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Store closures

Given the current climate & the constant reports on here, does anyone have any concrete knowledge of which stores are under threat of closure in the near future?

Follett will survive

This might be one of the worst situations we've found ourselves in but I still have faith. We are a huge company. If I'm not mistaken, there are around 12000 people still working here. And too many people still rely on our materials for us to just... —  read more 

Severance Pay ?

Does Follett give severance pay if you are cut lose ? Does anyone know what we could potentially get ? Is it a percentage or a flat amount ?? Asking for a friend....... lol

Future staffing??

I was told by my rm that if your store does less than 1m (some strange calculation they are using, not based on what you did the previous fy) you are looking at 1 ft employee and 1pt at 50hrs a month (approx 12hrs a week). Has anyoneelse heard this?... —  read more 

Separation Notice?

On July 2nd I received a letter from Follett stating that my 90-day "temporary" layoff was being extended. The very last line in the letter said that if I'm not called back in the next 90-day period I should consider myself permanently separated from... —  read more 

Things need to change

There are major organizational problems with the company, from the E.L.T. to store level. We have mid managers who have little experience and leadership goals that are not clearly defined. Performance evaluations can be spotty - and considering how... —  read more 

Follett Change in Culture

I hear from long-time Follett employees, who are now gone, talk about how it was a great company years ago. What exactly was the turning point or person(s) that made the company turn into such a poorly-run, morale-defeating company? I'm not trying... —  read more 

Follett seeming to implode

I guess COVID-19 is the straw that broke the camel's back. Initatives to aid students during Rush are produced and implemented mid rush with feedback requests for their performance. Group kick off calls state the SLA isn't important so OMS orders... —  read more 

ebooks, connect cards

what a nightmare. 1/2 the ebooks don't work, the majority of professors send the students direct to the publishers, what the heck is the Course Materials at the home office doing to help us out? It is obvious the professors have lost faith in us... —  read more 

Campuses know!

It’s just a matter of time. Campuses are noticing that the company is in trouble. Lack of help in the stores, their student’s having to compete for textbooks (SODA orders for other campuses), and etc.... They see how the company is thinking and... —  read more 

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