Topics regarding layoffs at Boston Financial Data Services

Topics regarding layoffs at Boston Financial Data Services

Rats leaving a sinking ship

People are leaving and many are looking. There are those who are no longer waiting for the lay-off as there is no guarantee of any package, . Company trying to keep things calm with the "business as usual" attitude so as not to incite a mass exodus... —  read more 

Gave notice

After 11 years with BFDS, I was offered and accepted a job offer with another company on Tuesday. Wednesday I asked my manager for a few minutes of their time and was told "we'll talk later". On Thursday I asked twice and was again ignored. Late... —  read more 

With any upcomng layoffs....

regardless of how long you have been employed you will only be given a moment to grab your keys and pocketbook. I was advised by others impacted in June and October to gradually begin to take home any necessary documents and/or treasured personal... —  read more 

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Middle Management Next Target

Those in the know are in fact aware of this. The need to keep lower management is crucial as they are more knowledgeable with front line day to day operations. This is needed for a seamless transition so as not to interupt the client relationship.

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More layoffs incoming

October 4th, 2017, Poindexter Building Conference rooms 300 and 401 were booked by HR from 7:30-5:00 today. They started early, around 7:45 calling the chosen and instructing them to the 4th or 3rd fl conference room, to be "Cut" from the company... —  read more 

BFDS Layoffs

I’m a guy in the know here. Yes there are more layoffs coming early October (4th and 5th). This is Business. DST acquires BFDS and there are natural efficiencies that need to be realized. Functions overlap (finance, HR, mail room, Ops etc). It’s... —  read more 

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