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Health Solutions Another New Team

Welcome Danny and Tori. Really, best of luck! But on the employee side? Yawn another leadership change. Glad I kept my slides and emails so we can on board ANOTHER leadership team, without wasting all those hours again. There's literally... —  read more 

No future here - sinking ship

Its just a matter of short time for health solutions. Poor leadership is sinking us. Hopefully, SS&C will sell us off before we are down to no employees left. There are not many of us left now. A new President of the organization is trying to... —  read more 


It is truly amazing to see how many people who left this company and now have made great strides in their career. People who were held back due to the fragile egos of their management who could not admit someone was more skilled than they were. A sad... —  read more 

A note to all....from our best friend Bill Stone

"Everyone, I understand these times are trying our souls." - Are you referring to the global pandemic and other world events here, or the fact that you just keep laying people off and increase the pressure on those that are left here? "We work... —  read more 

Another Layoff end of June ?

Has anyone heard or have any information about another layoff the end of June for some of us that are left ? We keep hearing rumors of another layoff the end of June. There are not many of us left now.

Clients leaving

SS&C has run us into the ground. I have heard of a number of clients terminating due to issues. One client account I work on is First Carolinacare. They are leaving and it is sad seeing they have been a DST client for many years

Return to office...

Did anyone else working from home get an email this afternoon that you are expected to return to the Quincy office on Monday, June 1st? Email indicated that employees will be returning to the office in stages and my specific date was the 1st.

SS&C annual shareholder meeting

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSNC) ("SS&C"), a global provider of investment, financial, and healthcare software-enabled services and software, today announced that due to the public health impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)... —  read more 

They lay off the wrong people

Health Solutions is stifled by the leadership in Birmingham Alabama. Most of the leadership there has no modern technology knowledge or management people skills. They laid off the people with the modern skillsets and knowledge and kept the... —  read more 

SS&C has been great during pandemic

So impressed with this company since we all had to move working from home. They have handled it very well. I don't think big, bloated DST would have been nearly as ready.

Don’t sign a contract with these people like we did.

We signed a contract with these people to migrate our system. After signing the agreement, we were advised the people that were going to migrate our system were laid off. They have yet to deliver on the agreement or provide people to do the work.

Health Solutions Clients are canceling

Evidently the health solutions clients are fed up and cancellations are rolling in. The main business focus has been the BPO clients that look to be canceling and finding other solutions. The BPO clients are down to just a very few. Not enough to... —  read more 

Quincy Massachusetts Office

What's the word in the Quincy office? People are anxious since they are down to a bare bones staff as it is. Management is as quiet as a church mouse

For those in the UK

Firstly, I am one of the chosen, so no haters please. For those in the UK, you are protected by employment law and your contract. If you receive redundancy or an agreement ensure you use the legal service which you SHOULD be offered, it gives... —  read more 

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