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More Layoffs at Broadridge

Broadridge fiscal year ends/begins June 30th/July 1st. Layoffs typically occur in Late April, May & June. 2019 No different. Layoff of older stateside workers. Hire either younger lower paid stateside workers or really lower paid workers in India. —  read more 

Age discrimination

How is this not age discrimination? Lay off older engineers and within a few months post an entry level job opening for the same discipline at the same location?

All my bags are packed. I'm ready to go.

Gokey will be re-organizing after FY'19. If you're in the 50+ age group or a severe underachiever (most of the company), I suggest brushing up that resume.

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Nobody over 50 is safe at Broadridge

When you hit 50 at Broadridge, you might as well start packing up your personal belongings. You simply make too much money and nobody there could give a rats a-- if you have a family or not. Meeting their numbers will always be more important than... —  read more 

Broadridge Financial layoffs

July/Aug layoffs. Broadridge laying off employees and it is terrible. They are getting rid of the 50+ age group with two to three decades of service. It is because of thier latest acquisition. They threw in a couple of non 50+ to make it non age... —  read more 

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Customer communications

Printing on paper is clearly a declining industry with regular layoffs. You're all losing your jobs, and possibly soon.

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