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Silent layoffs at FactSet

Three months back there were several employees called by HR and handed over pink slips. Laid off at a moment's notice. There was a lot of anxiety around about who is going to be the next. Fortunately, nothing happened. But Lately, an announcement... —  read more 

Layoffs are happening and no posts on Facset

Just go and see under "Latest Posts" above and see how many companies are having posts every 10 minutes - yet here, we demonstrate what we already know - our people are anxious and they hate to expose themselves - this works for the management as... —  read more 

Career Path @ Factset

It's somewhat unrelated, but here it goes anyway: What's the typical Factset career path?

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Confirming the previous post - Cali editing staff cut 100%

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FactSet fired entire editing workforce in California!

After an audit, the state of California determined that FactSet needed to put its California freelancers, all of whom are editors of financial transcripts, on its payroll. This is usually done because the state determines that the company using... —  read more 

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factset hires almost exclusively from within

factset hires almost exclusively from within. they hire kids out of college, and promote internally. while this is a selling point for new hires, this also means that the company has no MBAs, nobody with advanced degrees, nobody with outside... —  read more 

Yes, more layoffs, and more to come, eventually

Yes, more layoffs, and more to come, eventually. But, the good FDS folks in Hyderabad keep droning on about lack of "opportunities." Well, my heart is bleeding. Thousands of "opportunities" went overseas, and still there is no satisfaction. Welcome... —  read more 

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Five years ago FactSet was a great place to work

Five years ago FactSet was a great place to work. The problem with a young workforce is they never saw a recession. Now everyone is scared for their jobs and their is backstabbing left and right. With the Economy going bad, costs are being cut... —  read more 

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