Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems

Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems

Impossible demands?

No way this organization can continue to stay in business. They treat employees like abused slaves and make impossible demands. There are few clients. They treat clients as bad as employees. Hundred percent true. If they treat... —  read more 

SS&C Tech Leadership

Does anyone else feel like the directors and above on the ssnc tech are pretty amateur? Like they really don’t have the experience or background with the scale of apps they bought from DST? Some of the stuff I see daily is a real wtf? Anyone else... —  read more 

Working Parents

How is DST / SS&C handling associates who have school aged children who aren't going back to school in the fall or doing remote or hybrid learning? Cutting hours? Offering alternative schedules? We're going be required to parent, teach and work... —  read more 

Yay we get MLK off now

MLK is now a holiday at SS&C in 2021. It’s a holiday except for the back office support people. Dang I knew it was too good to be true. 2022 MLK will not be a holiday.

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DST Headwinds

It's all SS&C now? Sounds like from the earnings call DST is being held at arms length; lots of references to flat a declining revenue at DST! Hey alligator, how's that Zebra coming along? "Just chomping away over here, I'll get it devoured real... —  read more 


It is truly amazing to see how many people who left this company and now have made great strides in their career. People who were held back due to the fragile egos of their management who could not admit someone was more skilled than they were. A sad... —  read more 

Clients leaving

SS&C has run us into the ground. I have heard of a number of clients terminating due to issues. One client account I work on is First Carolinacare. They are leaving and it is sad seeing they have been a DST client for many years

Return to office...

Did anyone else working from home get an email this afternoon that you are expected to return to the Quincy office on Monday, June 1st? Email indicated that employees will be returning to the office in stages and my specific date was the 1st.

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