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Actual Perfomance Evaluations in myHR = Raises??

Gosh, I hope so! An email went out today that all managers need to complete them. They look like legit evals like I have done at other companies versus the bogus "Igniting Performance Conversations" that have gone out the last three years. Anyone... read more

Cengage Unlimited Digital Access

For $119.99 per term ($179.99 per year), students access all the digital learning platforms, ebooks, online homework and study tools Cengage has to offer. Want print? If you use a digital learning platform, you RECEIVE a print rental at no cost—just... read more

equal pay??

Has anyone looked at the vast difference in pay between people doing the same job? I know for a fact there are men making more than I with less seniority. Another example of how gross this company has become.


Anyone have any new info on the upcoming realignment? I've heard so many rumors, it's hard to know what we'll see in a couple weeks.

Any news on layoffs?

It's been so quiet on the layoffs front, that I'm starting to worry we are experiencing the calm before the storm. Or am I just becoming too paranoid? Working at Follett, can anybody actually blame me if I am? In any case, do we have any info on any... read more

This is ridiculous

I don't know if other companies operate the same way, but the powers on high are the most incompetent boobs to ever soil the retail industry. They are absolutely clueless when it comes to running a bookstore in today's industry. And yes, they are so... read more

Promotion via demotion

This is a great company to work for, said no one ever. Applied for a promotion only to find out the starting salary is about $10,000 less than what I currently make. How can this company expect their tenured management to stay with this f---ing... read more

Are we looking at demotions?

There are rumors going around that Follett found another way to screw over its employees - next round of layoffs people will be offered other positions that are significantly below their current pay grade. If we refuse, we don't get the severance... read more

Management changes

So...less store managers and more ops managers and some area managers. Who knows more and what? Spill it, we are officially scared

Tax Windfall

Like other companies getting a windfall from federal tax law changes Follet will give out double digit raises to loyal employees. Maybe 20 percent to make up for how employees have been treated the past 5 years.

Did it hit the fan

Did the sh-- hit the fan this fall sales-wise, and are we going to be feeling the fallout this March. The stores are wondering.


has anyone heard about getting raises this year

fired for nothing

Another great manager was fired for no concrete reason yesterday after helping secure the company a huge contract with a new college. Be careful out there, everyone. And to the people who have been let go recently, keep your chins up. The best is yet... read more

post departure questions

If you give notice, after 3/31, and you (by miracle) are due a bonus, do you still get it? And, since your vacation is loaded 4/1 do you get any of that paid out? if no bonus due and leave pre epy do you get banked vacation?

Follett Disrupts - Fix, Transform and Grow WESTCHESTER, Ill., Jan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Follett Corporation, higher education's leading campus... read more

Management Conference

They lay us off, don’t give raises, and slash bonuses but are sending a couple thousand to Disney for a management conference. It should be a crime. A--holes


What is going on? First we had limited returns, and now we change course and send as much as possible back to ADC. I'm happy about it. But what is going on with these people? What about all that obsolete inventory at ADC?

Changing of the guard

I’ve been with follett for,almost ten years and I’ve outlasted two regional managers. One by realignment and yesterday by firing, who’s next, think about taking the job considering you may not be here long

The future.

There will still be bookstores. Bookstore companies will become history once the colleges/universities we serve realize they don’t need us like publishers have. The bookstore companies no longer offer value. Publishes will get the schools to switch... read more

Walmart to sell e-books later this year -

From CNN this morning. Walmart enlists help from Japan in fight with Amazon. America's biggest retail chain said late Thursday it would start selling e-books and audiobooks online for the first time later this year. The shift will bring the company... read more

Cengage Unlimited, nail in the coffin?

I recently heard about Cengage offering a subscription based service. 120 and you get access to all ebooks and econtent like webassign etc. We're predominantly Cengage at my store and I do not see this going well. What do you all think? Google... read more

NICE! Financial highlights for the second quarter 2018 and fiscal year to date 2018: Consolidated sales of $886.9 million increased 15.1%, as... read more

Small stores & flu epidemic

So here's the dilemma, you are the SM of a small store, you do CT, it's rush & you get the horrible flu that is going around. What to do, go home get better, let things go as they may & worry about it when you get back??

Guaranteed Sales-not so guaranteed

When we had our group meetings back in the fall we were challenged to drive sales-get guaranteed sales. I worked on this, got people to let me bid their jobs, only to loose every one of them almost always because it took too long to get answers back... read more

Sales tracker

Anyone notice that the sales tracker on the squad Ian not up for Spring?


Boy all you b--chers and complainers have been really quiet...

Merry Christmas

Be smart. Leave Follett in 2018 you'll be happier. They don't need you and you don't need them. Failing company. No relevance anymore. Work for a real company that appreciates you. Raises. Bonuses.

January Rush

Anyone expect anything different from a rush perspective? The typical 5-6% sales decline we have seen in the last 5 years since the start of the new leadership? I have not seen any initiatives to reverse this trend.

Follett is a failed company

The economy changed. The way education is delivered has changed. Students' backgrounds and expectations changed. follett was still. follett lost years ago. follett didn't lose to a competitor. follett lost against its market place. follett became... read more

It's My Turn

A New Year, a New me. Been here to many years, at what point did I allow myself to be treated like this? I overheard my manager on the phone recently say he is applying for another job somewhere. But this is not enough for me. This manager has been... read more

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