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SS&C lettet

I was let go from BFDS in October 2017 after 24 years and employed elsewhere in Nov 2017 to current day. Last night I grabbed my mail and had a 9x12 envelope with the SS&C logo. There was a jumble of sentences on page 1&2 basically indicating that... read more

Long term medical disability - Whats the point!?

Have heard of at least three cases now of people on chemo be let go or forced out basically that were trying to get on long term disability .....never believing long term medical disability again as a "benefit". If you truly wont honor the benefit... read more

Who Says the job market is good?

Wages have not increased in years. Of course if you're talking about low-level jobs at places like retail and fast food, yeah, they are hiring and maybe you get a buck raise for leaving Burger King for Taco Bell. Try getting a Vice President job... read more

Who is looking for a new job?

Most of the people I know are already hunting down new jobs to get away from this mess. Is this a company wide thing? I really hope it is, a mass exodus of employees might be what the DST management needs to realize they can't treat us the way they... read more

Debt is what paralyzes you in any situation

Markets go up. Markets go down. Position yourselves to take the opportunities each present. Money is made going up AND going down. Layoffs happen during either, but more so in a down market. This is all you need to understand to know what's around... read more

2019 is going to be horrible

Well, given that December 2018 was the worst in stock market history since 1931, you can bet your last DST dollar that massive layoffs will be happening everywhere in all companies. So it doesn’t really matter where you work, the good times are over... read more

Starting the new year with layoffs

Been hearing about a major layoffs round sometime in January. Any truth to that? Frankly, wouldn't surprise me one bit for DST to start off a year with layoffs. That seems to be the only thing upper management knows to do lately to pretend they are... read more

Just be done already

Are they doing more layoffs at the end of Dec or not, this whole not giving any information is exhausting!

Reminder of Who We're Wealing With Here

This article is in one of these threads iirc: DST employees were hit Tuesday with massive layoffs, but the decision to fire 6% of the back-office providers’ staff should have been no surprise to those listening to the firm’s CEO speak to investors... read more

More cuts coming

They are changing the game up some. The large layoffs are being replaced with smaller discreet layoffs. With their overall objective of offshoring all coding efforts and their need to meet the numbers, it is inevitable. Their agenda has not changed.

Sort your priorities

How can people be thinking about bonuses and raises right now? We've been having constant layoffs, which we know are going to continue well into the following year. This has stopped being about bonuses a while ago, now people are lucky if they still... read more


Apparently SS&C has confirmed to the labor dept, that the big lay-off will be in April. The biggest yet!

Rockland maine branch

Sies anyone have any info on the Rockland maine site. Rumor is something to be announced by weeks end.

Poor Hallmark

Another KC company will soon see its demise once Sweetman starts cutting benefits, bonuses, job titles, etc. She was the worst HR person ever.

DST Employee Severance plan Email March 2018

In case anyone forgot/deleted the email notification regarding severance package I have copied and pasted the contents below. Dear Employee, As you may know, DST Systems, Inc. (the "Company") has entered into an agreement and plan of merger, dated as... read more

State street layoff

State street owns pcg stock. It's down 50% due to cali fires. State stNJ Is a top 15 holder

Block from internal posting

So there has been a transition that makes no sense to many under a management and several of us has been posting out to different position internally, and from the position, many of us are qualified yet every posting we had apply for has been... read more
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What do ya all think...

I am thinking of asking my manager if I can vlounteer to be laid off on the next rounds. Good or bad idea?

My last day was Friday...

After 26+ years with BFDS I gave my two week notice. At 10:00am when my manager arrived I asked if we could talk and was told that " I just got here I'll catch up to you later this morning". At 11:40 I was approached and asked "what's up"? Since no... read more

Open Enrollment

I guess we all made it. No lay-offs before open enrollment.
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DST Culture Change Movement

Recruiting Join the Culture Change Movement! ..Change Champions will ... help energize and motivate our workforce and enhance behaviors related to communication, collaboration, accountability and other corporate values What in the actual f-ck is... read more

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