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First time posting-- and my thoughts are.....

My friend encourage me to review this site and to make observations. I retired from Follett yrs ago and during my time I saw much change and would like to think I made some good contributions. First- an employer is not a spouse, if your job isn't... read more

When I took my job at Follett...

When I took my job at Follett, I read the glowing reviews on and it seemed like a good place to work. Yes the industry was going down, but as the regional who interviewed me said, kids will always buy from the student bookstore... read more


I have never ever worked for a company with such disregard for the associates who are the backbone of their organization. I put forth 2 years of my life to this company. I had a very serious medical event, that caused me to go on FMLA. While in the... read more

Who's in charge?

GC was announced as COO and was the heir apparent to RG. Then it was announced he was leaving. BS from FHEG was moving into a new role and then it was announced he was leaving. FHEG moved IT back to the business but we still are paying for the high... read more

The latest buzz:

Anyone feel abused by a fairly new SVP? Something along the lines of a verbal beat down and then a "thank you, you're doing a great job" a few minutes later (but in front of others, of course). Apparently, the guy is something else. Someone check on... read more

Salary to Hourly

My boss had a talk with me to discuss how I will now be hourly bc of a lawsuit. He stated that 2 former employees sued Follett at the end March who said that their jobs were classified incorrectly. Is there anyone else that thinks this is BS?

kronos s---s balls

Why cant they get kronos fixed? I think they are taunting us with this b---s--- program. It has not been right with PTO balances since day one. The icing on the cake came early last week when, for an instant, I thought it was fixed when I saw the... read more

Accounts Payable BS

I have been a part of the AP department for many years. On the beginning of the new fiscal year, I was told I no longer have a job. What I don't understand, why do people in this department who slack off all day still get to keep their job? I have... read more


Age discrimination is a major deciding factor in follett layoffs and in salary reductions over the last four years. Many former employees impacted by ageism have reported this issue. More employees need to notify the EEOC of of this illegal practice... read more


Leaders with vision inspire others and are market shapers. To put our future in the hands of contests and book fairs are two good examples of the lack of vision of this senior leadership team. Success is earned by market shapers not market... read more

A sad day!

I find it humorous that the executive suite has not been touched during all of this turmoil. There are several VP positions that can and need to be combined. You want savings...there it is. The redundancy is extremely wasteful. So how the leaders of... read more


So anyone else see the PTO memo? Now we only get 3 days PTO. When I started here over 5 years ago we had 5, then 4, now 3. Guess this is one more way to save money at the expense of the employee. Nothing boosts moral like taking away personal time

More Layoffs Unlikely

It's tough to find more positions to get rid of since things are already so bare bones. Instead look for new and creative ways to reduce total compensation for current employees. But come on now, honestly how could anyone complain about salaries with... read more


Last minute mandatory call about FLSA. Are we losing our salary?


"This is the art of courage: to see things as they are and still believe that the victory lies not with those who avoid the bad, but those who taste, in living awareness, every drop of the good." - Victoria Lincoln

Tax Fraud - report it and collect the bounty!

1-800-829-0433. Anybody who suspects or knows that a business or individual is in violation of the tax law can order a form #3949-A, called a referral form, at the aforementioned number. You can earn up to 30% of the bounty! If you know the Follett... read more
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Unhappy, then leave!

For those of you always posting negative things, if you are THAT unhappy ...leave! Stop making those around you miserable! SOME of us enjoy our jobs and actually like coming to work. Your comments are not going to make me or others run out the door!... read more

Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency issued a memorandum that makes it harder for companies to bring foreign technology workers to the U.S. using the H-1B visa process. The new guidelines, issued late Friday, require additional... read more
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Some one please explain!

How do they pick who to lay Off? They get rid of the hard workers and keep the sh_t ones. Maybe they should look around and get rid of the ones who are outside smoking all day or the ones sitting around doing nothing!

Senior Leadership is Unbelievable

If the goal of senior leadership is to make sure employees feel completely and continually vulnerable to layoffs, you have succeeded. Is there any strategic vision here anymore? Perhaps the strategy is one slide that displays the continual sales... read more

Deleted post

What happened to post about planner leaving? Chris? Was there a few hours ago.

Happy New Fiscal Year Folks!

This year's theme is 'America Last'. Dress like you're from Bangalore, India. Have champagne with the Follett Family, who will let you voluntarily give your time, 401K, and vacation to increase the dividends. Part of the celebration will be giving... read more

Something else to think about (just out today and subscription required, but the title says it all) Bad news for Follett and its digital revolution toward irrelevance. But let's hire or promote another... read more
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Just something to think about.

Here is something to think about. First and foremost I am not here to spread any layoff rumors. Right now with no overtime laws for store management it would seem rediculous to layoff the one type of employee that can work indefinitely for the same... read more

Follett lost a "leader" today.

One of the best, most influencial, open minded, motivational, true leaders passed away today. Russell Casale will be missed and his memory will never be forgotten. Love you papa

Acquisitions, IT, and ACs Look out

This will not be the best week for you. Get your resumes in order, get your desks ready for a quick clean out and remember that you should sign up for unemployment the first day you are fired.

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