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Has the Quinnipiac university store signed a new contract or not ? Old 10 year contract expires this summer. What's up ?- I am hearing nothing about it. This store has been in the Follett orbit since the early 1990s- almost 30 years. will they be... read more

Senior Management!

It is hard to do a job when you constantly feel that you have a target on your back. And before someone says, then why are you still here? There is more to a job then culture. Yes, it’s important, however, other aspects can out way culture. It’s... read more

SMs and RMs should punch a clock

The long-time employees know you work until the job is done. 6 or 7 days a week, 12+ hours a day if necessary during busy times. New external SMS think if they have to work a special event or a Saturday, take a day off during the week. That's not how... read more

Company culture going way downhill

I believe this company is going under. Where to start? The culture has gone from decent and fairly trustworthy of the lower management to paranoid about everything. It’s like working for a dystopian novel. In reality, the higher ups are out of touch... read more

From within.

Good to see that someone still believes in hiring from within. Way to go KP!!!

Is it too much to ask for a thank you?

For a long term employee that has not had more than a 2% increase in many years you would think this company (r.m.) would at least take the time to tell me your doing a great job, you work really hard, you are loyal and reliable, and a trusted member... read more

Barnes and Noble taking over the Midwest

Contracts in the Midwest are dropping like flys. Ivy Tech and now Wisconsin. Long time clients being lost to B & N. Maybe the WI RM should actually visit campuses and engage the administrations before the contracts are in jeopardy. Missing In Action... read more


What is the purpose of getting one? Our manager can tell us, hey, great job, or you need to do better at this, this, and this. We aren't going to reward you with a bonus worth your success, or a raise for job well done, we are just going to tell you... read more


Has anyone heard if we are getting raises this year? Cost of living is k--ling me.

Changes for the worse

I have seen the extraordinary changes over the past several years and it has been quite disheartening. The big layoff resulted in the loss of some good employees. There was an additional loss of talent by many of the folks who had to deliver the blow... read more
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Am I the only one who enjoys working here?

I mean, I do stress over layoffs - but that's because I enjoy my job and want to keep it. I'm really surprised to see so much Follett hate here. Everybody I work with seems happy - or if they're not, they're not showing it. Anyhow, I wish good luck... read more

No future at Follett

I think it's becoming more and more obvious that Follett will continue to go downhill until it's no more. There were plenty of opportunities to right this ship, and every one of them was missed or ignored. That should be enough of a warning to all... read more

Sign of the times?

With the loss of two more contracts, is this a sign of things to come? How many stores have theirs up for renewal?

CDS regarding benefits.

How many of you got letters with CDs from the VP of human resources talking about benefits. How much was spent on that. ?Been here 13 years, vacation, holiday, sick time were taken away about 5 years ago. How does the VP of HR not know that a huge... read more

Follett looses contract

Ivy Tech announced today they will be going with Barnes and noble ... I hope your resumes are up to date get out while you can!!!

Kmart Blue Light Special

The campus store business is changing. The Follett leaders from 10 years ago would have been hard-pressed to find ways to keep up and evolve. We needed new leadership. Unfortunately the leaders we got came from a brain-dead organization called Sears... read more

Exit interview?

Has the policy of exit interviews been nullified and void? Does HR just not care anymore why people are leaving?

Code of conduct a joke

Heard new external sm runs their own business. Has to leave at 5:00 pm every day. I'm sure they are not going to tend to their business while on Follett's dime. Wink wink. HR monitor this.


When have there been layoffs?? These posts are all the same. "Bad things are coming"; "it's not the same company"; "Stores are closing". Name one time any of this actually happened? It seems like a bunch of cry babies who hate change are just... read more


Who’s getting RIF’d at the smaller stores. Under $1M.

It’s time to stop!!!

Letting all the VPs of this company continue to run this company into the ground. Demanding so much more out of the people already giving more than any VP of this company. Blowing smoke about culture. C-ap or get off the pot. Other words fix it or at... read more
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What’s coming at the end of the fiscal year?

C’mon spill it. I keep seeing teasers about terrible things coming at the end of the FY. Post what you know is coming. If jobs are being cut, give people a clue so they can start looking for new jobs now.

Move on

The company is not what it is anymore. With the closing of ADC and the selling off of sectors, that should be a sign to move on. I am no longer there but it has turned so bad for the people still with the company. Move on I dont think follett will be... read more

Where is the incentive?

As store managers or directors, where is the incentive to work more, harder, care more? You cut our staff, you don't give us raises (2% after years without is not a raise and there was no kick back last year to employees even though tbe company got... read more

Only Books??

Why is text the only issue that really gets discussed? It seems like year after year there is growth in GM, so why don't they put more focus on building those areas in the stores since text seem like a lost cause?

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