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Chicago stores

What’s up with the Chicago area stores? DuPage and Loyola store manager positions are both posted. There’s always store manager postings in this region. It seems to have a lot of turnover. Is it more pressure because they are close to the home... read more


Is it just me or is Follett is hiring more kids just out of school as course material managers theses days. Where have gone the standards?


sears { liquidated ) = follett ( liquidating in next 2 to 3 years) . See you at the labor dept. fools,


If you have time to read this blog site, the you have time to go online to apply for an new job with a new company, What are you waiting for?- to be given notice of your impending layoff by your favorite Follett family butt kissing upper management... read more

Your next step

Happy New Year! Is this the year you find an opportunity where a company values you, your knowledge and the value to bring to the table? If not, why not? You are worth being valued not dismissed. In this economy, there is an abundance of jobs with... read more

God Bless You

God bless you and all current and laid off store level employees who are trying to endure in this coming New Year. Be strong !!!

Close & commit Christmas Eve

I hope HR has a better plan than payroll must be done by 10am on Christmas Eve. What if your campus is closed & you can’t get in? Can we do it the Friday before? HO always thinking of the stores. Hohoho

Inventory numbers??

Anyone else questioning their inventory numbers? Clean receiving, clean chargebacks, invoicing, etc., numbers off? I don’t get it.

Remember when....

They gave away Ray-Ban sunglasses to the ENTIRE Sales team. Then said there wouldn't be any raises. I can't make this up.


Cuts this month or next? Who’s going?
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Sad sacks on this site. Get out while you can . Stop reading and writing on this site and break out the resumes before the economy turns south in the next year or so. No one is going to save this cadaver of a company, The last one out the door please... read more

Greed wins

Greed to hit short term numbers wins.over people.over benefits.over long term profits.over common sense. NQ all about the annual numbers. who cares about providing for the people making it happen. Corporate keeps squeezing.he is the company... read more

I miss Jeff D!!!

Jeff was great! He would lie, cheat, and manipulate but he constantly kissed my a--! He knew all the right asses to kiss and that included mine! I felt so honored! I wish he was still around so he could continue to plant his lips on my bright white... read more

Transylvania next stop in a couple of years

Your a bunch of dummies who spend time reading this site instead of looking for a good job with a real company ,The economy is the best its been in the last twenty years- whats wrong with you guys. Stop reading and start doing and get out before its... read more


I think it is hysterical that we are back to working with the good people, that Follett got rid of or forced out. It cost a LOT of money to get to wear we are, glad to see we at least now are working with people that know the text business.

Sales improving

My sales are looking up. Is this what most stores are seeing or is this the exception? Just wondering.


It’s sad to see what Follett has become over the last few years, Upper Management has no clue what they are doing anymore, the Board doesn’t get along with each other, and B&T Management has killed Follett. Anyone who is still employeed by these... read more


Anyone under the age of 60 still working In Follett in this fantastic economy is either in rip off upper management or is a fool, Eat the work fools you will be paid back in layoffs in the end. Signed - A LAID OFF 20 YEAR + FOLLETT HARD WORKING FOOL,

Welcome to Follett.

Welcome to Follett. Please click the link below to create a password and sign-in. Herp Derp. Don’t quit yer day job Johnny.

Piling on the work

Is it just me or are they piling on the work recently? It seems like we have been given so many meaningless tasks lately that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything. This coupled with the big payroll cuts it’s starting to feel like an... read more

Shop by author

Shop by author is horrible! Professors, students and staff hate it. Very non efficient system. Computer program to assist students locating books doesn't work. Staff needs to use personal phones(which aren't allowed on sales floor) to log on . Kiosk... read more

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