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Checking out...

I remember liking working here at Follett. Those days are gone though... People were kind to each other and the end goal was always clear. Boy are those days gone in every aspect. Today, the management is rude and completely immature, upper... read more


All I know is if we keep going they way we are going...we will fail. Putting profit before the people we serve is a no win strategy. Just like any structure...once the foundation is weekend, the top floors will soon fall. The weight of our executive... read more


Rental check in issues and CT slowness a major headline today. How was your headache?

Just a thought

As we go through life we try to find blame as to why our lives are not what we want them to be. Blame yourself. You are the captain of your vessel, and if you fail to define your desired course in life, or act in ways that will bring you closer to... read more


Thanks for forcing me to have to take vacation pay next year on 3 holidays. was 10. now 7. next year 4?


The definition of harassment...Anybody out there feeling harassed???? I feel like I am being forced to leave my position, are you? (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one... read more


I was also let go in my store after 15 years - given 10minutes to leave with a small severance package in hand- nothing wrong with me except that I had health insurance - get out and don't come back- Merry Christmas Ray

Negative our work environment

It's truly sad how negative our work environment has become. The situation is reaching toxic proportions. The majority hate coming into work - Are being supervised by people who don't really care about them - And are being directed by senior leaders... read more

Laid off

7 more A D C let go..baker and Taylor is on some s_<< before the holidays.. bah humbug.

Leadership - Team Engagement

How about we stop looking at employees as mere tools of productivity and start treating people well, listening to them and giving them room to grow. And don’t do it just to squeeze more productivity out of them—they're smart enough to see that... read more

Follett really needs to give us a raise

The management conferences are a complete waste of time and money, particularly in light of the current state of affairs of the company. They are meant to be morale boosters but morale would be boosted better by giving a meager pay increase each... read more

Sick of being ignored!

Am I the only one who gets ignored? No responses to emails sent to RM, department planners, HO, etc. So sick of it. RM never checks in and we only talk 2-3 times per year. Our RM sends the occasional group email to the SMs in the region "What are you... read more

Labor Savings Processes

Have you noticed that whenever the home office touts a new labor savings process that it generally adds inefficiencies to an already working process; however, the home office uses the changed process or procedure as a basis for cutting additional... read more

No direction

So much for all for one and one for all. Just proves that the executive office does not care. Instead of cutting overhead costs. Which it is very clear that the businesses cannot support, they add more overhead costs. Just curious how many of the... read more

Any one at the HO work on Fridays?

Made three calls to GO today. Purchasing - Sorry they are not in today TAX dept for State Tax question. Oh, they have left for the day. It is only 2 PM, yeah just missed them? Finance looking for our missing funds. Phone answered - research done -... read more

Disappointed Text Manager

They keep all of these VP's, Directors, CO's, all upper management but ask everyone at the store level to make cuts. They are taking pay away from the ones that least afford it. Why don't they get rid of some of the ineffectual management? There are... read more

2s day sale nightmare

Hey, let's cut payroll down to just 1 employee, then throw a sale in there, let's make it more fun and not have the discount matrix work. Great customer service. Hasslefree.

Oak Brook Days

Remember the good old days at the Oak Brook Office when T.C.was our President, there was good morale among the employees , we had a nice cafeteria and Last but not least Rusty the dog.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is o.t. pay, RM says NO o.t. pay and suggested stores close on that day and observe the holiday. Ok sign on door will be-"store closed due to payroll restraints-good luck to all the teams that have games today-sorry we were not open for... read more


Does anyone know what happened with DE?

Something is a brewing

Lots of whispering going on amongst the managers and hr today. Rumors of angles being played to lower our pay to the same as woodridge, transfer of some to woodridge, and letting some of us go. What if we all bound together for a strike?

Glassdoor lies

Management's writers are at it again. 3 of the latest reviews are titled; Great Job for Students, Part of a Family, Follett is Cool. Management lies to current employees and they lie to prospective employees. Glassdoor is anonymous. It's a great... read more

Who is there left to lay off?

I don't see how they can cut anymore. They have cut to the bone. Although the ivory tower is close enough to their bonus that they may use short term thinking and do more layoffs. They want their bonus. So much this, @Q2Uvobg-jwk. Who is there left... read more

The squeeze

HO already sent out the directive to severely trim payroll in November. Do you expect layoffs as well?

Great Week for Follett

First we pummel Amazon and drive them out of college bookstores. Now Advanced Online is kicking Under Armour's butt. read more


Follett has brang everyone's morale down. They don't want you laughing or being happy when your in work warehouse, store, etc. They just want everyone to quit so then they don't have to deal with us employees. People walk around are warehouse like... read more

Net Income

Anyone check the net income for FHEG for the last 4 months? -99 is a big number. At least you'll know why your neighbors job was lost and you're stuck picking up the slack without extra compensation. OPM said it best. "What's the fastest way to go... read more

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