Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Those That Stay...

I am just wondering, curious, those that have stayed, long or short term employees, why have you stayed? I have been out, my own choice. By habit I check this page on occasion. All I read, and hear from a few I keep in touch with, is how horrible... —  read more 

Realignments Coming Soon

Store teams - be aware that realignments are coming soon. Less MLs with more stores assigned per ML. If you have 3-4 locations now, plan for 8-10. Consolidation of multiple campus stores into larger stores to operate and consolidating the teams from... —  read more 

The staff my people

I could've stayed at Follett and dealed with all the cr-p they threw at us but when they took away my people - they took the only thing that kept me there. My staff who I enjoyed working with and loved working rush with and just looking at the long... —  read more 

The competition

"Barnes & Noble college bookstores have done a few things over the years to get students to come in and buy, teaming up with Starbucks and selling overpriced merchandise. And they have been cost cutting. Wages at Barnes and Noble stores are low and... —  read more 

From what I see

From what I see the Big Ten schools are getting everything they need. It doesn’t seem to be an issue there. it doesn’t look like they’re cutting back on staff they don’t have as much as they used to, but they certainly are able to cover their floor... —  read more 

The Logic Amazes Me

Can you believe it? They decided to lose an experienced, dedicated store manager who has strong ties and influence with the university staff, all because they didn't want to give a raise. And now, they're ready to pay even more for a new manager who... —  read more 

Bonus pay time.

Email just went out. Bonus will be paid 9/29 and they will post to ESS on 9/27 if you’re eligible and how much it’ll be. Please let anyone know about bonus pay as we know Follett will not reach out to those who were let go.

Bonus pay announced

Email just went out. Bonus will be paid 9/29 and they will post to ESS on 9/27 if you’re eligible and how much it’ll be. Please reach out to anyone that might be eligible for the bonus. It was offered to those that left the company.

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Complete Shitshow

Follett, if you ever read this, I just spent rush doing my incompetent (the schools all agree with me on that word) ML’s entire job description while making sub $25k annually, and providing support to my ML, and all of my ML’s stores while my ONE... —  read more 

I can not believe it

This entire time the temps at my store have been getting paid MORE than my actual employees have. I really had no clue until my team lead told me this. I find it absolutely insane that they’re willing to pay temps more than employees for all the work... —  read more 

Visited the old store

I had to see if the new system was a good move. Of course, I didn’t think it would be, but you never know, right? 1/4 of the books that should be on the shelf, missing stock of other stuff, frazzled- looking employees. It looks like the end of... —  read more 

Too much Promo clothing

Is anyone else getting slammed with Promo clothing the last few weeks. This sh-t is just piking up in the back because I dont have room for it on the sales floor. I havent received the restock regular generic hoodies that we all get but I could fill... —  read more 

Follett is a-s

If you’re still in Follett then you are not trying hard enough to get out of that he-l hole. All I hear is excuses… there’s plenty of jobs out there that will value you and are looking for people as we speak. Also if you want to get paid we’ll... —  read more 

Grass can be greener

I know those left working may not be sure they can find another job but if 50+ demoted and saw the writing on the wall can find work so can you. I LOVE my new job. Hours are early by my choice and it's 30 minutes drive to work now but no stress, no... —  read more 

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Such Bull$h!t you have to Laugh

Fall Rush is a complete disaster no matter how seasoned you are. NXTTHING is a joke. They don’t interview let alone hire people who are even competent to do the job. These new hires come in completely lost and seem instantly overwhelmed when told... —  read more 

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Sh--s about to hit the fan

School will be starting very soon, the first day will be he-l. We will see how many survive the brutality that is heading their way. Oh and i hope the Ivory Tower knows that the schools will be watching very closely.

I'm just so, so tired.

I am one of the "fortunate" ones that got a promotion, to CM3. I now have 9 campuses. When I start my day I typically have over 200 emails between multiple inboxes I have to monitor, each needing attention to solve whatever the problem is before... —  read more 

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