Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

February Payroll

Got told that the February Payroll hours budget had been delayed. Is this so they can assess how much has been used in January and decide whether they can slash any more in February. We're cut to the bone already.

No lunches or breaks

For those posting about being the only employee in your store so that you cannot take breaks or lunch, if you are in California, report Follett to the State. They will slap them hard with a fine. Everyone else should check their state laws on the... —  read more 

Unpaid vendors?

Any other stores get continuous unpaid invoice emails. The amount of accounts on hold right now is ridiculous. I send off my emails and shrug

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The end is near…

Everyone should buckle up! The next 4-6 weeks are going to be like a wild roller coaster ride. Except, in the end, everyone’s ride ends in a big pile of cow s**t. You think labor is challenged now, it won’t be when there are no team members remaining... —  read more 

The new labor budgets

The new budgets are the biggest joke ever. I can’t get anything done with such a small budget. What happened to your customer service model? Who can actually deliver good customer service without staff and continued ridiculous demands of surveys and... —  read more 

Communication Breakdown

Just curious, where is the communication breakdown actually occurring? I am also wondering what is being done to correct it? Are all store managers equally uninformed, is just certain RMs not communicating, GVPs not communicating or is it just the... —  read more 

So called leaders

I am tired of working for people who claim to be leaders and have no idea how to lead. A leader motivates, a leader communicates, a leader engages team members, a leader boosts morale, a leader builds trust and respect, a leader fosters a positive... —  read more 

Resignations on the rise?

Anyone hearing about OTC & field resignations on the rise? Heard there were 3 in the field and 2 at the tower this week? Do they know something? Anyone know who it is? Maybe it’s a gift, I am just not sure if it is for them or us.

Happiest of Holidays

If you take any time off during the holidays, you will absolutely violate the sla for soda and your scorecard will get all dinged up. Who cares. Do it anyway. They’d replace you in a minute


Those soda orders we're getting can't be fulfilled because guess what...they're still in boxes because I have no staff to shelve them. You may return to your regularly scheduled disaster.

What’s the plan?

What is the plan. Is this really short term so JR can flip us, isn’t that what venture capital companies do? Big ‘calibration’ meetings with the GVPs RMs and OTC today and tomorrow. Are we expecting layoffs, bankruptcy, what is the plan with all this —  read more 

Flawed Strategies

I find it very interesting that corporate America continues to pay executives for flawed strategies and who places the blame on execution. The traditional retail strategies has ki---d and continues to ki-l this industry. We are not traditional... —  read more 

Happy Holidays

Just remember, you are working for a company that will replace you in 5 minutes, no matter how loyal, how many years in, how much you go above and beyond, you don't matter. Make sure to take care of yourself! As hours are cut, cut, cut, don't try... —  read more 

The Slow death...

Payroll cuts during buyback/rental check in, no Spring Rush Payroll, Insane clothing inventory, email push....blah.blah.blah. The stores are dying and Follett Higher Education will be filing BK at the end of 2023 due to contract violations... —  read more 

Full Time

What happens when full time clock in people get hours cut to under 32 ? Do we lose benefits because we are not “ technically “ getting full time hours ??


Let us take labor away from the stores. You know, the whole reason we’re in business. Meanwhile, GVPs watch Netflix and take naps. Genius. So much winning.

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