Topics regarding layoffs at CoreLogic Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at CoreLogic Inc.

Record high turnover

Nobody wants to stay at CoreLogic. People are leaving in droves and with every right. Everybody here is underpaid, from new recruits to people who have been here for years. The company doesn't want to pay employees what they're worth but there's... —  read more 

CoreLogic's annual October layoffs

October is the "heads roll" month at CoreLogic. The technology wanna be company has a proven reputation for poor morale, shallow guidance from upper management, and buys firms for their data without being able to integrate the fruits of their... —  read more 

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Core Logic has bought out many companies in an effort to corner the market on data. The problem is Core Logic is not a technology company, and they don't know how to manage technology companies. They bought RELS and Landsafe and FNC. They don't know... —  read more 

Irvine layoffs 2015 and 2016

That's the rumor, I hear that our business is down and that 2016 will be worse. So, now nobody knows how things will develop but it is always depressing to hear that layoffs might be coming. Many people that I talked with are not concerned and they... —  read more 

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