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RM 41 Gone

How does one of the most well-respected and knowledgeable individual with 20 yrs at Follett and 10 years at a state runned store get demoted? Who can answer that one?

raise and bonus??

Anyone know when that big 2% kicks in? And when do you find out if you are getting a bonus? If you get a bonus when do you receive it? Sorry for all the questions-newer manager. Thank you.

Where are we with layoffs?

Should I take it as a good thing that there has been very little chatter about actual layoffs at Follett? Does that mean that we might be safe at least for a little while? Or am I missing something? To be honest, some time with less stress and... read more

Manager idiot

Manager asked if I knew what book was being used for a course! ordered the books, we have shelf tags, we have the books placed, they are approximately 3 feet from where you standing, same book as last semester and oh we have course tracks to... read more

Why ask why!

Manager's ask why are you going to quit and get a new job. These past 5 years have not been good, we all know that. So why would I want my health to be effected by this company anymore. I'm looking for a different job so I can have family time and my... read more

Lets be real

All of us long timers (15+ or more years) that are left working in the stores, that are doing more and making less than we should, why do we stay? We stay because we started working for a company that valued us, and we felt valued, we were... read more your eyes

RM ..please open your eyes to the manager YOU hired. So incompetent, never works minimum 40 hrs and excessively off sick. Still doesn't know even the extremely basic aspect of the job. Four different trainers and still employed?This store in Midwest... read more

Class if 2018 makes more than FHEG managers

I was listening to CBS radio this morning, and there was a report that the average starting salary for new college graduates is in the ballpark of $57,000. So basically Follett is saying to you that they value your decades of hard work and experience... read more
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What would help ?

What would help ? Get rid of the threat of layoffs that began four years ago, Good luck Charlie Brown.
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Just looking for advice

Our SM is on leave. The CM and ASM are each covering parts of the SMs duties. They disagree on who should do the yelling and screaming and throwing of things. Neither one of them wants to do this but it seems like Follett requires it as all of the... read more

This company is nothing without the stores

No offense to the people from the HO, I'm sure many of them are hardworking. But to think they get paid more than front line managers, without having to deal with the headaches and interference from our campus communities, it's just insulting. This... read more

Cut the cord

Why are you still here? I keep encouraging folks to move on yet you stay and bemoan the situation. Quick b--ching and get moving. The job market has picked up significantly. If not now, when???? There are ZERO reasons to stay and life is too short to... read more

This'll make you sick to your stomach.

If you're a store manager and make 50,000 a year, probably less but let's just go hypothetical. But let's say you make 50,000 a year. A 2% raise comes out to 1,000. Now a standard work year is 2000 hrs. That means you got yourself at fat 0.50 an hour... read more

Con call 4/25

The NE stores had to listen to a mediocre presentation today by an obviously scattered RC. Valore is being tested for used book ordering in the fall. Will this be worth the effort? (Presenting, followed by English grammar, is not one of RC's strong... read more

2%... Are you kidding me?

What kind of trash is this 2% raise? If you want to reward folks, make up for lost time. I would have hoped at least a 4% was in there. 2% doesn't make up for all the cost of living increases incurred since my last raise. What a bunch of b---s---. I... read more

Crappy Company

Follett has become one of the worst places to work at in the Nation. It’s absolutely a dead end job, no but the Board and the family gets raises or profit shares, Management has hit a turn for the very worst, and the benefits are also terrible too... read more

It's not going to get better

Quit fooling yourself. Read the posts. Get out now before you are escorted out. There are better places to work and you'll be treated like a real person.

Been gone 11 years

And I gotta admit, best decision I ever made. Working for a school, earning way more in wages and benefits...what's no to like. Get out.
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Region 93

I'm going to pop the big question???? Is my SM the only manager who sits in his office all day and runs these random errands? I can't recall the last time he was on a register or even helped a customer.

CT Web: the struggle continues

Slowness is still a major problem. Any idea whether the HO will be able to speed it up for the upcoming check-ins? Or will we be forced to endure more time-outs and pointless calls to PSC?

62 old man on obamcare- thanks follett

really bad company that messes up loyal veteran employees by getting rid of them for just a few bucks of savings- no sympathy for employees still there- you deserve everything your going to get - which is nothing- signing off 20 year veteran given... read more

Managers Conference?

Is it still on or not? By now they would have flights planned. Requested aorport info and roomate info. Cutting it kind of close if it's still on. 2 mos! And really the obly reason I am concerned is because I was planning to extend my stay for... read more


Can anyone honestly tell me the point of the appraisals? I am a 4 year manager, have seen nor given raises. So, what is the point? Another time consuming waste of time? I can't imagine my r.m having the balls to say work more, harder, etc. with no... read more

The sad truth

Truth- things are not going to change for the better. It is a sad truth but in reality things will never go back to where they were. And as much as everyone bashes upper management, they are really doing a great job. I say this only in regards to... read more

Thought it was going to get better?

Was really wishing that things where going to improve with the new CEO. So far, not seeing it. It’s funny how everyone talks about improving culture but all actions taken are making it worse. Actions are louder than words. I would much rather have a... read more

Hourly Full Time Employees

The new calculation method only allows them to reach their full vacation benefits if they work a full 40 hours every week. Since most of us have been instructed to put them at 37.5 hours they are effectively losing at least 6% of their vacation and... read more

Well here we go....

okay... another new year.... another new beginning of being disilllusional that this year will be the year for Follett... who are we kidding?????? Let's face it this company went down hill starting in the early 2010s.... and just postponing the... read more

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