Topics regarding layoffs at Cengage

Topics regarding layoffs at Cengage

Growing Closer

CC and BF say we are growing closer as a team to build success. Really? How so? Brutal, selfish business model is ki-ling relationships and hurting service. What do I know? i’m Just a schlep trying to navigate uncertainty with this leadership group. — read more 

Earnings Report

Greetings, The new earnings report shows a strong turnaround by your Leadership Team. I didn't think it could be done, but whatever they're doing is working. If I were in Higher Ed or Work, the writing is on the wall, because all other divisions... — read more 

This is Rich

ML, SVP, has the nerve to post in LinkedIn: “psychological and Intellectual safety are at the center of healthy organizations” What a joke after the psychological abuse Project Horizon inflicted. Wake up!

Cengage Insider Update

I posted a while ago sharing information I wasn’t supposed to share. Now that my source is being laid off, I’ve been given permission to share ALL juicy details: they are going to get rid of the CPI and try to pivot back to hiring American based... — read more 

Forced Retirements?

So is Cengage forcing retirements on employees? I work with this guy that retired about a week ago. Total yes man. Loved Cengage and it didn’t sound like he wanted to leave per his email. I responded to his email and asked why he was retiring so... — read more 

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Games Over Mate

Blimey, textbooks are a bit of a dodgy affair, aren't they? I mean, they're like the grumpy old uncle of the educational world - outdated, a bit too full of themselves, and prone to putting you to sleep faster than a warm pint on a Sunday... — read more 

VP Bloat

Notice one VP was let go, yet he doesn’t need to worry much since his spouse also brings in a Cengage VP stake. Perhaps all justifications for positions, including executives, should be shared with all, including us ham and eggers who are without a... — read more 


As I reflect on the couple of decades I spent with this company, as well as the events that have happened since my departure, what strikes me is how performative this company's moves have been over the years . . . We start with MindTap, which is... — read more 

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