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SS&C still hAs some dry powder


Quincy Massachusetts Office

What's the word in the Quincy office? People are anxious since they are down to a bare bones staff as it is. Management is as quiet as a church mouse

For those in the UK

Firstly, I am one of the chosen, so no haters please. For those in the UK, you are protected by employment law and your contract. If you receive redundancy or an agreement ensure you use the legal service which you SHOULD be offered, it gives... —  read more 

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Yet another health exec

Pharmacy is losing another health exec. Can't keep them because they know this place is a spruce goose. Glad to see that place implode. Customers will be right behind.

CEO resigns???

So rumour has it Willie Slattery has resigned...or is he being pushed out!? This company really is a sinking ship!

Business update meeting

500 People managers have been called in for a "business update" happening as we speak. Arranged by HR whodidnt even make the meeting Private.. So unprofessional.. This isn't nice for staff Mental Health

Business Update- happening now

500 People managers have been called in for a "business update" happening as we speak. rranged by HR whodidnt even make the meeting Private... S nprofessional

FINALLY some "coverage"


Many Clients Not Happy with recent layoff

Many of the Health Solutions Clients are not happy with the recent layoff. They feel much needed people were laid off that are needed to support them. Clients are posting on user group blogs they are now looking for other vendors and would like to... —  read more 

Insider Trading

Insider trading? https://www.gurufocus.com/news/1046157/ssc-technologies-holdings-inc-ssnc-svp-and-cfo-patrick-j-pedonti-sold-11-million-of-shares

50% UK DST Project Managers Gone

50% UK DST Project Managers Gone All PMO's.! Thanks SS&C, we love your penny pinching ownership. Their jobs have gone to India. More clients will now be off!

Media silence odd?

Anyone else find it odd that even in places like Kansas City the local media has yet to really say anything regarding this? Just remember the last major one a couple years ago they were all over it day of. Sounds like Stoneman is trying to keep... —  read more 

DST UK Redundancies

DST UK have just announced that although we have reached 28% profit, it's still not the 40% they want so we are going to get there by redundancies in IT and Funds. Also offshoring to India and Ireland. Its the beginning of the end...

Dst will have layoffs till nobody is left

Dst is under performing from a syenergy standpoint. So cutbacks will continue. Actually Dst really doesnt exist except for a tracked merger ebitda line. Dst is done, faded into history like Farmland Industries. Reason, it fell behind competitors and... —  read more 

Feb 10th

Hearing rumors of another mass lay-off on February 10th. Some are already getting laid off today (2/3). Anyone hearing anything!

How many people work at DST Systems?

What's your guess on how many employees the company will have before the end of the year? How about the overall headcount? And headcount at Kansas City?

When's That Crash Coming?

Lol, maybe the "expert" that posts here can enlighten us. I've been waiting for a significant correction for 5 years myself. Crash is nowhere in sight!

Stock options

Any word on stock options this year? I saw Bill got his $450k at around $61 strike price.

Merry christmas

To all the overly critical, fault finding, ungrateful, untalented "managers" at Dst. After your lay off, you may see that there is a better management style. Or you can quit and do the dog training and grooming thing, just like the former manager... —  read more 

January layoffs in IT

I've now heard from two different sources there might be more IT layoffs in January. That's enough to really have me worried. Does anubody know more about it?

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