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State street layoff

State street owns pcg stock. It's down 50% due to cali fires. State stNJ Is a top 15 holder

Block from internal posting

So there has been a transition that makes no sense to many under a management and several of us has been posting out to different position internally, and from the position, many of us are qualified yet every posting we had apply for has been... read more
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My last day was Friday...

After 26+ years with BFDS I gave my two week notice. At 10:00am when my manager arrived I asked if we could talk and was told that " I just got here I'll catch up to you later this morning". At 11:40 I was approached and asked "what's up"? Since no... read more

Open Enrollment

I guess we all made it. No lay-offs before open enrollment.
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DST Culture Change Movement

Recruiting Join the Culture Change Movement! ..Change Champions will ... help energize and motivate our workforce and enhance behaviors related to communication, collaboration, accountability and other corporate values What in the actual f-ck is... read more

Oct 31st

Which areas were told that the 31st would be their last day? Is it all in KC or is Quincy impacted as well? #MDSUKS

No layoff?

Is it possible ssnc actually knows how to manage a profitable company without continouse layoffs? This would mean Stone is'nt a hack ceo like the hatchet man was. I'm not convinced yet. If the end of the year passes with only small quiet layoffs... read more


With all these posts it looks like we have alot of hangers to get rid of.

Did Dst file a Warn report?

Warn reports are required in large layoffs. Dst will always be remembered for poor and abusive managers, dead weight staff that held their jobs too long, and girls that dated their managers. And poor pay.

So it beginssss yet again.....

Another higher up has been asked to leave apparently. One of the golden parachutes....sure you will hear more about it tomorrow from your managers in ES..... "Synergies"....sighhhhh...get out while you can...

Mid to late October layoffs

As it was mentioned in another thread, mid to late October layoffs make perfect sense considering that open enrollment begins in November. If I were a betting man, I'd say that's when we are going to see the next major round. So don't say you were... read more

Open Enrollment

It’s going to be interesting what our benefits will look like with SS&C. Info coming out in October.


They blocked this sight within the last month.. Haha what a joke of a company, we can just get on our phones. I use to be able to check this website at work, now it says "blocked." Really DST, really...

DST Layoffs

With the survey coming out today, you know it’s only a matter of time. Do not say you are actively looking unless you want to be walked out immediately!


Do we think or know if the 25th and 26th of Sept. are possible layoff days???

Albany NY Office

Any news about Albany? We’ll be down to less than 50 employees by the end of October. Hard to believe they’re renegotiating a lease with so few people left.

Layoff Rumors for Quincy

So far I have heard a couple of different rumors regarding the next layoff date, I heard September 24th-25th was the earliest but then there's another rumor that it would take place in October but no specific dates were mentioned. Has anyone else... read more

Rehiring old employees

Has DST been known to rehire employees who were laid off a few years ago? And if so, what kind of pay do they get?


Funny Its blocked at least at DST Pharmacy Solutions which is stupid for we can just come here on our cell phones, tablets and home pcs. I heard of more layoffs in October. In the call center we are way over staffed. They are too cheap to pay us a... read more

Silent layoff

If you look at the raises Dst gave it shows their level of care about retaining staff. The 1 to 2 % raises over the years were a silent layoff, that resulting in many people leaving. But I was friends with a mid level manager that received 10% +... read more

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