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Exit interview?

Has the policy of exit interviews been nullified and void? Does HR just not care anymore why people are leaving?

Code of conduct a joke

Heard new external sm runs their own business. Has to leave at 5:00 pm every day. I'm sure they are not going to tend to their business while on Follett's dime. Wink wink. HR monitor this.


When have there been layoffs?? These posts are all the same. "Bad things are coming"; "it's not the same company"; "Stores are closing". Name one time any of this actually happened? It seems like a bunch of cry babies who hate change are just... read more


Who’s getting RIF’d at the smaller stores. Under $1M.

It’s time to stop!!!

Letting all the VPs of this company continue to run this company into the ground. Demanding so much more out of the people already giving more than any VP of this company. Blowing smoke about culture. C-ap or get off the pot. Other words fix it or at... read more
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What’s coming at the end of the fiscal year?

C’mon spill it. I keep seeing teasers about terrible things coming at the end of the FY. Post what you know is coming. If jobs are being cut, give people a clue so they can start looking for new jobs now.

Move on

The company is not what it is anymore. With the closing of ADC and the selling off of sectors, that should be a sign to move on. I am no longer there but it has turned so bad for the people still with the company. Move on I dont think follett will be... read more

Where is the incentive?

As store managers or directors, where is the incentive to work more, harder, care more? You cut our staff, you don't give us raises (2% after years without is not a raise and there was no kick back last year to employees even though tbe company got... read more

Only Books??

Why is text the only issue that really gets discussed? It seems like year after year there is growth in GM, so why don't they put more focus on building those areas in the stores since text seem like a lost cause?

Zero-picking and HO irritation

According to an RM, one in every ten OMS orders is being zero-picked company wide. As our staffing continues to shrink, expect that number to go up.


If HR monitors this site daily they have too much time on their hands and need to do some actual work. The leaders of this company are horrible and the family has become lazy fat cats. Dozens of us have reached out over the past years begging for... read more

NQ Blog

Regarding as you call them "grumpies" They are the ones who were with Follett when things were great. Employees were valued and treated like family. As for saying Hello to fellow employees I always do, can you say the same?

Book dumping

Hope you like the shipments of used books coming your way from Aurora, as they slough off excess inventory.

There is no joy left in any of this.

I don't know what the answers are any more than anyone else. I just know that there was a time where I enjoyed working for this company. There has been so much chaos and confusion the last few years that it just is demoralizing. Some of us have... read more

Manager time theft

Salaried manager doesn't work min. 40 hours per week. Off 3 days because of school closure due to weather and manager still claims 40 hrs worked. No , can't do work from home location, doesn't use vacation, or personal time credit. Manager thinks... read more

Sounds like traditional retail to me

It’s a shame that in the traditional retail is trying to redefine itself, that we are trying to be traditional retail. We have the chance to be so much more to our campus partners. I do believe the transformation has been completed. Horrible culture... read more

Sales collapsing

Our sales are tanking. What are you seeing and those of you at HO, what are you hearing.

OMS orders!!!

Anyone else get bombarded with OMS orders yesterday? We have over 100 , for a small store only 2 weeks into school that’s a lot. What irritates me is how many books are going to larger stores who should have had the books on their shelves.

Chicago stores

What’s up with the Chicago area stores? DuPage and Loyola store manager positions are both posted. There’s always store manager postings in this region. It seems to have a lot of turnover. Is it more pressure because they are close to the home... read more


Is it just me or is Follett is hiring more kids just out of school as course material managers theses days. Where have gone the standards?


sears { liquidated ) = follett ( liquidating in next 2 to 3 years) . See you at the labor dept. fools,


If you have time to read this blog site, the you have time to go online to apply for an new job with a new company, What are you waiting for?- to be given notice of your impending layoff by your favorite Follett family butt kissing upper management... read more

Your next step

Happy New Year! Is this the year you find an opportunity where a company values you, your knowledge and the value to bring to the table? If not, why not? You are worth being valued not dismissed. In this economy, there is an abundance of jobs with... read more

God Bless You

God bless you and all current and laid off store level employees who are trying to endure in this coming New Year. Be strong !!!

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