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Albany NY Office

Any news about Albany? We’ll be down to less than 50 employees by the end of October. Hard to believe they’re renegotiating a lease with so few people left.
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Layoff Rumors for Quincy

So far I have heard a couple of different rumors regarding the next layoff date, I heard September 24th-25th was the earliest but then there's another rumor that it would take place in October but no specific dates were mentioned. Has anyone else... read more

Rehiring old employees

Has DST been known to rehire employees who were laid off a few years ago? And if so, what kind of pay do they get?


Funny Its blocked at least at DST Pharmacy Solutions which is stupid for we can just come here on our cell phones, tablets and home pcs. I heard of more layoffs in October. In the call center we are way over staffed. They are too cheap to pay us a... read more

Silent layoff

If you look at the raises Dst gave it shows their level of care about retaining staff. The 1 to 2 % raises over the years were a silent layoff, that resulting in many people leaving. But I was friends with a mid level manager that received 10% +... read more

Dst systems layoff legacy

It will be a dark one for kc, as it hasn't provided much outplacement support. The fed reserve is hiring, they are stable

My last day today

I resigned after over 20 years. Hard decision to make. The not knowing was really getting to me. I am too young to retire and it is hard to tell how long the Quincy office will be open. I start a new job on Monday.

Reduced severance

I've been reading about reduced severance in following rounds of layoffs. Where did this info come from? Is it true?

I like working at DST

To this day I still like working here. I enjoy coming to work, I like the people I work with, and I even like what I do. I'm on this page out of fear I'll lose all that, not because I hate the company. Am I really alone in this? From the posts here... read more

Additional DST Layoffs in 2018

There’s been mention of additional layoffs over the last few months of 2018. Does anyone know if this applies only to those who received a delayed severance (those informed in July they would receive their severance if they stayed until October, for... read more

Stock Option Grants

Looks like a lot of people got stock option grants. There's some confusion about who all got them. Looks like level 4 and above? Vest 25% after a year and then every month for 36 months.

Two gone today - Quincy

Two gone this morning. Not sure of the circumstances yet, but hearing both gave notice and were ushered out of the building. Walked by one person's desk and appears she was prepared to leave as personal items that were there recently were gone.

SF Michigan

Michigan office to close 12/30/2018, most will be let go with the exception of those staying until 12/1/18. Managers will be kept on as remote employees.


During the town hall Stone said "treate people how you would want to be treated. If they sue you they sue you, so what". Either Stone considers employees less then human or he likes to be treated like tra$h to be taken out every other quarter.

There will be more cuts

Cuts will happen. Bill wants to take SSnC to take over ALL the administrative expenses like HR, IT, Facilities, Legal, etc by next year. He will keep a small team to administer his plan. Then all offices, worldwide will need to be consolidated. Any... read more

Voluntary layoff allowed?

Anyone know if HR or company will accept a voluntary layoff? Having been here 20+ years was hoping for layoff with severance instead of quitting.

4th Quarter

Fourth quarter 2018 will be the last for this year. Less then 150 from KC and around 60 from AL. Michigan office to close 12/30/2018, most will be let go with the exception of those staying until 12/1/18. Managers will be kept on as remote employees.

No more layoffs

As per the recent communication from the leadership team, There will be no more layoffs. The excellent sheet that managers were asked contains the list of skill sets that each associate possess but not about his critilacity. So it's safe now if you... read more

Town Hall

Wow.. entertaining town hall, we all left there both laughing and scratching our heads, is that the way William Stone always is??

Town hall summary

Here's the transcription: Are customers are stupid thats why they pay us. Our customers are dumb thats why they need us. My kids dont know anything. I like are customers money. Im going to kill myself. I can do anything i want to anybody i want... read more

Bullying by Directors DSTPS

There are a few close-knit directors who are now acting God-like, playing favorites, lying straight to their employees' faces, covering up major customer impacting mistakes that will result in missed SLA's, with financial penalties. These people need... read more

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