories losing their Generalists? What will become of... —  read more 

Job security?

With the merger being officially cancelled what does everyone think about the future of their job at Cengage? Any reliable information? Are more cuts coming to sales, marketing, dss, customer service, and management teams?

Merger is Dead

One wonders what will become of Cengage now? https://www.thebookseller.com/news/mcgraw-hill-and-cengage-call-planned-merger-1201898

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The Merger is off

The Merger is officially off, now what's next? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/mcgraw-hill-and-cengage-jointly-agree-to-terminate-planned-merger-of-equals-301051596.html

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Why is one of the private equity owners suddenly taking on COO? Preparing to liquidate the company now that the merger is not likely?

Merger Prospects Growing Dim

"Put simply, given this large (and growing) number of opponents, there is very little chance the merger closes in its current form." https://www.natlawreview.com/article/uk-begins-phase-ii-probe-cengagemcgraw-hill-merger

Merger Delayed Until 1 May

Merger deadline has been extended until 1 May 2020. Regulatory approval is still a question mark, as significant objections have been raised in the UK and in Australia, along with numerous groups in the U.S. (most notably the College Bookstore... —  read more 

There will be no merger.

This means cengage will disintegrate this year, you will all be unemployed and your dear leader MH will be humiliated. I hope this pleases all of you lazy unproductive ungrateful miscreants.

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No Merger

The merger is not going to happen. The DOJ wants McGraw to divest a number of key assets which it will not do. They are waiting, as long as possible, to let Cengage self annihilate and become a fire sale of assets. McGraw just went through extensive... —  read more 

A Message to Cengage Employees

Greetings, As we begin 2020 there is, no doubt, an excitement in the air within Cengage. 2019 was a very successful year that saw the continued success of Cengage Unlimited along with the announcement of a forthcoming merger that will continue... —  read more 

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