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Layoffs and DST closing is a blessing

DST was always known as a sweatshop with poor management, and abusive management. Nowdays some of the stunts the managers pulled would be considered "hostile work environment" and there would be lawsuits filed. DST could have been a much bigger and... read more


Any layoffs going to sungard? I was hired in the 1979 era, there were no non competes. Left dst about 1998 and helped them with escheatment. It was a good place

Quincy office relocation?

Anyone else hearing that discussions are taking place that the Quincy office staff could be relocating into Boston around the beginning of the Fall? Lease buyout is being negotiated.

Long term career at DST?

Does anybody still believes there is such a thing? Both older and newer employees - do you think a long term career is still a viable thing at DST?

This is just the start

The sad part is the hurt is only begining. Large successful companies get that way by providing innovative services or products. Like every established company the innovation fade's over time. Stone is making a good attemp to keep it going by... read more

This is a recipe for failure

Two people started working in our department in April as replacements for a few who decided to leave this mess on their own, and I'm appalled at how little they know and how little they're trying to learn. Is this where we are now? Is this the best... read more

SS&C earnings call with analysts

Lots of discussion about DST https://seekingalpha.com/article/4258311-ss-and-c-technologies-holdings-inc-ssnc-ceo-bill-stone-q1-2019-results-earnings-call

DST needs to stop getting rid of people

We can't lose anymore people and continue to function properly. Too many people have been laid off, too many have left on their own, and too few were brought in to replace them. We are doing the work of two-three people each and if we have to pick up... read more

Dst was a joke management wise

dst layoffs are direct result of bas management. Missed indusrty standard of sub accounting. Promoting executives lovers was always a bad move. Rockhurst infatuation was silly. As a result, dsr is gone

Is there anybody not looking for a new job?

So many people I talk to keep telling me they are already looking for a new job - to the point where I am wondering if there is anybody left here who is not actively working on getting out of DST? Even the new hires are saying the same thing... I... read more

One year ago

The DST purchase closed one year ago. So the DST separation agreements have expired. Now what is Stone going to do?

Two more giving notice.

Two people in our team just confided to the rest of us that they are giving notice later today to our manager. Both were recruited by someone who left previously to join them at a financial firm. Selfishly all I can think of is how this is going to... read more

Why are they hiring if there are layoffs coming?

They just hired someone in my group. She is going to be really upset when she realizes what a mistake she made accepting the job. No one in my group is happy. No raises and now a new employee to fight for the work with. Fml

B’ham Health Solutions once again up in the air

With Ellen’s resignation we are all once again wondering What the ? To say staff is surprised is an understatement - though it should not be shocking. seemed we finally had a strong leader who might be able to turn it around. The timing means no one... read more

Is there a way out of this for DST?

I honestly don't see a way out of the mess we are in right now. There were times before where proper decisions by management could have changed the trajectory of this sinking ship, but I think those times are gone for good now. Am I wrong? Is there a... read more


Interesting no new rumors of when the layoffs will be? Maybe we should've started a pool on the date.


Yet another rumor that tomorrow 3/20 will be D-Day... Does anyone know if there is any truth to this most recent rumor? Any layoffs happen this month anywhere in this company?

SS&C No Pay Rises

I have just been told that there are no pay rises this year across the whole of SS&C. Is this true? How often often does SS&C do this or is this the first time.

Medical leave = gone

Just got a return text from a now former co-worker. He went out on a medical leave the beginning of February and was due back today. Few of us chipped in and bought coffee, bagels, etc...to welcome him back and he was a no-show. Someone else asked... read more


With so many experienced people layed off in June 2018, I don’t see another layoff in the forcible future.


Is it really not happening until April...


I heard they are going to pay out the bonuses the End of February, then instead of your your performance raise in April, they will lay you off with all getting a 2 week severance.

Everyone’s had a year to find a new job

Everyone’s had a year to find a new job. If you’ve been in your role a very long time, like over 5+ years, never grown or had a promotion, you’re a gone. My group is slow as molasses. We all know it’s just a matter of time, and that time is most... read more

Ice storm

I hear that due to the upcoming ice storm, they have placed all critical personel in rooms at the Marriott. If you weren’t offered a room - you are on the lay-off list.

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