Topics regarding layoffs at Hearst

Topics regarding layoffs at Hearst

San Francisco Chronicle layoffs

The San Francisco Chronicle, owned by Hearst, laid off 15 people recently, including copy editors and page designers. The Chronicle is rehiring, not in San Francisco, but Houston, where salaries are far less.

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What's happening with this place?

I left years ago and recently ran into a friend who still works here. The stories she told me... Have things really changed that much? I left voluntarily for a better opportunity but there were no hard feelings. I actually liked working there. It... —  read more 

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30 Laid off in Conneticut There you go As of last week, about 30 people were out at Hearst Connecticut newsrooms due to layoffs and buyouts. 30 sec call “The phone call may have been... —  read more 

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Hearst layoffs March 2018

I know the announced layoffs of 150 employees are from the recently acquired Rodale Press, but is anybody worried that this will spill over to us as well? Acquisitions rarely go without casualties on both sides. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong, but... —  read more 

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