Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems

Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems


Why does DST continue laying off people based on their pay instead of their productivity/knowledge/experience? I keep seeing the same thing happen. They get rid of people who know their jobs inside out and then they have to hire two people to replace... —  read more 

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If you quit recently

and you by some chance still visit this page (or maybe you know somebody who quit) any chance you can describe the exit process? Are the two weeks necessary or do they tell you to leave immediately? Is there an exit interview? Do they care why we are... —  read more 

Affordable Care Act Supplement

Has anyone been able to receive the additional weekly $300 under the Affordable Care Act? My understanding is that DST/SS&C has to acknowledge the last layoff was Covid-related when responding to the unemployment claim. If they do, the additional... —  read more 

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OK, it is more or less present in every company, but I think the problem is that here they are not even trying to hide it anymore. It seems to me that these layoffs have shown how important it is to be a favorite of your superior. We’ve been losing... —  read more 

How busy are you?

My schedule is so busy and I am so tired after work that I don't even get enough time to rest. When I talk to others, some say that their schedule is not busy at all and that they work at a very relaxed pace. I would not say that I do not know... —  read more 


One of the best things that could have happened was to be laid-off by this company. No more working all weekend and staying up half the night. It was not worth the effort, all you got was to do it again and again while your family suffers without... —  read more 

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