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What a Town Hall

So did anyone catch the Town Hall meeting? Well this person did, and I just felt it was full of lies. So what’s new About this Company, when it comes down to it, Follett just tried to shine and spit lies when the cameras are rolling. Exceeding all... read more

Somebody recommending Follett to people?

Found this on Barnes & Nobles' page, I'm really not sure what to make of it: I was with B&N for 13 years and was laid off. I took the severance package that precluded me from ever working for B&N in the future (think about the logic of that policy) I... read more

The board must be posting to glassdoor

Original works of fiction featured on glassdoor. A 3.3 rating and 6 of the past 7 reviews are very supportive. These are shill reviews created to fool applicants. That's how low this company has sunk! see for yourself- look up... read more
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And So It Begins........

The transition to close down the ADC has officially begun. A state of the art facility built roughly around 6 years ago, has gone to waste. So many idiotic decisions and terrible business strategies has hurt what has carried this company for over 100... read more

one of those ex emplyees

remember the follett family members in the lifeboats first you ungrateful ex follett emploees
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Be nice now you soon to be ex -Follet employees

Just another day on the HMS Follett Titantic Be nice boys and girls ..No backbiting with your comments now as you try to get into your career lifeboats . Remember women and children first. And the band plays on with this blogging site. Sigh.
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that was a nice story

That was a nice story if your are in your 20's , 30's . even 40's. What happens when your job is eliminated by follett when you are just turning 60? You apply for a new fulltime position - they look at your resume showing 20 years experience with... read more

Got a good story for you guys

I quit Follett many years ago to go to another company and almost right away (remember this was years ago) I had regrets so I called a month later and inquired about my old job. It was a low moment, as they say, but I was young and all. They did not... read more

Signing off for the last time

Bad company period-why are you guys still posting on this site- find a new job now-anyone still reading this has too much time on his or her hands ( including me) and deserves what they will get from follet in the end.- no one wants to hire 60+ ex... read more

Accountability is two way

You say you want associates accountable but company is not accountable to pay bonus relative to a great year. Or to give reasonable raise. Why try in 19? There is no relation to performance and reward at FSS. Wasted another year of our careers.
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Where are the family members?

Do any family members work for the company any longer? I don't mean board members, people that actually have positions in the stores, home office, warehouse?


Why announce there is a bonus but not announce the amount? Is it unhappy news? Or a great morale boost they are milking for all it is worth. FSS killed it this year. Needs to be reflected in the bonus. Isn't in the 2 percent rase for sure.

Dreading the conference

Anyone else dreading wasting their time at this conference with workshops like training your team.. I mean what team? The team that was laid off or hours slashed every year.

laid off worker

follett in a declining industry = no integrity when dealing with long term workers = being laid off in 10 minutes and told to leave immediately after twenty years of service. kai sara sara'

CEO Meetings

For all those who had the pleasure of sitting down with PC, were any of your issue ever addressed? There were a few in my meeting that I wondered if any more was said or done. I know in my case, nothing has been said or done. Really was hoping PC was... read more

Good advice from an old-timer

When I started working for Follett in 2001, I was impressed with the number of Follett associates that had 20, 30, and even 40 years was one happy family. As a regional, I knew that experience, results, and relationship building with... read more

A Record Month for Raises By James Freeman May 31, 2018 12:48 p.m. ET 681 COMMENTS The number of small companies raising wages hit a record high in the U.S. this month. That’s according to the latest National... read more
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Will School Stores Still exisist in the future?

We all know Follett and the textbook industry are both dying a slow death (not really that slow). With all the available ways for students to obtain course materials there isn't much need for schools to have a bookstore. But..most schools still want... read more
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Is it me or does it look like B&N has made some sizable gains in the contract count? Looks like Follett has picked up some smaller contracts but hasn't been able to come through on the big boys. Am I reading this wrong?


Can anyone please tell me why we are losing great managers and other team members? Is there something I should know so I can look for another job? Are more layoffs coming?

The time to leave was 4 years ago

The lack of quality management is what has killed follett. When management decides to abuse long tenured team members out of the company (avoiding any severance responsibility to the very people who've worked hard for the company the longest), you've... read more

Severance pay

Has anyone received severance pay? Is it only 3 weeks or do they take into account years of service?

The move

The move really killed Follett. Lost accounts,delays in shipping books to customers,buying of unnecessary company's that is the death of Follett. Follett baker&Taylor are taking over your jobs. So if you think your safe your not. With the closing of... read more

Baker N Taylor is 1 step closer

With Eveeything that has been going on with the Aurora Facility, Baker N Taylor is now one step closer as to dissolving Follett and strengthening their company... They have 15 facilities where Baker n Taylor can disperse all of Follett’s inventory... read more

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