Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems

Topics regarding layoffs at DST Systems

I leave Dst off my resume

I leave it off. I don't want to be associated with such a backwards place. I am afraid it would hurt my chances of getting a job as it's known for employing the bottom of the barrel. I have great job references from other jobs anyways. Every comment... — read more 

Industry changes

In one of the earlier posts someone's brought attention to the importance of keeping up with the industry changes and expressed belief that this company is failing miserably at it… I absolutely agree with that... You? What I don't have an answer to... — read more 

The place was a total joke

I worked at this company for 2 years. It was the weirdest place ever. Every decision make was the wrong one. Huge nightly processing hickups due to unqualified staff. Worked at Hallmark, H&R, and Sprint. All much better run. Even Sprint was at least... — read more 

I finally got a new job

Two months since I was laid off I finally managed to land a new job. I started last week and so far I love it. Much better atmosphere and morale than at DST. It's roughly the same pay but with better benefits. Judging by the past week, DST laying me... — read more 

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Anyone from the recent layoff want to share severance details? Has it been reduced to a years salary, minus 40% in taxes? It used to be 2 weeks for every year worked.

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Layoffs at DST

I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about layoffs so far this year, considering that the entire industry is busy laying off tens of thousands of employees every week. I'm currently in a state of constant anticipation since I'm certain we won't be... — read more 

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Signs of disrespect

There are very few of us here who can say that they feel respected at DST. The managers are rude and extremely unprofessional. There are those who will say that this is just a job for which we are paid, but still, great employees need much more... — read more 

Letter from our Leader!

From: Thomas Musk To: Team Subj. All Software Engineers Date: Nov. 18, 2022 [time stamp removed] Anyone who actually writes software, please report to the 10th floor at 2 p.m. today. Before doing so, please email me a bullet point summary of... — read more 

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Ignites Article

SS&C Overhauls Comp After Say-on-Pay Rejections Each of the firm’s top-paid executives will get a raise next year, a filing shows. By Joe Morris|October 19, 2022

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Going back

Yes, I too know a few people who came back here after they left. I would never do that, not even if they offered me much better conditions. And apparently they offered much better conditions out of desperation to attract some people again?

Wrong moves...

I used to be proud to work here. Not anymore though... Management seems to only know how to make cuts and nothing more. Small correction - they don't even know how to make cuts, because they mostly cut people they should be trying to keep at all... — read more 

Fast sinking company

If I don't get laid off, I will leave anyway. It makes no sense to stay in a company that has no future. Can you even imagine what DST will look like in five years? Unfortunately, I can't see anything good. Looks like fall is inevitable but aren't... — read more 

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