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Slimming the two mirroring entities into one

Once the merger is finalized, they will be taking two entities that mirror each other organizationally in sales, marketing, product and back office functions and slimming them down to one. How they plan to execute this is anyone's guess, but I think... read more

District manager position

I'm on second round of interviews for district manager position in Colorado. Can anyone give me insight into how new merger will alter the landscape? Coming from pharma, new to publishing.

150 McGraw employees let go last week

A friend who works in McGraw's Columbus office told me 150 people in his building were cut last week. Sounds like they are starting to slash the workforces ahead of the merger. Could be a long summer

The Onion gets it


3 criteria

There will be 3 criteria when making decisions about who stays and goes 1) cutting as many costs as possible 2) cutting as many costs as possible and 3) cutting as many costs as possible. Michael and his lieutenants will be ruthless in slashing the... read more

Flat revenue and above guidance EBITDA

https://news.cengage.com/corporate/cengage-unlimiteds-first-full-academic-year-shows-significant-success-with-students-drives-companys-full-year-financial-performance/ I can't believe it.

Big news coming

With the big news coming in a few weeks the will be really large reductions and reorganize. Hold on to your hats.

Mason cuts?

I heard there were cuts in Mason last week. Can anyone confirm?
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Phony Glassdoor award

I know of several people who have had their negative reviews of Cengage removed from the Glassdoor site. These reviews were initially reviewed and posted, and then mysteriously removed within a day or two, so it's not like the reviews violated any... read more

Q3 Earnings

Q3 earnings slides are out, and it’s another disaster. 13% revenue decline with every sector of the business down over prior year. But of course Cengage Unlimited is an unmitigated success! MH is a joke and needs to be run out of the company... read more

Layoffs already started!

SF office is being closed taking 200+ jobs with it. Smaller layoffs have started in Mason and Boston. Chicago is rumored to be next for a closure and field sales is rumored to be the next division with major layoffs. The saddest part of the whole... read more

When will the investors say enough is enough?

Can someone explain to me how MH has been CEO for so long? The numbers have gotten worse every quarter for, what, 5 consecutive years? MindTap flopped, and the company was caught sleeping on rentals and now OER. He has a new excuse on every investor... read more

Layoffs coming?

I left the company 3 years ago when the cult mentality started taking hold, and it sounds like it’s gotten out of control. With revenue nosediving over the past few years - and Cengage Unlimited’s inability to slow the bleeding - doesn’t the company... read more

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