Topics regarding layoffs at Moody's Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Moody's Corp.

Sales Commissions

Hey could anyone explain how is the variable salary is structured at Moody's for a Relationship Manager? I know there are some regional differences but I don't get the model

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Irreparable damage

I still don't understand why some of the best performers were cut. Is there any explanation for that? Apart from the fact that it is demotivating for those who are still here, I think that letting those people go is an irreparable loss for this... — read more 

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Sales leadership

Did anyone have a sales leader who recently left (June/July 2022) the commercial real estate group with the initials MH? He just started at my company and I am hoping to get a real review on his leadership because thus far I am concerned.

There was no notice?

Is it true that San Francisco employees who were laid off did not receive the notice before? Unbelievable. I used to be proud to work in this company, but every day I realize more and more that it is a big mistake that I am still here. They could... — read more 

Moody's Layoffs 2018

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, workl, add value and make your best effort, knock it out of the park… I know that people are concerned but there is pretty much nothing major you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in NYC.

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