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Merger Prospects Growing Dim

"Put simply, given this large (and growing) number of opponents, there is very little chance the merger closes in its current form." https://www.natlawreview.com/article/uk-begins-phase-ii-probe-cengagemcgraw-hill-merger

Cengage-McGraw Merger in Peril?

A piece on the InsideHigherEd site, the proposed "McCengage" merger delay may spell chaos for the important fall start/selling season and may not end up going through at all. The major issue seems to be the amount of overlap in lists and the number... —  read more 

Merger Delayed Until 1 May

Merger deadline has been extended until 1 May 2020. Regulatory approval is still a question mark, as significant objections have been raised in the UK and in Australia, along with numerous groups in the U.S. (most notably the College Bookstore... —  read more 

There will be no merger.

This means cengage will disintegrate this year, you will all be unemployed and your dear leader MH will be humiliated. I hope this pleases all of you lazy unproductive ungrateful miscreants.

The Merger is Close to DOJ Approval

https://nypost.com/2019/12/16/students-howl-as-mcgraw-hill-pearson-textbook-merger-nears-doj-approval/ The Department of Justice is on track to OK a merger of textbook sellers McGraw-Hill and Cengage despite vocal opposition by student groups who... —  read more 

No Merger

The merger is not going to happen. The DOJ wants McGraw to divest a number of key assets which it will not do. They are waiting, as long as possible, to let Cengage self annihilate and become a fire sale of assets. McGraw just went through extensive... —  read more 

A Message to Cengage Employees

Greetings, As we begin 2020 there is, no doubt, an excitement in the air within Cengage. 2019 was a very successful year that saw the continued success of Cengage Unlimited along with the announcement of a forthcoming merger that will continue... —  read more 

When is the official Merger date?

When is the merger supposed to officially happen? Will the majority of remaining cuts happen ASAP or will it happen in March after the rush? Will the majority come from Cengage or McGraw?

It’s starting

Announcement just went out saying a board member has resigned. Things are going to get very interesting in January

Merry Christmas

I wanted to take this moment to thank MH, the executive team, IT, sales management, the coders in Boston and the marketing team for insuring that CU was a complete disaster. We did what we were told, we pushed your nonsense for 18 months, we... —  read more 


So When do we merge from the mcgraw cengage lanes into the big McCengage super highway? How many will be cut and who's first?

Heard this recently

That after the merger and reducing 300 million in labor costs that even the platforms will be deleted. Mind tap aplia WA etc will be history.

Merger is inching closer

I have to admit I'm one of the (judging by this forum) few who is hoping the deal doesn't go through. Mergers always, and I mean always end up in major layoffs. And while some might be consolidation related, the companies usually use the opportunity... —  read more 

Annual Meeting in Orlando

So Michael Hansen only shows up to do the 30 minute Keynote 4 days into the annual meeting. He basically berates(does not even try to do the usual fake hype/motivational stuff) everyone for "looking over their shoulder"! Smart people should be... —  read more 

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How is it that MH has fostered so much subversion and anger contrasted with the fake image that Cengage is a progressive, contemporary dynamic software enterprise with the world's greatest CEO? Yet, the complete opposite is projected here in this... —  read more 

Companies don't owe you loyalty

I do not understand why people think, or expect, companies to be loyal to them as employees. This is a capitalistic society. Money rules and employees are just that. They are people employed to make the company money. The company is the ruler – the... —  read more 

McGraw Hill Reports Strong Growth

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcgraw-hill-reports-strong-growth-134500869.html Astounding if they continue with the plan of putting Hansen in charge of a merged company.

Monday's Town Hall?

I'd be interested in thoughts or details from Monday's town hall meeting. No doubt much of it was predictable, but was there anything noteworthy?

Cengage doesn't value you

So many years I gave to this company, working late, overtime, from home, through breaks and lunches, furthering my education, and moving up to be let go right before the holidays. I really hope that the ones left do not make the same mistake I did in... —  read more 

Show's Over (for now)

The Cengage show is over, thank you for attending, ladies and gentlemen. Time to turn our minds to other matters and for those remaining at Cengage to begin whipping those resumes into shape! You will know it is time to peek in here again... —  read more 

Hansen's Plan

From a previous thread. This is accurate: The entire plan has always been to move to digital which will allow CL to gut its sales force and support infrastructure. Cengage's revenue will continue to decline. Notice there is no talk about growth in... —  read more 

2Q investor slides posted

MH is telling the investors that despite the revenue miss of 11%, Cengage will still deliver projected profits through continued job cuts in the 2nd half of the fiscal year.

Looking for Data

I’ve read several posts stating there is an outlined plan for layoffs, transcripts of investor calls, etc. I’d like to review the data and try to put some things together. If you can help, please do.

Will there be more layoffs coming before 2020

I have heard rumors that there will be another wave of lay offs before Thanksgiving break. Can any one confirm? Will it hit sales again or will it focus on sales support, customer service, marketing, etc..?

Sounds Like Outside Sales Was Spared

Or were they? Anyone aware of losses from the field, or were they spared? What about the person whose entire team (less 2) + manager was slated for an HR call? Was that an inside team that was being spoken of? Is this thing over yet or is... —  read more 

Let's Rag On Cengage - The Unload Thread

Feeling frustrated and angry over the job loss situation at Cengage? Want to give Michael Hanson and others on the management side a piece of your mind? Just feel like venting or sharing? This here's the place. It is true, Hanson's job is... —  read more 


bumping up from a previous post INTERNAL "Red Flag" INFO CENTER This discussion thread is intended to serve as a "red flag" center for any/all updates surrounding layoff activities. Let us try to keep each other informed and forewarned as... —  read more 

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