Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Vicious cycle

There is no leadership of any kind, home office support is completely gone, the company can’t pay their vendors, professors and students are realizing that the textbook industry is a racket designed solely to squeeze every dollar out of the customer... —  read more 

Is it really that bad?

Former employee here, left five years ago. It wasn't a layoff, I got a better opportunity but I never bore any ill will towards Follett. It was a decent job with decent pay and I liked what I did. I wanted to see how Follett was doing in the pandemic... —  read more 

The Only Response to This

WESTCHESTER, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Follett Higher Education Group today announced that online orders across Follett’s 1,250 ecommerce websites increased by 93% YTD as a result of consumers shifting spending from in-store to online since the early... —  read more 

Just Sickening

Take a look at your P&Ls. How is it that we are required to decrease payroll and expenses to keep in line with ly % to sales, but there is no decrease in the FHEG allocation line. HMMM 🤔. Just makes you stop and think if k–ling ourselves for... —  read more 

positions opened

Several positions opened at McHenry. Nothing but ASMs and Part time roles on the internal career site. Saw another post and confirmed the exempt/non-exempt options are gone. In mine-craft, the bean counters should be cubed. Or maybe spawn some... —  read more 

Follett Access

Anyone have an update on the portfolio stores Follett is leveraging? Many of those campuses had to make a decision this month to move to Access or Follett would pull out of the contract.

What a kick in the ass

Been with Follett 15 years, haven't gotten a raise in God knows when. In 2007 was an ASM, Got "dumbed down" ever since, I don't even have a "team Lead" title, I'm just a PT employee. This is my second time "furloughed". Filed for UI for the second... —  read more 

Forgot about this site

Since Covid hit I totally forgot about this site. For some reason it popped into my head and I figured I would see what’s going on at good ole Follett. Sounds as if the culture is just as positive and uplifting as I remember. Blessings to the front... —  read more 

Decisions, decisions

My best friend owns his own company and I got a job offer from him. It’s rather small but it is a family business that has longevity (80+ years). I’m not sure if I should take him up on his offer because we are friends but I really, really want to... —  read more 


Did Follett get hosed on their new contract with UPS, unaware/ uncaring of package limits, guessing $ surcharge above x amount daily, so now we have to ship SODA orders with USPS?

Cutting hours?

What day is it happening this week? When should we expect to see the “Mandatory HR update” emails in the morning at the stores, and then the glum voice of the overpaid GVP intoning that “Due to sales not meeting our plan...”

2021 Benefits

What went wrong with the retail 2021 benefits? Using the mandated examples from the Gold SBC: “Peg having a baby” is 4% less expensive, “Joe’s type 2 Diabetes” is 44% more expensive, and “Mia’s simple fracture” is 39% more expensive. Given that... —  read more 

Dead Textbooks

Schools give Follett a space to use so they can sell textbooks and supplies to their students. Little do they know that unsold textbooks that are no longer adopted stay in that space for years and years. In the past those books were returned to the... —  read more 

Store closures

Given the current climate & the constant reports on here, does anyone have any concrete knowledge of which stores are under threat of closure in the near future?

Follett will survive

This might be one of the worst situations we've found ourselves in but I still have faith. We are a huge company. If I'm not mistaken, there are around 12000 people still working here. And too many people still rely on our materials for us to just... —  read more 

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