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Name Change?

Will DST become SS&C Technologies or will they keep this entity as DST? Also SS&C is “business casual”. 😳

Be ready to be walked out if you give notice

We lost two of the more well respected people in our group. One gave her two week notice on a Friday just before the end of January. She ended up getting a call at home on Sunday night informing her she wouldn't be allowed in the building come... read more

Ss&C co thread on thelayoff.com

I would instead of continuing on responding on here on DST's do a search for SS&C's actual site on the layoffs site and start posting and responding to that one instead. SS & C folks are already whining about being burnt out apparently and someone's... read more

so now what?

How am I supposed to plan my summer and schedule vacation time when all I do is worry about WHEN the layoffs are? FML.

Something might be going on in Quincy soon

Our manager who typically floats in around 10ish and goes out of her way to ignore us has since Thursday been showing up at 8:30 with a good morning greeting. Either she was spoken to, which is doubtful since she is still taking her extended lunch or... read more

This is no way to live

This constant stress and not knowing if I'll have a job the next day, always wondering if the layoffs are coming this week or the next, spending weekends worried instead of relaxing... This is no way to live. I really wish higher-ups at DST would... read more

Next week

Been hearing something's going to happen next week, but I can't find any details wherever I look. Anybody here knows what's going on?

No one seems to know whats up.

The signs are there. We had a hiring freeze per SS&C then they lifted the freeze a few days later and canceled interviews were rescheduled. . Strange


OK. I’ll say it. Every former BFDS employee right up through some of the most senior are all enjoying the reaction from DST HR to the SS&C sale. They were all so smug and condescending towards former BFDS employees. They were even overheard while out... read more


Can someone explain to me the benefit of keeping any operations in the KC. Most insurance companies are based in Hartford CT and SS&C is based between two major financial centers in the US in New York and Boston. Most of the activity in the... read more


Does anybody know what kind of severance does DST offer? And will it remain the same once SS&C Technologies take over? I've heard that sometimes incoming companies have a tendency not to honor the severance previously offered by the acquired company... read more

don't panic

as somebody said in another thread, don't panic folks. we don't know anything yet. there will be layoffs sure, but they might not as be as bad as some are fearing. hang in there and wait out the storm. who knows once things settle down we might be in... read more

How many layoffs are we looking at?

Now that the acquisition is complete, how many layoffs are we looking at? There will be the usual consolidation layoffs, those are always expected, but beyond that? Those who believe there will be no layoffs for a year or two are only kidding... read more

First one to go....with millions.


More info on incoming layoffs

We had a meeting. Health Solutions is losing one or two customers so Birmingham will see layoffs. Pharmacy solutions is also having issues. They mentioned reducing staff by 80 people by years end. not sure if that includes Birmingham in that number... read more

Steer clear of HR

Don't repeat my mistake and approach HR with an issue. Their only purpose is to serve the corporation, you are the last thing on their mind when dealing with an issue, even if you are the one who presented it. I can't believe how stupid I've been to... read more


The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act) is administered by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA). It requires most employers with 100 or more employees to provide employees, bargaining... read more

when are you guys going to learn?

There are no layoffs until at least 2 years into deal. then, all bets are off. the deal won't even be sealed yet at least until may 2018. then i'd watch for 2 years as they slowly get rid of the smaller redundant/duplicate roles, you won't even hear... read more

Dst is going about everything so stupid

They need to take the top 300 oldest tenure employees, give them 70 weeks severance as a buyout. No unemployment to pay and they weed out the tired and feed up oldies making the big bucks. Some will bite, some won’t. That’s the way to handle it. I... read more

Layoffs confirmed

Heard it from executive source last week - layoffs ARE going to happen. It is not known yet who will be affected or when, but we should all be prepared for a layoff as part of this merger.

Long time employees at risk

If you've been at DST for 5 years or longer, you're more likely to get canned as you are more expensive to retain. Severance packages are not the cost cutting tool they use, its how much you are vested with vacation time and employee... read more

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