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That's how many school's had their entire bookstore staff laid-off. Eight Hundred and eighty-four.

Follett's mass employee purge

If your store is shut down because of a "stay at home" order by your state and your university is closed, all full and part time employees have been laid off. All temps were fired on 3/20. Salaried managers are to continue fulfilling online orders... —  read more 

Why can’t we work from home?

I can’t wrap my head around it. Why can’t we work from home? So many companies are allowing their workers to do this. What is the harm???

"Stay at Home" Order

Quite a few businesses in the state are still going to pay employees while the Govs "Stay at Home" declaration is in place. What is Follet going to do? Most of us have no vacation or sick leave left since it's the end of the fiscal year. Are we just... —  read more 

Temps dismissed 3/20

All temps being let go today. Communication went out this afternoon. What’s next and are more layoffs coming?

Leadership in Action

Did you know that Follett is CURRENTLY spending many, many millions of dollars on consultants for discretionary work - this is optional work for projects with no payback? Work that could be deferred until the future is more clear. In the middle... —  read more 

Profit over People?

Is the McHenry location open? Are they seriously making people work at that beige decaying corporate office right now?

Woodridge speech

Do you remember the time right after we moved from South Archer Avenue in Chicago to Woodridge, Illinois and RMM got up and gave a speech?? It was February,1999 . He said " This building is a testament to us and should be kept immaculate! " .

The Rumor of April 2

For the five to ten who regularly pursue this unfortunate graveyard of lost careers and sanity, April 2nd is the new boogie man. Sometimes sadism and the idea of making others miserable can mean false rumors, for all we know HR has someone on that... —  read more 

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Current vs Former

I'm curious, how many people that post or read this blog are still current employees? I've only been with the company for 3 years so I don't see any dramatic change in the culture. But I do see that the company lacks a purpose. We don't serve our... —  read more 

Father CorePOS Laid Off

Just heard that Father CorePOS was laid off. He was responsible for 100 million project that is now obsolete and unsupportable. Responsible for many layoffs. The chickens always come home to roost.

Roosters, welcome home

As a person who was ruthlessly driven out of this company nearly 7 years ago, (after more than 20 years in service to the company), watching the torture that follett had become flower and spread is somewhat satisfying. I do feel bad for all y'all... —  read more 

They just don’t care

They just don’t care. It’s all about the money at the top and the bonus that they make. Of course they’re going to cut payroll that is how they make their bonus this year and pretty much every year. So once The busy time is over they are willing to... —  read more 

Follett “cuts” all team members to zero

1493 met their fiscal year goals but still hours got cut. An email got sent out today and over 15 team members got all their hours cut for the next two weeks. The managers will be running the registers and shipping. The cut is ‘temporary’ but staff... —  read more 

Love vacay?

Can anyone spill the tea on this new vacation policy?

Chop Chop for Buy Buy?

So long long long time employees have raised a theory that caught my ear about the excessive (even from the ears of a local regional) returns/labor reduction that Follett may be getting ready to make a bid to be the only horse and buggy manufacturer... —  read more 

Town Hall

Tuesday's Town Hall showed the employees a "re-focus" on their business model. According to CW there has been an "accelerating decline in textbook sales" due to open source, Amazon, and students simply not buying the books. By trying to force... —  read more 

Unrealistic expectations

I don’t know anyone who is happy at Follett. Maybe we should decrease our sales further by making stores do more with less of a labor budget during the most lucrative time of the year. Let’s throw in some extra tasks, just in case everyone isn’t... —  read more 

Why bother?

For 2 - 3 weeks of full weeks & the rest of year sc-aping for hours. But tell me again why & how you expect loyalty. Bull!#&% No wonder there are so many jobs posted online & you can't even hire temps.

behind in shipping out orders

How many are getting behind in shipping out MO? Does anybody have a suggestion on how to get caught up when you’re so understaffed??

New RM position for 41

Wondering if they'll go external again or try to promote from within this time? The region has been more or less rudderless for the past year and a half with the RM that was.


Follett’s evil plan to get rid of me?!? Pharmacy just called insulin is no longer covered???

Corporate Holiday Lunch

On Wednesday there is a Follett holiday lunch at a local hotel for all the corporate folks. Based on how they have been squeezing expenses, laying off administrative assistants, ASM's, and others, it's hard to imagine that they are spring for a free... —  read more 

Welcome back CP

After 5 long years...... can you save us from crop tops and overpriced tees?

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