Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems

Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems

Bad culture

I know many have said this before but I'm going to reiterate that DST has a lousy culture. We have management that takes every opportunity to make us feel like we're replaceable and unimportant to the company. How exactly am I supposed to get... —  read more 

Fresh out of college hires

I feel sorry for fresh out of college new hires who are getting their first work experience here. And it seems to be most of them. Almost no one with experience comes here anymore. Looks like DST now only hires fresh out of college candidates?

Return to Office

A return to office with record high inflation coupled with crippling gas prices & stagnate wage increases is nothing short of old CEO’s from a different era trying to strong arm the working class. These CEO’s are all in their 70’s and grew up during... —  read more 

Return to Office - Hard No

Sounds like the “option” of returning to office will no longer be optional, and managers/HR better be ready for a mass exodus. Strong arming is not going to work with the plethora of jobs currently hiring. I know lots of employees that will see that... —  read more 

Exit interview

I am much happier now that I heard that DST does not have an exit interview. Could someone please confirm if that's really true? I wouldn't be surprised if it was because DST doesn't care about the opinion of any of us. As strange as it may sound... —  read more 

Golden years

I’ve been working here for a few years now and I don’t think it’s ever been worse than it is now. In fact, this company has been getting worse and worse for the past few years. Has it ever been pleasant to work here? Is there anyone who's been here... —  read more 

Only bare minimum

I have given up investing any effort here. I see that it just isn't worth it. Moreover, I feel stupid next to those who do almost nothing and still are much more appreciated. Even the greatest workaholics give up working hard here. My question... —  read more 

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