Topics regarding layoffs at First American Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at First American Corp.

Major Layoffs Coming

The FED has stated rates will raise next year to combat inflation. The last time the FED raised rates whole division were let go at FirstAMā€¦.. do people feel major layoffs are around the corner again or will rates stay at zero forever?

Worst company ever

First American is by far the worst company I have ever worked for! Benefits suck, 401k sucked, management sucked, technology sucked, industry is dying and people skills are outdatedā€¦ say away from this place at all cost!

Fresh out of college

I graduated last year and was researching companies that I am considering applying for. I happen to come across this platform while looking to see if layoffs were a normal occurrence. I’ve searched Glassdoor and the reviews seem to be positive. But... —  read more 

Layoffs - New Job Posting

I have seen people in my department let go - and then they post the same job description as the people they let go... fire the new people and repeat... they always seem to fire people right before they are vested in their retirement... FirstAM is a... —  read more 

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Bipolar Boss

Any advice on how to deal with a boss who screams, cusses her team out on a daily basis and always talks about politics? I hate going to work everyday! I started dropping resumes but it’s horrible having to speak with this person everyday! —  read more 

Layoff set for Q2 - 2019

People please be prepared for another round of layoffs for Q2 - 2019. Same meetings being held and management is looking to cut payroll due to miss numbers. Please don't get caught off guard!

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First American Title

Thank you First American Title for so many things. Thank you for treating my partner, after so many years of DEDICATED service, to the biggest F you on Dec 4. Weeks before Christmas. My spouse worked holidays, in the middle of the night, very sick... —  read more 

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Santa Ana Layoffs

Peopel were seen crying at the Santa Ana office today as a substantial amount of workers were let go. FirstAM is an older workforce so many older workers are going to have a tough time finding jobs while younger workers seemed happy about the... —  read more 

Santa Ana Layoffs

There were 7 from Santa Ana last week. I feel this is a bad decision while execs still take a huge chunk in forms of bonus. So, it's a paradox, you keep cutting costs so you can continue to operate and you are increasing costs by giving more bonuses... —  read more 

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