Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Topics regarding layoffs at Follett

Price Increases

Has anyone noticed that virtually every GM item in our stores has had a price increase over the last few months? Quite hefty ones in some cases too -- 20% or more. Meanwhile, we got 3% raises. Our own salaries can't even keep pace with rising store... —  read more 

It's not all about the money

I wanted to leave this year but haven’t found anything that gives me as good a schedule as I have at Follett. That’s important. It’s not all about money. I hope to leave next year and praying a great position becomes available. So much this. People... —  read more 

Faster technology = less covid

If we didn’t have to wait the 40 seconds that the register takes to sp-t out rental check in receipts, we’d be less exposed to dying. Less face-to-face is a good thing. Distancing in the aisle is possible, but not really at pos.

Anyone hear about a re-org?

Anyone know about a re-org that JH is planning? I was asked by someone that heard from someone at HO and was trying to find out details. I am hoping we are not being cut further in the field. Is she re-orging her course materials team?

Temp Agency Financials

With Follett's push to move away from PT team members and towards NXT temps, it's really got me thinking about the financial aspect behind this. How are we actually saving money by hiring a temp agency? Aren't we having to pay them to do the hiring... —  read more 

Who's Next?

With the overnight closing of another Chicagoland store, you almost have to wonder which one will be next. I think the stores in Wheaton & Dekalb are safe for now and Loyola will probably be safe until March Madness, but will any of the other 41ers... —  read more 

Vaccine Mandate

Anyone think Follett will comply with the upcoming vaccine mandate? Could give them an easy way to get rid of people and bring in lower paid managers. I’ve heard nothing about this.

Have things stabilized?

So what’s the deal? Is Follett somewhat stable after the sell of FSS? We wouldn’t know because the health of the company is never communicated! Anyone out there in the know? Care to share? A while back someone mentioned something happening with FHEG... —  read more 


What loses contracts? Partially this new IT department. They don’t solve a single issue. Couple this with the impatience of a pampered college administration, and you have a recipe for he-l.

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