Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

No New Contract

My store is out for RFP, but we are less than 120 days from our contract date and we don’t have a new contract yet. Anyone have any experience with this? Should I start looking for a new job?

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What a load of c-ap!

SZ just sent an email stating how proud she is of herself for walking through uncertain times with us! I call BS! How dare you clam you walked through this with us!! Staff reductions, lack of communication and no transparency! And when we do hear... —  read more 

Starting at the bottom

Is the reason some of us don’t move on is because we don’t want to start at the bottom again? For me, this is partially the case. I just had a interview at a great grocery chain known for excellent manager salary but would have to start as a FT... —  read more 

RM that recently left

I know one of the RMs that recently left and never thought he would. It was very telling when I heard he went somewhere else to work and who he went to work for. He was and is a good guy. Wish him the best! Maybe he was just unhappy but I always saw... —  read more 

Badmouthing a company

I’m always ashamed to tell other people when they ask me what it’s like to work at Follet now. When they ask you, do you make up things to make them look better or do you not shy away from badmouthing? I would have a lot to say, but I feel miserable... —  read more 

Follett Service Center

Another new Ivory Tower initiative launched yesterday … and I was actually pleasantly surprised by the experience, knowledge, store focus and prompt response I got yesterday and today (Strange, I know)! I have been in the field for 10 years working... —  read more 

Debating my options

For those who have jumped ship last year how difficult was it to find another job? I am thinking of leaving but with the way things are going I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Of course I want to make sure that I have a job first, but in the event... —  read more 

Lost Relevancy

EM is steadily becoming irrelevant. Feb 2020 Darren Woods went on CNBC and called clean energy / green investments by other majors like Shell and BP a “beauty competition”. He’s projecting hard. DW/EM have an incredibly cynical strategy of basically... —  read more 

Vacation bank?

M. worked alone for months, when I could get 1 person back in May it was due to heavy work load so couldn't take time then. NO other staff all summer, Sept. Rolled around, rush, skeleton crew, quick turnaround for Spring semester, now it is March... —  read more 

Store closing update

I thought posting to an older thread would bump it to the top but I'm seeing now that isn't the case. Looks like Portland State University is not renewing its contract with Follett because a store manager, assistant store manager, general... —  read more 

Manager is p-ss-d

So I told my manager that I found another job and that it will take priority. He was not happy about it, in fact he was pretty upset. The next thing I know he’s looking over my shoulder at every little thing I do, criticizing me like it’s my first... —  read more 


On the weekly conference call with Regional CM he remarked that this was the most amount of books marked out that he'd ever seen in all his time with Follett. It's the most our store has ever done from what I've been told. Couple that with no... —  read more 

Valued Employee

i was furloughed by Follett in the Spring due to Covid. I was looking for work the entire time but due to the pandemic the competition for open positions was fierce. Many applications went into a black hole, no response. But I did not give up, I... —  read more 

RM'S running

I just heard of 4 RM'S that are on their way out, found new jobs and gave notice. Could be more, but I was told of 4. Do they know something we don't know? Honestly, not sure why we even have Regional, on the rare chance mine comes to my store they... —  read more 

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