Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Like a frog in a pot

I am so glad I was laid off. I was like the frog in a pot, the heat slowly being turned up, not realizing what was happening. Actually I did see the constant decline I just didn't do anything about it, like getting myself out of it. My outgoing... —  read more 

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How many more internal candidates are going to be passed on for promotions? Every new RM or higher has a connection to Belks or Macys. It’s very suspicious in such a trying time.

June is almost here

Wondering how many other stores got 40 or less hours a week payroll for June with orientations coming up which they expect stores to participate in with clothing coming in for Fall, maybe, transfers in and out, running a register, and soda. Don't... —  read more 

So little is being done

Once they cut employee pay, a lot of people just stopped doing a lot of work. I am shocked by how little is being done in the stores now. Literally, former managers and asst. managers just talking and playing on their phones. Boxes in the back... —  read more 

I got a job!

Good-bye Follett! I got a job with a great company with a huge pay increase! I knew pay was low at Follett but I didn’t realize how low until I started looking. Every job I applied to was offering more. And now I am going to a growing, positive... —  read more 

Leave !

If I don’t like a movie, I get up and leave. If I don’t like dinner, I don’t eat it. I left this company years ago and I came on here today to see what has changed. As bad as it was, it got worse. If you are tired of cr-ppy wages and even cr-ppier... —  read more 

Shocked by the last 2 weeks

In the 10 stores that i'm aware of, at least a dozen people have quit in the last two weeks. They're moving people all over the place trying to plug holes during graduations and it's been a nightmare. Most of them are talking about pay cuts ranging... —  read more 

A/R transition

The A/R transition was scheduled to change this month however it is not ready till possibly October. They are still wanting stores to conduct regular A/R duties till thr scheduled date. Of course it's not ready like they thought.

Strange Deposit

Have a deposit into my checking account dated 5/3 named "FOLLET MASTER CASH C&D"... Anyone else who was severed on Monday get this or something similar? Anyone have any idea what this is?

Fall Rush

All I can say is wait until Fall Rush, these new hires will be like rats jumping off a sinking ship. Fall Rush is not for the faint of heart.

2 days and then...

Follett and my lazy SM can kma*. No, I didn't make you a "playbook". No, I didn't notify all of our dept contacts about the bookstore changes. You finally have to do your job. I'd say good luck, but I hope your narcissist abusive a-s gets laid off... —  read more 

No future at Follett

We're a relic of old times and there's nothing that can be done to change that. Anybody who believes Follett will still be standing ten or even five years from now is missing the huge writing on the wall. If you have an opportunity to leave, I'd jump... —  read more 

Last week

Well this is going to be the last week for many. I know some stores will be losing everyone and that's pretty sad. Bet there's going to be alot of pi---d of Colleges and University's as it's graduation time and it takes alot more than 1 person to... —  read more 

No help

It's graduation time, time for all the students to come in and get their caps and gowns. Wonder what the schools are thinking when they may not have any staff in their bookstores to help them.

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