Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Who's Next?

With the overnight closing of another Chicagoland store, you almost have to wonder which one will be next. I think the stores in Wheaton & Dekalb are safe for now and Loyola will probably be safe until March Madness, but will any of the other 41ers... —  read more 

Vaccine Mandate

Anyone think Follett will comply with the upcoming vaccine mandate? Could give them an easy way to get rid of people and bring in lower paid managers. I’ve heard nothing about this.

Have things stabilized?

So what’s the deal? Is Follett somewhat stable after the sell of FSS? We wouldn’t know because the health of the company is never communicated! Anyone out there in the know? Care to share? A while back someone mentioned something happening with FHEG... —  read more 


What loses contracts? Partially this new IT department. They don’t solve a single issue. Couple this with the impatience of a pampered college administration, and you have a recipe for he-l.

They look clueless

I’ve been here a long time and I’m sad that a company where it used to be really nice to work has now reached the rock bottom. I am frustrated with the leadership because they do not instill in me any confidence that they really care about saving... —  read more 


Network down half the day, not enough staff during rush, IT being useless-, antiquated ordering system-what more can I say. Terrible. Not the company I started working for. BTW- order confirmation in Soda sales confuses customers. They think that... —  read more 

NO transparency

The more I expect them to be transparent they become less and less so. There is no openness. No honesty. How can anyone trust leadership if they do not show the slightest willingness to be transparent? Air is thick, most feel that something is... —  read more 

What’s Next

So what happens next? Someone on one of the more recent threads gave a timeline that effectively said something was happening with FSS on 9/1(that happened), FHEG by mid October, and B&T by end of year. Can anyone else corroborate this? Add details? —  read more 

Rush sales

What are you guys seeing for rush sales? We're up over last year but way down compared to pre-COVID. Maybe COVID made students realize they don't need to buy books from the bookstore.

Follett is for sale “ The loss of the Fighting Irish — which outsells every other college and university in merchandise — was a blow to Follett Corp., which also provides... —  read more 

Mask mandates

Follett needs to make masks mandatory for all stores regardless of the college’s stance. I don’t have to state the obvious concerning the dangers of maskless students, do I?

Is Book Fairs dead?

Massive layoffs, huge turnover, SVP quit, Director of Sales quit, warehouse staff shortages, driver shortages and now fall fairs are cancelling due to COVID-19. This was supposed to be the golden goose egg 3 years ago, but instead Book Fairs has... —  read more 

Can’t Pay Their Bills

I’ve currently got two of my biggest supply vendors that won’t send me anything because they have Follett on credit hold. One even told me they have gotten no response from Follett. I send stuff to my AP and get crickets. I pray to be off this... —  read more 


So what does subscriptions like Pearson+ mean for Follett? Is this going to be major competition or will we sell it? Publishers are innovating Follett is not.

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