Topics regarding layoffs at Cengage

Topics regarding layoffs at Cengage

Best place to work

How in the world did Cengage get voted best place to work in a 2023 Glassdoor survey? I mean really. Everyone is overworked and underpaid. Loved my boss explaining the 1.2% annual raise. Meanwhile MH is vacationing in an Italian villa.

Cengage hiring!

Now they are hiring for a lot of the positions they laid off last year—feel bad for the new comers, since they will be paid less than the people they laid off . Jobs that required college degrees are now equivalent experience lol. They will be so... —  read more 


Did Cengage just recently have a live national engagement summit? This is the company that just laid off a bunch of people and then spend hundreds of thousands "learning" and "celebrating successes"? If Cengage did have a face to face meeting... —  read more 

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Tick tick tick...

The population of college-age Americans is about to crash. It will change higher education forever. In four years, the number of students graduating from high schools across the country will begin a sudden and precipitous decline, due to a rolling... —  read more 

Who's next to go

Since many people are leaving already, it is hard for me to believe that there will be more cuts soon. However, considering that there are more and more rumors about the additional cuts that will follow, I wonder if anyone has any insights what the... —  read more 

APPLE tracers

We had a DM put Apple trackers in reps cars because she was mentally ill. We all knew she was doing this but I’m curious if any one else knows any other DMs who were also engaged in spying ?

Florida school market

Wondering what every one thinks about Florida standards and text books in schools. Some want to take a "moral" "stand" and not follow the anti-WOKE agenda. Others think books should not have offensive materials to sell them. Who is right?

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Layoffs Coming

My DM told me they would never cut inside sales and we are completely safe. I think my DM drinks too much but everyone hit last year so I think he is right. What are the chances? We are in a recession right now and that is a fact

More restructuring today

This time QA got nailed. Literally torpedoed your online learning cash cows because you want to save a few dollars laying off the already under payed QA roles. Surprised, but glad ill be finding a job that doesnt F**k their employees

Mixed feelings

On the one hand, I am very anxious when I think of layoffs, because I am not very prepared in case I lose my job. On the other hand, I'm so tired of this company, the amount of work I do and the atmosphere in general that I even think layoff would... —  read more 

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