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What’s the news

So what’s the good word or not so good word? Layoffs or not? If so, what timeframe has everyone heard?

Getting us to quit on our own

Because there are no layoffs. Cheaper to scare you into leaving on your own. This didn't occur to me before, but now it seems so obvious that I can't believe I didn't notice it sooner. I know of two people who left the company in the last two weeks... read more

JPM exec

Wonder if anyone ever wonders why this new "exec" is loosing all his leaders? He doesn't care - that's why. He is single handedly bringing down an org. Bet the new buyers don't know that.

Anybody else hates this wait?

I absolutely hate how DST made sure we all know layoffs are coming but gave us absolutely no details. Now we are left to stress as we guess who, how many and when. Frankly, I'd rather they just do it. I can deal with being laid off. It's this... read more

Don’t lay me off!

I love my job! DST has been great , I well,we have been milking the proverbial teet for years. My department “works” about two hours a day. We spend most of the day in meetings discussing how we should or could work. We come in late, take extended... read more

Good advice

Actually the salesman is right. I left a huge company once, but left my 401k with them for a year. During that time the employer switched 401k custodians, and the default investment option was a target date fund. Fund collapsed (it was 2008) and I... read more

No truth to it

As a training manager in Quincy, I can tell there is no truth to the fact that there will be... Wait, what? You're taking my broom? How am I going to find another job? I don't have buddies at other companies. Wanna see my grades from college? It... read more

Coming soon

Another fun, informative video, from one of our highly regarded genius execs. Can't wait!!

Layoffs coming or not?

What’s the latest update on layoffs? Any real facts? How many , timeframes affected departments etc. Thanks

Number of people?

What has everyone heard on the number of people let go this week? I've heard 1200, also heard 50. If it's going to happen to me, I'd like it to happen sooner rather than later. The 50 number greatly reduces my chances.

DST Career

Was lucky to work under McDonnell tenure. the leadership back then 'made it work' with the employees and did so much for downtown and surrounding areas. would have loved to work my whole career within DST but like so many others left for the same... read more

70 Million 1,166 employees

Some are wondering how many will be let go before the merger. One only has to round up the total compensation for the 5 execs in the merger the number is around 70 million. Average pay is around 60,000 after averaging tenured and non tenured staff... read more

Layoffs this and next week?

Layoffs starting today? Saw one of the plethora of HR VPs headed to a meeting with what appeared to be several of her minions....handful of conference rooms off-line today, tomorrow and all of next week M-F. Anybody knows more about this? Have there... read more

DST severance?

Anybody else here heard that DST was lowering its severance for future layoffs? There's a good chance I'm looking at a layoff somewhere down the line (most likely sooner rather than later, I check all the boxes) but I don't want to start fretting... read more

The Circle

Customers mean you need employees to service them. Hooley to prop up EPS and falling revenue has endless layoffs. Problem is Hooley ran out of employees to cut last october. Cornered between his failure and resigning he found his golden ticket to... read more

Time for the DST version of the "blue flu"

If it can be somewhat organized between KC & Boston it would sent a message. I have no expectations of 100% participation, but a sizable number could paralyze the daily operations significantly.

Are clients PISSED OFF?

That's what I hear. 3 very important clients, including the one that for years was the mainstay on the mutual fund side, are pissed that they recently signed long term deals and now find themselves with SS&C whom they don't want. Talk is that one... read more

DST Severance Payment

Severance Payment: DST or its successor will pay the executive within sixty days of the qualifying termination, a single lump sum cash payment equal to: (1) two times the executive’s annual base salary as of the date of termination; (2) two times the... read more

BFDS leftovers

Too bad for the BFDS leftovers. DST doesn't know them and SS&C aren't going to give a crap about them. Those hanging on until the buyout is complete are fools cause SS&C don't owe them anything. Don't believe what you hear about getting packages... read more

Bloodletting begins next week

Heard the first phase of "reductions" will be next Tues or Wed. 1,200 was the number thrown out. Also as I predicted the severance has been axed to possibly 10 weeks max. Ol' Hatchet Hooley is practicing his swing now. Anyway they can f--- over those... read more

People are hoping to get laid off

Oh please God, let me be on the list to be laid off soon! I can’t take it anymore. DST is a joke of a company. Can anyone name the last product that was actually built by DST and taken to market? How many millions of dollars have been wasted on... read more

"burger flippers" "Soon you will be ss&c's problem"

Now now let's not count are chickens before they hatch, after all we are your problem until your golden parachute lands. As of this moment 1 thousand and 95 people seen your burger flipper comment. Regardless what exec you are I believe you just... read more
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the sale was a scam

Golden Parachutes Compensation Officer ​ ​ Cash (1) ($)(b) ​ ​ Equity (2) ($)(c) ​ ​ Perquisites/​ Benefits (3) ($)(e) ​ ​ Tax Reimbursement (4) ($)(f) ​ ​ Total ($)(g) ​ Stephen C. Hooley ​ ​ ​ $ 7,045,685 ​ ​ ​ ​ $ 20,973,303 ​ ​ ​ ​ $ 148,687 ​ ​... read more
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Burger Flippers

There's a reason the execs get these packages. The amount of work put into reducing the debt to make the company buyable is nothing less then amazing. If burger flippers could do it all of you would be getting golden parachutes. Soon you will be... read more

Golden Parachute for Senior Management at DST

It's a long read, and I will be the first to admit that I don't understand all the details in the 'Interests of the Directors and Executive Officers of DST in the Merger' section starting at page 54, but if you're interested, here's the official SEC... read more

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