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Lack of transparency

The layoffs are happening, someone has already confirmed it on this forum but they are shrouded in secrecy. I can’t understand why there is so much non-transparency when it comes to layoffs in this company? Levels of anxiety among workers are high and their productivity is suffering. Everyone is guessing something, everyone is careful and morale is already noticeably lowered. Can’t they do it transparently and at least treat us with a little respect?

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It is a corporate culture to live in secrecy despite the CEO's weekly remarks, who on face value appears to a great leader. The leadership in Workforce Solutions is of the making where you 'study' in college how not to be like those guys. There is one exception - the head of Alliance.
It is all about respect at the end of the day. Corporations make these decisions every day; however, when they take the Equifax approach to layoffs it shows they have no respect for their employees. Equifax treats employees like they treat customers - a commodity.

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