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Layoffs at ESPN International

Is anybody surprised? ESPN is undergoing layoffs in its international division, sources have told The Post. The layoffs and reorganization are expected to impact more than 30 employees, the majority of whom are on-air... —  read more 

ESPN president humiliating resignation

It’s about time the evil sports Network got its dues and the layoffs that will come with this announcement —  read more 

Massive layoff at ESPN after CEO resignation

The evil sports empire of ESPN is starting to crumble. First up is the humiliating resignation of the CEO and the resultant layoffs of his posse. It’s about time since this once good sports network became a political weapon against progress in... —  read more 

Another deathblow to ESPN

This is the beginning of the end of ESPN —  read more 

Huge and massive and well deserved layoff at ESPN

Massive layoff coming to another criminal org Hopefully they fire that bvtch jemele... —  read more 

Fiefdoms Dismantled

It'll be interesting to see how things play out over next two months. I've heard that a massive reorg will take place, but I am not 100% sold on this as we had similar internal rumors about it. Whatever happens, just remember, this is only work, a... —  read more 

Hey douchebag, ESPN is a division of Disney.

There are 180,000 employees at Disney and 350 positions can be eliminated through attrition in probably a few months. Unlike WFM the company isn't laying off people to maintain a feudal system of 12 regional overpaid overlords and their fiefdoms... —  read more 

John Skipper's Message to All Employees

The demand for sports remains undiminished, though the landscape we operate in has never been more complex. Our 36 years of continuous growth and success has been driven by our consistent willingness to reimagine our future, to embrace change and... —  read more 

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ESPN Layoffs October 2015

This is a bit of layoff news based on Bloomberg report earlier today where they said that 350 ESPN employees will lose jobs. ESPN has about 8000 employees as of October 2015 and that will be a bit over 4% workforce reduction. Viacom started cutting... —  read more 

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