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60 year old Laid off 20 year veteran

The last comment must of come from overpaid upper management and /or family member. Don't drink this cool aid. Get out as soon as you can unless you have one of those overpaid management jobs or are close to retirement. Upper management is not your... read more
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A nice example how it's done

I ran onto this article online, and I got to admit it was a breath of fresh air for me. I know it's just one bookstore, and NYU is a place with big potential for business, but it was nice to read something positive about the company, unlike the... read more
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Tribune article quoting Tom Kline about 81 layoffs this February at the Aurora facility.

The beat goes on

Quinnipiac university looking to get rid of follett bookstore in local CT location. The new university president loves the store but but is not crazy about follett. . She has hired outside consulting company to closely monitor Follett store... read more


Sales numbers are coming in. How far did your store sink? Did you work your web order exceptions? What is being said in the tower about November?

A slow death

Aging systems, slow networks and archaic procedures equites to Inefficiencies, waste and poor customer experiences. The traditional retail model is clearly not working for the stores. Under staffing, on call employees and the lack of training is... read more


Thanks Follett for ALL the supplies and clothing received after rush. Great marketing plan! Inventory quickly approaching , thats what we need more unsaleable stuff!! Christmas markdown here we come! Almost forgot to mention the boxes we ordered and... read more

Web exceptions and on-line orders during rush

Are any of you getting hit with e-mails from your RM because you have too many web exceptions or on-line orders in the cue? I have 6 pages going back to 2013 that psc cant get out, plus we have fa lInk which s---s.

Better use of money

Hassle free experience includes a speedy checkout. Cant happen if every rush the server bogs down or crashes. Save some of that website money and invest in a better network.


All I can do is sit back and laugh. The age of social network crying is at it's peek here. Look in the mirror and ask yourself "when did I become so weak and sensitive?" When did we spawn this hilarious idea that the owners, board members... read more

Lock Em Up and Throw Away the Key

As predicted ADC is being shut down, locked up, keys thrown away along with all those dopes still working their asses off for an ungrateful, greedy, dishonest family/company. Now that its official the purging can begin and BT folks will get their... read more

Follett is going the way of Blockbuster

Follett is going the way of Blockbuster, Borders, Redbox. Why buy when more and more of what students need is online? They really don't provide personalized service that saves the small independent bookstores- that quality was eliminated years ago. A... read more

Barnes and Noble Wins

It appears that B&N wins the race to outlast the field in a declining industry. The still have MBS in order to have sourcing priority for used books even though used books are less and less relevant in a technology disruptive industry. When will B&N... read more

Safe for now

So if you're still there, breathe a sigh of relief. It wasn't your time ....yet. But while you're celebrating take time to think about how many more jobs were eliminated this week. All those people in the warehouse have families too. Eventually... read more

And here is the press release Aug 16, 2018 14:30 UTC Nebraska Book Company and Follett Higher Education Group Form Strategic Sourcing Partnership LINCOLN, Neb. & WESTCHESTER, Ill.--(Business Wire)--Nebraska Book Holdings, Inc. ("NBC") and... read more

This is H U G E

I saw this in another post that Follett sold B2B to Nebraska. I was laid off 3 years ago so don't know how the company is doing now, but wholesale used to carry the detail division when it came to profitability. Used books has always been the... read more

It's Thursday

The favorite day for layoffs (in addition to Tuesday.) If we are to have layoffs this week, it will happen today. I wish you all good luck (although the way things have been going on at Follett lately, those who are laid off probably end up in much... read more

Bottom line

Fear rules no matter what you say or do on this site.Stop attacking one another.Your only making matters worse. Try to be better than those lowlifes on the board collecting their dividend checks, Start working on those resumes. You will need them... read more


Your right we should be ashamed ourselves. Bottom line is we still have jobs and the prior commentee does not- chew on that fool

Anybody else not worried about this week?

Anybody can write major layoffs are coming any day, but unless there's some concrete info with it, we know it's most likely a troll. Which is why I refuse to stress ahead of Wednesday. If there was really a huge round coming, we'd know more about it... read more


Break yo self fools....big one coming 8/15.

Suddenly Stupid

The Suddenly Stupid SOP the id--ts who ruined Sears brought with is alive and well. Congratulations A**hats and shame on you Follett Board for allowing this idiocy to continue.

Why remove posts about people who were let go

Layoff admins, why remove posts about people that are let go? No names, no abuse, just a post and asking if anyone had any info. Why have a whole site dedicated to layoffs if people can't post about them?

Banned from site

So it appears that I was banned from the site. Using another computer to post. I never used names or even initials but was vocal about the treatment that I and other longtime associates received at our layoff. Shame on a company that is so paranoid... read more

Follett Food Service

The past few years Follett has dabbled in providing food service to campuses in addition to our campus stores. Without any infrastructure to support the program we made large investments in food equipment. But adding coolers, hot dog rollers, and... read more

More layoffs next month?

Heard about more layoffs coming to Follett next month. The person who gave me the info is not the most reliable source though, so I'm hoping somebody here knows if this is true or false.

What a Town Hall

So did anyone catch the Town Hall meeting? Well this person did, and I just felt it was full of lies. So what’s new About this Company, when it comes down to it, Follett just tried to shine and spit lies when the cameras are rolling. Exceeding all... read more

Somebody recommending Follett to people?

Found this on Barnes & Nobles' page, I'm really not sure what to make of it: I was with B&N for 13 years and was laid off. I took the severance package that precluded me from ever working for B&N in the future (think about the logic of that policy) I... read more

The board must be posting to glassdoor

Original works of fiction featured on glassdoor. A 3.3 rating and 6 of the past 7 reviews are very supportive. These are shill reviews created to fool applicants. That's how low this company has sunk! see for yourself- look up... read more

And So It Begins........

The transition to close down the ADC has officially begun. A state of the art facility built roughly around 6 years ago, has gone to waste. So many idiotic decisions and terrible business strategies has hurt what has carried this company for over 100... read more

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