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Why are most Dst Managers Xxxholes?

My manager and most others promoted to high levels have reputations for being rude and callous. Those are considered good skills, and they are rewarded for their lack of any feelings toward staff. Why?

DST Systems Layoffs 2017

I need to ask you a few things - are there going to be layoffs, who will be affected, if yes where and when will cuts take place. How about Kansas City.

DST is a "has been" company

Its glory days are over. Competition is strong. No longer have a corner on the market. People like Robert Gould let the established management from Kansas stay. he should have cleaned house and brought in some NY, London, Paris, Zurich and Singapore... read more

Executives Dumping Stock

DST executives sold 36k shares of stock over the past three months before it dropped 15% in one day after the quarterly earnings were released. Insider trading at its best.

Made a fortune hiring people away from DST after I quit

I used to work at DST. Quit. Then hired people away from DST to work at Sprint. Made a fortune doing it. Glad DST didn't make it more attractive to stay, as I would have missed out on making 500K each year. Thanks DST for helping me by underpaying... read more
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Layoffs on the 15th?

Rumors are flying. Mood s---s. Not like we are not making a profit, 'cause we are. Just not enough for the shareholders I guess. More offshore coming. This time India. Heard they were after those who make the big bucks this time.

Go to work for Apple

Leave Dst before a layoff. Work at Apple or Microsoft. Even their secretaries are millionaires from their stock options, so look for a future is tic, not data sys tance.
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Abandon Ship!

More and more good folks are putting in their notice. The mood in many areas in DST is currently quite gloomy and the disdain for upper management is quite evident. If you stay, hang on!

One person that deserved to be let go

My old manager, who claimed he had been involved in devil worship in California, who slept with his dogs in their cages, who followed the gals in the dept around and took pictures of their tushes with a film camera using Fuji film, who tried to... read more


Who was the DST exec that gave away the bonus income from clients for 99.9% computer up time? He should be fired!!!

Layoff not quite as hug in KC as expected

Around 150 people were let go today. Mostly affected was the Baltimore office for Brokerage Services. In KC, some managers, applications analysts, project leaders, and a few techs that I know of were shown the door. Once this shakes out, I hear there... read more

Software developer

Hearing rumors of layoffs for this week, about 170 people. But not to worry. The 200 new hires in Hyderabad should be able to keep the clients happy.

Well I worked in Robert Tritt's division

And if I had a problem with someone, say a manager that would not promote me, or was playing favorites, all I did was mention to Tritt that "between you and me this manager doesn't respect or like you". That manager's career was then stalled and... read more

DST Output

I recently retired from DST Output--CC...... 15 years ago I moved from DST to DSTO.... I worked at DSTO for 15 years, the first 14 were great. The first 14 years Output was led by Steve T. Under his leadership Output went from $5 Mil a year to $60... read more
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About Time?

It's been a few years. Is it about time for another huge devastating layoff?

DST has no data security, and/or doesn't care

I formerly worked at DST Systems Inc. I can tell you one story that sticks in my mind. Had a DST employee that I had met once or twice call me at home one night at midnight. Said she needed my password to access accounts to fix something - hers... read more

St Pats day employee absences

I remember when a girl in my department went out for lunch and didn't come back on St Pats day. Her co-worker that had a crush in her was besides himself knowing she was at the parade with other men and having fun. I think he considered calling in a... read more
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Dst hires rude managers

Dst seems to promote and applaude rude and socially crude managers. Dst sees them as agressive and assertive, not rude. Its ok to be short sighted and it gets you ahead fast
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Ruse Boss?

You can’t beat a narcissistic boss if you want to continue working for him. However, you can learn to be a better player in his games: ◾Be clear about what the rules are. ◾Define your limits and boundaries ◾Never assume anything ◾Put everything in... read more

My manager was stupid to hire me

He never checked my references close enough. I had screwed over my previous boss. Then did the same thing yo my Dst manager. I dont like authority or criticism. So there!
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Torpedoed my managers career

Years ago i ruined my managers career. Just told his Boss : john doe doesnt seem to like dst or you very much. He doesnt try very hard on projects and is unhelpful. The guy never got ahead after that. Oh, and i did this just before i quit my job.

The great thing about DST is........

When you apply for a job elsewhere - the potential new employer already knows why your leaving DST. You don't have to go into that conversation. They have met lots of DSTers trying to get out and so you really don't need to explain yourself. Plus the... read more
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DST Systems Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of DST Systems layoffs in Kansas City in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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