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Bullying by Directors DSTPS

There are a few close-knit directors who are now acting God-like, playing favorites, lying straight to their employees' faces, covering up major customer impacting mistakes that will result in missed SLA's, with financial penalties. These people need... read more

Warning signs

I’ve been through 3 layoffs in 20 years. I left before it became #4. The SS&C buyout/layoffs followed the corporate playbook page for page. I was laughed at and criticized for packing my bags after the announcement in January. I only hope the best... read more

Layoffs to begin at offshore India

The latest buzz is that couple of offshore(India) managers have received an email asking to prepare a spreadsheet containing the details of their resources based on their dependency/criticality. It is expected that all the senior managers will... read more

Severance Pay?

Has anyone got their severance pay? When is it expected? On normal payday? I signed agreement and returned immediately. I understand they have 30 days to pay plus 7 for my revocation right. Thanks

Morale is low on the list of priorities

DST was already selling the company before ss&c bought them. They will slowly gut the business internally by keeping management around for the transition. Right now they are assessing and the first to go are expendable people. Next are the IT depts... read more

Layoff Guide

16 Steps Guide - What do do after a layoff What are the severance package details? Can I use personal holidays until I'm gone? What’s the policy about retirement and health plans during the last days at the company? Am I being let go with cause? Can... read more

Severance vs lawsuits

Was there anything in the severance package that explicitly forbid anyone that was laid off from participating in future litigation against DST/SSC? I heard the Valeant fiasco with the profit sharing may be going to arbitration. Wondering if recently... read more

Laying off while others are hiring

I think this perfectly describes the idiocy of DST's decision to lay off so many experienced and talented people. If we don't want them, plenty of others will scoop them up immediately. DST Systems goes AWOL with layoffs as Kansas City fights ‘global... read more

DST Town Hall Meeting

What a joke!! For a technology company they can’t even live stream the meeting without problems !!!!

Its about to turn ugly in 2019

DST management will be gone in a year or so . They will promote some but they will need to adhere to SSt deliver the $$, then DST management will need to do more drastic cuts. SS&C will consolidate the facilities and IT datacenters. The... read more

From the KC atar

Kansas City Star | KansasCity.comDST Systems goes AWOL with layoffs as Kansas City fights ‘global war for talent’ | The Kansas City Star BUSINESS DST Systems goes AWOL with layoffs as Kansas City fights ‘global war for talent’ BY MARK DAVIS... read more

Bad weeks to continue

Apparently we've had a bad week. You don't say. I think we will be stuck on this list for at least a month or two, until the whole layoffs backlog is cleared out. At least until the next cleansing instituted by SS&C... read more


Just wondering, does anybody at DST still have faith in our leadership? Still believes that there is a way for us to progress instead of regress with current management on top?

Layoffs due to bad management

Had Dst reinvested it's earnings rather than paying it out to executive staff from 80-2017, it would not have been bought out. It would be in great shape. No layoffs. It would have been buying other companies instead. The offshore staff was a... read more

Job cuts to continue...

All you have to do is go to SS&C’s SEC filings and read about the planned cuts through the end of 2018. They indicated that approximately 900 would be cut by December 2018. We lost under 500 last week. That means another 400+ yet to go this year... read more

Don't stay at DST

Some of the names and positions I saw cut makes me believe they didn't spend much time thinking of who or how many and where they need to run the biz. Many clients are on long term deals. The systems run and the revenue comes in. Stone probably wants... read more

U.K. Hit

Losses have been announced in the London region of the U.K. Mainly corporate services. First wave of many, IT will be hit next. Watch this space.

Ignites article

Has anyone read an Ignites article with commentary from our new CEO? Sounds like he doesn't think very highly of us from what I've been told.

Helath insurance cancelled 4 days after layoff

I had to pay up front today at the doctor's instead of paying a statement in 60 days. Now I have to submit the bill myself and wait reimbursement, which can be done after they get around to sending me Cobra info and I send that back and coverage is... read more

Not feeling better

I thought once layoffs are done I'll feel better, but somehow things are even worse now. With so many people gone, I suddenly feel like an intruder when I get to work. Now I'm dreading going to the office even more than I did before. I guess I really... read more

Final Pay and deductions?

Did everyone still pay parking, healthcare coverage, optional life insurance, dental and vision coverage in their final pay? Seems like that would be paying for a next months coverage that does not exist.

August layoffs?

Is it true we'll be seeing more layoffs as early as August? I've seen this mentioned in several places, but it's hard to believe they'd push them together so closely. It would make more sense to me to just have one major round of layoffs all at once... read more

Poindexter KC folks

Anything else happening today? Saw a united armed security services van right across the street in the parking lot with cones around it so was curious...
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Any layoffs at offshore DST...We are hearing bangkok got impacted


They need to get rid of all the HR reps embedded in the business units. They provide zero value.

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