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Who is left?

Seems like more than 50% of the people I worked with are gone. Who is actually left in the office? CT Acct Ops GM??? Skeleton staff?

FHEG Bonus

Did anyone read the FY18 bonus statement and see that the new guidelines stipulate that you must be in pay grade 12 or above to receive a bonus? In FY18, if you were grade 10 or 11 under the FY17 plan and before 3/31/2017, you are grandfathered in... read more

Deleted post

So The Who do you miss post was deleted. Can't make snarky remarks or post full names. But we still miss those exceptional associates who got RIF'd. The a$$$$holes who made life hell....not so much. You know who you are.


Were there any pay raises for store employees this year? I never heard a word. Also, does anyone know where to go to see the pay scale for each job code?

The Biggest Mistake

It’s really unfortunate when family decides to put family in charge. Especially, when family members are not always the best qualified. There ought to be a rule in place to never ever put family members in charge of a business and instead, actually... read more


Talked to a former co-worker yesterday and she told me the home office received bonus's this year. They were paid out based on the elimination of people, not the results or performance of the company. What will you do next year, more layoffs to make... read more

When is the right time to leave?

Good article in Forbes that has value for the readers of this forum.

Follett's future

Where does follett go from here with the lawsuit. Nobody trust follett anymore so do they pay the publishers their loses or do they just do the same old thing and wiggle their way out.


any insight or knowledge of wages paid for managers or asm?

Follett class action AMs

I was elated today to receive a check for 1000$ from a Follett class action lawsuit from assistant managers regarding overtime pay. Follett has settled for nearly 2million dollars out of court.That are a horrible company I was abused many times 6... read more

Time to pack our bags...

Looks like Follett pulled the final straw! What major retailer gets sued by its top 3 suppliers? As if Follett already had a bad enough rep within its own ranks, now the outside publishers all know us for the steaming pile of garbage we are. Enough... read more

Worse than Follett

Our local newspaper is being purchased by GateHouse Media. Only 15% recommend it to a friend, vs. 41% for Follett. After reading the reviews, Follett sounds like a dream job. Check them out at... read more Layoffs

That should be logged under Follett due to the acquisition - I'll ask admins to move the post.
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Not Even A Lousy Take Home Game

IF the front end rents more books than before,our MANAGER gets a cruise for two people ( a $4000 value) If you read the rules you will find the R.M. gets $10,000. For doing all the hard work, the front end doesn't even get a kiss, but they do get... read more

Reality Vs. Wishful Thinking

First, I like the out dated statement "Estimated 2008 revenue is 2.52 billion (USD). Estimated 2008 workforce: 8000 " at the top of the page. I've been with the company for several years and several managers. If you are over 40, the hiring managers... read more

For those on this site-

Please stop your complaining since you will end up becoming what comes out of your mouth, which is constant negative attitudes. Your life is far too important to not enjoy each and every day. Here's something that was vital in turning my self... read more

Nice job Follett

Keep giving all the perks to your salary employees. Pretty soon you will have only salary PEOPLE. Each and every associate my ars

What will this week hold?

RMs are just back from home office getting ready for Group meetings taking place across the country in the coming weeks. I shudder to think what surprises are in store for us this week, in the stores! Our Regional/Group meeting is just days away and... read more

Old Fool

You guys complaining about bring demoted from salary to hourly. You guys are a bunch of wimps. Your still have jobs . My position was officially eliminated last year. I was given 10 minutes to leave the store and not ever come back after 16 years of... read more

CT Web

How's it working out for you? "Please wait... Error!" Don't worry; they'll fix it!

They decide who is cut

This shouldn't melt down into a salary v hourly contest. Hey salaried idiot! follett changed the classification of many workers from salary to hourly. It was a pay cut. Responsibilities didn't change, but pay was cut. Hey hourly idiot, you saw them... read more

New item

Does Follett sell fidget spinners? That could make a lot of sales for company. Better than .99 notebooks I bet.

Fatal error number 12

We Recognize Only Top Performers – Your top performer is not paying the highest price to attain results. Generally, they are not working the hardest because the business comes naturally to them. The person who is paying the highest price is your... read more

Fatal error number 13

We Attempt to Motivate People – You may inspire but you cannot motivate. Motivation is internal and personal. The most common ways managers have tried to motivate others are through incentives and rewards or threat and fear. Both are counter... read more

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