Topics regarding layoffs at Cengage

Topics regarding layoffs at Cengage

Nobody wants to stay here.

People are leaving more than ever or at least I don’t remember them ever leaving more than now. Every week one or even more people leave with whom it was pleasant to work with. This company doesn't seem to worry much about it, but it worries me a... —  read more 

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Profits over everything

Cengage is putting profits over everything and especially its employees. Nothing is as important as the almighty dollar, absolutely nothing. It makes me sick to see people bend over backward to do their best just to be shown the door as the reward... —  read more 

Hi Haters

Wondering where the haters went since we announced another stellar earnings quarter. Looks like we did the right thing in shedding the dead weight. Bye haters.

Leaving for less pay

Of course, this is not the best option, but I wonder how many people agreed to a lower pay just to get out of here as soon as possible? I am in a big dilemma whether to accept such an offer. I don’t believe there are many of those who got better pay... —  read more 

Did you notice too?

I remember witnessing the transformation of my peers over the years in the regime. Every NES I would see some of the people I started with and over time the kool aid drinkers would transform into weird monsters while those who didn’t imbibe would... —  read more 

Never get comfy here

Who is really safe here? Answer - no one. I’ve seen so many colleagues whose experience and knowledge that were invaluable to the company are now gone. Over the years I’ve seen our best and worst discarded like yesterday’s news. I’m at the point... —  read more 

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